Chapter 650 Become A Hanging Fisher

A month later.

There was only a small fish tide on the Skeleton Shore and nothing big happened in the last month.

Every day, everyone was fishing and hunting in the sea.

In order to repay their debts, everyone had tried their best to earn points.
During the period, although some people died, the number was extremely small, with less than 5 people.
At a place like the Scattered Stars Island, this mortality rate was extremely low.

And in the Eighth Battalion, the richest one should be Han Fei who had almost earned 6 million credit points, already close to 8 million.


This morning, many people went to sea.

Suddenly, the spiritual energy within a radius of tens of kilometers gathered towards the Skeleton Shore Camp.

“Huh! Someone is making a breakthrough.”

“That’s strange! Why is there such a loud noise? Is someone breaking through to be an advanced Hanging Fisher?”

“Oh, isn’t the spiritual energy gathering towards where Captain Han lives?”

“Let’s go have a look.”

You Lingyun, Wu Xiaoxiao, and the others had already waited outside of Han Fei’s treehouse.

“Sister Lingyun, I can’t imagine how strong Captain will be if he makes another breakthrough!” Wu Xiaoxiao said expectantly.

You Lingyun nodded seriously.
“The Eighth Battalion will be invincible then.”

“It’s so strong! Look at the gathering spiritual energy.
The breakthrough to become a Hanging Fisher shouldn’t be like this.”

Gu Daliang held his armor box.
“The captain’s physique is really tough.”

Little did they know that Han Fei had tried his best to cover up this breakthrough.

Every time he made a breakthrough, he required a huge amount of spiritual energy.
He needed to set up a spirit gathering array to attract the surrounding spiritual energy to cover up the spiritual energy constantly pouring out of Forge the Universe.
After half an hour, the spiritual energy was still gathering Han Fei had already consumed nearly 5 million points of spiritual energy and he was about to break the barrier.
With a lot of spiritual energy expended, Han Fei became thinner, so he had to swallow two big mouthfuls of Candle Dragon Blood to stabilize the process of the breakthrough


With a crack, the surrounding spiritual energy vibrated and Han Fei’s body seemed to suddenly become a dried river.
He shattered three high-quality spiritual stones in a row and narrowly supplied the spiritual energy he needed.

Perhaps because his Void Fishing Technique was too high-leveled, when he made the breakthrough, he consumed more spiritual energy than others.

Besides, he not only needed to breakthrough, but also needed to stabilize his realm, accomplishing the whole task in one stroke.
Therefore, Han Fei had to continue to supply the spiritual energy required.

Outside, many people exclaimed.

“Huh? Hasn’t Captain Han finished his breakthrough? Why hasn’t the spiritual vortex stopped?”

Someone guessed, “Perhaps he needs to stabilize his realm after the breakthrough.”

You Lingyun reached out, No one is allowed to peep! We must not affect the captain’s breakthrough

You Lingyun informed everyone by means of sound transmission.
After all, speaking out was very likely to affect Han Fei.

But little did You Lingyun know that Han Fei could hear You Lingyun’s voice transmission now!

Huh? Can I eavesdrop on others now? This was the first thought in Han Fei’s mind.
Before he had the time to be happy, however, he suddenly discovered that his supply of spiritual energy was slowly diminishing.
He immediately looked inside his body only to find that the originally smoothly flowing spiritual energy had begun to thicken.
Only after about ten minutes did Han Fei let out a sigh of relief.

It turned out that it was not that the spiritual energy became sticky, but it turned into a spiritual fluid in his body.

Han Fei suddenly remembered what Xiao Zhan and Wen Renyu once said, “Dangling fishers were only low-level cultivators and only by becoming a Hanging Fisher could one formally step on the path of cultivation.”

Could it be that this breakthrough started with spiritual energy turning into spiritual fluid? The transformation of spiritual energy into spiritual fluid lasted for about half an hour.

In this breakthrough, Han Fei consumed a total of about 8 million points of spiritual energy.

When the breakthrough was finally completed, Han Fei immediately looked at his data.

Han Fei

Level: 42 (Junior Hanging Fisher)

Spiritual Energy: 146,655 (9,001)

Spiritual Power: 1,501/1,501

Perception Range: 9,999 meters

Spiritual Heritage: Level-5, High-Quality

Spiritual Beast: Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fish (Level-38) Main Art: Void Breaking Technique, Volume Four of Void Fishing (Demon-Level, Divine-Quality)

“How can I be level-42?”

Han Fei was stunned when he saw the number 42.

It shouldn’t be! According to his experience, he should be level-43 now, a well-established junior Hanging Fisher.

Obviously, something went wrong.

He was a Hanging Fisher but was only level-42.

Besides, his upper limit of spiritual energy had become 9,001 with an increase of 1,002 points, but Han Fei always felt something was wrong.

The upper limit was supposed to rise quite a bit after this breakthrough, but it didn’t.
Han Fei checked his realm and level and his heart sank.

The advantage of the Void Fishing Art on rapid breakthroughs was gone.
And although he was level-42 now, his realm was not stable.

However, Han Fei didn’t panic.
After all, Xia Xiaochan and the others all upgraded like this.
In a small realm, the upgrading rate should be relatively fast.
He would find out in the future.

But his spiritual power did increase a lot.
Not only had he broken a barrier, but he also seemed to grow a little more than he expected in this aspect.
Now he could continue to absorb Soul Crystals or the God Scaring Painting.

This was good news.
When facing the half-mermaid, Han Fei discovered that the other party’s perception range was greater than his own.
It could be said that under the offensive attack of powerful masters, whoever had greater perception range would take the upper hand! This was beyond doubt.

Therefore, Han Fei knew that now Soul Crystals must also be included in his purchase plan.

With this in mind, Han Fei frowned.
He hadn’t collected enough points to buy the Million Poison Fruit yet, but now he also needed to buy Soul Crystals.
He didn’t have that many points!

Only in a month, the catties of Spirit Awakening Fluid had already been used up by him.

He used all the Spirit Awakening Fluid on his beasts except for the 200 catties he used on himself and what he gave away.

Little Gold had been upgraded by three levels, reaching level-38.

Nine Tails by one level, reaching level-38.

Little Black and Little White by two levels, reaching level-38.
Little Fatty was fed 200 catties of Spirit Awakening Fluid, but his level remained unchanged, still at level-38.

They had consumed almost 2,000 catties of Spirit Awakening Fluid.
Han Fei couldn’t help but sigh.
It turned out that the Scattered Stars Island was the most expensive place to stay.

Of course, after spending huge sums of money and countless prices, Han Fei had also gained good benefits.
His beasts’ combat power had improved a lot.

At least, Han Fei was confident that most Hanging Fishers, if not all, wouldn’t be able to beat him.

As for those geniuses, they would be defeated by him sooner or later.

However, Han Fei had only been on the Scattered Stars Island for more than two months, so he was not in a hurry.

When all his beasts reached level-40 and gained some unknown inheritance and he became an advanced Hanging Fisher with some Divine Weapons, he would truly have a place on the Scattered Stars Island.

As for now, he was better off staying on the island and not going to sea.
Because once he went in, he might never be able to get out.

In the treehouse.

Han Fei was eavesdropping on other people’s voice transmissions.

Someone said, Hey! Where do you think Han Fei is from? He upgrades really fast! It only took him two months to become a Hanging Fisher from an advanced Dangling Fisher… The speed is simply scary.

Someone responded, And don’t forget he is a body refiner.
This is the really scary part.
A girl said, Xin’er, do you think it possible for me to drug Han Fei and make him faint?


After he faints, I can f*ck him and make him my man!

Puff… Cough, cough…

In the cabin, Han Fei choked and thought, Are these girls serious?

They are too dangerous! We boys have to protect ourselves against these horrible women!

Since he had coughed, he could only go out.

Han Fei smiled and said, “Haha, I had a sudden inspiration this morning and then made a breakthrough.
I was really lucky…”

“Congratulations to Captain Han for breaking through to be a Hanging Fisher.”

“Han Fei, your breakthrough speed is truly fast.”

“Captain Han, I find your temperament has changed.”

Han Fei laughed.
“Cut the crap! I know that many of you have almost paid off your debt.
Is there anyone else who wants to refine an ultra-quality spiritual weapon? I’m available now, and the price is the same as before.” Everyone immediately fell silent, thinking, this guy is tempting us again.

Many people hadn’t paid off their debt, and they smiled bitterly, saying, “Captain Han, let us collect enough points first.
We haven’t accumulated enough materials, spiritual energy, or credits, not even close.” Han Fei smiled.
“No hurry.
By the way, I will go to the Refining Hall these next few days.
If something happens to the Skeleton Shore, remember to find me in the Refining Hall.”

Wu Xiaoxiao stepped forward.
“Captain, you haven’t taken us to the sea for a long time.”

Han Fei paused.
“Huh? Really? You know I’m too busy! Wait for me to come back.
Then I’ll take you to sweep across the Skeleton Shore.
As for now, well, you can ask Cao Qiu to take you to the sea.
He will take my place for now…”

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