Chapter 554: You Have To Be As Shameless As Han Fei

Han Fei felt extremely comfortable to sleep in the tree house again a year later.

How he wished he could sleep here forever.

Except for Luo Xiaobai, the other four were forcibly dug out of the tree house by Xiao Zhan.

Besides, the way Xiao Zhan and the other teachers taught Qu Jinnan and Ling Yuan was different from how they taught the Thug Legend team.
At this moment, Qu Jinnan and Ling Yu were sitting on the grass with them, listening to Xiao Zhan bragging… Uh, no… Giving them a lecture.

Xiao Zhan said, “Do you know why we haven’t given you any normative education since you entered the Thug Academy?”

Han Fei muttered, “I don’t care!”

Xiao Zhan glared at him.
“Han Fei, stand up and listen to the class.
Don’t give me that cheeky smile.”

Han Fei: “???”

So Xiao Zhan punished him as a warning to others.
Now everyone else was sitting, but only he was standing.

Xiao Zhan was quite satisfied and continued to give the lecture.
“Schools and teachers are supposed to pass knowledge on.
However, you are not ordinary people.
This teaching method doesn’t suit you.
So we just guide you to explore, cultivate, fight, comprehend… And in the end, we will help you integrate and become an invincible whole.”

Xiao Zhan chattered for a long time before he said leisurely, “For now, although your path of cultivation is rough, it’s generally smooth.
Before you went to the level-three fishery, we had discussed whether or not to give you enough shelter.
If we did, you might be safer but would lose that enterprising heart… As a result, as you see, that’s why the disciples of the seven major sects in the Thousand Star City were no match for you at all.”

Zhang Xuanyu said, “Teacher, do you know that I was caught as soon as I entered the level-three fishery? If it weren’t for the fact that I was smart enough, I wouldn’t have been able to come back.”

Xiao Zhan glanced coldly.
“Zhang Xuanyu, stand up and listen to the class.
Don’t interrupt your teacher in class, understood?”

Zhang Xuanyu: “???”

Finally not alone again, Han Fei couldn’t help casting a comforting look at Zhang Xuanyu.

Xiao Zhan sneered.
“We have no shortage of combat skills, especially now.
But have you found anything wrong with combat skills?”

Luo Xiaobai took the lead in answering, “There are too many people in the level-three fishery and too many different kinds of combat skills.
But most of them are easy to crack the second time they are used.”

Xia Xiaochan also replied, “As long as you are strong enough, even if others know what combat skills you have, they are useless.”

Han Fei followed.
“I found that as long as the combat skill level is high enough, it can be very strong.”

Xiao Zhan suddenly waved his fishing rod and a stone weighing tens of tons smashed on Han Fei’s head.
“Quiet and listen.”

Han Fei was speechless.
“Teacher, I think you’re picking on me.”

Zhang Xuanyu immediately shut his mouth tight and dared not to say a word.
He didn’t want to carry a huge stone to listen to the class, which was damn shameful.

Qu Jinnan and Ling Yuan couldn’t help moving a bit away from Han Fei, for fear that the stone would drop and hit them on the head.

Xiao Zhan glared at Han Fei.
“Let me tell you, when you are still a Dangling Fisher, you will feel that the more combat skills you practice, the better.
But now that you have met the people from the Thousand Star City, I guess you must have found that most of them only practice one or two combat skills.
As you grow up, many of the previously good combat skills will be abandoned by you until you find the combat skills most suitable for you.”

Le Renkuang nodded.
“Yes, yes, I found the Sky Swallowing Technique is good.
It quite suits me.”

Xiao Zhan kicked him and said, “Stand up and listen to the lesson.
Humph, you’re an armorist but have you had a thorough grasp of the Armor Art? As for the Sky Swallowing Technique, if you encountered a flexible hunter like Xia Xiaochan, can it block her stabbing?!”

Then Le Renkuang joined Han Fei and Zhang Xuanyu.

Le Renkuang said weakly, “Doesn’t that mean that we have cultivated so many combat skills for nothing?”

Xiao Zhan shook his head.
“Of course not.
When you are still Dangling Fishers, the more combat skills, the better.
As long as you can grasp them, the more, the better.
But, as you grow up, you’ll need to simplify them until there is only one technique left.”

Zhang Xuanyu murmured, “Teacher, how can it be simple? This is the path I take, and I don’t even think about how to continue to evolve the Nine-Layered Waves in the Furious Sea.”

Xiao Zhan sneered, “That’s because you knew too few combat skills.
Nine seems to be the largest but what about integrating them into one?”

Zhang Xuanyu said, “I tried it! After integrating them into one, whether in durability or strength, it was not as good as the Nine-Layered Waves in the Furious Sea.”

Xiao Zhan shrugged.
“Come fight against me tomorrow.”

Zhang Xuanyu’s eyes lit up.

Han Fei’s eyes also lit up.
“Teacher, what about me? Can I also try this? I have both knife and fist techniques.
Can I integrate them into one?”

Luo Xiaobai and the others couldn’t help turning their heads because another huge rock flew over.

Xiao Zhan frowned.
“What are you talking about? A fist is a fist, and a knife is a knife.
Your physique is strong, so you should learn more close-quarter combat skills.
You just need to grasp the techniques you’ve already got, OK? Don’t think too much!”

Xiao Zhan said, “Don’t think we don’t know what you did in the level-three fishery.
Now I will call the shots.
Whoever I call shall report to the President or Miss Wenren.”

He continued, “First of all, it is Han Fei.
You have the strongest physique and the overbearing fighting style suits you best.
But considering that you’re also a spirit gatherer, you should also practice knife and sword techniques.
But you are too blundering and haven’t grasped the combat skills well enough.
Although you are not weak, you haven’t fully tapped your potential.
Now you seem to be invincible.
But if you do not change, one day you will pay for it.
Okay, reflect on it for an hour and then report to the President.”

Han Fei: “…”

Then Xiao Zhan commented on each of them.

“Le Renkuang, you are not weak and have a lot of combat skills, but your capability is too limited.
As an armorist, you should have the greatest combat power among the five, but you don’t.
You lack the ability to fight in close quarters.
Come back to me half a month later.
In the following half a month, go to the library to find five close-quarter combat skills for armorists, and master them.”

“Zhang Xuanyu, your attacking method is too monotonous.
You integrated all combat skills into the one you created yourself, but it doesn’t have a multiplicative effect, indicating that you haven’t mastered the combat skills well enough.
Besides, your soul power is not enough and you lack the means of attack.
Come to me tomorrow.”

“Xia Xiaochan, the thing about you is that you’re quick.
You are the strongest in terms of speed among the five of you.
Your attack is not weak, your reaction time is fast, and your stealth effect is good.
However, you lack an offensive combat skill that gets the most out of your strength.
So, when you meet a real genius or a body-refiner like Han Fei, your attack doesn’t work well.
OK, go report to Miss Wenren Yu.”

“Luo Xiaobai, your talent lies in calmness and good judgment.
That’s your advantage in team battles and you can easily control the overall situation.
However, when fighting alone, you lack effective combat methods and can only count on spiritual plants to catch enemies by surprise.
Once someone is not afraid of this, you will be in trouble.
Go to Miss Wenren Yu with Xia Xiaochan.”

When Xiao Zhan was commenting, he spoke quickly, which surprised Han Fei.
Xiao Zhan hadn’t seen them for a year, but he could comment on the advantages and disadvantages of each person.
Did this guy sneak to the level-three fishery to peep on them?

Xiao Zhan also added, “Well, let me comment on Qu Jinnan and Ling Yuan by the way.”

“As for Ling Yuan, you are the opposite of Le Renkuang.
You learned too many armorist skills but haven’t found a direction most suitable for you until now.
From now on, fight against Le Renkuang three times a day.
One minute less, you won’t be allowed to eat.”

“And, Qu Jinnan, you’re too simple-minded and sometimes, even naïve.
You can’t remain like this.
You need to learn from Han Fei.
When you can be as shameless as him, we won’t be worried about you.”


Han Fei immediately screamed, “Teacher, you are too much! How can you slander me? I’m also simple-minded and even naïve… Don’t add any more stones! I can’t carry them anymore…”

Xiao Zhan nodded with satisfaction.
“Yes, remember, teach your experience to your junior brother.
You are very experienced in this aspect.
Also, you’ll have to arouse the ferocity in him.”

Qu Jinnan was dumbfounded. Arouse… The ferocity in me?

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