Chapter 519 Unstoppable Killing

Everybody including Zhang Xuanyu and his friends were slightly stiffened.

Zhang Xuanyu roared angrily, “Son of a b*tch, I thought you died in there.”

Le Renkuang shouted, “Oh! Han Fei, you made it out on your own!” Xia Xiaochan said telepathically, Hehe, you’d better be ready to apologize.

All the seaweed was on a rampage within thousands of meters.
Because of the illusion, everybody saw that sea snakes were creeping excitedly.

On the other hand, Mo Qianshang’s team were all shocked.
Mo Qianshang simply roared, “Everybody, retreat!”


Han Fei sneered, “Let’s see where you can retreat to!”

Han Fei roared at a low voice, “Keep them occupied.
I’m coming!”

The soul warrior who was attracted to Le Renkuang felt that his heart was trembling and his hair was bristling.

Unfortunately, he had been fully tied up by the infinite seaweed and Le Renkuang’s Sky Swallowing Technique, which made it impossible for him to exert any strength.
He couldn’t take any action.

His first reaction was to escape.
He already took out a Flash Stone, but he felt his hand was painful in the next second.
He lowered his head, only to see that his hand was gone.

Yes, his whole hand was gone, as if it had been bitten off by something.

But his lost hand was the least of his problems for now.
When he looked back, he saw an enormous fist aura dozens of meters away.

The first aura was dark red and brutally magnificently.
It was fast approaching with turbulence.


“Explode! Explode! Explode!”

The soul warrior couldn’t be more appalled by the powerful fist aura.
Knowing that he could resist it, he launched three high-quality spiritual weapons at the first mark and detonated them.

At the same time, a crab and a giant squid protected in front of him.

At this moment, he was planning to sacrifice his two contractual spiritual beasts to save his life.

Under normal circumstances, the man could have resisted Han Fei’s Sacrificing Punch by doing so.

However, now that Han Fei was enhanced by the Majestic Mystic Spell, his punch was much more powerful than that of any Dangling Fisher.

The three exploding spiritual weapons did not weaken the fist aura at all.
The shell of the crab that was in the front was crushed instantly, and the giant squid was simply dismembered by the power of the punch.
The soul warrior was desperate at this moment.
He felt that his enemy was invincible, and he regretted that he accepted Mo Qianshang’s request…

“I don’t want to die yet…”


Instantly, the soul warrior was crushed to smithereens by the fist mark.

But the Sacrificing Punch wasn’t over yet.
Instead, like a beam of light, it soared up to the surface of the ocean, shattering all the seaweed on its way, causing a hole in the seaweed wall.

The Dagger Trap that had been confining Le Renkuang and the others was destroyed! “Gudu!”


Le Renkuang swallowed, and his eyes almost bulged out.
Wasn’t this attack too powerful and unstoppable? That was a real genius soul warrior on the Wanted List, but he had been blown up by one punch?

Zhang Xuanyu was instantly dumbfounded.
Who could’ve possibly resisted that? What had this jerk acquired from the Abyssal Chasm?

Weird brilliance beamed out of Xia Xiaochan’s eyes.
That’s awesome!”

When Han Fei launched the punch, the enemy’s manipulator was the first to run.

She had to run! Even the soul warrior had been blown up by one punch.
She would definitely be killed easily here as a manipulator.

Then, the enemy’s spirit gatherer left too, as it was impossible to fight the battle anymore after Han Fei killed someone the moment he showed up.

Mo Qianshang was greatly shocked and instantly squeezed his Flash Stone.
His team was equal to Luo Xiaobai’s team.
He had called another two helpers here in order to consume Luo Xiaobai’s resources.
But he didn’t foresee that Han Fei would join the battle in such a way.
Didn’t they say that this guy never came out after entering the Abyssal Chasm?

After Mo Qianshang ran away, only the hunter who could turn into smoke managed to escape.

The last two people left behind were the soul warrior who would turn into sand and the hunter who could swap with his shadow.

They too wanted to run, but the hunter was under Xia Xiaochan’s attack and had no chance to use his Flash Stone he took out.

As for the soul warrior who turned into sand, he seemed indestructible but he wasn’t really so.
At this moment, all three Zhang Xuanyu copies were attacking him simultaneously, and Luo Xiaobai’s vines had already tied him up.
After drinking a few mouthfuls of the Candle Dragon Blood, Han Fei charged at them.

Seeing that Han Fei was coming, Zhang Xuanyu asked, “What do we do with the sand?”

Han Fei said with a smile, “Since he can turn into sand, we’ll crush every grain of the sand and separate them.”

This time, Han Fei used the Art of Invincibility instead of the Sacrificing Punch.

Punching out a hundred golden fist auras, he blew up all the grains of sand that made up the soul warrior together with Zhang Xuanyu.

Then, Han Fei grabbed a handful of sand and squashed it crazily.
The golden sand soon became red.

A voice came from the void.
“Don’t kill me.
I can take you to Mo Qianshang.” Zhang Xuanyu cursed, “You’re begging for mercy now? Let me tell you, you won’t get any.” During the battle, Mo Qianshang was undoubtedly the trickiest enemy to deal with, this soul warrior ranked second, and the hunter who could turn into smoke came after that.

Han Fei grinned.
“I can find him out on my own.
I don’t need you.”

In no more than a hundred seconds, the man was crumbled alive.
It was true that he could turn into sand, but he wasn’t really undying even though he had unusual talents.

Then, Han Fei did not need to take action again.
Having been chased by Mo Qianshang’s team for a long time, Zhang Xuanyu and the others seized the rare opportunity of counterattack and attacked the hunter together.

Knowing that it was impossible to escape or beg for mercy, the hunter detonated himself.

Le Renkuang had foreseen that he would kill himself.
At the moment of the explosion, he summoned multiple shields, and everybody was barely scratched under the explosion.
“Exhilarating!” Zhang Xuanyu roared and gave Han Fei a bear hug.
“You ass*ole, did you go into the Abyssal Chasm against the sword currents?”

Han Fei asked in surprise, “Huh? How do you know that?”

Zhang Xuanyu said gloomily, “How would I not know that? When I came back for you, I thought you went into the first treasure trove.
I dared not to enter it, but I couldn’t resist the sword torrents behind it…”

Han Fei patted Zhang Xuanyu’s shoulder and said, “Good thing that you didn’t enter it.
I was too scared to enter the first treasure trove too.” Clink!

Feeling the sting on his waist, Han Fei was quite lost for words.
“Xia Xiaochan, would you stop stabbing me every time we meet? That’s really a bad habit.”

Xia Xiaochan said grimly, “Explain to me! Why didn’t you come for me at the edge of the Steps into the Sea, but instead you went to the Abyssal Chasm?”

Han Fei shrugged.
“I think you should understand me.
I went for Zhang Xuanyu and to explore the treasure trove, and you had to stay outside to keep an eye on Le Renkuang and Luo Xiaobai.
We had to split up, didn’t we?”

Xia Xiaochan snorted.
“You didn’t tell me that.
I heard it from other people after you entered the Abyssal Chasm.”

Han Fei said with a smile, “But I’m already back, am I not?”

Le Renkuang, on the other hand, jumped at him.
“Han Fei, I’ve really suffered…”

Han Fei was rendered speechless.
“How exactly did you suffer? I see that you can eat everything right now.
You think that’s suffering? Speaking of which, it’s really a disgusting technique.”

Le Renkuang begged, “I want to have hotpot.
My Sea Swallowing Seashell exploded.
All the seasonings in it were gone.
You have no idea how miserable I have been since then.”

Han Fei was dumbfounded.
“Sea Swallowing Seashells can explode?”

Le Renkuang snorted.
“Let’s get out of here already!”

Luo Xiaobai and Han Fei said at the same time, “We can’t yet!”

Luo Xiaobai smiled at Han Fei.
“Welcome back.”

Han Fei rolled his eyes.
“Do you have to be so courteous? Just drop the manners.”

Luo Xiaobai looked at Xia Xiaochan weirdly and then back at Han Fei.
“Do you want me to hug you too?”

Han Fei was briefly stunned.
Sensing that the dagger that was stuck to his waist was pressing forward, he said quickly with a smile, “I was just kidding.”

As he talked, Han Fei grew solemn.
“Multiple dragon boats came from outside and surrounded the seaweed wall.
There are spies everywhere.
Also, what happened between you and Mo Qianshang?”

Luo Xiaobai’s face slightly turned cold.
“It’s a long story.
Let’s finish them first and then go out.”

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