Chapter 674: Shocked Old Jiang

Han Fei immediately got angry.
“So, I was working so hard to earn 8 million points of credit to buy a Million Poison Fruit, but you bought it in advance?”

Old Jiang looked at Han Fei contemptuously.
“Million Poison Fruit? Have you really read the ‘Encyclopedia of Spiritual Plants’? Although the Million Poison Fruit is good, it’s just slightly better than the Thousand Poison Fruit.
Yes, after taking a Million Poison Fruit, within hundreds of thousands of kilometers or even millions of kilometers around the Scattered Stars Island, nothing can poison you.
But what about out of this range?”

Han Fei retorted, “I haven’t even been able to get out of the Scattered Stars Island.
Millions of kilometers away? If I have the ability to go that far, I can surely find better anti-poison fruits at that time.”

Old Jiang sneered.
You may be able to block naturally-born poisons.
But, do you think you can block all the man-made poisons?”

Han Fei blushed in anger.
“When I was in the level-three fishery, a Venomous Tulip could block all poisons.”

Old Jiang rolled his eyes at Han Fei.
“Bullshit! What poison can the level-three fishery have? How many poison cultivators can there be? When you encounter a truly powerful poison cultivator, haha, the Venomous Tulip? I bet nothing could help you.”

Han Fei gaped at Old Jiang speechlessly. It was better to eat one than not to, wasn’t it?

Jiang Qin shouted, “Sit down and eat, both of you.”



They exchanged a hateful glance at each other.
At the dinner table were fish heads with chopped peppers, golden fish lips, anchovy fins, and the braised turtle meat.

Old Jiang drank a bowl of wine and stuffed a large piece of turtle meat into his mouth.
Immediately afterward, the old man’s eyes glowed.

Jiang Qin also picked a piece of meat and put it in her mouth, narrowing her eyes in satisfaction.

Old Jiang clicked his tongue.
“Although you’re a little stupid sometimes, this dish is really good.”


Han Fei had no appetite.
When he was in the former world, he had traveled all over the world and eaten all kinds of delicacies…

Therefore, he was not quite concerned about food.

Upon seeing Old Jiang stop arguing with him, he asked curiously, “So, is the Heaven Spirit Detoxifying Insect the second choice you gave me?”

Old Jiang snorted.
“Yes, others may not know what’s good about the Heaven Spirit Detoxifying Insect, but you should know.”

Han Fei complained, “I dare not feed it much poison because I’m afraid it will eat itself to death.
I fed it 100 catties of Spirit Awakening Fluid, but it only upgraded by one level.
I’m not rich enough to raise it!”

Old Jiang took a sip of wine, smacked his tongue, and rolled his eyes.
“Do you really think this bug is so fragile?”

Han Fei was taken aback.
“Isn’t it said that it is easy for it to eat itself?”

Old Jiang snorted.
“How can a creature feeding on poison die because of eating poison? Let me put it this way, although it looks weak now, it can easily swallow dozens of hundreds of poisons.
Basically, none of the poisons within ten levels above it can poison it to death as long as you don’t feed it too much.”

Han Fei was suspicious.
“So strong? That’s not written in the book.”

Old Jiang warned, “Books are not almighty.
The weirder and more powerful the poison you use, the higher the possibility that the Heaven Spirit Detoxifying Insect may mutate.
What’s more, it’s said that atavism may happen to this thing, but no one has seen it.”

Han Fei was stunned.
“How can you just randomly put it in the Logistics Division? What if someone else bought it?”

Old Jiang sneered.
“Impossible! Not many people know about this bug.
All they know is that this insect can easily die.
Just like a Detox Pill, it may die after you use it once.
So who is willing to pay such a big price to buy it?”

Han Fei wondered, “Do they really believe this? Have none of them read the ‘Encyclopedia of Spiritual Plants’?”

Old Jiang scoffed.
“You have that book, but what do you know?”

Han Fei didn’t refute him.
He was thinking if the Heaven Spirit Detoxifying Insect was as powerful as Old Jiang described, wouldn’t he be able to feed it crazily now?

Old Jiang said, “However, don’t feed it too much.
Prepare more Spirit Awakening Fluid, which can not only improve your strength, but also your beasts’.
Find a way to upgrade the Heaven Spirit Detoxifying Insect to level-40 and it is very likely to mutate.”

Han Fei was shocked.
So he underestimated the power of the Heaven Spirit Detoxifying Insect.

Seeing that Han Fei was so lost in his thoughts that he forgot to eat, Jiang Qin coughed.
“Eat, let’s talk after the meal.”

After a while, the three of them were replete…

Han Fei lay on the chair.
“Sister Qin, where are you working now?”

Jiang Qin said lightly, “The Pioneer Group.”

Han Fei smiled after a short pause.
“Is that Pioneer Group that can go to sea every day?”

Jiang Qin nodded.
“The casualty rate is also high, so don’t think about joining it for the time being.
You need to settle now.
At least in the first year in the Unknown Place, don’t think about going to sea.”

Han Fei waved his hand and said, “I don’t want to join it! I found that some Half-Mermaids are very strong.
Even the royal maids are powerful and own Divine Weapons.
Let me refine a Divine Weapon first!”

“Puff… Cough, cough!”

Old Jiang was shocked.
“Come off it.
Divine Weapon, is it so easy for you to refine? Do you have the materials?”

Han Fei said seriously, “I’ve thought about it.
With the help of arrays, I may be able to refine an ultra-quality spiritual weapon into a Divine Weapon.”

Jiang Qin thought for a moment.
“It’s extremely difficult.
So far… Anyway, most people can’t do this…”

Han Fei grinned.
“But I heard someone has made one.
He’s called, um, Han Guanshu, yes… This is the person.”

Old Jiang and Jiang Qin looked at each other silently.

Old Jiang asked, “Where do you know this name from?”

Han Fei’s eyes narrowed.
“From the two persons who came with me, Guan Qingyan and Mu Jia’er.
They’re from the refiner families of the Thousand Star City.
Moreover, the idea of refining an ultra-quality spiritual weapon into a Divine Weapon with the help of arrays also came from them.
I think this idea is feasible.”

Old Jiang grunted.
“Don’t you know what your real strength is? It’ll be quite difficult for you to accomplish this quickly! But you can have a try.
What spiritual weapons have you got? Show me.”

Han Fei thought about it.
There should be no problem showing the Overlord in front of Old Jiang and Jiang Qin.
If he didn’t believe the two of them, who else could he trust in this world?

Immediately, an iron tower-like brawny man suddenly appeared behind Han Fei.



Old Jiang lay down on the chair.
“What the hell is this?”

Jiang Qin’s eyes widened.
“Is… Is this a humanoid ultra-quality spiritual weapon?”

Han Fei chuckled and said, “To refine it, I have almost consumed all my materials and spiritual energy.
I’m broke now…”

Then, as he issued an order in his heart, the armor and the human body separated.

Han Fei said, “Look, my plan is to engrave spirit gathering arrays all over the puppet and a serial defense array on the armor, then equip it with a knife, on which a killing array is engraved… In this way, this puppet will be full of spiritual energy and have both offensive and defensive abilities in combat.
Tsk, then it should be able to beat peak-level Hanging Fishers!”

Old Jiang and Jiang Qin were all dumbstruck.
Old Jiang stepped forward and looked at Overlord up and down, then looked at Han Fei.
“Little b*stard, you are crazy.”

Jiang Qindao frowned and said, “The price is a bit high.
There are people who planned to refine such a puppet, but very few of them could afford it.
How much material have you collected to refine it?”

Han Fei chuckled.
“Not much, that’s why I’m broke now.”

Old Jiang tapped his finger.
“You haven’t sealed a spirit in it yet?”

Han Fei nodded.
“No, I want to seal a powerful and aggressive creature in it.
It’s just that I haven’t had a chance to find one yet.”

Old Jiang asked, “What do you want to seal in it?”

Han Fei shook his head.
“I haven’t decided.
At least it should be an exotic creature.
It would be better if it’s a mutant one, of course, it would be best if I can find a legendary one.”

Old Jiang rolled his eyes.
“Come on, you’re talking about a legendary creature!”

Han Fei grinned and didn’t refute him.

Jiang Qin added, “I think a Blood Fiend Octopus is the most suitable for such a fighting puppet.”

Han Fei asked, “Blood Fiend Octopus, what is that?”

Old Jiang shook his head.
“Your plan is difficult to achieve indeed.
With your current knowledge of arrays, it is almost impossible to carve a serial array.
Forget it, leave your puppet here and come back in half a month.”

Jiang Qin said, “I’ll find a way to get you a Blood Fiend Octopus, lower than level-50.
Can you seal it into the puppet?”

Han Fei nodded like a chicken pecking rice.
“Sure, no problem.”

Only a fool would refuse such an offer.

Old Jiang was obviously very accomplished in array skills, at least, more accomplished than him! Giving Overlord to him was definitely better than his random engraving of arrays on it.

Then Old Jiang said, “Take out the Spirit Gathering Scripture.
I will only explain this to you once.
How much you can learn is up to you…”

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