Chapter 585 Outshine The Others

When Han Fei entered the arena, some people immediately yelled, “Kill him!”

“Kill Han Fei.”

“He is a liar.”

“He cheated me out of a lot of money yesterday.”

Those audience members from the Wind Thunder Town were roaring.
Of course, they were just roaring and didn’t hold out much hope in their hearts.
Anyone who was in the arena yesterday knew that although Han Fei was shameless, he was very strong.

On the team of the Wind Thunder Town, two people were shaking all over in anger.
Ming Kun was shaking all over.
This bastard pretended to be Octopus Weirdo.
When he was fighting him in the arena yesterday, he kinda appreciated him.
But when he woke up and heard all kinds of misdeeds from Han Fei’s past, he almost ran to the Tree Core City to take revenge against Han Fei.

Jing Changfeng was also aggrieved.
Yesterday, the mental attack he was proud of made no achievement, and the powerful Ghost God Chain couldn’t tie him up.
He was like a fool because of him.
How could he not be angry?

On the Wind Thunder Town Team, someone asked, “Kun, is this Han Fei?”

Ming Kun nodded.
“He’s very strong.
It’s said that all the injuries he got from the battle with me yesterday were fake…” The person patted Ming Kun on the shoulder and said, “It’s okay.
I’ve heard about the Thug Legend team.
They want to sweep all 36 towns? Well, they must ask if the Wind Thunder Town will allow this first!”

Someone grinned.
“We certainly can’t underestimate them, but how can we be convinced of their strength without a fight?”

In the arena.

Xie Chuan had surely heard about Han Fei.
Yesterday Han Fei caused such a big uproar.
Everyone had heard about him!

However, Xie Chuan didn’t come to the arena yesterday and didn’t watch Han Fei fight.
And what he heard the most was not how he defeated the strong masters from the Wind Thunder Town, but how despicable he was.

Xie Chuan said seriously, “I know you are powerful, but since the fight is inevitable, I will try my best and I hope you’ll try your best.”

Han Fei grunted and took out a small branch, looking at Xie Chuan and saying, “Okay, come on!”

Xie Chuan: “???”

Many people in the audience were dumbfounded.
Can you f*cking respect your opponent? He takes the fight very seriously.
Don’t you see that he has summoned his spiritual beast? How can you just use a small branch?

Xie Chuan had fused with a large squid and had a Single-Horned Shark and a Mess Swallowing Worm attached to him.

In addition, Xie Chuan seemed to have used a certain secret method, raising his strength to its peak state all at once, exceeding the theoretical limit of peak-level Dangling Fishers.

Xie Chuan shouted, “Han Fei, don’t insult me.
Just try your best.”

Han Fei picked his ears with one hand.
“I know, I know.
Why are you yelling so loudly?”.

“What are you doing holding a branch?”

The smile on Han Fei’s face disappeared.
“I’ve just broken this branch this morning.
Isn’t that enough?”

With that said, Han Fei flicked the branch, and a knife light tens of meters long swept out.

“What is that light? Was it made with that branch?”

Many people were confused.

The corners of Qu Jinnan and Lingyuan’s mouths twitched.
He learned this trick by battering us.
It was horrifyingly strong.

He Xiaoyu and the others were astonished.
How could a branch be so powerful?

The students from the Long Dragon Town who were cheering Xie Chuan on were all dumbfounded.
Is this guy’s power… So scary?

As soon as Han Fei shot out this knife light, he dropped his hand, and then tilted his head to look at Xie Chuan and said, “As you wish, this is my strongest combat skill, the Earthshaking Branch.”

Xie Chuan was not in the mood to bicker with Han Fei.
It was too strong.
The knife light came over in an instant, which seemed to be very fast and also seemed to be very slow.
He didn’t know how to dodge it at all, or to be exact, he couldn’t dodge it at all.

“Flame Spiritual Slash.”

Xie Chuan knew in his heart that this was no longer about combat skills.
As soon as the knife light appeared, it was a competition of pure strength.
Clang! Crack!

The two knives in Xie Chuan’s hands were broken, the spiritual energy covering the blade was directly split, the spiritual energy protective cover was shattered, and his combat suit was torn.

In that second, Xie Chuan’s only thought left was that it was all over.
Am I going to die in the next second?

Xie Chuan’s soul was trembling.
There was no way to resist Han Fei’s attack.

The face of the Hanging Fisher referee who was in charge of this battle changed drastically.
He didn’t expect Han Fei to be so strong.
At this moment, he had already flown out to save Xie Chuan, but it seemed to be too late.


When everyone was holding their breath, the knife light suddenly disappeared, and then appeared behind Xie Chuan, as if it only flickered in front of Xie Chuan.

The Hanging Fisher turned pale in shock, secretly heaved a sigh of relief, and threw out a punch, intending to smash the knife light.


The knife light exploded and the Hanging Fisher’s body trembled slightly.
He glanced at his fist, only to find it was bleeding.

The corner of this Hanging Fisher’s mouth twitched.
Gosh! Is this guy a monster? His casual slash with a branch can even damage a Hanging Fisher?!

Xie Chuan opened his eyes blankly and touched his own face.

“Am I still alive?”

Many students from the Double Dragon Academy stood up, their faces full of horror.
Just now, they thought that Xie Chuan was going to be killed.
The knife light almost hit Xie Chuan’s face, but the next second, it appeared behind Xie Chuan.
What happened?

In the deans’ seats, many people looked at Old Bai in amazement.

In the mayors’ seats, everyone looked at Kong Xuan, the mayor of the Blue Sea Town.

Finally, the mayor of the Wind Thunder Town took a deep breath.
“It’s not knife intent.
It’s stronger than knife intent.
It’s a bit like… The Art of Invincibility?”

The mayors were all Hidden Fishers, so they knew many combat skills.
But they hadn’t actually seen the Art of Invincibility, so they could only guess.
From their cognition, Han Fei’s state at the moment seemed a bit similar to the state recorded in the ancient books about the Art of Invincibility.

Everyone looked at Old Bai in shock.
Was this the real strength of the Thug Academy?

They had been secluded for 30 years, and once they showed up, they showed the long-lost Art of Invincibility.
Who the f*ck could handle that?

Han Fei looked at the referee.
“Can I leave now?”

The referee’s face immediately changed.
“Yes, Han Fei from the Thug Academy and the Blue Sea Town, won.”

When Han Fei walked from the arena to the auditorium, countless gazes fell on him.

Ordinary audience members were shocked, thinking to themselves that this shameless guy was too strong The students from the major towns had complex expressions, and Ming Kun and several others from the Wind Thunder Town smiled bitterly.
This man was so strong.

When Han Fei was going back to his team and passed by the team from the Cloud Soaring Town, all the teachers and students looked at Han Fei in shock.

When he passed by the team from the Fiery Dragon Town, no one showed anger and hatred anymore.
Hate him? Ask yourself if you can resist Han Fei’s branch first.

The teachers and students of the three major academies in the Blue Sea Town were all silent.

They had seen Han Fei’s “unreasonable” combat skills a long time ago.
If they had to describe it in a word, it would be… Terrifying.

He Xiaoyu sighed and was very upset.
He is so powerful now.
What can I do?

The game continued.

Pairs of people fought and then left the arena.

After a full hour, it was the turn of the Thug Academy team again, and Luo Xiaobai entered the arena.

“Luo Xiaobai, from the Thug Academy, Blue Sea Town, fights against Hong Shufeng from the Heavenly Origin Academy in the Origin Carving Town.”

This time, when the name of the Thug Academy team was read, the cheers in the entire arena were reduced by thirty percent.

In the arena.

Hong Shufeng was an armorist.
When he found his opponent was Luo Xiaobai, he was quite confident because his combat skill was Wild Sword Array, which was exceptionally powerful in checking manipulators.

“Even if you are a student of the Thug Academy, so what? I’ve fused with my scavenger and had my Knife Axe Crab and Thousand-Bladed Turtle attach to me…”

Hong Shufeng grinned.
My armor box is full of swords, I’m armed with so many knives, and I also have the strong defense power of the scavenger.
What can you do to me?

However, Luo Xiaobai remained motionless, and the ground suddenly exploded, and thick and slender vines popped out, which were red, green, and cyan… In the blink of an eye, dozens of plants emerged from the ground.

Hong Shufeng shouted, “Wild Sword Array, Thousand-Bladed Slash and Sword Axe Technique.

The battlefield turned gorgeous and had become an ocean of spiritual plants, where swords and knives dashed across and cut madly.
This battlefield immediately attracted the attention of all the audience.
But just as Hong Shufeng was cutting wildly, outside the vine jungle, countless fine vines began to interweave.
One, two, a hundred, a thousand… A thousand vines woven into a huge super vine, which was five or six meters thick and thirty or forty meters high.
Seeing this scene, the audience was dumbfounded.


The vine, like a whip, whipped into the vine jungle with an irresistible force.
Along the way, no knife or sword could damage this vine.
Hong Shufeng was whipped deep into the ground together with his armor box.
Immediately afterward, the ground shattered, and countless vines wrapped Hong Shufeng and emerged out of the ground like a big ball, leaving only his head outside.

At this moment, Hong Shufeng still had saliva at the corner of his mouth and was obviously delirious, and all his knives and swords were scattered on the ground.

The referee swallowed.
“Luo… Luo Xiaobai from the Thug Academy in the Blue Sea Town won…”

At the moment the referee announced it, the vine penetrated into the ground and disappeared without a trace.

From beginning to end, Luo Xiaobai didn’t have the slightest expression on her face and didn’t even blink her eyelids.

As Luo Xiaobai walked back to her seat deadpan, the audience fell silent.

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