Chapter 675: Scattered Stars Unit One

Three months later.

Han Fei hadn’t noticed that it had been half a year since he came to the Scattered Stars Island.

Since seeing Old Jiang and Jiang Qin in the Twisted Jungle for the first time, Han Fei was going there almost every half month.

After listening to Old Jiang’s explanation, Han Fei was much more enlightened on arrays.

In the end, Han Fei discovered that self-study was completely different from having a good teacher.

When he read the “Spirit Gathering Scripture” before, he usually always tried to memorize the arrays, study how to engrave them and explored the amount of spiritual energy to be used.

But hearing Old Jiang’s explanation, Han Fei discovered that he was completely wrong.

An array, in the final analysis, was a kind of power that drew on the mystic energy between the heavens and the earth, just like manipulators summoning spiritual plants from the air.
Therefore, rote memorization was never the correct way to learn.

At this moment, Han Fei was lying in the tree house, gathering spiritual energy at his fingertips and portraying lines in the air to his heart’s content.

A killing array was meant to kill, which made use of spiritual energy and tried to control everything around as tools for killing.

Moreover, an array required not only spiritual energy, but also intent, for example, Invincible Fighting Intent.
When one drew an array with spiritual energy, the drawing technique was also crucial.

Also, it involved how much power one borrowed from the heavens and earth, which decided the strength of the array.

When he finished drawing the array, he withdrew the spiritual energy on his fingertips and the array dissipated.

This was the 18th kind of array he had learned.
In just three months, he learned more arrays than in the past three years.

These didn’t include the arrays that he hadn’t fully mastered, but could slowly draw.


Cao Qiu shouted, “Han Fei, Han Fei, we must go now.”

Han Fei jumped out of the tree house.
“I’ve told you I’m not strong enough yet.
If we are assigned a job to go to sea, we’ll be easily targeted by Half-Mermaids.”

“It’s no use to say these words.
You are supposed to make contributions to the Scattered Stars Island! After such a long time of precipitation and accumulation, how can I believe your strength is not increased at all?”

It was Yang Dao.
The seven-star powerhouse came in person, which was the first time in three months.

Yang Dao glanced at Han Fei.
“I think your strength should have reached the peak level of a junior Hanging Fisher by now.
According to your previous cultivation speed, you should have been able to make a breakthrough, right?”

Han Fei grinned.
“Not yet, but it should be soon.”

Yang Dao said lightly, “No matter what, you’ll have half a month left at most.”

Han Fei paused.
“Huh? Half a month, why?”

Yang Dao said, “A brand-new secret realm is about to be opened, but it’s more than 8,000 kilometers deep into the sea.
Therefore, we humans and sea monsters are both targeting this place.”

Han Fei asked, “Does it have anything to do with us?”

Yang Dao continued, “This secret realm has a large seal.
In order to take this secret realm, a lot of humans and sea monsters were killed and injured.
In the end, both parties reluctantly reached an agreement that both sides would send some young juniors into it.”

Han Fei took a breath.
“But I’m just a junior Hanging Fisher!”

Yang Dao shook his head.
“You’ll be an intermediate Hanging Fisher soon.
At least, you don’t have to worry about meeting people above the Hanging Fisher level in the secret realm because they aren’t allowed in.”

Cao Qiu looked worried.
“I’m not going.
I won’t fight.
I can make some poisons for Han Fei.”

Yang Dao glanced at Cao Qiu, and his gaze, like an icy dagger, sent a chill down his spine.

Yang Dao said contemptuously, “You? You can’t go there even if you wanted to!”

Cao Qiu immediately breathed a sigh of relief.
“That’s great.
That’s great.”

Yang Dao looked at Han Fei.
“Han Fei, you should make the breakthrough as soon as possible, preferably within half a month.
Get prepared… Now go to the Scattered Stars Unit Seven to report.”

Han Fei was very frustrated.
In these three months, he had made rapid progress on array skills.

He believed that as long as he was given another three months, he would have a deeper understanding of arrays, and he could even try setting up a serial array.

One hour passed.

Scattered Stars Unit Seven.

Before Han Fei took the “elevator” down, he saw the sturdy Senior Brother Beihuo, wearing a mask, walking out of the elevator.

Beihuo handed Han Fei a mask and said, “Follow me.”

Han Fei asked, “Uncle Beihuo, where are we going?”

“Scattered Stars Unit One.”


Having been in Scattered Stars Unit Four for so long, he certainly knew what kind of people were in Unit One.

It was said that in Unit One, all were unparalleled talents, mysterious and powerful.

Han Fei was surprised.
“I’ve been selected into the Scattered Stars Unit One?”

Beihuo nodded.
“Yes, but on the surface, you still belong to Unit Four.
It’s not easy to enter Unit One.
One has to pass an assessment to enter it.
You are admitted because you performed too well in the Heaven-Human Strait last time.”

Han Fei was puzzled.
“Why wasn’t I admitted until now?”

Beihuo glanced at Han Fei.
“That’s because your realm was still low.
But now, after such a long time, your realm has not been raised.
So, someone wants to see your real strength now…”

Han Fei’s heart sank.
“Actually, I don’t want to enter Unit One really…”

Han Fei was still thinking that if he could settle down for another six months, he would definitely be able to fight a peak-level Hanging Fisher head-on.

Although he had beaten a peak-level Hanging Fisher before, he didn’t have equal strength because he won with leverage, which was a different story from winning on his own strength.

Han Fei took another elevator.

When the elevator descended, its door opened.

Suddenly, a wisp of strong spiritual energy wafted by.
What came into his sight was not an underground cave at all, but a whole new world.

Here, there were spiritual grasses, green plants, mountains, and rocks.
It was so vast here that the area Han Fei could see was dozens of kilometers.

Han Fei was shocked.

Beihuo laughed and said, “The seven Scattered Stars Units are actually built on secret realms.
And this secret realm is Scattered Stars Unit One, a place to train Heavenly Talents.”

Han Fei immediately took a breath.
“How many Heavenly Talents can come to this place?”

Beihuo said lightly, “Some people may be qualified to come, but they are too low-key to be discovered.
The best talents who used to serve here would be at least seven-star Hidden Fishers now if they’re still alive.”

Han Fei felt the grass under his feet, the fragrant grass scent in the air, and the breeze blowing in his ears, which made him more curious about the Scattered Stars Island. What I see now is just the tip of the iceberg, right?

While talking with Beihuo, five or six people appeared in the distant stone forest.

The stone forest was full of swarthy rocks, like a Gobi desert in the grassland.

Those people also wore a mask, and there were eight stars on the waist tag of the leading man, and the others were all five-star ranking.

I have only one star less than them.
Nothing to fear!

The leading man said, “Han Fei? Almost four months ago, you were a junior Hanging Fisher.
Why are you still a junior Hanging Fisher now? You don’t want to make a breakthrough?”

Han Fei was speechless and then said, “I just need some time to settle down.
And I was busy with refining.
Now, I’m ready for a breakthrough.”

No one knew if that person believed him or not.
He just said indifferently, “Today’s assessment for you is that you’re required to withstand one round of attacks from the five people around me.
If you pass the assessment, you can enter Unit One.
If not, try again next time.”

Han Fei’s eyelids twitched.
“So I don’t need to beat them?”

The man nodded.
You can choose to make a breakthrough first before you take their attacks, if you wish.
By the way, don’t feign defeat.
Otherwise, you won’t have a second chance to come in here.”

Han Fei wrinkled his brows.
This place was obviously unusual.
It should be a place built by the Scattered Stars Island to cultivate talents.

So, there must be benefits for him if he entered Unit One.

For example, after he entered Unit Four, his refining skill had improved rapidly.
In fact, Han Fei had been putting on an act in refining.

With the Demon Purification Pot, it would be a breeze for him even to refine a Divine Weapon.

However, you couldn’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.
Without the materials, even the Demon Purification Pot couldn’t refine a Divine Weapon.

In order to better conceal the Demon Purification Pot, he had completed thorough research on refining skills.

In this process, he was accidentally inspired by Guan Qingyan’s idea on arrays and thus found Old Jiang and Jiang Qin.

He wondered what benefits Unit One could bring him.

Han Fei smiled.
“No need to make a breakthrough, let’s go!”

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