Chapter 583 This Is A Stage

Han Fei had barely seen He Xiaoyu since he came to the Thug Academy, but it didn’t mean he didn’t know what happened to her.

He Xiaoyu’s capabilities were obvious in Han Fei’s eyes.

He knew exactly how much progress she had made, but it wasn’t enough.
Certain things couldn’t be changed just with hard work, so he would rather He Xiaoyu, Xiang Nan and Xia Wushuang live an easier life.

After all, cultivation required much more than devotion and diligence.

Han Fei didn’t know what the Unknown Place was like, but he had no doubt that it would be much crueler than the level-three fishery.

The level-one, level-two and level-three fisheries were just peaceful paradises that experts circled out.

Once he left these peaceful paradises, God only knew what would happen to him…

However, fate was such a capricious matter.
While Han Fei could make plans, he didn’t really know what the future held for him.

On the next morning, Xiao Zhan roared, “Get up already! Are you still sleeping? Do you think you have plenty of time? It seems that all you know is eating and sleeping but not training.”

When Xiao Zhan yelled, Han Fei opened his eyes.
He had read the Spirit Gathering Scripture all night.

He had decided to study arrays since he returned to the level-three fishery, and he did.
He wasn’t entirely idle during the month in the Heavenly Water Village, but he didn’t really comprehend the super arrays.

However, he learned a lot about the Floating Stone.

Because of the Floating Stone, boats could fly in the sky and float on the water.

He was also very positive that all the towns and cities must have been founded on Floating Stones that were surrounded by arrays.

He had spent the night mostly studying killing arrays.

However, arrays were too arcane.
In general, they were patterns drawn with what seemed to be a mess of lines that could borrow the power of nature.

Even the Spirit Gathering Scripture, which Old Jiang had probably studied for a whole life, only listed the complete arrays as well as the elements and keys of those arrays.

It didn’t mention how to invent or construct a more suitable array.
It didn’t even elaborate on the low-level arrays such as the Spirit Gathering Array.

Han Fei had noticed the problem when he read the Spirit Gathering Scripture for the second time.
It meant that Old Jiang had mostly been sorting out, inferring and recording the existing arrays.
If Old Jiang hadn’t gone to the Unknown Place, Han Fei would’ve haunted him every day asking questions, but at this moment, he could only ask the Hexagon Starfish after the match.

On the other hand, Xia Xiaochan got out of her room, with her eyes half closed.
Le Renkuang came in from outside with a bunch of skewers in his hands.

Probably because the Tree Core City had plenty of trees, skewers were being sold everywhere.
Han Fei would’ve established a fish ball stand himself if he were a regular resident of this place.

When everybody came in position, Old Bai and Xiao Zhan were already seated.

Zhang Xuanyu announced, “Sir, everybody is gathered downstairs and ready to go.
Should we join them?”

Old Bai said unhurriedly, “We wait!”

Han Fei looked at him.
“We wait? For what?” “Wenren Yu should be here any minute.”

Everybody was surprised.
“Huh? It’s only been one day.
Didn’t they say that they wouldn’t come until a few days later?”

“She’s left to catch a contractual spiritual beast, or other people would mock our students that they don’t even have contractual spiritual beasts.”

Half an hour later…

Han Fei was getting impatient.
“Sir, everybody has left!”

Old Bai said at ease, “No rush.
The best usually come last.”

Everyone: “???”

About another fifteen minutes later, Wenren Yu suddenly descended from the sky and said to the president, “I waited for you at the entrance of the arena for a long time.
What are you doing here?”

Old Bai: “…”

Everyone: “…”

Han Fei mumbled, “The president is waiting for you to show off!”

Old Bai glared at Han Fei.
“Let’s go.
Today will be a day worth remembering.
It will be the day when the Thug Academy is known by the 36 towns again.”

Zhang Xuanyu had already come to Qu Jinnan and Ling Yuan.
“What contractual spiritual beast did you get? An exotic one? Or a legendary one?”

Qu Jinnan shrugged.
“Well, mine is actually a rare one.”

Ling Yuan was beaming with a smile.
“I luckily got an exotic creature.”

Wenren Yu rolled her eyes.
“You think legendary creatures are something you can see every day?”

However, Xiao Zhan had already given the Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile, which had been reduced to thirty centimeters long, back to Han Fei.
“You got this.
You keep it.”

Wenren Yu’s eyes bulged when she saw the little crocodile in Han Fei’s hand.
“This is… A legendary creature.
Where did you get it?”

Xiao Zhan simply said, “Han Fei looted it yesterday.” Wenren Yu: “???” “Where did you get it? I’m going to find one for myself!”

“Cough, cough!”

Old Bai changed the topic.
“Let’s go, or we’ll be late.”

Luo Xiaobai was standing by the door.
“We already are.”

The Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile was lost for words.
It felt that it had escaped from a lair of tigers only to fall into a nest of wolves.
Why was everybody it ran into so strong?

At this moment, the Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile couldn’t have felt more devastated.

At this moment, the arena was already filled with people.

There were no more than 20,000 people in total from the 36 towns for the match.
They had taken up the innermost seats in the arena.

The rest of the audience members were all the local residents of the Wind Thunder Town, who were mostly here to see how the promising young men of their town crush the other candidates…

Han Fei and his team were stopped at the gate when they arrived.

The guard spoke to them, “It’s now the lot-drawing phase of the match.
Irrelevant personnel aren’t allowed to come in.”

Old Bai instantly burst into fury.
“Do I look like irrelevant personnel to you? Are you blind? Do you not know the president of the Thug Academy?” The guard glanced at Old Bai and said, “No.
Wait here.
I’ll inform my chief.”


Old Bai angrily took out a badge and almost pressed it into the guard’s face.
“See this? Do you still need to inform your chief?”


Old Bai slightly unleashed his dominating vibe, and the guard instantly became pale.
Han Fei glanced at Old Bai.
“President, I think our attempt to showoff has failed.” “Shut up.”

Let them in!

A telepathic voice echoed outside of the arena.
It sounded to be from a certain expert.

Old Bai snorted and led everybody into the arena.

Han Fei and his crew attracted a lot of attention when they showed up.
The audience was confused why they were let in when the arena had been closed.

However, some of them burst into fury the moment they saw Han Fei.

“Damn it.
It’s that asshole, Han Fei!”

“Wasn’t he the fraud who pretended to be Octopus Weirdo?”

“He’s too shameless to participate in such a match.”

“I would totally beat him up and teach him a good lesson if he weren’t stronger than me.”

Wenren Yu: “???”

Qu Jinnan and Ling Yuan looked at each other and felt that something was off.
They were only gone for one day.
How did Han Fei become so notorious?

Han Fei, however, simply extended his hands and raised his middle finger at the audience arrogantly.

“Son of a bi*ch, he’s still provoking us? I can’t hold back anymore!”

Someone was lost for words.
“Then why don’t you go up there?”

The first person looked embarrassed.
“I would go there and beat him up if we weren’t in the middle of an official match.”

On Han Fei’s side, Old Bai casually said, “Xiao Zhan, lead them to their seats.
I’m leaving…”

Old Bai stepped up and appeared at the presidents’ seats the next second, giving the other presidents quite a shock.

Wu Jun, president of the First Academy, looked awful.
“Bai Congye, you’re disrupting the order of this match.”

Xu Tianji, president of the Second Academy, glanced at Old Bai and mocked him, “You were too fast for the audience to see you.
You should’ve walked down from the sky.”

Chu Mengxue: “…”

Old Bai casually took out a bunch of sunflower seeds and a drink under the eyes of the angry presidents.
He even placed some strawberries and carrots on the table, as if he were here to enjoy a show.

On the honorable seat, Kong Quan, mayor of the Blue Sea Town, coughed.
“Old Bai, do you want to keep an eye on your image?”

Bai Congye snorted.
“The match will take a while.
Wouldn’t I be an idiot if I just sit here without doing anything? Young Kong, come on.
I’ve brought you some spiritual fruits that I personally grew.
You can have a bite.”

Kong Xuan: “…”

At the very center was a middle-aged man who looked tough and intimidating.
He turned around and looked at Old Bai.
“President of the Thug Academy, this is an arena.”

Old Bai sneered coldly.
“For me, it’s just a stage.”

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