Chapter 615: You Simply Want to Have Silver Shark Meat!

Han Fei had caught exotic creatures more than once, but never had he done that with a fishing pole.

That Silver Shark was still lurking.

Han Fei controlled the fake Silver-Scaled Fish to stop and look around cautiously.
Then, it continued swimming.

The Silver Shark was closer and closer…

Three hundred meters… Two hundred meters… A hundred meters…

All of a sudden, a streak of light burst out, and the horn on the shark stabbed into Han Fei’s fake Silver-Scaled Fish.

However, spiritual energy burst out as the horn poked.

Immediately, the Silver Shark realized that something was wrong and was going to slip off, but Han Fei had already activated Flash Hook and sent the fishing hook into the Silver Shark’s mouth.
Then, he tied the Silver Shark up with Thousand Twining.

However, an exotic creature couldn’t be caught so easily.
Halfway before Thousand Twining was finished, the Silver Shark sprinted and broke free.


Han Fei was dragged by the enormous force on the boat, and the whole boat was falling.

Han Fei roared, “Keep the boat steady, or I wouldn’t be able to exert strength!”

Hardly had Han Fei finished talking when the light as brilliant as lightning burst out from the Silver Shark’s horn, which significantly boosted its speed.

Han Fei could still hold up, but the floating boat couldn’t deal with the enormous force anymore and had already lost control.

Leng Hui, You Lingyun and Wu Xiaoxiao had jumped off the boat in excitement, knowing that Han Fei must’ve caught a Silver Shark, because a Silver-Scaled Fish couldn’t have been so strong.

Han Fei stepped on the boat and flew to the sky.

He abandoned the boat.
In order to capture an exotic creature, he had to do that in the sea.

He wasn’t skilled enough to fish from the sky yet!

In the sky, Han Fei flew forward as quickly as lightning under the drag of the Silver Shark and fell into the sea in the next second.

The moment he entered the sea, Han Fei reeled in the line and performed the 64-Dimensional Fish Dragon Dance.
Han Fei hadn’t got the hang of the technique yet, but it was already faster than the Shadow Swimming Art.
Also, since Han Fei was reeling in the line, the distance between him and the Silver Shark was shorter and shorter.

You Lingyun and the others were left far behind.
When Han Fei sensed that they were more than a thousand meters away, he attached Little Gold to himself and went at the Silver Shark in a streak of light.

When Han Fei saw the Silver Shark, the Silver Shark naturally caught sight of Han Fei too.

Therefore, it simply darted silver stings at Han Fei.

Han Fei secretly cried that it was not good, because the stings seemed rather powerful! Immediately, he held the fishing pole in one hand and used the Art of Invincibility with his other hand.
He only had time to punch three times, but the silver stings broke all his fist auras.

“Shoot! It’s so powerful?”

Han Fei dare not underestimate it.

The blueness on the stings was likely to be poison.
Although he had taken the Venomous Tulip, he wasn’t sure that the anti-poison fruit from the level-three fishery could resist the poisons in the Unknown Place

Immediately, Han Fei took out an ultra-quality spiritual shield.


Han Fei heard an earsplitting collision, and the shield was pierced by a silver sting, which passed right next to Han Fei’s neck.


Han Fei swallowed.
He simply threw the shield into Forge the Universe and accelerated again.

When he was only a hundred meters away from the Silver Shark, data popped up in Han Fei’s eyes.

Long-Snouted Silver Shark

The Long-Snouted Silver Shark is one type of the Silver Sharks.
It’s born with silver poisonous stings on the back which can kill Hanging Fishers.
It’s extremely fast, and its long snout contains horrifying electrical currents.



3,405 Points

It can build up one’s body and increase one’s resistance to electricity when eaten

Natural Silver Stings

When Han Fei read the information of the Long-Snouted Silver Shark, the creature turned around and aimed its horn at Han Fei.


A stream of silver electric light broke through the water and came right at Han Fei’s face.

Han Fei’s face changed, and he punched with the Art of Invincibility too.

As a matter of fact, he could’ve used the Draw Technique, but the horn on the Silver Shark’s head looked rather awesome, and he didn’t want to destroy it.

He was truly bold.
He knew that the three punches couldn’t block the attack, but he still did that.

However, Han Fei had activated a spiritual energy protective cover and protected his body with a shield of six different stripes.
It was the Six Spirits Armor, the only defensive array that could be activated with a single step.


The Long-Snouted Silver Shark sensed the danger and concentrated all its electricity on Han Fei.


Han Fei trembled hard as if he were having a spasm.
However, he was no stranger to electric shocks, so when the horn was about to pierce him through, the shield appeared again.




The horn pierced through the ultra-quality spiritual shield, the Six Spirits Armor, the spiritual energy protective cover, and stuck to Han Fei’s body.


The moment Little Fatty was attached, it shivered along with Han Fei.

Little Fatty’s voice echoed in Han Fei’s head.
“Do you want to kill me?”

As it talked, Little Fatty had already laid its tentacles on the Long-Snouted Silver Shark’s body.
Then, Han Fei and all the tentacles quivered at the same time.

Han Fei replied, “I—I was just afraid that the fish would run loose!”

Little Fatty shot back, “You could’ve summoned the shrimp!”

“The Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp can only tie it up.
What if it has other ultimate tricks? But it’s certainly not going anymore if it’s stuck to you.”

At this moment, Little Fatty only wanted to whip its stupid master.
Did he summon it just to have a partner in the electrocution? Was that what a decent master should do?

By the time You Lingyun and the others arrived, Han Fei had trembled for a long time.
He spoke telepathically when they were still more than five hundred meters away, Don’t come yet.
The electrocution isn’t over.

Everybody: “…”

Half an hour later, Han Fei sat on the boat with his body sore and trembling uncontrollably now and then.

Glancing at the ultra-quality spiritual shield which had been left with two holes, he plucked the silver sting out of it and threw the shield to Gu Daliang.
“It’s yours now.”

Gu Daliang opened his mouth.
He did love an ultra-quality spiritual shield, but not one with two big holes in it! He wasn’t capable of repairing it at all!

Han Fei quite despised the shield.
It had been through a lot with him, and it should retire now that it had been pierced.
Han Fei was too lazy to repair it in Forge the Universe anymore.

Wu Xiaoxiao looked at Han Fei weirdly.
“Captain, did you catch the Long-Snouted Silver Shark all by yourself? That’s a Long-Snouted Silver Shark! Its silver stings are perfect materials for making ultra-quality spiritual weapons! How did you resist its terrifying electric currents?”

You Lingyun and Leng Hui looked at Han Fei as if he were a monster.

He had lost one ultra-quality spiritual shield, but he had received two, if not three, new ones.
If made best use of, the Long-Snouted Silver Shark could totally be refined to a couple of ultra-quality spiritual weapons.

You Lingyun looked down.
“It’s a shame that it’s dead, or this Long-Snouted Silver Shark could’ve been sold for thirty thousand points.”

Leng Hui added, “I thought that it was a regular Silver Shark; I didn’t know that it was a Long-Snouted Silver Shark.”

Han Fei looked at the bloody holes on the Long-Snouted Silver Shark’s belly, a sign that its vitality had been drained by Little Fatty.
He forgot to tell Little Fatty to keep it alive, and it had drained the fish to death after only one moment.

Han Fei licked his lips and said, “Cough, cough.
Well, I changed my mind.
I haven’t eaten any exotic creatures, so we’ll have stewed Silver Shark tonight.”


The other four people on the boat all changed their expression, and Wu Xiaoxiao protected the Long-Snouted Silver Shark with her petite body.
“We’ll sell it!”

Han Fei pushed Wu Xiaoxiao aside.
“Can you think of something other than money? Are you idiots? What was your purpose when you became scouts?”

You Lingyun glared at Han Fei.
“To defend the Skeleton Shore.”

Han Fei roared, “Don’t you have any personal pursuits? For example, getting three or four stars?”

You Lingyun said, “Of course! The senior scouts have plenty of time and can make fast progress.”

Han Fei spoke angrily, “Let me tell you, you’re mistaken.
You want to make money, right?”

Wu Xiaoxiao nodded.

Han Fei asked again, “What’s your purpose for making money?”

Wu Xiaoxiao tilted her head.
“To buy equipment and techniques and improve our strength.”

Han Fei said again, “It’s the fastest way of improving your strength to have the Silver Shark meat right now.
Why do you reject it? To be honest, I wouldn’t even share it with you if you weren’t my teammates.”

Wu Xiaoxiao thought for a long time.
“How much strength can be improved by having Silver Shark meat?”

Han Fei grinned, “Look, wasn’t the Silver Shark sturdy, and wasn’t its electric currents powerful? I bet that its meat can build up your body and increase your resistance to electricity.
Daliang, don’t you agree? Your body will be tempered…”

Gu Daliang swallowed.
“It—It does seem to be the case.”

Han Fei looked at Wu Xiaoxiao and the others.
“Look, only the armorist and the soul warrior know how important body hardness is.
You Lingyun, you are such a disappointment.
How can you not understand the situation as a soul warrior?”

You Lingyun was dumbfounded…

After a long stun, Wu Xiaoxiao said, “That’s pure nonsense.
You just want to have the Silver Shark meat!”

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