Chapter 696: Sword Spirit

Han Fei didn’t know who had been trying to fool him, but that person must’ve been shocked after two consecutive failures.

How do you know that a spiritual beast is fake the moment you see them? Are the spiritual beasts I imitate not real? That doesn’t make any sense.
They’re identical!

The center of Han Fei’s eyebrows flashed, and Little Black and Little White appeared.
Han Fei touched Little White’s head and said, “Daughter, do you see anything unusual about this place? Check it out and lead your dad to the enemy.”

It was hard to tell the direction on the land of snow and ice that was covered in mist, but Little White led Han Fei to a certain direction without hesitation.

Then, Little White took almost thirty sharp turns in a row.

This time, Han Fei realized what was going on.
“An array?”

Han Fei was already certain that he had run into some sort of array, or a super navigator such as Little White wouldn’t have needed to take so many turns in the boundless snow.

The array was probably giving itself up when faced with Little White.
I’ve changed so many times, but why aren’t you lost at all?


When Han Fei stepped on a piece of ice, he grinned, as there were truly more secrets behind.

If his guess was correct, the other people must still be lost in the array.
Considering the evil nature of the array, it was impossible to get out of it without extraordinary talent.

Han Fei rushed forward on the ice and didn’t stop until he arrived at the palace.

The palace wasn’t too big.
It was no more than a hundred meters high and had gates that were as pure as glass.


When Han Fei reached the gates, they automatically opened.

Han Fei recalled Little Black and Little White and covered himself with the Six Spirit Armor.
He then walked in with the Blood-Drinking Knife and the Water Dividing Seal.


The door was closed behind him.
Han Fei looked ahead, only to find stairs ahead of him and an ice throne at the end of those stairs.

Han Fei sneered.
He had realized that he wouldn’t be tricked if he didn’t believe anything in this place.

When Han Fei walked close, he found a sword stabbed to the ground before the throne.
The sword looked quite intimidating.

The grip of the sword was made of ice blue lines and strange black stones.
As for the body of the sword, Han Fei sensed that it was a combination of ice and the strange stone.
Also, it was emitting blue light nonstop.

Han Fei stared at the sword.
He’d be lying if he said that he wasn’t tempted.

But the Snow God’s Temple was dominated by a bunch of deceivers, who had clearly put the sword here for someone to pluck it out.

“Heh! I won’t pluck it.
I’m going to see who’s acting mysterious here and trying to fool me with a sword…”

Han Fei stepped forward and sat down on the ice throne, crossing his legs.

He then took out a spiritual fruit and bit it.
After that, a random ultra-quality spiritual weapon appeared in his hand.
It was the one that had sealed a Hopping Fish.
Triggered by Han Fei’s thought, the long sword flew out and slashed the intimidating longsword.



A weird power burst out, and the ultra-quality long sword with a sealed soul was broken apart.

Due to the counterattack, Han Fei’s nose and mouth were bleeding at the same time.
He was so scared that he rose from the throne.

“What was that?”

Han Fei swallowed and cast the Divine Healing Technique on himself.
He then stared at the longsword.

His heart was beating fast.
He looked around and found nothing but ice.
He was instantly determined to pick up the marvelous weapon.

Whatever could break an ultra-quality spiritual weapon so easily couldn’t be ordinary.

Han Fei simply threw the other half of the spiritual fruit into his mouth and then summoned the Needle.

“Heh! Let’s find out how powerful you are exactly.”

Ren Tianfen had confirmed that the Needle was one of the Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasures.
Han Fei didn’t believe that this sword could be more powerful than that.


As Han Fei raised both of hands and struck the sword, he clearly sensed the anomaly from the Needle during its intense collision with the ice sword, and he almost failed to grasp it tightly.

Then, a mysterious blue power burst out and bounced Han Fei back to the ice throne.

This time, not just his mouth and nose, but his eyes and ears were bleeding.

“What the heck is this? Is it another Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasure?”

Han Fei cast the Divine Healing Technique on himself and was about to observe the ice sword more carefully, when blue light radiated from the sword, and a mass of weird brilliance drifted out.

He looked at it carefully, only to discover that it was a nonchalant woman who had white long hair and a blue long dress.

Han Fei instantly put his feet back to the ice throne.
“Who are you? Are you from inside the sword? Are you a sword spirit?”

Frowning, the woman looked at Han Fei coldly.
“Get off.”

Han Fei’s teeth were chattering as it was suddenly extremely cold.
“What do you mean?”

The woman looked at Han Fei’s feet.
“Get off my seat.”

Han Fei lowered his head, only to discover that he was squatting on the throne.
He was lost for words and wondered when he became such a coward.

Immediately, Han Fei put on a solemn expression and sat down on the throne without getting off.
He then crossed his legs.
“Your chair? Why do you say it’s yours? Are you the master of the Snow God’s Temple?”

The woman didn’t press further after Han Fei defied her.
Instead, she looked at the stick in Han Fei’s hands.
“A Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasure? How are you worthy of using a Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasure? Wait, your Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasure hasn’t recognized you as a master yet; you’re just using it against its will.”

Han Fei chuckled.
“Is it your business? I can use it anyway, and I like it… You people from the Snow God’s Temple, on the other hand, are too bad.
You tempt other people with the Soul Splitting Technique and try to possess them.
That’s really a great plan.
It was you who impersonated other people in the snow just now, wasn’t it?”

The woman gazed at Han Fei.
“I didn’t expect that it would be you who made it here.”

Han Fei’s lips curled.
“So, you knew that someone had broken in.”

The woman shook her head.
“I didn’t know it until you stepped into the underground palace.
However, you are the person with the weakest foundation and Spiritual Heritage that I saw.”

Han Fei chuckled.
“It means you made a mistake.
What are we going to do now? I’ve found your base, and you seem to have turned into a weapon spirit.
Tsk, tsk… Tell me where the treasure is, and what the Half-Mermen are protecting.”

The woman glanced at Han Fei coldly.
“You think you deserve to know the answer? The Snow God’s Temple wouldn’t have been exposed, or humiliated by an intermediate Hanging Fisher, if it hadn’t run out of spiritual energy.”

Han Fei laughed.
‘You’re not telling me? Are you sure? You’re just a sword spirit right now.
What can you do? I can easily piss all over you, alright?”

After Han Fei said that, the whole ice palace was frozen.
He seemed to have sensed the ultimate coldness that was piercing into his bones.

Han Fei shivered and jumped off the ice throne far away from the woman.
“How can you be so arrogant? Eons have passed since the Age of Doom, and you still consider yourself a queen? Let me tell you, I’m already merciful enough to you, or I would’ve thrown you into a nest of words.


The ice sword suddenly took off and slashed at Han Fei.

Han Fei had witnessed the power of the ice sword just now.
His body was not as hard as an ultra-quality spiritual weapon, and if he was struck, he could easily be cut into halves.

“Majestic Mystic Spell.”


Han Fei had no time to bother so much anymore.
He used the secret technique and attached Little Fatty and Little Gold to himself.

He didn’t attach the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp because he was 100% sure that the nine-star chains could not resist the ice sword.
He wouldn’t know what to do if one of the nine-star chains got broken.

“Huh? A legendary contractual spiritual beast?”

At this moment, Han Fei’s speed, strength and defense had all reached the highest point.

He didn’t dare to use Ten Thousand Knives in One.

After all, it wasn’t easy for him to forge all the ultra-quality spiritual weapons, and they were all valuable.
It would be a huge loss if they were ruined by this ice sword.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Thanks to the 10 times gravity two-month training session, Han Fei was much agiler than before, which was why he was able to dodge the ice sword narrowly every time and fight back now and then.

The woman was more or less surprised.
“You’re as gifted as a Heavenly Talent.
Have human beings risen again since the Age of Doom?”

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