Chapter 664 The Unknown Place Is Dangerous Indeed

When the battle came to an end, the sea monsters were almost all killed.

Until this moment, everyone realized that the 800 sea monsters had no intention of going back alive.

All they wanted was to perish with their enemies.

All this made Han Fei and the others scared.
What a damn race is this? Aren’t they afraid of death?

The strongest ones of mankind rushed over to rescue the injured people, haunting the cliffs on both sides.

They were fighting against sea monsters just now, but now against bugs.
Even so, only seven or eight people were saved.

Fortunately, those bugs only attacked the dead and the injured, and for those who still could fight, they could only fend for themselves before giving up.

When the last person was rescued, everyone gathered up.
Han Fei counted and there were only 196 people left… In other words, 104 people died on the human side in this battle.

Han Fei couldn’t help being moved by this number.
No one in the battle this time was weak.

For example, the guy who was shot by him just now could block the sixth arrow of his War Soul Art, which meant that he was extremely strong.

When he was still a junior Dangling Fisher, he could kill a peak-level Dangling Fisher with the sixth arrow.

Now he was already a Hanging Fisher, but the guy was only slightly injured.

One hundred and four people as strong as that guy were killed in this battle, which was a little unacceptable to Han Fei.

Unprepared, they were taken to the battlefield and then killed, not knowing why.

Besides, many of them were from big families from the Thousand Star City.
Could it be that those big shots on the Scattered Stars Island really didn’t care about the lives of these people?

At this moment, Han Fei felt angry and sad.
This battle only lasted for half an hour, but so many people died.

It was this battle that made those who had survived realize that the Unknown place was dangerous indeed.

Han Fei was casting the Divine Healing Technique on Luo Xiaobai while injecting spiritual energy into her body.

On the battlefield, manipulators did not seem to be so useful, but just now, at least 50 people were rescued by manipulators.

Luo Xiaobai had almost run out of spiritual energy, her face utterly pale.

Han Fei scanned around with his perception, and his face changed slightly.
“Where is Cao Qiu?”

Han Fei glanced around, but didn’t find Cao Qiu.

Although this little fatty was timid, he was really nice to his friends.
Besides, how could that guy just die?

“I am here, I am here…”

Cao Qiu ran out of a hole in the cliff, Han Fei didn’t know what to say.
“How the hell did you run into the hole? I didn’t even perceive your

Cao Qiu seemed to be still in a panic.
“I was sent flying into the hole by a sea monster’s self-detonation! Then, I was dragged in by the damn bugs.
Fortunately, my cute Poisonous Bubble poisoned them all!”

Han Fei narrowed his eyes.
He didn’t believe his words.
You were sent flying into the insect den? Why didn’t your ultra-quality battle suit protect you?

Zhang Xuanyu swam over to Han Fei all flustered.
“Feifei! Get me some clothes.
All my clothes are destroyed.”

“OK, I can mend them for you,” Han Fei said lightly.
Xia Xiaochan appeared next to Luo Xiaobai.
“Xiaobai, are you okay?”

Luo Xiaobai shook her head.
“I made a mistake.
I didn’t expect them to detonate themselves collectively.”

“It’s not your fault.
No one would have expected that.
These Half-Mermaids, Red Demons, and Inferior Man-Fish were just pawns, like suicide bombers,” Han Fei said.

Le Renkuang slowly flew over.
“Feifei! I lost 23 weapons! That’s a big loss!”

Han Fei rolled his eyes at him.
“I saw that.
All those weapons were just high-quality spiritual weapons.”

Le Renkuang was immediately anxious.
“Nonsense, I… I exploded several ultra-quality spiritual weapons! Look at my battle suit, it’s torn too.”

Han Fei said with a black face.
“Fine, fine, you all lack ultra-quality spiritual weapons.
I get it.
When I go back, I will refine more weapons to arm you guys to the teeth.”

Upon hearing Han Fei’s words, Le Renkuang and Zhang Xuanyu gave each other a high-five happily.
They could get what they wanted.

The above seal was lifted.
Knowing they couldn’t win, the insects in the Heaven-Human Strait didn’t swarm out.

Everyone’s mind was weighed down.
No matter if the people killed were their friends or not, they were on the same side when they were fighting against the sea monsters.

One-third of the people died.
The first thing Luo Xiaobai did when she came to the sea was to come directly to Zheng Chaojie and ask, “Why didn’t you tell us what the battle was really like before it started?”

Upon seeing this scene, many people were startled, including Han Fei.
Did Luo Xiaobai realize that she was questioning an adjudicator?

However, since Luo Xiaobai had done this, Han Fei and the other three would only choose to back her up.
Now all the five of them stood in front of Zheng Chaojie.

Zheng Chaojie said indifferently, “Are you questioning me?”

“Yes,” Luo Xiaobai said.

“Are you sure?” Zheng Chaojie asked expressionlessly.


Some laughed.
“She is really a tough girl.
Old Zheng, what do you think?”.

Zheng Chaojie looked at the five for a moment only to find that none of them looked away, so he said, “You’re really worthy students of the Thug Academy.”

“True growth always starts with death.
Return to the team and be ready for the coming battle,” he suddenly turned serious and said.

He did not explain.
As an adjudicator, he didn’t need to explain himself.

Luo Xiaobai and the others did not move.
However, Zheng Chaojie waved his hand and threw them hundreds of meters away.

“Do you think this is over? No, this is just the beginning.
Take a break.
What happens next will be even crueler!” Zheng Chaojie shouted.

Zheng Chaojie didn’t explain, but someone else explained.

A seven-star hidden fisher said, “We didn’t notify you because we couldn’t give you a chance to prepare so that you can bring out the strongest in you.
As for the battle, this kind of battle happens every year.
We need to let these sea monsters know that our younger generation is rising.
Only in this way can they understand how many Heavenly Talents our human race has… If they sense the human race is weakening, you can imagine what’ll happen…” The five of them were shocked by his words.
This explanation… Was hinting that the human race was pretending to be strong? Immediately, someone added, “It’s not that humans can’t afford battles against them, but that we don’t fight meaningless battles.
We certainly shouldn’t risk our lives just to beat them!”

Xia Xiaochan secretly tugged at Han Fei’s clothes and Han Fei nodded, indicating that he knew it.

After experiencing the war in the Undersea City, they knew how cruel and tragic a war could be! Humans were almost extinct.

Although the Scattered Stars Island was not a place for humans to live, people competed for resources here to feed the people in the Thousand Star City.
Only in this way would there be more and more powerful people in the human race.

Luo Xiaobai accepted this explanation and fell silent.

“A lot of Half-Mermaids came, and they look more and more like humans,” Han Fei said coldly.
“Huh! Why were the Red Demons and Half-Mermaids we met just now not so strong? And these ones were not as beautiful as others we’ve met…” Xia Xiaochan said.

On the opposite side, except for the 800 sea monsters who had been killed in the Heaven-Human Strait just now, another group of sea monsters appeared, which were quite different no matter in body shape or face.

“Demonic heritage!”

Han Fei frowned.
The demonic heritage of these newly emerged sea monsters was certainly not weak.

He could now determine whether a Half-Mermaid had a strong demonic heritage or not, one just needed to look at its face.
The more beautiful its face was, the stronger a demonic heritage it had.

Among these Half-Mermaids, a male Half-Mermaid, wearing a silver scale battle suit and holding a crimson harpoon, came to the open space between the two parties.

But Han Fei couldn’t see its lower body.
Did it have f*cking feet or a tail?

“Humans, do you dare to fight us?” This Half-Mermaid was only an intermediate Hanging Fisher and its strength was unknown.
Did this Half-Mermaid want one-on-one matches with them?

just now, so now you wanna try one-on-one combat?” Zhang Xuanyu grinned.

On the human side, a soul warrior stepped on the water surface and a large spider phantom appeared, whose eight legs quickly ran across the sea.

“No matter how much you look and speak like humans, you’re still a fish.
I am Lin Cang, from the Pioneer Group of the Scattered Stars Island.
Fish, do you have a name?”

The Half-Mermaid stared at Lin Cang coldly.
“Not yet.
But when I kill you, I’ll have one.”


Lin Cang laughed.
“Kill me? You?”

Someone shouted from behind, “Lin Cang, be careful.
This Half-Mermaid can’t be weak.”

Lin Cang brandished the two sharp spikes in his hand.
“I know, but so what? He is just an intermediate Hanging Fisher!”


When Lin Cang moved, thousands of spike shadows appeared in the air.
In an instant, he had activated at least five combat skills… On the surface of the sea, in addition to the spike shadows, there were also huge knife marks set off by water blades.

Even Han Fei had to admit that this person was not weak.

However, between the eyebrows of the

appeared, making this mermaid look like a god.

Zhang Xuanyu’s face changed.
“Be careful.
A mental attack!”


The next second, Lin Cang who was rushing at the mermaid suddenly collapsed, bleeding from his eyes, nose, and mouth in an instant.


The harpoon in the half-mermaid’s hand pierced through the water, bringing up a huge harpoon phantom, and columns of water shimmered in the phantom.


Lin Cang’s body was pierced, and his ultra-quality battle suit narrowly blocked this blow and was about to crack.

Lin Cang had a splitting headache and was bleeding hard.
Suffering from a mental attack, he was unable to fight anymore.
Immediately, a manipulator caught him, and a spirit gatherer threw a healing technique on him.

Then someone shouted, frowning, “Oh no! Lin Cang’s Dantian was broken.
He can no longer cultivate…”

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