Chapter 66: Birth of a Genius

Han Fei spent four days learning to manipulate spiritual energy in his body.
He thought he had just passed this first step.

This time he was learning how to guide the spiritual points drifting in the outside world, which was a bit more difficult.
This was a spirit gathering skill for beginners and he continued to read the jade slip to learn how.

It was written on the jade slip that there was a vast amount of spiritual energy between the heavens and earth, that the spiritual energy was invisible but drifting around us at all times, and what a spirit gatherer needed to do was to capture and control it.

At first, Han Fei felt that this was like practicing Void Fishing, drawing the spiritual energy between the heavens and earth into his body, but he felt it was not the same thing after he tried it.
The function of Void Fishing was to absorb the spiritual energy into one’s own body and nourish the body, so as to strengthen one’s body.
But Spirit Concentration Art was a different case.
A spirit gatherer could send the spiritual energy he captured to other people’s bodies, which was different in nature from the former.

The first step to capture these spiritual points was to see them, which was the first thing a spirit gatherer had to learn.
Thus, all spirit gatherers had to practice a technique about eyes, which was called Pupil Spell.

Pupil Spell was universal to all spirit gatherers, so there was no one stronger than anyone else because the spell’s only function was to see spiritual energy.

Therefore, when Han Fei was reading the contents about Pupil Spell, the sign of technique upgrade appeared in the system.


: “The Eyes of True Vision”

: A universal pupil spell used by ancient spirit gatherers.
As time went by, it had been incomplete, and it took 10,000 points of spiritual energy to get the complete version.

Han Fei almost cried when he saw this note. This is just a minor spell to see spiritual energy, but it actually requires 10,000 points to get the complete version? Although it may be a once-for-all cost, isn’t that expensive? Now, all the spiritual energy I have is only 8200 points…

Not long after Han Fei sat down, he was scared.

“Grandpa, I’m going to take two days off.”

The old man gave him a stare.
“What? You just got here several minutes ago and now you’re asking for leave?”

“I suddenly remembered that I have something urgent to tend to, so I have to go.
I will bring you some good liquor and barbecue when I’m back.”

With that, Han Fei slipped away like a ghost.

To Han Fei’s frustration, although he was still so far away from being a fishing master, his spiritual energy was being spent like water! He could hardly make ends meet now! Even a minor auxiliary Pupil Spell cost him 10,000 points of spiritual energy.
Then how much would he have to spend to be a fishing master?

Li Gang was busy grilling meat, and Little Red wiped the sweat from his face from time to time.
The couple looked so sweet together.
Since Li Gang quit the Tigers, he had completely changed and was a family man now.

Li Gang raised his head and found that Han Fei was back.

Li Gang was surprised.
“Young Master, were you driven out?”

Han Fei sneered, “Haha, how could I possibly be driven out? I can go to a place like the plantation any time I’d like.
I just felt a little bored over there, so I’m going to stay at the barbecue stall for two days.”

“Aren’t you bored processing fish at the barbecue stall?”

“…Shut up.”

Han Fei was speechless.
Why is this big guy so stupid he cannot just let things slide!

Han Fei had considered going to the sea for fish tides, but after giving it a second thought, he thought it was too troublesome! It was quicker to earn spiritual energy to process fish at the barbecue stall! Although the barbecue wasn’t as popular it used to be, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to get 10,000 or so points of spiritual energy in two days.

Soon, two days passed by.
Being tortured by the fishy odor, Han Fei swore he would never ever come to process fish again if he found an easier way to earn spiritual energy.
Wang Jie and He Mingtang came to buy barbecue every night.
Every time they saw him, they would ask him questions and nag him, “Han Fei, how’s your cultivation going recently? Han Fei, the village leader is arranging jobs for graduates.
Don’t slack off… Han Fei, grilling fish here every day will get you nowhere! Han Fei, have you given up on yourself?”

Han Fei was afraid to see He Mingtang and Wang Jie now.
These two bastards were such nags.
The old man was much better than them.
He was busy drinking and eating barbecue all day long and never bothered him unless he came to him first.

As soon as he had accumulated 20,000 points of spiritual energy, Han Fei immediately upgraded his Spiritual Pupils.

(Ultra Quality)

: “The Eyes of True Vision”

: A universal pupil spell used by ancient spirit gatherers, with which one can easily find the drifting spiritual points between the heavens and earth.

The technique was easy to use and cost Han Fei very little to acquire it.
According to the instructions on how to use the Eyes of True Vision, he just needed to cover his eyes with spiritual energy and then focus.

So when Han Fei used the Eyes of True Vision for the first time, he discovered that the world was full of small spiritual points drifting around.

The old man was sleeping.

Han Fei said, “Grandpa, I’ve brought you liquor and barbecue.
May I put them on the table?”

The old man hummed.

Then, silently, he got up and began to drink and eat his barbecue while Han Fei sat casually on the ground and started to capture spiritual points.

As soon as he opened the Eyes of True Vision, with a gagging sound, the old man squirted the liquor out of his mouth.

Han Fei glanced back at him with a frown, as if blaming him for disturbing his cultivation.

The old man was shocked! Damn, what did I see? It’s only been two days! Didn’t the brat say he had something urgent to tend to? How did he come back with Spiritual Pupils?

The old man began to recall how long it took him to get Spiritual Pupils.
It seemed to be half a year.
But this brat only used two days. That’s really unfair! Is his spiritual heritage really a low-quality one? I don’t believe it!

But when he saw that Han Fei was trying to capture the spiritual points in the air with his hands, he almost laughed out loud. Is this brat a genius or an idiot? Capture spiritual energy with hands? Are you kidding me? But the old man kept the thoughts to himself. Since you’re so quick to learn, then figure it out yourself!

After trying a few times, Han Fei also felt it didn’t work well.
The spiritual energy was drifting around.
Even if he caught some in his hands, they were gone as soon as he opened them.
It was just like trying to capture air with hands and was not going to work.

Han Fei continued to read the jade slip that said spiritual energy must be guided and he should mobilize the spiritual energy in his body to guide the spiritual points outside.

So, Han Fei concentrated some spiritual energy in his body at his fingertips and tried to attract the spiritual points outside.
Sure enough, it worked this time.
Some spiritual points ran to Han Fei’s fingertips, but there were too few of them and only five or six points.
He tried dozens of times but didn’t make much progress.
Han Fei began to ponder, As specified in the jade slip, a spirit gatherer needed to consume spiritual energy in spirit gathering, but just now he had only concentrated the spiritual energy in his body at his fingertips without consuming any of it!

Then, Han Fei attracted some spiritual points to his fingertips and then held up his fingers to cover his fingers with spiritual energy.
In an instant, spiritual points gathered up from all directions, which were as many as fifty or sixty.

Han Fei was in a state of meditation now.
As a person from a different world, he thought more than others. Think about it, if I want to convey spiritual energy to others, are fifty or sixty spiritual points enough? It may be enough for fishers, but what about people above fisher-levels? Obviously not enough.

Then what should I do in this case? Han Fei ‘s first idea was to export more spiritual points from his body, but then he found it would consume too much spiritual energy in this way.

What should I do? What should I do? What should I do?

Han Fei was completely immersed in deep thinking and could no longer perceive the outside world.

Little did he know, however, the old man was dumbfounded.
I’ve given him no hint! How can he learn so fast?

It was getting dark and Jiang Qin came over.
Seeing Han Fei sitting on the ground pointing his fingers to the sky, and that his fingertips were shining, she widened her eyes.

Jiang Qin stammered, “Grandpa, he… Has learned it?”

The old man replied, “How can I know! He is still self-teaching, already fully immersed.”

Jiang Qin took a deep breath.
“How long did it take him?”

The old man said grumpily, “You can count the days.
It took him six days at most.”

Jiang Qin exclaimed, “I think he may be a genius spirit gatherer!”

The next second, she saw a lot more spiritual points gathering at Han Fei’s fingertips.
Both she and the old man knew that this was definitely not the same spiritual energy in their bodies.

Han Fei’s heart was dancing with joy. So that’s what it is.
Exchange the spiritual points in my body with those in the outside world.
As this process goes along, I can export more spiritual points and at the same time attract more from the outside world. Up to this moment, his fingertips had gathered at least two hundred spiritual points.

Han Fei thought to himself, What’s the next step? To transfer these spiritual points to other people’s bodies?


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