Chapter 551: Seeing Little Treeman Again

He Mingtang was stunned.
He had never ridden such a fast fishing boat!

Within a few seconds, the fishing boat had been straight up the clouds, breaking through the air.

Han Fei said, “Mr.
He, don’t worry.
Do you know when they had the accident?”

He Mingtang shook his head.
“I don’t know, but it seems that Xiaoyu and the others went privately.
The teacher at the First Academy quickly found out and immediately sent someone back to the town, and then sent someone to notify the nearest villages to go to rescue them.”

Han Fei frowned upon hearing this.

Xia Xiaochan suddenly asked, “Did their teacher find out as soon as He Xiaoyu and the others went down?”

He Mingtang nodded.
“I believe so.
After arranging someone to go back to get reinforcements, the teacher seems to have gone down too.”

Xia Xiaochan looked at Han Fei.
“How long did we stay down back then?”

Han Fei frowned.
“It didn’t seem to be long.
The point is that we don’t know where they went down from.
We’ll have to walk around to find out.”

The speed of the Wind God Boat was amazing, and at its full speed, it took less than an hour to arrive.

When Han Fei arrived, he saw a group of students outside the Deep-Sea Jungle, none of whom he knew.

The sudden appearance of Han Fei’s fishing boat startled those people.

Someone immediately recognized them.
“Han… Han Fei? Xia Xiaochan?”

Han Fei simply asked, “Where did they disappear?”

Someone immediately said, “Just ahead, about fifty kilometers away.”


The Wind God Boat flashed away, leaving only a red shadow in everyone’s eyes.

After Han Fei and the others left.

Someone said stupidly, “Aren’t Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan… In the level-three fishery?”

Someone was stunned.
“What kind of fishing boat is that? So fast…”

Someone said happily, “I heard that the Thug Legend team had gone through the Deep-Sea Jungle.
They will surely be able to rescue the teachers and students.”

Han Fei extended his perception and discovered that there were traces of fighting here, and some people had died here.

However, he didn’t find He Xiaoyu and the other people.
Besides, this area was close to the sandworms.
It was really dangerous to get down from this place.

The Wind God Boat was flying around above the Deep-Sea Jungle and found those people near the Sea Willow Tree after only ten minutes.

When he saw these people, Han Fei didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry.
Among these people, there were a few familiar faces, including Wang Baiyu, Xia Wushuang, Xiang Zuozuo, Lin Shengmu and Su Yebai.

At this moment, they seemed to be in a tight corner.
Xiang Zuozuo was holding a hammer, fighting against the roars of the Wooden Fish.

Lin Shengmu had a piece of spiritual crystal shield in front of them and Su Yebai was trying to grab the fruit from the Sea Willow Tree.

Han Fei breathed a sigh of relief.
He, it’s okay, They’re down here.”

He Mingtang asked blankly, “Huh? How do you know?”

Xia Xiaochan smiled and said, “They’re alright.
They can still fight, can’t they, Han Fei?”

Xia Xiaochan spoke with a bit of ridicule.
In fact, He Xiaoyu was like an agile elf underwater now, avoiding the tongues of the wooden fish that rolled towards her at an extremely fast speed.

She was holding two daggers, spinning among the big willow trees.
Su Yebai was assisting He Xiaoyu to avoid those tongues so that He Xiaoyu could grab the Wood Spiritual Fruits.

Han Fei chuckled awkwardly.
What He Xiaoyu used was exactly the 108 Spirit-Absorbing War Bodies.

The only thing Han Fei didn’t understand was when He Xiaoyu became a hunter?

Han Fei said, “They actually managed to pick three Wood Spiritual Fruits.”

Xia Xiaochan said, “Don’t look down on them.
After all, they are intermediate Dangling Fishers.
It would be weird if they couldn’t get them.”

He Mingtang said anxiously, “What’s going on below.
Why are you so carefree?”

But Han Fei said, “Mr.
He, don’t worry.
There are three intermediate Dangling Fishers below.
Xiaoyu will be fine.”

“Dangling Fishers?”


The sea shook, and He Mingtang jumped up, but he let out a sigh of relief.
“There are Dangling Fishers below? Then why did they ask for help? Oh, I was almost scared to death.”

Han Fei said, “Maybe someone has arrived ahead of us.
Let’s just wait here and I’ll take action when necessary.”

At this moment, Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan looked at each other.
They all thought of the little treeman who they tried to attack back then, and fortunately, he didn’t fight back.
Then, Wenren Yu arrived in time and helped them grab five Wood Spiritual Fruits.

At this moment, He Xiaoyu and her pals had already snatched three, but the little treeman hadn’t come out?

Xia Xiaochan asked, “Shall I go down and have a look?”

Han Fei nodded.
“OK, go down and have a look.
I’ll look for it here to see if I can find it.”

He looked back and forth and saw nothing.
“What are you looking for?”

Han Fei said, “In this area, there is a special creature.
As long as that creature doesn’t come out, Xiaoyu and the others will be fine.
However, I think it will come out soon.”

“A special creature?”


Xiang Zuozuo said angrily, “Damn, these wooden fish are too annoying.
Su Yebai, is there any way to control them?”

Su Yebai said, “They’re too dense.
Moreover, as of now, their roaring power has become stronger as if something is controlling these trees.”

Lin Shengmu said, “Hurry up.
Although we are already Dangling Fishers, my spiritual energy is not enough for so many of you to consume.”

Lin Shengmu turned to He Xiaoyu.
“He Xiaoyu, you are agile.
After Xiang Zuozuo attacks, you go grab Wood Spiritual Fruits as soon as possible.”

Xia Wushuang was swinging his sword.
“Hey, I can’t cut it! Does this tree have a spirit?”

Holding a shield, Wang Baiyu protected himself and Lin Shengmu behind, saying, “I should have practiced swordsmanship.
Now I’m almost useless here.”

He Xiaoyu stood on the sledgehammer of Xiang Zuozuo and jumped out.
She jumped among the countless vines, reaching out to grab a glowing Wooden Spiritual Fruit.

“Got it.”

He Xiaoyu smiled, and after severing a willow branch, she was about to return.

But as soon as she drew back for tens of meters, her head suddenly exploded in pain, and then she was thrown off.

Xiang Zuozuo shouted, “No, there is something here.”

As soon as she shouted so, Su Yebai, who was manipulating the spider silk, was instantly whipped away by a cane and rolled dozens of times on the ground.

As Xiang Zuozuo waved her sledgehammer, the hammer shadow tens of meters high smashed at the withered vine that was whipping at her.


Xiang Zuozuo was sent flying, turning in the water several times.

At the same time, Lin Shengmu, Xia Wushuang, and Wang Baiyu were also whipped away.

A voice suddenly rang, “Enough… No more…”

He Xiaoyu tilted her head in horror, her nose bleeding.
“Who is talking?”

When she saw a small treeman emerging from the bottom of the sea, she was dumbfounded.
A talking treeman?

Xiang Zuozuo jumped up to smash the hammer at the treeman.
She was already a Dangling Fisher.
How could she be afraid of these weak creatures in the level-two fishery?


A withered vine shot through the air, and once again violently whipped Xiang Zuozuo away.
“Don’t come again.”

However, no one listened.

Su Yebai’s spider silk shot out, and Lin Shengmu covered Xia Wushuang with a layer of spiritual armor.

The two pounced on the little treeman at the same time.


A withered vine suddenly appeared, rolling up the two of them.
They lost almost in an instant.
Lin Shengmu quickly said, “Senior, easy, we’re leaving.”

However, The little treeman ignored him and looked up.

A golden fist mark fell from the sky.

Bang, Bang, Bang…

After three consecutive whips, the fist mark was shattered.
But after that, dozens of fist marks smashed down.

However, at the same time, seawater changed into hundreds of withered vines, whipping at these fist marks.

The little treeman had no time to care about He Xiaoyu and Xia Wushuang now.
He asked in confusion, “Is that you? You’ve come again?”

When Han Fei’s figure appeared underwater, He Xiaoyu was stunned.

He Xiaoyu shouted cheerfully, “Han Fei?”

Xia Wushuang was confused.
“Why are you here? Am I… Dreaming?”

Seeing Han Fei, Xiang Zuozuo froze for a long while.
“You, are you back?”

Su Yebai and Lin Shengmu were not familiar with Han Fei, so they just nodded at him.
Although they were no longer Han Fei’s opponents, they didn’t want to suck up to him.

Especially after Han Fei did so many things in the level-three fishery, they knew very well it was as easy as turning his hand over for Han Fei to kill them.

The little treeman interrupted, “Human, you shouldn’t have come here.”

Han Fei smiled and said, “Wood Spiritual Fruit are not valuable things.
The six of them only got four.
Give them two more.”

The little treeman suddenly backhand whipped him, but Xia Xiaochan’s figure flashed.

Immediately afterward, Xia Xiaochan used the Thousand Strike Technique, and in the blink of an eye, pierced the little treeman like a honeycomb.

When Xia Xiaochan stopped attacking, however, the withered vines on the ground twitched and the little treeman reappeared unharmed.

He Xiaoyu and the others were dumbfounded at the scene.
How could Xia Xiaochan’s speed be so fast as to shatter the strong little treeman’s body in the blink of an eye?

The little treeman looked at Xia Xiaochan.
“Human, don’t make me attack you.”

Han Fei squinted his eyes and said, “Why not?”

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