Chapter 606 New Teammate

You Lingyun nodded.
“Of course, the Door-Carrying Marshal is quite… Uncharacteristic.”

Han Fei almost rolled his eyes, as it was truly unusual for a man to carry a big door every day!

On the way, You Lingyun introduced the camp to Han Fei.

“The Skeleton Shore is on the west corner of the island.
It is a cape that protrudes into the sea.
It was said that the cape had bones everywhere when it was first found, hence its name.
The Skeleton Shore isn’t very big.
It spreads for only a hundred kilometers on the west coastline and adjoins the Transverse Mountain.
The camp of the senior scouts is located on the exterior side of the mountain.”

Han Fei mumbled, “The Skeleton Shore? Skeletons? Are there great horrors in this place?”

You Lingyun nodded.
“On this island, the Skeleton Shore is also known as a Corner of Hell.
After all, it protrudes into the sea for more than thirty kilometers.
But it’s no more dangerous than other shores.
In fact, it’s one of the safe shores.”

Actually, Han Fei wasn’t afraid of dangers, because they often meant opportunities.
Why else would so many people come to the Unknown Place every year? On the way, Han Fei discovered the remains of many ancient boats to his surprise.
A lot of the remains had turned into fossils.
It was not hard to imagine what a long history this island had!

You Lingyun continued, “The dangers the Skeleton Shore is faced with mainly come from four directions…”

Han Fei was surprised.
“Huh? This tiny section of shore has so many dangers?”

You Lingyun’s eyes slightly shivered, and the scar that pierced the corner of her eyes curled, making her seem rather brutal.

She said, “The dangers may come from under the beach, the sea, the sky, and within the Transverse Mountain… Exactly because crises may happen in too many places, special scouts have to be deployed on the Transverse Mountain and the areas nearby.”

“The birds in the sky are dangerous too?”

You Lingyun grinned.
“Of course.
The enormous birds from the Transverse Mountain catch food from the sea, which is something that many Hanging Fishers dare not do.
Are they not dangerous to you?”

“The Hanging Fishers dare not enter the sea?”

She replied, “Of course, the sea that’s far away from the coastline contains all kinds of dangers.
The Hanging Fishers are called Hanging Fishers because they only dare to attack from the sky.
The Hanging Fishers differ from them in that they can dive into the sea and fight head-on battles with sea demons.”

“Sea demons?”

A cold smile emerged on You Lingyun’s lips.
“That’s right.
The Inferior Man-Fish, the Red Demons, the Half-Mermaids, and the Leviathans are all sea demons.
The Inferior Man-Fish are easy to deal with, but the other creatures including the Red Demons are highly dangerous.” “Huh!”

Han Fei gasped.
Everything made a lot more sense if put this way.
So, the Inferior Man-Fish were actually not rare; it was just the floating islands were isolated from the Unknown Place and nobody really knew about them.
“Chirp!” Suddenly, hundreds of birds were chirping in the sky and flying by.
Han Fei realized that those birds were all strong individually and acted in flocks.
That was why they were one of the dangers.

Why were there no birds on the Floating Islands?

The reason was very simple.

It was easy to domesticate one or two birds, but if a flock of birds were domesticated on the Floating Islands, their offspring would likely go wild again.
It would be terrible if those birds hunted human beings in the villages instead of fish from the sea!

While their boat flew westward, a number of people scanned it with their eyes, and once in a while, someone soared into the sky to investigate.

You Lingyun said, “You don’t want to fly too fast within the island unless it’s an emergency, or unnecessary misunderstandings may be caused.”

Half an hour later… Han Fei saw a cape at the distance from the 200 meter altitude.
There were piled reefs near the sea and then a shore that barely surfaced from the sea.

Behind the reef was a high watchtower where someone was on duty.

You Lingyun said, “Such watchtowers have been established every ten kilometers.
Red fireworks will be released from them as alarms if anything happens.”

Han Fei keenly sensed something, “Actually, the Skeleton Shore extends more than thirty kilometers into the sea, doesn’t it? How much longer will it be when the tide ebbs?”

You Lingyun’s lips curled.
“The distance will be doubled during this time.
The time of ebbing is slightly different every day, but it’s the best opportunity to earn credit points.
Many creatures that get stranded on the beach are worth some points.”

As they talked, You Lingyun controlled the boat to fly to a cliff that was about thirty meters tall.
On the other side of the cliff was a vast forest.

Han Fei couldn’t help but ask, “The Scattered Stars Island doesn’t seem very large.
Has the mountain on it not been fully explored yet?”

You Lingyun slightly shook her head.
“You can’t kill all the monsters.
Most of them are very good at swimming.
There will always be a habitat for them until we occupy every corner of the island.
So, we and those creatures have been in some sort of balance all this time.
Besides, it’s said that great horrors lurk deep inside the Transverse Mountain, so nobody will explore it deeply for no good reason.
Look, we live right here at the edge of the mountain.”

You Lingyun landed the boat as she talked.

It was a place three kilometers from the cliff that was covered by tall trees.
At this moment, Han Fei saw rows of wooden buildings, and people who were having barbecue at the empty areas in the forest.
It seemed that they used no seasonings except salt.

You Lingyun said, “They’re all on their vacation, so they’ve cooked some seafood to kill time.
You’re free to enjoy it tonight at your welcome party.”

Han Fei was lost for words.
Was this really how a girl should talk? She sounds even manlier than a real man.

Han Fei glanced around.
He saw people everywhere and heard snores from many huts.
He couldn’t help but ask, “How many people are stationed here?”

You Lingyun said, “The Eighth Brigade of the Third Battalion is stationed here.
There were 100 squads in the beginning, but only 66 remain.”

Han Fei was surprised.
“34 squads have perished?”

“Actually, there are deceased members in each squad.
Then, the squads were merged and rearranged.
We claim to have 66 squads, but twelve of them don’t have enough members.
If we have another rearrangement, we’ll have even fewer squads.”

Han Fei asked in surprise, “There’s no fresh blood?”

You Lingyun looked at Han Fei.
“Yes, aren’t you fresh blood? It’s said that the Skeleton Shore secured eight openings this time.
So, if everything goes as planned, eight newcomers will report in, and you are the first.” While Han Fei was listening to You Lingyun, he suddenly turned his head, and something flew right past his ear.
He turned back, only to discover that it was an empty clam shell.

The person who threw it was on a tree.
Han Fei looked at him calmly.

You Lingyun roared, “Zhao Ersan, you son of a b*tch! Get down here, I’ll break your legs!”

The guy named Zhao Ersan grinned and said, “You Lingyun, is he your new captain? Are there no talents from the 36 towns anymore? Or can anybody get a three-star tablet and be a captain?”

Hearing the noise, many people were attracted to the drama and yelled, “Hey, nice! An advanced Dangling Fisher as a captain! You’re in for a beating!” “I’ll bet one high-quality pearl that this boy will run off and beg to go somewhere else in half an hour…”


Everybody burst into laughter.

Han Fei turned back and looked at them.
He wondered if those people had nothing better to do than mock a newcomer.

It reminded Han Fei of his sailor life in the past, which was full of yelling, gambling, drinking and horsing around too.

Those things were too common.
They were also a way to cope with pressure.
However, while stress management was necessary, one should carefully choose their target.
Han Fei, for one, would not stand their humiliation.
But he knew that those people could only be awed by fists rather than words.

When Han Fei was about to take action, someone shouted, “You Lingyun, you’re not joining the fight with your new captain? Your 37th squad and 31st squad are fighting again! People are already placing bets!”

You Lingyun’s face changed.
She looked at Han Fei and said, “Let’s go!”

An area at the edge of the Transverse Mountain had been cleared as a training ground.

At this moment, the training ground was simmering with cheers.

“Gu Daliang, try harder! You’re going to lose!”

“Daliang, have you lost your motivation because You Lingyun isn’t here?”

A short girl roared, “Daliang, keep it up! Smash him! Smash him to death!”

Someone chuckled.
“Wu Xiaoxiao, go up there if you think you’re good! Don’t just roar!”

Wu Xiaoxiao’s eyes almost burst out flames.
“I can go there! Daliang, come back and let me.”


On the training ground, a young man had been wrestled to the ground and tied up by spiritual plants, unable to move.

The male manipulator on his opposite side mocked, “Gu Daliang, your 37th squad is really good for nothing now.
You Lingyun is all you can count on after your captain died.
Look at yourself.
What can you do when you look so tall and strong?”

The brawny young man roared from the ground, “Come again!”

The manipulator said, “The result will be the same even if we have another ten rounds.
Besides, do you still have any money? Your squad lost all your weapons in the last battle, didn’t you?”

Gu Daliang bellowed, “I’ll give you my shield if I lose again!”

Nearby, someone laughed.
“Dongzi, it’s better than nothing! A high-quality spiritual weapon can be sold for some money!”

The manipulator named Dongzi grinned.
“Okay, if you want another round, so be it.
But I won’t have your shield, in case other people blame me for robbing you of your shield when you die someday.
If you lose, your squad will take up my squad’s reconnaissance mission tomorrow.
How about it?”


Not far away, Wu Xiaoxiao declared angrily, “Liang Dong, don’t be outrageous.
You’re just taking advantage of Daliang’s lack of weapons.
Otherwise, you wouldn’t have dared to fight an armorist this way at all.”

Gu Daliang spat on the ground and said, “Xiaoxiao, don’t worry.
I’ll win this time.”

When the fight was about to begin, someone suddenly said, “Hey, what about a game with me?”

Everybody turned back, only to see that you Lingyun had run close with an advanced Dangling Fisher.

Also, it was a male who spoke just now.

So, did it mean that it was the advanced Dangling Fisher who said that?


Immediately, the crowd laughed so hard that someone almost fell to the ground.

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