There was a sensation on the stand and everyone watched with high expectations.
What kind of spiritual beast would the first place of this Fishing Trial would have?

 Someone said, “It must be an exotic spiritual beast.
After all, the sound this spiritual beast made was different.”

 Someone nodded.
What kind of exotic fish do you think Han Fei will get?”

 Another person guessed, “I don’t think his spiritual beast will be better than Tang Ge’s.”

 Someone retorted, “Don’t count on that yet.
He stayed in the pool longer than Tang Ge!”


 Han Fei was a little excited at the moment as he felt the film was about to break.
Did this mean that his spiritual beast was this tiny fish?


 Suddenly, the film broke and he felt a burst of spiritual energy fly into the middle of his eyebrows.
What surprised him was that there seemed to be another burst of spiritual energy besides this one.

 A pure white fish suddenly appeared beside Han Fei and then began to revolve around him.

 “Spirit Swallowing Fish?”

 “What? Just a Spirit Swallowing Fish?”

 “Are you kidding me? I thought it was an exotic fish.”

 “No way! It caused such a stir, but it turned out to only be a Spirit Swallowing Fish?”

 For a moment, the people on the stand all gasped in puzzlement.

 Suddenly someone said, “No! This Spirit Swallowing Fish has long barbels on its face, as well on its tail and fins.
It seems to be better looking than an ordinary Spirit Swallowing Fish.”

 A sharp-eyed individual pointed at the head of the little white fish and said, “Look, there is a black dot on the head of this Spirit Swallowing Fish also.”

 Everyone else immediately looked at it and found that there was a round black dot on the fish’s head indeed, but so what? It was still a Spirit Swallowing Fish!

 Someone shook his head.
“This is normal.
I once caught a Spirit Swallowing Fish whose two fins were red, but wasn’t it still a Spirit Swallowing Fish?”

 Someone echoed, “Yes, I also once caught a Spirit Swallowing Fish with a long black tail.
It just had a little bit of mutation, but essentially it was still a Spirit Swallowing Fish.”

 The village leader glanced at it, a little disappointed, but still looked at Fang Ze hoping that he could give an answer.

 Han Fei and He Xiaoyu also looked at Fang Ze expectantly.

 Fang Ze shook his head.
“Maybe this Spirit Swallowing Fish has a slight mutation but it’s not prominent.
Ordinary people don’t understand that even the worst exotic fish are much stronger than ordinary spiritual beasts.
They have to figure it out slowly by themselves.”

 Tang Ge questioned, “Is it bad?”

 Fang Ze replied, “It’s not good but not that bad either.”

 Hearing Fang Ze’s words, some people felt lost while others had their eyes light up.
There were also some who felt disdain and of course, many people were also envious, such as those students who didn’t enter the top thousand.

 Some people chose to ridicule.
“What’s the use of a Spirit Swallowing Fish? In terms of practicality, it’s not even as good as Green Turtle.
After all, Green Turtle has a very hard shell but Spirit Swallowing Fish can only be used to make soup!”

 Someone tried to defend the Spirit Swallowing Fish.
“Actually, it’s not bad.
After all, it’s still an exotic fish.
At least, it has more spiritual energy than other fishes, right?”

 Someone sneered, “Come on! Except for that, it can only be used for soups! Spirit Swallowing Fish is the easiest to fish in level-one fisheries.
Otherwise, why would our four major schools have so much Spirit Swallowing Fish soup to drink?”


 Han Fei opened his eyes and surfaced, immediately seeing a beautiful white fish with long barbels, a long tail, and a black dot on its head.
And besides the white fish, there was a little black fish with long barbels, a long tail, and a white dot on its head.

 A string of data flashed before his eyes.

 Spiritual Beast

  Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fish

  They’re the descendants of the mysterious primitive Yin-Yang Sky-Swallowing Fish.
The black and white fish accompany one another.
The white fish is docile, whereas the black one is cruel.
They are symbiotic.
As long as one lives, the other lives too.

  Level 0


  100 points

They can swallow everything.

  The black fish is not visible.
Except for the owner, only people with naturally-born Yin-Yang Divine Eyes can see it.

 1Han Fei’s eyes glazed over.
What kind of damned fishes did he get as his spiritual fishes? Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fish… The name sounded cool, but why was their quality mysterious?

 “Come out! Stop looking at it.
It’s just a Spirit Swallowing Fish.”

 “What are you staring at? No matter how long you stare at it, it’s still a Spirit Swallowing Fish.”

 “What were we excited for? It’s just the most common Spirit Swallowing Fish.
What a waste of my time!”

 There were boos in the stands, but Han Fei just smiled. You idiots just have no idea what awesome fishes I have! But I don’t mind.
If I’m too outstanding, you guys will be jealous of me. 

Han Fei glanced at the black fish that was circling around the little white fish and his smile grew brighter. Sure enough, no one can see you!

 With a thought from Han Fei, two spiritual lights flew into the middle of his eyebrows.

 After Han Fei went ashore, Tang Ge patted his shoulder solemnly.
“It’s alright.
At least it’s an exotic Spirit Swallowing Fish.
And it’s said that every cultivator can sign contracts with many fishes, such as the tiger-head fish of the Tigers.
We can sign a powerful demonic fish later.

 He Xiaoyu said, “Han Fei, don’t worry about those people.
All they know is to jeer at others.
Maybe your Spirit Swallowing Fish has some effects they don’t know about!”

 Wang Jie also came to Han Fei at the moment.
“Exactly! Your fish is also an exotic fish.
Although we often drink Spirit Swallowing Soup, as you can see, there are not many people who can have a Spirit Swallowing Fish as their spiritual beast…”

 1At this moment…

 The village leader shouted, “Wu Lei has a Spirit Swallowing Fish as his spiritual beast.”

 Wang Jie was embarrassed.

 Han Fei’s face was dark. Does your face hurt?

 Fang Ze was also a bit disappointed.
He thought that Han Fei who had been enlightened by a Venerable-level expert should have gotten a powerful exotic spiritual beast, but it was a pity that the result was not satisfactory.


They were all a bit down but Han Fei said with a smile, “What’s wrong with Spirit Swallowing Fish? Even if it is a Spirit Swallowing Fish, my fish is the strongest Spirit Swallowing Fish in the infinite ocean.”

 Everyone stayed silent.

 Some young men who didn’t go down into the pool rolled their eyes. Nonsense! The strongest Spirit Swallowing Fish in the infinite ocean? Yes, in your dreams!

 Han Fei looked at Tang Ge.
“What spiritual beast did you get?”

 Tang Ge wasn’t sure what to say as he didn’t want to discourage Han Fei.
Should he say or not?

 But He Xiaoyu, this simple-minded girl, blurted out, “An exotic fish, a legendary-level Dragon Feather Lobster that even the angel hadn’t seen.”

 Han Fei’s eyelids twitched.

 Tang Ge said, “One’s own strength is the most important.
You can’t solely depend on your spiritual beast for cultivation.”

 Han Fei knew that Tang Ge didn’t want to discourage him, so he looked at He Xiaoyu and said, “What about you? Did you get a big crab as your spiritual beast?”

 He Xiaoyu pouted.
“No big crab! I don’t like big crabs.
Look, my Little Red looks so pretty.



With a twinkle of light between He Xiaoyu’s brows, a clownfish appeared in mid-air and swam in the air around He Xiaoyu.

 Han Fei blurted out, “A clownfish?”


 Xiaoyu gave him a slap.
“Bah, bah, it’s not a clownfish but a beauty fish.”

 Han Fei: “…”

 The clownfish in Han Fei’s eyes was a series of data floating in the air.

 Spiritual Beast


  A rare species of fish, with strong territorial awareness and combat capability, feeds on various anemones and can digest various venoms.

  Level 0


  100 points


  If it evolves into an obsidian fish, it’ll become a precious fish species.

 Han Fei thought about the man-eating sea anemone he saw on the seafloor and was a little surprised. Does this fish eat sea anemone? That’s pretty strong!

 He Xiaoyu snorted.
“Yes, it also has a nice name, Cardinal.”

 Han Fei asked, “Did you all get exotic fishes? How many people have gotten exotic fish in total?”

 He Xiaoyu answered, “Just Tang Ge and me! Oh, Wang Baiyu has a big turtle as his spiritual beast.
Your Spirit Swallowing Fish should be at the same level as his big turtle.”

 Han Fei knew that He Xiaoyu was trying to comfort him.
How could a Spirit Swallowing Fish be at the same level as a big turtle? Even Giant Meat Turtles were way better than Spirit Swallowing Fish.

 These people who entered the pool later were quick to get their spiritual beasts.
Almost no one lasted longer than half an hour, nor did they get an exotic fish.
The best spiritual beast they got was a Snakebelt.

 After them, the remaining 900 people entered the pool and the color of the water in the pool began to fade quickly.
These people finished even more quickly and almost all got their spiritual beasts within fifteen minutes.
The best spiritual beast they obtained was a mutated Tentacle Lobster.

 When there were only dozens of people left in the pool, the green Spirit Awakening Fluid had been completely absorbed.
Some of these people burst into tears. I worked so hard to get ranked among the top 1,000 but ended up like this?

 Of course, Han Fei and his companions didn’t see this scene because they had already gone home to practice the “Incomplete Monograph on 108 Ways of Body Polishing”.


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