Chapter 665 Every Race Has Their Own Heavenly Talents

Lin Cang was disabled, and the others were immediately enraged.
What was the difference between this and being dead? In this world, only the lowest-level fishers couldn’t cultivate.

When Lin Cang woke up, it was very likely that he’d rather die.

Immediately, a member of the Pioneer Group jumped out.

“I’m Man Hai, from the Pioneer Group.
You hurt my brother.
I must kill you.” Man Han fused with his spiritual beast, a serpent, and held two big sledgehammers.
The sledgehammers collided, producing a deafening sound.

The half-mermaid stood still, pointing the harpoon at Man Han and staring at him with a defiant look.

Man Hai roared, his eyes bloodshot, his body burned with spiritual energy.
This guy was actually burning his essence blood and spiritual energy, releasing a terrifying power.


Man Han swung the two sledgehammers at the Half-Mermaid, which produced a terrifying sound and caused the waves to roll.
The Half-Mermaid blocked the two sledgehammers with the harpoon but was still pushed sliding backward for nearly 100 meters.


There was a burst of cheers on the human side.
Man Hai was strong, and this blow had definitely injured the Half-Mermaid.

The white flame between the half-mermaid’s eyebrows suddenly burst out with a dazzling glare as if to pierce the mind of Man Hai.


Man Hai roared, “Do you think this will work on me too? The Dragon Sways Its Tai’…”

A huge serpent appeared, wagging its big tail and even the water’s surface sunken.

“God Slash.”


A very thin shadow suddenly shot out hundreds of meters into the sky, which seemed to shoot directly through Man Hai’s head.


The Half-Mermaid was whipped flying by the serpent’s tail and rolled dozens of times on the sea surface.
After that, it managed to get up with difficulty.
But Man Hai landed in the sea with a bang.

After being dragged back, Man Hai became glassy-eyed.
A Hidden Fisher glanced at him and shouted to the opposite side, “Good, very good! I never expected sea monsters to have learned mental attacks!” Another Hidden Fisher shouted, “Listen, if you don’t want to die, once you launch an attack, try your best to kill the opponent as soon as possible!” “Ahhhh!”

Yang Deyu suddenly jumped out, splitting the seawater with his axes, roaring, “B*stards, how dare you disable two humans in my presence?! Let me teach you a lesson.”

Everyone’s attention was on Yang Deyu.
Only Han Fei was secretly watching the remaining Half-Mermaids.

At the moment Yang Deyu jumped out, five Half-Mermaids seemed to be about to come up, but for some reason, they stopped.

And the Half-Mermaid who had disabled two people stood up again, the white flame dancing between his brows.


Yang Deyu was exasperated into laughter “Great, take this!”

His axe turned into a gigantic axe 100 meters high, burning with a raging flame.
Before the axe reached out, a huge axe mark had already appeared on the sea.


A big white fish suddenly appeared, and at the same time, a string of data appeared in Han Fei’s eyes:

Horizontal Fish (Companion Spirit)

A crustacean fish, with hard scales, extremely sturdy, can withstand the attacks of creatures of the same level.
It can emit high-level energy waves from the top of the head to attack the soul.


5,812 points

Long-term consumption can strengthen the body.

Horizontal Scales

The half-mermaid’s body was instantly covered with a layer of white scales, and on its head, a single horn popped up.
Besides, the white flame between its eyebrows suddenly enlarged dozens of times.
“Soul Devouring!”

The opposite of the axe light was a huge white fish formed by a strange white mist, which seemed about to swallow Yang Deyu in one bite.

However, Yang Deyu shouted, “Double Chops.”

The first chop slammed into the Half-Mermaid, and it tried to withstand it with its harpoon.

Unfortunately, its harpoon, which was also an ultra-quality spiritual weapon, had broken into three pieces.

The scales on its body were chopped away, dripping with blood, but it still managed to block this chop.

The second chop was aimed at the big white mist fish.
However, the axe light could not touch the big white fish at all, and the big fish tried to bite Yang Deyu.

“Haha, do you really think your mental attack can hurt me? War God Will!”

Yang Deyu laughed.
A dazzling golden light appeared behind him and a golden war god who was as tall as 50 meters and holding double axes suddenly appeared.
The giant opened his mouth and swallowed the big white mist fish into its belly.

On the sea surface, the Half-Mermaid failed to block Yang Deyu’s second chop and he burst into a cloud of dust.

Even Han Fei had to admit the strength of this Lunatic Yang had increased a lot in the past half a year!

Han Fei looked at the golden giant in astonishment.
“What is this thing?”

“Just like your knife intent, he has trained his fighting intent into a will.
However, he created it with the help of a meditation painting,” Luo Xiaobai explained.

“Meditation painting again?” Han Fei frowned.

His God Scaring Painting was a kind of meditation painting.
However, he hadn’t even memorized one tenth of it now.
He wondered whether there would be such an awesome giant too after he memorized the whole God Scaring Painting.



Yang Deyu chopped a sea monster Heavenly Talent with two attacks.
Holding his big axe, he pointed at the other Half-Mermaids.
“Come on, anyone else? My axes can’t wait!” The Half-Mermaids seemed to be shocked.
Some wanted to jump out, but were stopped.

The leading Half-Mermaid shouted, “How about ten from each side?”

This was exactly what Zheng Chaojie was waiting for.
No matter in which race, Heavenly Talents were rare.
He didn’t want to put too many talents’ lives in danger.

Therefore, Zheng Chaojie coldly snorted.
“As you wish, let’s see what other talents you’ve


Then he scanned the crowd with his eyes.
“Yang Deyu, Sun Mu, Mo Feiyan, Wang Zitian, Jing Changfeng, Ming Kun, Han Fei, Xia Xiaochan, Zhao Lingjie, Zhou Haiyang… The ten of you, come out.”

To Han Fei’s surprise, Luo Xiaobai, Le Renkuang, and Zhang Xuanyu were not selected.

It might be because they were injured, but this was definitely not the only reason.

Han Fei’s eyes narrowed.
It seemed that a lot of geniuses had come this time!

Glancing at Ming Kun and Jing Changfeng, Han Fei was a little puzzled.
Ming Kun is okay, but why was Jing Changfeng picked?

After the humans selected 10 candidates, 10 Half-Mermaids were also selected.

Maybe because they evolved better, the ten Half-Mermaids looked quite pretty if they didn’t open their mouths.

However, in Han Fei’s eyes, they all looked the same.

After calling the roll, a Hidden Fisher reminded, “Don’t underestimate your opponents.
Go all out.”

Ming Kun stood next to Han Fei.
“Hey! Let’s have a fight when we’ve got the time?”

Anytime.” Han Fei smiled.

Jing Changfeng was also defeated by Han Fei, but he was not going to challenge Han Fei because he didn’t think he had any chance to win against him.

Yang Deyu waved his big axes, yelling, “Come on, who is next?”

The Half-Mermaids seemed to be pissed off by him.
Immediately, a beautiful female Half-Mermaid came out.
Her weapon was not a harpoon but two copper hammers.

She was the second woman using double hammers as her weapon that Han Fei had ever seen.

The first was Xiang Zuozuo.

Yang Deyu cursed, “F*ck, why a girl? Get lost.
Otherwise, I’m gonna chop you to death.”

The female Half-Mermaid didn’t speak, but when she suddenly looked up, the entire sea surface stirred, and under the public glare, a water man climbed up from below.

The water man was a hundred meters tall, holding two giant water-shaped sledgehammers in his hands, standing behind this Half-Mermaid.


Many people frowned.
What the hell! This Half-Mermaid is only a f*cking Hanging Fisher?!

Zhang Xuanyu was shocked.
“How is this mermaid so strong? If we faced 100 of them today, we’re dead meat.”

Cao Qiu said with a black face, “How can there be so many? I guess there are only a few sea monsters of this kind among the sea monsters.”

Mu Jia’er whispered to Guan Qingyan, “Do you think it’s possible for us to refine such a large spiritual weapon and blend it into our bodies?”

The corner of Guan Qingyan’s mouth twitched.
“It’s impossible.
We don’t have enough spiritual power to control it.”

“How about sealing a Half-Mermaid into the weapon?”

“I’ve never seen anyone do it.” Guan Qingyan shook his head.

“Then we can seal some other creature!”

Han Fei looked back at the two of them.
“At least it should be a legendary creature, right? But can you refine such a large spiritual weapon?”

When Han Fei heard Mu Jia’er words, he couldn’t help but ponder.
Perhaps this idea could work!

Why couldn’t he refine a “person” and seal a spirit in? Then this “person” could become his puppet!

Han Fei was excited and planned to try it when he went back.

Of course, it should be impossible to refine such a large humanoid spiritual weapon right now.
First of all, it required a huge amount of materials, and secondly, the spiritual energy consumed would be a lot.

However, Han Fei didn’t seem to be short on the materials.
After all, he had two fishbones, two iron chains, and a Big Red Trunk.
Even if he couldn’t refine a 100-meter tall puppet, he could refine a 10-meter tall one first…

Han Fei couldn’t help but grinned as he thought about it.

Xia Xiaochan nudged him with her elbow.
“What are you thinking about?”.

Han Fei immediately returned to his senses.
“Well, nothing.
I was just thinking that every race has their own Heavenly Talents.
This Half-Mermaid seems to be quite strong.”

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