Chapter 636: Poverty-Stricken Eighth Battalion

Han Fei’s dream had finally come true.
On the first day he became the deputy captain of the Eighth Battalion, all the members became his core customers.

The big business of 287 ultra-quality spiritual weapons had allowed Han Fei to earn nearly 500,000 credits in a day.
This was only the first day, and more people patronized Han Fei.

All the materials added up were actually enough for Han Fei to refine more than 400 ultra-quality spiritual weapons.

Of course, Han Fei also paid his price.
Even with the income of spiritual spring, Han Fei still had to pay 80 million points of spiritual energy to complete so many orders.

In this case, Han Fei actually only got a lot of points and the materials to make more than 100 ultra-quality spiritual weapons.

After registering the ledger, Han Fei immediately shouted, “Everyone!”

“Everyone, Captain Cao said last night that for the sake of your safety, he’ll provide each of you with a free vial of the strongest poison in history, the Poison King.
A mere drop of it can paralyze creatures above level-40… Let’s applaud and welcome Captain Cao to give us the poison!”

Clap… Clap… Clap!

In an instant, there was thunderous applause.

Someone grinned.
“Captain Cao is awesome.”

Someone sighed.
“How strong the poison is to be able to repel the Heavenly Talents from the Thousand Star City!”

Someone smiled.
“Great, we’ll have another ace up our sleeve.”

“Captain Cao is great.”

Cao Qiu was stunned and then sent a voice message to Han Fei, When did I say that?

Han Fei responded, You are new here.
I’m afraid you may not be able to convince our team members.
I did this for your own good.
After giving them the Poison King, you tell them that you’ve run out of money and need to make and sell poison to make money.
Then you won’t have to go to the battlefield.

His words seemed to make sense, but for some reason, Cao Qiu felt he was swindled.

Yes, Cao Qiu felt that he was swindled.
Han Fei sold him out and made a lot of money for himself.
He was such a jerk.

For seven days in a row, Han Fei gave the entire Eighth Battalion to Cao Qiu, saying that he was going to find someone to help refine these ultra-quality spiritual weapons.

And Cao Qiu was too lazy to go to sea.
He boasted that he had exhausted his Poison King resources and needed to invent a Poison God, which would be able to destroy all demons on the Skeleton Shore.

So both of them slipped away on the first day they officially started their new jobs, leaving the members of the Eighth Battalion at a loss for what to do.
Many people thought, did Han Fei run away with the money?

Their suspicion was reasonable.
Almost half of their money was given to Han Fei, and their credit points were all given to him.

As a result, the entire Eighth Battalion was poverty-stricken and each member owed a large amount of debt.

Since then, no one in the Eighth Battalion was in the mood to have a holiday, gamble, or have fun.
Every morning and evening, they were wandering along the coast.

It only took them seven days to turn every single creature they saw on the Skeleton Shore into points.

At this moment, 200 kilometers away from the Skeleton Shore, Han Fei was hiding under the water, holding a fish skin map in his hand, and a level-44 creature was caught by nine chains at his feet.

“Um! This Zhao Qin needs a Poisonous Ink Octopus as his sealed spirit, which needs to be above level-40.
This is a good fit!”


After a moment.

“Huh! Level-39 Arrow Heart Shell.
This one fits… Seal.”

“Oh! This seems to be a level-43 Sand Skin Shrimp.
Great! Seal…”

Yes, Han Fei said he went to find someone to refine the weapons, but in fact, he ran into the sea alone to seal spirits.

He certainly wouldn’t turn to the Scattered Stars Fourth Unit for help, because it would cost money.
He could do this kind of trivia himself.

When Han Fei was about to look for a Blue Spirit Shrimp, his expression suddenly changed slightly.
“Huh! Am I going to have a breakthrough?”

Han Fei was overjoyed.
The upper limit of his spiritual energy was finally going to break.
The surge of spiritual energy in his body was the sign of a breakthrough.

Immediately, Han Fei called out Nine Tails, Little Gold, Little Fatty, Little Black, and Little White.

Han Fei instructed, “Guard me.
I’m going to have a breakthrough.”

Han Fei had been waiting for this for a long time.
God helped those who helped themselves.
Although this breakthrough was not perfect, he was one step closer to becoming a Hanging Fisher.

If he went further, the fifth level of Void Fishing would be able to be deduced.
At that time, he would be able to go further in the Indestructible Body Art and a little closer to the third barrier that Ren Tianfei mentioned.

At the bottom of the sea, Han Fei set up a concealment array and a defense array.
After putting on a Six Spirit Armor, Han Fei sat cross-legged.

At that moment, the spiritual energy surged like a tide, suddenly converging from the sea area of tens of kilometers around.

In Forge the Universe, 10 high-quality spiritual stones were shattered at once.

The moment Han Fei made the breakthrough…

More than 200 kilometers away from the Skeleton Shore, nearly 300 kilometers away, a lot of creatures such as Big Sword Water Fleas, Tide Calling Crabs, and Bone Corroding Bugs had emerged from underground in all directions.

Little Black rushed out instantly, and every time he opened his mouth, a creature was killed.

Nine Tails brandished the Nine-Star Chain, guarding Han Fei.

Little Gold was like a blade warrior, his wings turned into sharp blades, and he was easily smashing Bone Corroding Bugs.

Little Fatty was the laziest, lying on the ground reluctantly.
However, whenever a creature approached, he would immediately wrap it around with his tentacles and suck the opponent to death.

With three legendary creatures and a mysterious creature, Little Black, he was almost invincible in the offshore waters.

Han Fei chose to make a breakthrough in the sea.
Most people wouldn’t do so because once the spiritual energy gathered, it would inevitably attract a large number of marine creatures.

At the moment…

Half an hour after Han Fei chose to make the breakthrough, a fishing boat passed by in the sky.

On the fishing boat, the members of the 12th Squad of the Eighth Battalion looked at each other in confusion.
The captain Liang Qiu looked puzzled.
“There is someone making a breakthrough at the bottom of the sea.
However, my perception seems to be blocked, and there seems to be an array to protect them…”

A team member was surprised.
“Is it a sea monster? Only sea monsters will choose to make a breakthrough in the sea.”

Someone pointed to the surface of the sea and said, “Look, the creature below seems to be extremely strong.
The remains of sea creatures are littering the whole area.
There seems to be some fierce fighting underneath.”

A team member suddenly exclaimed, “Look, a Three-Headed Shark.
It was actually strangled by the underwater creature!”

Everyone’s faces turned pale.
The Three-Headed Shark was a very strong and rare creature and was at least level-45.
Not only the Three-Headed Shark, but there were also Turtle Conch, Arrow Heart Shells, Snake Pattern Fish, Blazing Fire Fish… And so on.

Liang Qiu yelled, “Let’s go back to report this!”

“Captain, but Captain Han and Captain Cao are not here!”

Liang Qiu frowned.
“Han Fei should have gone to refine the weapons.
As for Cao Qiu, isn’t he refining poison not far from the camp? Take him back.”

Not long after Liang Qiu and the others left, underwater, one hand suddenly grabbed a harpoon and shot the harpoon back.

The harpoon broke through the air and appeared in front of an Inferior Man-Fish in the blink of an eye.
However, the harpoon, like spiritual energy, didn’t attack its owner.
Therefore, the moment it hit the Inferior Man-Fish, it blended into its body.

However, immediately following the harpoon was a knife light.
Han Fei used the Draw Technique with the Blood-Drinking Knife.
Before the Inferior Man-Fish could run away, it was split into two.

Han Fei saw in the distance, several other Inferior Man-Fish quickly disappearing from his vision.
He didn’t stop them.
It was said that the Inferior Man-Fish was a common creature in the Unknown Place.
Even if they ran away, it wouldn’t be a big problem.

On his wrist, the Demon Purification Pot was frantically absorbing spiritual energy nearby.
While Han Fei stood there, a string of data emerged.

Han Fei

Level: 39 (peak-level Dangling Fisher)

Spiritual Energy: 182655 (7668)

Spiritual Power: 1299/1299

Perception Range: 9999 meters

Spiritual Heritage: Level-5, high-quality

Spiritual Beast: Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fish (Level-36)

Main Art: Void Breaking Technique, Volume Four of Void Fishing (Demon-Level, Divine-Quality)

Han Fei found that the upper limit of his spiritual energy increased by more than 600 points, and he was taken aback for a moment.
“Will the upper limit of my spiritual energy be 8000 points when I become a Hanging Fisher?”

As far as Han Fei knew, the upper limit of one’s spiritual energy represented the strength of the body, which was a standard for one’s capacity for spiritual energy.

But it was not true for everyone.
For example, Han Fei once asked Xia Xiaochan about the upper limit of her spiritual energy when she was a peak-level Dangling Fisher, she said a bit more than 5,000 points.

Xiao Xiaochan was already an extremely rare genius.
But was her physique strong?

Of course not.

What was most terrifying about Xia Xiaochan was her instant explosive power.
She was much stronger than others in her mobilization and explosion of spiritual energy.

Han Fei couldn’t help muttering, “My upper limit is quite high! I have become stronger in my physique, meridians, and purity of spiritual energy.
I should not be much different from others, but I don’t know what it is like for Hanging Fishers.
I’ll ask about it when I go back.”

Seven days passed in a flash.

When Han Fei came back, the entire camp of the Eighth Battalion was empty as if abandoned.

Han Fei immediately rushed to the coast.
As soon as he got there, he heard someone arguing on the observation tower not far away.

“It’s time for me to go to the coast.”

“No, it’s my turn.
Didn’t you just go there three hours ago? I haven’t been there for five hours.”

“What are you talking about? You switched your time with me.
Did you forget?”

“Brother, please do me a favor.
I only got 2000 points in seven days.
How can this be enough for me to pay back my debt?”

“Brother, I sympathize with you, but I can’t help you.
I only scored 1500 points in seven days.
I’m more miserable than you!”

“Forget it, let’s decide by the finger-guessing game.
After all, there has to be someone in the watchtower.
A few days ago, something strange happened 300 kilometers away.
Maybe something big will happen in the next few days.
If we neglect our duty, we’ll be doomed.”

When the two were arguing, they heard Han Fei shouting below, “Hey! Anyone here? Where is everyone?”

The two of them looked down and were stunned.
“Oh! Captain Han, are you back?”

Another person blinked.
“Hiss! Captain Han, has he… How is it possible? Has he already finished refining all the weapons?”

Han Fei said with a haggard look.
“Of course, you won’t know how hard I worked! In just seven days, nearly 300 ultra-quality spiritual weapons have been refined.
Do you know how hard it was? Alas! Come on, call everyone back to get their spiritual weapons.”

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