Chapter 630: Test of the Fourth Unit

The moment Yang Dao told them about the Scattered Stars Seven Units, they had to make a choice.

Although he was free to leave, Han Fei wasn’t an idiot.
He knew that they wouldn’t just let him walk away and spread out this big secret.
They would definitely send someone to keep an eye on him, or even silence him in some other way.

Cao Qiu immediately thought of something.
“The researchers don’t have to fight, right? In that case, I want to be a researcher.”

Yang Dao looked at Cao Qiu.
“As I said, this is a free place, and you won’t be asked to stay here.
You will do exactly what you did in the past, and fighting is something that every expert should be capable of.”

Cao Qiu instantly pulled a long face.
“Huh? I still have to fight?”

Yang Dao was lost for words. What were you thinking? You think that the researchers don’t need to fight or go to the sea?

Han Fei asked, “So, are we free to choose?”

Yang Dao sneered.
“You can’t get into the First Unit without approval.
You can’t go to the Fifth Unit either, because you’re still rookies.
The prerequisite of the Fifty Unit is that you have stayed for three years on the Scattered Stars Island.”

“As for the Seventh Unit, you can’t go there either unless you are talented assassins.
However, if you can accept a quest and kill your target within the allotted time limit without alerting anyone, you will be qualified to enter the Seventh Unit.”

Han Fei was surprised.
“Therefore, actually we can only choose the Second, the Third, the Fourth or the Sixth Units?”

Yang Dao looked at Han Fei.
“Theoretically speaking, you can’t go to the Sixth Unit.
You aren’t the inventor of the poison anyway.
You’ll need another awesome research product.”

Han Fei shook his head.
“I’m not interested in research.”

Han Fei thought for a moment.
“May I ask what it means that the Second Unit can set sail? Can they go far away into the sea?”

Yang Dao nodded.
“The Second Unit is where the top experts are.
Whenever a new treasure trove appears in the sea, the first explorer will either be a super expert or someone from the Scattered Stars Second Unit.
Of course, they don’t get to explore certain special treasure troves.”

Han Fei ventured, “Well, can I choose two units?”

Yang Dao shivered and said with a gloomy face, “Do you want me to let you join all the seven units?”

Han Fei waved his hand.
“Forget it.
I was only asking.
Since this won’t affect my daily life, I’ll choose the Fourth Unit.”

Yang Dao narrowed his eyes.
“The Fourth Unit? You can seal souls?”

Han Fei smiled casually.
“More or less! It shouldn’t be a problem.”

Yang Dao nodded.
“I’ll take you down.
It will be up to you whether or not you get admitted.
If you can’t, you must forget everything you heard and saw today, or certain two people will be missing on the Scattered Stars Island, and nobody will ask, even though one of them is the second son of the Cao family.”

Cao Qiu trembled and pulled Han Fei’s clothes.
“I won’t tell.
I’m a genius.
My research is unparalleled.
You can’t kill me.”


Immediately, Cao Qiu was slapped on his forehead.

Yang Dao was extremely speechless. Unparalleled? You honestly think you’re that good?

Han Fei thought for a moment and decided to wait until he figured out everything on the Scattered Stars Island before he finally set sail.
After he made a breakthrough to be a Hanging Fisher and got the hang of the 108 Desolate God Body, he would be much safer on the sea!

Then, Han Fei nodded.
“I choose the Fourth Unit.”

Cao Qiu pulled Han Fei.
“I think you should also choose the Sixth Unit.
It will be best if we’re in the same unit.”

Han Fei chuckled.
“I’m not adept at research.
I would rather choose refining.”

Yang Dao asked.
“Do you confirm your choice?”

“I confirm!”

Cao Qiu nodded.
“Then I confirm too!”

Yang Dao smiled.
Fourth and Sixth Units, come on and pick them up.”

Two masked women walked out of the door in the yard.
The shorter of them pointed at Han Fei and said, “You, come with me.”


Han Fei was slightly surprised at her voice.
He asked, “Have we met before?”

The girl’s body slightly shivered.
“No, no.
You mistake me for someone else.”

Yang Dao frowned and looked at Han Fei.
“Do you know her?”

Han Fei shrugged.
“Her voice sounds familiar, but I don’t remember her.
It’s probably because she has a typical girl’s voice.”

“Come with me already.”

The masked girl sounded rather furious.
She even stomped on the ground as if to let out this fury.

Han Fei knew that he was probably sure to enter the Fourth Unit.
He didn’t remember ever making acquaintances with a five-star girl, but they would definitely meet each other soon.”

Another girl looked at Cao Qiu and said indifferently, “You, come with me.”

After entering the house, Han Fei found that it had deeper secrets in it.
It contained a series of maze arrays that could block their senses.

This house was fairly large and protected by seven barriers.
However, after following the girl for several steps, he could only see one last barrier.

Han Fei followed the girl into a room which was engraved with fatal arrays.
After only two steps, Han Fei’s face suddenly changed.

He stomped and covered himself with the Six Spirits Armor.
As his ultra-quality battle suit appeared, he bashed the place where spiritual energy surged with his Water Dividing Seal.

From the place that Han Fei hit, a mystic ray of light swept out and collided with the Water Dividing Seal, causing immense airwaves in the room.

“Stop horsing around!”

Han Fei’s eyes became cold.
“Young lady, you should feel lucky that you’re not outside, or you would’ve been killed.”

Now that the fatal array faded, Han Fei gradually withdrew his killing aura.
However, when he looked at the masked girl again, there was no more friendliness in his eyes.

The girl opened her mouth and stomped hard.
Let’s see how you can seal souls.
I hate braggers more than anything else.”

Han Fei was lost for words. What did I do? Why am I a bragger? It was you who set up a trap against me, but why are you infuriated first?

The girl did not dare to do anything anymore, because the voice that just appeared sounded rather intimidating.

Han Fei already confirmed that he must’ve seen this girl before.
He just didn’t know where.
Had he pissed off the girl back in the 36 towns?

Both of them went down on an “elevator”, which was rather surprising to Han Fei.
He wondered who invented such a device.

It was actually more of a pulley block than an elevator.
Still, it was much more convenient than walking underground on foot.

At this moment, the girl was glaring at Han Fei in the elevator.

Han Fei quickly took out a dagger.
The girl was so frightened that she stepped back until her back hit the wall of the elevator.
“W-What do you want? Don’t come closer! I’m an awesome refiner…”

Han Fei rolled his eyes at her and then looked at his reflection on the dagger.
“It’s not like there’s dirt on my face.
Why are you staring at me? Are you in love with me? You’d better give it up already.
I have a girlfriend, and I’m not interested in you.”


“Liar, I’m not interested in you at all! I will never fall in love with a shameless bragger like you! Not to mention that you’re rude… N-n-nothing is good about you…”

Han Fei was lost for words.
“Take it easy, sister.
Nobody is competing with you.
Don’t s-s-stutter.”

Seeing that Han Fei was mocking her, the girl stomped.
“I didn’t s-s-s….
Damn it.
I didn’t stutter!”

Han Fei was rather amused.
It seemed that he had overestimated the Scattered Stars Fourth Unit after all.
If they had picked a girl as silly as this one, their requirements wouldn’t seem rigorous at all.

As Han Fei and the masked girl gazed at each other, the elevator reached the bottom, and Han Fei instantly felt scorching air coming at his face when its door was opened.

What he saw first was a dragon-shaped furnace.
After he stepped out of the elevator, Han Fei looked around and found that this place could be called a second Refining Hall.

However, unlike the Refining Hall, this place was a man-made underground cavern, and it was a well-constructed one.
Also, there were many chambers of colorful light spreading out, which was a sign of refining work.

Han Fei was welcomed by six people, who were all wearing masks.

Their leader was rather tall and muscular.
He was also holding a hammer.
The seven-star badge on his waist proved his identity.

What attracted Han Fei’s most attention was the young man who was covered in thin frost.
From his eyes, Han Fei could tell that he must be young and proud.

In such a scorching cavern, the man had frost on his clothes, so Han Fei could’ve barely ignored him.

The muscular man said, “Since you have chosen the Fourth Unit, you must be prepared! It isn’t easy to join the Fourth Unit! There’s still a chance for you to quit.”

Han Fei’s lips curled.
“Why should I quit? Sealing souls isn’t that hard at all.
I can do that!”

“Humph! A bragging liar!”

The girl who led Han Fei in grunted in dissatisfaction.
She seemed not confident at all that Han Fei could enter the Fourth Unit.

The muscular man coughed.

Upon hearing that, the girl turned her head aside and stopped talking.
She seemed as proud as a little peacock.

The muscular man continued, “Come on! You have to craft an ultra-quality spiritual weapon in two hours and seal a soul in it.”

Han Fei asked, “Right here?”

The muscular man nodded.
“Right here.”

“Give me the materials.”

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