The Tigers.

 “Father, I heard that Han Fei was doing odd jobs in the plantation of the Heavenly Water Village.
Ha, short-sighted bastard… Tang Ge has left now, no one knows whether he’ll come back or not.
Father, if we don’t get rid of Han Fei now, we won’t have another chance if he goes to town.”

 A vicious gleam flickered in Li Hu’s eyes.
He had almost lost all of his force because of Han Fei.
Although his force had restored by 70% or 80%, it would still take him at least a few months more to fully recover.
Han Fei was the culprit of his sufferings.
He certainly wouldn’t let him off.

 Li Jue was also full of hatred.
Because of Tang Ge, his strength had diminished by more than half.
Now, even though he took various kinds of spiritual drugs every day, his injury hadn’t recovered yet.

 Li Jue gnashed his teeth.
“Humph! Tang Ge wanted me to make the Tigers Han Fei’s whetstone, but does Han Fei deserve it? How is a piece of junk, whose spiritual beast is a Spirit Swallowing Fish, worthy of treating me as a whetstone?”

 Li Jue mused and said, “Hu’er, bear with him for a few more days.
The Tigers haven’t recovered from this setback and are now outshone by the Wang Family.
If it weren’t for the fact that killing is not allowed on the floating island, I am afraid I might have been killed by them.
Therefore, I must not leave the floating Island before I fully recover, so you’ll be in charge of hunting Han Fei.”

 Li Hu said, “Father, I see.
Please wait a few more days.
When I recover, I’ll watch for a proper moment to kill Han Fei at sea with our Tiger brothers.”


 Han Fei had yet again gone to “The Most Delicious Barbecue Stall in the World”.

 Li Gang asked, “Young Master, are you bored again?”

 Han Fei rolled his eyes.
“Can’t I come if I’m not bored?”

 Li Gang grinned.
“You can come anytime!”

 Li Gang and Xiao Hong once discussed privately why Han Fei always came here to process the fish as Li Gang thought Han Fei must have some indescribable feelings for these fish…

 Han Fei summoned the Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fishes.
The two little guys should start to upgrade.

 Before Han Fei started to feed them, however, he saw Little White spit out a cloud of spiritual energy.
Han Fei looked around and then quickly drew the spiritual energy to his fingertips.
But as soon as the cloud of spiritual energy came into contact with him, he widened his eyes.

 What pure spiritual energy.

 Han Fei felt comfortable all over, though this small cloud of spiritual energy was only 500 points.

 Han Fei wondered if there was something wrong with the two little fishes as they spat out spiritual energy.
He immediately examined them.

 Spiritual Beast

  Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fish

  They’re the descendants of the mysterious primitive Yin-Yang Sky-Swallowing Fish.
The black and white fish accompany each other.
The white fish is docile, whereas the black one is cruel.
They are symbiotic.
As long as one lives, the other won’t die.



  0 points

They can swallow everything.

  The black fish is not visible.
Except for the owner, only people with naturally-born Yin-Yang Divine Eyes can see it.

 What! The stored 1,000 points of spiritual energy disappeared?

 Han Fei’s heart shivered. Did the two little guys simply purify the spiritual energy?

 Was the purified spiritual energy better? Of course.
For an analogy, within the tolerance range, the higher the oxygen concentration, the better.
In the era of the big bang, mosquitoes could be the size of a human fist, and all marine life, land life, and plants, were gigantic.

 In short, if Han Fei had been ingesting this high-purity spiritual energy, it could help broaden his meridians and strengthen his bones and flesh.
The purer the spiritual energy he absorbed, the stronger his combat power would be.

 “Wow, great!”

 Han Fei was overjoyed and Li Gang and Little Red glanced back at him from time to time, wondering what was wrong with this young master who sometimes seemed to be smart but also sometimes looked like a fool.

 Han Fei fed Little White 1,000 points of spiritual energy once again but the latter made no breakthrough, so he fed him another 500 points.
This time, Little White refused to eat it; he knew that he was already full.

 So Han Fei started absorbing spiritual energy, but he still felt it was too slow and he tried to work out other ways to earn spiritual energy.


 “Young Master, what’s up?”

 “Put ads that the barbecue stall will be selling all products half price within the next three days.”

 Li Gang was confused.
“Huh? Why on sale again?”

 Han Fei said impatiently, “Just do it.
This is the way of doing business.
You don’t understand.”

 As he expected, no sooner than the discount ads were released the number of customers had almost doubled.

 Han Fei gained a total of 33,200 points of spiritual energy, plus the 41,806 points that he already had, which was enough for him to upgrade his spiritual heritage.


 With a “Swish,” 20,000 points of spiritual energy were gone, but Han Fei didn’t grudge at all.
Instead, he was beaming with a smile.
No wonder the upgrade this time required 20,000 points of spiritual energy.
With this breakthrough, his spiritual heritage was upgraded to level-three low quality, which raised his strength by a whole level.

 But soon Han Fei’s face turned green when he found out it would take 100,000 points to make the next upgrade.
He suddenly had an impulse to curse.
100,000 points per each improvement in quality.
Wouldn’t it mean that if he wanted to upgrade the level-three spiritual heritage to level four, he would have to spend 400,000 points of spiritual energy?

 This will be too slow.
Even if I give discounts to customers of the barbecue stall every day, it will still take 40-50 days, he thought to himself.

 Han Fei wondered if he could talk to Old Jiang and open some more barbecue stalls on the floating island.
But then he dropped the idea, because he couldn’t be in several places at once, so it wouldn’t get him more spiritual energy to open more barbecue stalls.

 Forget it.
Let me raise my upper limit of spiritual energy first.

 Han Fei was now a fisher at the peak of level eight.
Although he could break through to level nine at any time, he had to lay a solid foundation first.
Anyway, he preferred quality over speed.

 Five days later, Han Fei lay on the ground like a dead dog.
Although he was already familiar with the Incomplete Monograph on 108 Ways of Body Polishing, he still felt extremely tired every time he practised it.
If it weren’t for the fact that it worked quite well, he would have given up on it long ago.

 Han Fei looked at the data.

 : Han Fei

 : Eight (Advanced Fisher)

 : 19203 (379)

 : Level Three, Low Quality (Upgradable)

 : Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fishes

 : Purple Bamboo Rod

 : Void Fishing, Chapter 1: Hook Kiss (Mortal Level, Divine Quality)


 Han Fei was very satisfied with the data.
After the comprehensive cultivation of this time, he felt stronger.
If he met Li Hu again, he would be able to knock him down easily.
An ordinary level-eight fisher would only have 160 points of basic spiritual energy in the beginning.
Even after repeated tempering, his spiritual energy would be no more than 200 points or so.
He had been several times stronger than ordinary level-eight fishers.

 Since I’ve got so many days off, why not go to sea?

 Han Fei didn’t dare to use the less than 20,000 points of spiritual energy he had left.
He found that spiritual energy soon ran out.
When he broke through to level eight, he used more than 10,000 points of spiritual energy.
But if he wanted to reach level nine, he would need at least 20,000 spiritual points.

 The barbecue stall.

 Han Fei said, “A-Gang, don’t forget to deliver liquor and barbecue to Grandpa Jiang.
I’m going to sea for a few days.”

 Li Gang was surprised.
“How many days? Young Master, the sea is dangerous!”

 “I know.
Don’t worry.”

 “Oh, by the way, Young Master, He Xiaoyu came to you two days ago.
I said you were cultivating and she said that when you were done cultivating, go find her.”

 Han Fei wondered, He Xiaoyu went out with her father to upgrade her spiritual beast. Did she come back so soon? Han Fei had always felt that upgrading a spiritual beast was not a simple matter, but it seemed that she had succeeded to some degree…

 “OK, I see.”


 At He Xiaoyu’s home.

 Han Fei just arrived at the door of her house and happened to meet He Mingtang who was going out.
Seeing Han Fei, He Mingtang questioned, “Hi, Han Fei! I heard that you rejected the village leader? Young Man, you should seize the opportunity.
Not everyone can go to the town… Besides, I heard that Li Hu had recovered and seems to have even made a breakthrough, so be careful.”

 Han Fei grinned.
“Don’t worry, Mr.
I’ll protect myself.”

 He Mingtang nodded.
“Good! Glad to hear that.
Xiaoyu has just finished cultivating.
You can go straight in!”

 “Ok! Take care, Mr.

 “Don’t take my daughter to fool around with you… And, don’t touch her! Ok, now you can go in!” He Mingtang said abruptly, turning round after taking two steps.

 Han Fei: “???”

 Han Fei was speechless. Why do you think I’d be interested in a twelve-year-old girl? I am not a pedophile.

 He entered the door, only to see a middle-aged woman who asked as soon as she saw him, “Are you Han Fei?”

 “Yes, Auntie.”

 “Come on in, I just made dinner.
Xiaoyu is having dinner.
Let’s have dinner together.”

 When Han Fei saw He Xiaoyu, the girl was holding a skewer of barbecue in her hand and eating it with an apparent appetite.

 Han Fei asked, ” How can you eat barbecue every day? Don’t you think it’s too greasy? I heard that greasy food will make you fat.”

 He Xiaoyu rolled her eyes.
“No, as long as you don’t eat too much.”

 Han Fei stared at the dozens of skewers on the table.
“You called this ‘not too much’?”

 He Xiaoyu was offended.
“Shut up… You know what, I’m going to the town.
Are you going too?”


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