Chapter 589 A Large-Scale Self-Mutilation Scene

The tension in the Wind Thunder Arena was about to erupt, mainly because these students were about to be driven crazy by these questions.

Han Fei closed his eyes immediately and took a deep breath.
Then, he looked forward, and suddenly a Hanging Fisher stared at him.

Han Fei thought to himself, I’m not perceiving anything or transmitting any sound.
Why the hell are you looking at me?

Then he saw Le Renkuang was scratching his belly with a stunned look on his face.

To his surprise, Xia Xiaochan and Luo Xiaobai were actually writing.

Xia Xiaochan thought and wrote, and Luo Xiaobai didn’t even stop writing.
It seemed that these questions were not difficult for her at all.

Han Fei took a breath immediately.
I’m a Heavenly Talent! How can I lag behind them?

And then he began to read the third question.
The third question:

You were fishing at sea and met a young man/ girl halfway through.
You fell for each other and wished that you could have met earlier.
It was getting late and the other party suddenly said they were thirsty.
What would he/she like to drink?

Han Fei took another breath.
This kind of question must be made by lunatics! What would she like to drink? Water! However, the answer couldn’t be that simple.
What was in the sea? Spiritual fruit? Sap?


Han Fei shook his head.
Why the hell would I meet a girl on the sea late at night? What is her purpose?

The only reason he could think of was that this girl must harbor evil intentions.
Either she wanted to rob or kill him.

After thinking for a moment, Han Fei wrote on the test paper, “Blood”.

This was the only thing on Han Fei that could be drunk.
Maybe the girl had some quirks! The fourth question:

You found a secret realm where there are two Divine Weapons.
One Divine Weapon looks powerful and exudes an overwhelming evil air.
The other Divine Weapon is crystal clear and magnificent.
But you can only choose one.
Which one will you choose?

Han Fei grinned.
This is simple.

Han Fei wrote, “Only fools make choices.
Adults want them both.”

The following questions became more and more strange.

One question was:

You met a small fish tide in the ocean.
Behind you, 100 people were fishing without knowing it.
And there was a secret realm where you could hide.
Will you choose to hide in the secret realm or swim back to warn the fishing people? Note, if you swim back, you may not be able to escape from the fish tide.

Han Fei was speechless and immediately wrote, “Why would I escape? Small fish tides are so rare! I will surely kill all the fishes.”

Suddenly, with a bang, a teenage boy was picked up.

A Hanging Fisher threw him out of the field and said with a sneer, “Triumph Town, Xu Shu, used the secret pupil technique.
You’re disqualified from the exam and your exam results invalidated.”

Xu Shu shouted, “Wait a minute, I haven’t seen anything.
I can still take the test.
Give me a chance…”

All eyes fell on Xu Shu who had been dragged out of the field.

Before everyone retracted their gazes, suddenly, another person was picked up.

A Hanging Fisher carried a girl and said, “Red Moon Town, Ning Cai, took advantage of the chaos to peep at another person’s test papers.
Disqualified from the exam and her results are invalid.”

Ning Cai exclaimed immediately, “I didn’t mean it.
I didn’t see anything.


The girl was also thrown out and dragged out of the field.

Han Fei was dumbfounded.
Is it necessary to be so strict? They just glanced around!

Every examinee was scared.
They all bowed their heads and went on with the exam silently.

One hour passed.

Han Fei found that the questions were not difficult.
Some of the questions he really couldn’t answer, but some he could answer with ease.

Especially this question:

You encounter a ghost ship looting at sea and you are desperately outnumbered, but as long as you hand over your Sea Swallowing Seashell, they won’t kill you.
What will you do? Han Fei sneered and wrote, “I’ll never ever hand over my Sea Swallowing Seashells.
But since they are not going to kill me, I will rob them, but won’t take their lives.”

Han Fei found out that among the questions he had read, he didn’t know how to answer half of them.

But it didn’t matter.
There were three short answer questions at the end, which should be simple.

However, when Han Fei read the questions, he was confused again.

The first question:

You sneezed, sneezed again, and sneezed a third time.

Han Fei was stunned.
I’m a f*cking Dangling Fisher.
Why do I care about sneezing?

Therefore, Han Fei wrote, “A Dangling Fisher doesn’t sneeze.
Or maybe someone is missing me.”

The second question:

If you are asked to manage a team of a hundred people and you can trust all of these people, what’ll be the first thing you’ll lead them to do? Why? This time, Han Fei grinned.
Of course, robbery! In places like the ocean, the fastest way to become stronger is to rob.
Han Fei listed a bunch of reasons and was very satisfied with his answer.

The third question: There are two completely enclosed secret realms.
One secret realm has three pill furnaces, and the other has mechanisms that control these three pill furnaces.
How can you find out which mechanism controls each of the pill furnaces provided that you can only enter these two secret realms once?

Han Fei smiled when he saw this question.
This question is way too easy for me!

It only took Han Fei three minutes to answer the question.
Then, he looked back at the questions that he didn’t know how to answer.

However, he still didn’t know how to answer them.
He couldn’t even understand the questions.
How could he answer them?

When Han Fei looked up again, he found that Le Renkuang was asleep.
Zhang Xuanyu propping his chin with one hand was in a trance with a pen in his mouth.

Xia Xiaochan looked very relaxed, legs dangling.
If there weren’t others around, she might have hummed a song.

Luo Xiaobai had already put down the pen and closed her eyes for rest.

Han Fei couldn’t help sighing secretly.
These people are really awesome! Based on Han Fei’s experience, in an exam, you’d better fill up the test paper as fully as possible.
In his previous life, although he was a sea explorer, he had taken a lot of examinations.

was a

So, he wrote, “You guess” under the first question, and under the second question, he wrote, “Because that girl is a neat freak”…

It only took Han Fei less than thirty minutes to finish writing The mayor of the Wind Thunder Town suddenly said, “The time is up.
Hand in your test papers.
No one shall leave until all the test papers are collected.”

At this moment, someone panicked, and many examinees in the field were suddenly picked up by many Hanging Fishers.
“Peaceful Orchid Town, Gao Wu, transmitted voice to others, disqualified from the exam and his exam results are invalid.”

“Fiery Dragon Town, Wu Gang, transmitted voice to others, disqualified from the exam and his exam results are invalid.”

“Sea Source Town…”

“Divine Billow Town…”

In a moment, thirteen people were caught.

Han Fei was speechless.
A bunch of idiots.
Couldn’t you see the Hidden Fishers sitting up top? How dare you still cheat in this exam? After a while, the test papers were collected.
Immediately, countless howls sounded throughout the field.

“What the hell are these questions? Except for multiple-choice questions, I don’t know how to answer the other questions!”

“I’m finished.
I’m finished.
I’ll disgrace my town.
I don’t know how to answer these questions at all! They’re too difficult!”

“Who the hell made these questions? It’s disgusting! Can a normal person answer these questions?”

“I don’t think I passed the exam.
I couldn’t even understand the questions.
Damn it!” Someone wailed, “I just want to know, how should I know how many scales there are on a Spirit Swallowing Fish?”

Zhang Xuanyu walked over.
“Feifei… Did you answer the questions? These questions are crazy!”

Han Fei was stunned.
“Didn’t you finish answering them early on?”.

Zhang Xuanyu shook his head.
“No! I didn’t know how to answer these questions at all!”

Han Fei was surprised.
“Then what did you do just now? I saw you smiling.”

Zhang Xuanyu was stunned.
“Was I?”.

Le Renkuang opened his eyes and looked sleepily at them.
“Well, is the exam over? Do you know how to answer the questions?” “Didn’t you finish answering the questions?” Le Renkuang scratched his belly.
“I felt dizzy when I saw these questions, so I fell asleep.” Han Fei was speechless and turned to ask Xia Xiaochan and Luo Xiaobai, “How about you? Did you answer the questions?”

Xia Xiaochan nodded.
“Yes! But there seemed to be many answers to these questions.
I didn’t know which one was right.”

Han Fei said, “I couldn’t understand the second question.
Why would I be stabbed to death if I entered a secret realm and kissed the person awake?”

Xia Xiaochan said indignantly, “Of course you’ll be stabbed to death! If someone who is not my boyfriend suddenly kissed me, I’d also stab him!”

Han Fei clutched his head.
“Forget it.
I didn’t ask you anything.”

However, Luo Xiaobai replied seriously, “There are several possibilities.
The first possibility is that this is a trap.
The person is actually not asleep at all.
She is just waiting for someone to come, and kill him when he is not paying attention.
The second was that the person deliberately fell asleep but was kissed awake by the intruder.
The third was that the person was already very old because of the deep sleep.
She could not accept the fact that she was already old, so she stabbed the person who woke her up to death… The fourth…”

The other four were dumbfounded.
Luo Xiaobai gave a total of nine answers.
Is she really a human being?

Dum! Dum! Dum!

Before Han Fei and the others finished talking, there was a loud noise in the court.
Someone hit the table with their head and broke the table.

Another hit his own chest with a sledgehammer trying to vent his anger.
Someone thumped the ground with his feet like a crazy dancer.

For a moment, the field became a large-scale self-mutilation scene that was very spectacular and bloody.

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