Chapter 659 Heaven-Human Strait

At dawn, there were shimmers of light in the sky, and most people were sitting cross-legged cultivating, including Xia Xiaochan and the others.

However, there were two figures sitting solemnly in the corner, holding branches in their hands, drawing something.

Guan Qingyan said seriously, “I’ve read all the ancient books in my family.
The difficulty of the array doesn’t lie in drawing but conceiving.
Any type of array has something in common.
If one draws enough small arrays, it’ll be easier for him to draw a large array with interlocked small ones.” Han Fei frowned.
“I know that the key to the problem is to simplify the process.
Only after this step can the small arrays be transformed into a large array.”

“Then you can only get familiar with it as much as possible.
If you apply one or several arrays to the extreme, you might know which parts can be removed and which ones must be left,” Guan Qingyan said.

With that said, Guan Qingyan began to draw arrays.
What he drew was a simple defense array.
The lines extended like cracks on a tortoiseshell, but he didn’t draw the array quickly.

“I am slow because I am not a spirit gatherer.
Look here, these array lines.
Actually, I don’t know what they should be like.
I just let them form naturally,” Guan Qingyan explained.
“Let them form naturally? Can you draw this defense array successfully?” “Yes! Between heaven and earth, all things have their own rules.
All uncertainties are actually contained in a certain kind of certainty.” Guan Qingyan nodded solemnly.

“That’s nothing but a quibble!” The corner of Han Fei’s mouth twitched.

“You are a spirit gatherer.
You should know the spirit gathering array best.
Have a try,” Guan Qingyan suggested.

Han Fei nodded and without moving his hand, the next second, a spirit gathering array appeared under his ass.

“So fast… How did you do it?” Guan Qingyan was stunned.

“You drew the array in the wrong way.
Spiritual energy can’t be forced but be guided.
By the way, have you learned the Pupil Spell?”

“Yes, I’ve learned it! However, it’s not easy to be a spirit gatherer.”

“It’s simple.
I will teach you later.
Now tell me what’s wrong with my array?”

“Your array is very good, but has no soul.”

“An array is an array.
How can it have a soul? Do you think it’s a spiritual weapon?”

“I’m not talking about the ‘soul’,” Guan Qingyan shook his head.
“You draw very quickly and accurately, but it is too rigid.
You can try to draw it more slowly.
And when you feel that you won’t fail drawing this array no matter how you draw it, try letting the spiritual energy escape by itself.

Han Fei was skeptical but still began to draw the spirit gathering array in a very slow way that he had never thought of.
When the array eye was drawn, Han Fei knew that the array had been made.
It wouldn’t make a difference no matter how he drew it afterward.

Therefore, Han Fei no longer restrained or guided the spiritual energy, but let it flow freely.

Immediately, the spirit gathering array changed, and the spiritual energy gathered up by fits and starts.

“Huh? Interesting.
Old Guan, although you look a little cold, you seem to be quite talented in arrays.” Han Fei was surprised.

“I inherited this from my ancestors.
Look, you are creating an array now.
Although it is only a minor innovation, it is also a kind of innovation,” Guan Qingyan said.

Han Fei smiled and then felt dozens of perceptions sweep over.
However, Han Fei just ignored them because others couldn’t understand it.
After allowing the spiritual energy to flow freely by itself, he himself couldn’t even understand the array anymore, let alone someone else.
Guan Qingyan had really got something in him! According to his line of thought, perhaps a new array could really be created.
If Guan Qingyan became a spirit gatherer, it would be a lot easier to discuss arrays with him.

So Han Fei asked, “Don’t you want to be a spirit gatherer? I can teach you…”

“Everyone, wake up.”

Han Fei and Guan Qingyan didn’t stop discussing until there was a loud shout in the sky.
Last night, Han Fei had planned to lie on the beach watching stars with Xia Xiaochan.

However, Guan Qingyan came over and asked Han Fei about the relationship between arrays, spirit gatherers, and refining, which was really untimely.

Han Fei originally planned to send this guy away.
However, Guan Qingyan demonstrated how to draw a killing array to Han Fei.
Although it was slow, he made it, and Han Fei was immediately attracted, which really annoyed Xia Xiaochan.

And Guan Qingyan certainly had his purpose.
He wanted to learn from Han Fei.
After all, Han Fei’s spiritual energy manipulation methods surprised him.

Therefore, Guan Qingyan made an exchange with Han Fei with his understanding of arrays.
Then the two discussed arrays for a whole night.

Both of them benefited a lot from this discussion.

“You’re supposed to sleep at night, not cultivate.” Xia Xiaochan yawned.

“Next time, I’ll set up a small tent for you, OK?” Han Fei said gently.

In the sky, dozens of fishing boats hung in the air.

An eight-star master that no one had seen before was standing at the bow of the ship.
“First of all, congratulations.
You are the best ones among the newcomers on the Scattered Stars Island in the past six months,” he addressed the crowd.

While speaking, he suddenly released a trace of suppressing power.
It was not weak and made Han Fei feel like he was fighting a peak-level Hanging Fisher head-on.

Among the over 300 people in the Sea God Square, only one was shocked and took a step back.

Immediately, the eight-star master said to that person, “You can go now.”

The man was stunned.
He had waited here all night.
Now just because he took a step back, he was kicked out?

The man blushed immediately.
Out of 300 people, only he was scared just now?!

He didn’t dare to stay any longer and immediately controlled his fishing boat to fly out of the Sea God Square.
The eight-star master continued, “My name is Zheng Chaojie, but you don’t need to remember my name.
You just need to know I’m Adjudicator Zheng.
This time, I will show you the battlefield outside the Scattered Stars Island.
Of course, today you need to fight, which will be a very dangerous battle with an over 30% fatality rate.
For everyone who survives, three-star ranks will be promoted to four-stars, and the four-starred will be awarded extra credits.
Or, you can choose to leave.
People leaving will be rewarded with 100,000 points of credit.”

“Over 30%?”

Quite a few people looked solemn.
The people who came today were all geniuses but the fatality rate would still be over 30%? What kind of a battle would it be?

Some people were horrified, and some felt that this was an opportunity to prove themselves, an opportunity to present themselves in front of the adjudicator.

The so-called adjudicator was actually a title.

Among the eight-star ranks, some were brigadier generals, who were good at commanding; some were chiliarchs, good at fighting; some people were adjudicators.
They had the greatest combat power.
Since this person claimed to be an adjudicator, it meant that this person was extremely strong

Just as Cao Qiu was about to say he was leaving, two hands were put on his shoulders.

One belonged to Wang Zitian.

The other was Han Fei’s.
“You have so much poison.
What are you afraid of?” Han Fei asked.

Adjudicator Zheng glanced at Cao Qiu’s side and then said, “Since no one wants to quit, let’s get on our fishing boats! No matter how much I say, seeing is believing.”

Hundreds of fishing boats flew into the sky, following Adjudicator Zheng’s fishing boat, and headed quickly for the southern edge of the Scattered Stars Island.

Led by an adjudicator, the fishing boats were flying very fast.
Everyone had left the sea within less than half an hour.

After more than 500 kilometers away from the sea, the first thing Han Fei and others discovered was that a large number of birds were hovering in the sky.

When Han Fei was patrolling the coast, he had seen birds.
But those birds didn’t fly low and usually shot across the high sky and flew into the deep sea.

At this moment, Han Fei discovered that there were dozens of bird species, flying in groups, hovering in the sky alone, or flying close to the sea.

Everyone’s eyes were turned to the bird flying close to the sea.
Its wings spread out seven or eight meters.
The speed of this bird was so fast that when it flew over the sea, everyone could see its wings cut through the air, leaving white marks.

On the water, wherever the bird passed, a long watermark was directly drawn.


At that moment, no one saw how the bird dove into the sea, only the water splashing.
In the next second, a light burst out of the water.
On the sharp claws of the big bird, a flying fish more than three meters long was clasped.
Then the bird soared above and swept across the sky.

Han Fei gaped at the bird in shock.
Is this really a bird? It looks like a f*cking fighter! See how it caught a fish?

Many masters ahead did not explain, nor did they bother to explain.

The adjudicator didn’t bother to explain.
In his opinion, when these young people grew up, they would find out, so there was no need to explain anything to them.
Soon, they passed by the sea spanning thousands of kilometers.
The crowd looked down, and from time to time, they could see Inferior Man-Fish jumping out of the water and the stupid one among them would stand on the water with a harpoon, showing their strength to the fishing boats crossing the sky.
After flying another more than 300 kilometers, they saw thousands of Half-Mermaids, Red Demons, and Inferior Man-Fish waiting on the sea in the distance.

The Half-Mermaid at the front was dressed in a gold battle suit and holding a gold harpoon, with a crab more than 100 meters wide under its feet, whose claws were as thick as a rock wall.

Some Half-Mermaids stood on the backs of sharks, some on the heads of jellyfish, and some on the carapace of lobsters.
There was a dense mass of them who seemed to be ready to fight humans.

A large group of Red Demons stood beside them, followed by the Inferior Man-Fish who lined up in rows in the sea like guards.

At this time, everyone could clearly see a huge crack here.
Above the crack, the seawater was dark blue, with a completely different color from the seawater in other places.
“Remember this place.
This is where you start your trial on the Scattered Stars Island.
This is called… Heaven-Human Strait,” Adjudicator Zheng said.

“Remember, in this battle, you must be cooperative and not panic.
Only when you get through this can you be called geniuses.
If not, you are nothing,” a seven-star Hidden Fisher added.

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