Chapter 607 Invoke Awe

Everybody’s first impression of Han Fei was that he was weak.
Of course, You Lingyun had thought the same too before.

However, Han Fei casually stabbed a knife into the ground and said, “This is an ultra-quality spiritual weapon.
Whoever defeats me can take it away.”

All the laughter came to an abrupt end.

All the hundred people who were watching this were stiffened.
Those who laughed hard a moment earlier widened their eyes upon seeing the weapon.

Han Fei tilted his head and floated the long knife telekinetically.
Shadows of the Mess Swallowing Worm appeared on the knife as it stood in the middle of the training ground.

After a brief stun, You Lingyun pulled Han Fei and whispered, “Are you out of your mind? You put an ultra-quality spiritual weapon with a sealed soul at stake?”

Gu Daliang and Wu Xiaoxiao both looked at Han Fei.
Seeing that he was an advanced Dangling Fisher and had such a luxurious weapon, they thought that he was rich.

A shadow flashed before everybody, and a person emerged before Han Fei.
He gazed at Han Fei and asked, “I’m Leng Hui, a hunter from the 37th squad.
Are you the new captain?”

Han Fei said with a casual smile, “Unsurprisingly, yes.”

Leng Hui immediately focused his eyes on You Lingyun, who frowned and nodded reluctantly.

Seeing that she nodded, Leng Hui and his teammates didn’t say anything, but they all secretly wondered how strong an advanced Dangling Fisher could possibly be.

Han Fei didn’t speak to them either.
He knew that it was impossible for him to be assimilated until he proved himself.

They might not despise him if he weren’t a captain.

But now that he was a captain, he had to show that he was capable of being one.

Han Fei stood in the middle of the training ground and said with a casual smile, “Everybody is free to come.
Whoever defeats me will have this knife.”

Liang Dong shouted first, “I’ll fight you! Boy, you may be from a rich family, but I’ll show you what a real battlefield is like today.”

Han Fei extended his hand softly and said, “Oh? Is that so? Then why don’t you enlighten


Wu Xiaoxiao pulled You Lingyun’s arm and asked telepathically, Is he really capable?

You Lingyun responded, I tested him when I picked him up.
I’m not afraid that he will be defeated by Liang Dong, but I worry that Guo Wen will try next.

Han Fei grinned.
“Come on.”

When Han Fei waved at Liang Dong, a man suddenly came close and said, “Liang Dong, don’t be careless.
He’s the new captain of the 37st squad anyway.”

Liang Dong sneered and then put on a solemn expression.

He might be thinking little of Han Fei, but he wouldn’t go easy on his enemy.
He had learned the lesson from real battlefields.

“Spirit Annihilating Vines!”


From the void around Liang Dong, green and red vines with sharp saw-like teeth grew out of nowhere and intertwined into a gigantic whip as Luo Xiaobai did in the past.
It was exactly how regular manipulators attacked.

Standing at the center of the vines, Han Fei was absolutely still.
When the vines almost surrounded him, a brilliant saber aura spread out of the vines.

Next, the vines around Han Fei were shattered.
After a flash of spiritual energy from Han Fei, all the vines exploded.

At this moment, it could be seen that Han Fei was looking at Liang Dong with a smile with a twig between his fingers.

Nobody was in the mood of making fun of him any longer.

The manipulators seemed to be only supporters in a battle, but they weren’t weak at all, and not everything could mince their vines.

The particular vines a moment earlier could only be cut apart by the full-strength strike of a peak-level Dangling Fisher.
But how were they shredded so easily?

Liang Dong’s expression changed greatly.
He pushed out more giant vines, and Han Fei waved the twig in his hand.
The thick vines were broken into halves as if they were made of paper, and Han Fei’s knife intent wasn’t blunted at all.

“Not good!”

Immediately, a junior Hanging Fisher took out a shield and stopped before Liang Dong.


The saber aura was broken, and overwhelming spiritual energy exploded.
The armorist’s high-quality spiritual shield had a deep crack due to Han Fei’s attack.

For a time, the audience was silent.

Astonishment appeared in You Lingyun’s eyes.
She found that she had underestimated Han Fei.

She had thought that Han Fei was as strong as herself.

After all, Han Fei was also a spirit gatherer.
Who could’ve known that his knife arts were so dreadful?

Wu Xiaoxiao looked at You Lingyun.
“Is our new captain really an advanced Dangling Fisher?”

Gu Daliang rubbed his arm and took a long breath.
“Not bad, not bad.
It’s true that every captain is extraordinary.”

Han Fei was silent the whole time, but he kept staring at Han Fei, as if he was considering how much strength Han Fei had used.

When he noticed the twig in Han Fei’s hand, his eyelids cramped.
He was shocked by the man’s arrogance!

“Clap, clap, clap…”

“I told you that you can’t judge anyone just from their level, didn’t I? It’s the real strength that matters.”

A young man walked out of the crowd, and Han Fei sensed the freezing knife intent from him.

The young man looked at Han Fei with a smile.
“I’m Guo Wen, the captain of the 31st squad.
May I know your name?” Han Fei said with a casual smile, “Han Fei.” Guo Wen nodded.
“Captain Han, please forgive us.
It’s a tradition for the squads within the Eighth Battalion to train with each other.”

Han Fei said, “That’s fine! I stand by what I said.
Whoever defeats me will have that knife… By whoever, I mean everybody here at the training field.”


“Isn’t he too confident?”

“Granted, he is a Dangling Fisher.
But is this really appropriate? Captain Guo is an intermediate Hanging Fisher!” “Interesting.
I like this guy.” Wu Xiaoxiao couldn’t help but clap her hands.
“The new captain is so intimidating.
I like him.”

You Lingyun snorted and said, “It doesn’t matter whether you like him or not.
He already has a girlfriend.”

Wu Xiaoxiao: “…”

Guo Wen paused and slightly frowned.
He hadn’t intended to negotiate peace with Han Fei, but the man was clearly planning to awe everybody with his strength!

However, was it really appropriate for a group of Hanging Fishers to be awed by an advanced Dangling Fisher?

Guo Wen was rather displeased.
“Let’s have a spar then! I won’t take your ultra-quality spiritual knife even if you fail.
We’ll each launch one attack, how does that sound?”

Han Fei grinned.
“That will be great.”

Guo Wen said to the audience, “Give us more


Many people stepped back, as the attack of an intermediate Hanging Fisher could be very powerful.

Han Fei had clearly sensed the daunting knife intent from Guo Wen too.

Gu Daliang mumbled, “Lingyun, Guo Wen is personally joining the battle.
Is it really fine?”

You Lingyun didn’t know what to say.
“There’s nothing I can do! Our new captain seems rather unyielding.
He’s the one who started the fight.” Leng Hui said casually, “He’s not necessarily going to lose.”

Guo Wen looked at Han Fei.
“Are you still going to use your twig?”

Han Fei smiled casually.
“It’s my favorite weapon.
Besides, I don’t want to hurt anyone in a practice match.
I don’t have any weapons worse than ultra-quality spiritual weapons, so I have to use a twig.”


Immediately, everybody rolled their eyes.
Are you here to flaunt your wealth?

Someone was lost for words.
“It seems that he has multiple ultra-quality spiritual weapons.”

Someone speculated, “Is he from the family of a major refiner?” “That’s possible.”

Guo Wen put on a grim expression and looked at Han Fei’s twig.
“Why don’t you go first?”

After a brief stun, Han Fei grinned and said, “Okay! Be careful.
Are you ready?”


The knife intent from Guo Wen got more intense and more intense, and Han Fei’s smile faded away.
After all, it was rather unrealistic to knock down an intermediate Dangling Fisher with a twig.

But it was just a twig anyway.
He could almost use another one if it was broken.

Han Fei concentrated all his spiritual energy on the twig in the blink of an eye and waved it out.
The upper half part of the twig had already been crushed by his attack before it was launched.

A gigantic curve appeared out of nowhere and slashed Guo Wen.

Guo Wen’s face had already changed since the moment the attack was launched.
He roared, “Thousand Stars Piercing!”

The soil and stones below Guo Wen’s feet cracked, and his longsword went straight at Han Fei’s aura in such dazzling sparks as if it were going to tear the void apart.


Crack! Crack! Crack!

To everybody’s disbelief, the high-quality spiritual weapon in Guo Wen’s hand fell to pieces.
The collision of the weapons raised a gale that forced everybody to turn around.

Guo Wen suddenly stepped aside, and a big tree somewhere behind him tore apart.

Everybody at the training ground was silent.

At this moment, nobody dared to underestimate Han Fei anymore.
They all looked at him as if he were a monster.

Guo Wen wasn’t wounded, but his longsword was shattered and he dodged in the end, which suggested that he lost.

Han Fei, on the other hand, plucked the knife and smiled.
“I’m new here and there’s still a lot I need to learn, so I won’t trouble you any longer.
I’ll arrange a barbecue party tonight.
You’re all welcome to come.”

After that, Han Fei turned around and said to You Lingyun with a casual smile.
“Should we talk somewhere else?”

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