Chapter 576 Gamble

Data popped up in Han Fei’s eyes.

Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile

This is a mutated creature that carries primeval powers.
It’s bad-tempered and enjoys loneliness.
Its petrifying eyes can turn any creature ten levels below itself into rock.
When infuriated, it can spit out destructive wind.



7,705 Points

It can build up your body if it’s eaten over a long period of time

Petrifying Eyes

It possesses a power of at least five million kilograms at this moment.
It’s an adult and very smart.

Han Fei gasped hard when he saw the data.
He cursed the arena for tricking him.

When he picked the opponent, it was clearly described as a level-47 exotic creature.

Yet, it turned out to be a level-49 legendary creature?

Then should he bother fighting at all? Little Fatty was only level-38.
However awesome it was, could it crush a level-49 legendary creature? It was eleven levels higher than Little Fatty and too strong for Little Fatty to resist.

Besides, what was the power of five million kilograms about? Even one tenth of it would mean half a million kilograms.
He could only deflect half of that even if he was fused with Little Fatty.

Wouldn’t he be easily slapped into a pulp of meat by the creature?

Han Fei swallowed.
How would it feel when one was hit by 2500 tons? He would probably be reduced into atoms! Even though he was to use the Majestic Mystic Spell and the Sacrificing Punch, he couldn’t possibly deal a force of a million kilograms.

Even so, Han Fei could fight peak-level Hanging Fishers when he was in his best state.

And peak-level Dangling Fishers would just be pieces of cake for this beast.
Hanging Fisher estimated that this Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile could kill five peak-level Hanging Fishers with one swing of its tail.

The host roared excitedly, “Do you see it? This is the Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile, a level-49 exotic creature that possesses tremendous strength.
It’s as strong as any peak-level Dangling Fisher! However, our Octopus Weirdo is going to challenge this beast as an advanced Dangling Fisher.
He’s truly brave… I hereby announce that the odds are…”

Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile: 1: 1.1

Octopus Weirdo: 1:5.

However, hardly had the host finished his announcement when someone roared furiously, “What’s wrong with you? 1:5? How could you possibly say that?”

The host had received the message that almost six hundred million had been bet on Octopus Weirdo before he released the odds.

Clearly, someone was intentionally betting on Octopus Weirdo, which meant that they were very confident in Octopus Weirdo.

Naturally, the arena had to lower both the odds for the Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile and Octopus Weirdo.

But someone threw things at the host right after that.

Most of the things were from Jiang Tong’s direction.
“That’s unfair! We protest! How can it be 1:5? It should be at least 1:10!”

“Yes, 1:10!”

“Asshole, do you think there’s any chance that Octopus Weirdo can win?”

The host wasn’t bothered at all.
He simply continued, “Please trust the Wind Thunder Arena! We’ve always been objective, unbiased and rigorous.
Our analysts have analyzed Octopus Weirdo and found that he is as good as a Hanging Fisher in his peak state… So, our odds are fine.”

Xia Xiaochan coldly glanced back.
She was wondering if she could kill the waiter behind him, impersonate him, and then kill the host at the edge of the arena.

Luo Xiaobai frowned and considered how she could stop the challenge.

Le Renkuang said in a shivering voice, “Who can possibly win this? I have no doubt that Han Fei is good, but the problem is that this Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile is too unimaginably strong!”


A roar burst out of the field.

Han Fei pointed a finger at the host ferociously.

The host asked, “Octopus Weirdo, what do you want to say? The game is about to start.
You’ll have to compensate if you admit defeat!” Han Fei roared, “I suspect that the Wind Thunder Arena is cheating, and that this Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile is not an exotic creature but a legendary one.
Also, I believe that this Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile is level-49 rather than level-47.”

Everybody whispered and discussed with each other.

The host smiled and said, “Octopus Weirdo, the Wind Thunder Arena has always been fair and just.
This Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile has been confirmed by many Hidden Fishers to be a level-47 exotic creature.
If you want to chicken out, please don’t slander the Wind Thunder Arena with such excuses…”

The hose sneered.
You’re the one who played tricks with the Wind Thunder Arena first.
You think we can’t take any countermeasures? Han Fei simply said, “Then I dare the Wind Thunder Arena to a bet.
What if this Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile isn’t a level-47 creature?”

The host was about to talk, when a bearded man said, “Everybody, listen to me.
I’m the manager of the Wind Thunder Arena, and I’m responsible for everything here.
I assure you that this Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile is a level-47 exotic creature.”

Han Fei scoffed.
“That’s your word against mine.
Let me just ask you if you’re up for the bet.”

The bearded man smiled and said, “The Wind Thunder Arena is definitely confident to accept the bet.
However, Octopus Weirdo, nobody has ever bet with the Wind Thunder Arena before.
Do you have enough capital? You’ll need more than a hundred million for the bet.”

Han Fei grinned and said, “I’m going to bet five hundred million with you.
Are you up for


The bearded man’s face slightly changed.
Was there really something wrong with the Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile?

However, the bearded man didn’t think that Han Fei would come play such a ruse if he were so rich, so he simply asked, “Octopus Weirdo, do you have the money?”.

“If I take out the money, would the Wind Thunder Arena be accepting the bet? Today, hundreds of thousands of people are watching.
Think before you say anything!”

The bearded man was silent for a few seconds, but then a voice echoed in his head.

Don’t worry.
Just bet with him.

The bearded man grinned and said, “Haha, since you want to bet, Octopus Weirdo, the Wind Thunder Arena will accept the bet as long as you have the money for it.”

Han Fei was about to talk, when he seemed shocked and he swallowed.

The bearded man smiled.
“What’s up, Octopus Weirdo? You short of cash?”

In the auditorium, many people were dumbfounded by the bet, but Han Fei’s face changed when the Wind Thunder Arena accepted the bet.

Everybody’s first reaction was that Han Fei was a fraud and he was too scared to fight.

But in fact, it was because Han Fei received a telepathic voice.
It didn’t come from anyone else or through his ears but appeared directly in his heart.
He had no idea how the Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile was speaking to him.

The Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile said, Human being, I can hide my level and bloodline.
They can’t find the truth unless I’m willing to, so you will surely lose.
However, if you change your term of the bet into getting me out, I can give you a hand.
Don’t talk aloud.
Seal what you want to say in your heart with your soul power.
I can hear it.

Han Fei was instantly shocked.
Damn it! Could every creature talk these days? Also, why was this big oaf so shrewd?

In the way that the Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile instructed, Han Fei replied, That works, but can you pretend to be defeated by me later?

Yes, as long as you can take me out of here.

Han Fei was surprised.
Are you not afraid that I’ll sell you out?

You can’t stop me.
Also, because our level gap is too huge, you can’t sign a contract with me.
Besides, I’ll follow you after we go out.
You can’t stop me even if you find a Hidden Fisher to help you.

Han Fei was intrigued.
He didn’t expect this big guy to be so confident.

He had no idea that the Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile had been caged for eight years.
There was no telling when its next challenger would show up.

Now that it finally had a challenger who was both weak and stupid, it had to seize the opportunity.

In the next second, Han Fei looked at the bearded man and said, “I’ll accept the bet, but I won’t take your money.
I want… it.”

Han Fei pointed at the Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile and declared confidently.

The bearded man sneered.
“Take out your money if you have it, otherwise I can’t be sure that you can pay if you lose.” “Do we have a deal if I take out the money?”

In a certain private room, a middle-aged man scanned the Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile for a seventh time.
He was quite sure that there was nothing wrong with the Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile.

Immediately, the man said telepathically, Accept it.
The bearded man grinned and said, “It’s not that big of a deal for us.”

Then, as Han Fei waved his hand, a thing that shocked the host and the bearded man happened.

Han Fei looked at the audience and said, “I hereby bet with the Wind Thunder Arena.
If this Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile is a level-47 exotic creature, I’ll pay five hundred million mid-quality pearls to them; but if it isn’t, I’ll have the Ghost Eye Giant Crocodile.”

After that, a hill of boxes that were loaded with glittering mid-quality pearls appeared in the arena.

Han Fei snorted.
“I have nothing but money.
You really think I’m too scared to play this game?”

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