Chapter 516 Han Fei Is Here (2)

In the eyes of the experts, those who were weaker than them were usually considered deliveries, and robbing those people was as exciting as opening a present.

At this moment, when Han Fei was about to pass Tu Fang, Tu Fang suddenly cast out his fishing hook and tied up Han Fei’s feet.
Then, a short spear was darted close as fast as a shooting star.
Tu Fang grinned.
It only took him one attack to deal with a regular advanced Dangling Fisher.
He didn’t even need to continue his attack.
However, while Tu Fang was smiling, he found that Han Fei stopped and looked at him with a vague smile.

“Huh? Why is he smiling?”

In the next second, he saw that a golden fist smashed on the short spear so powerfully that the seemingly unstoppable short spear was easily blown away.

“Not good!”

Tu Fang’s first thought was that this man was only pretending to be weak.
His second thought that was the man was from the Thousand Star City.

In any case, since the man resisted his attack so casually, the man was definitely among the best experts of his level.
He didn’t know if the man was on the Wanted List, but he did know that many people weren’t on the Wanted List not because they were weak but because they always kept a low profile.

Tu Fang’s first reaction was to squeeze his Flash Stone.
But the moment he took out his stone, a fishing hook appeared out of nowhere and grabbed it away.

Before Tu Fang took out a second Flash Stone, he had seen dozens of fist auras being punched at him.

Under the overwhelming fist auras, Tu Fang exclaimed in shock, “You’re Han Fei?”

Tu Fang thought of Han Fei.
There were experts who were good at using fists in the level-three fishery, but Cao Tian and Chen Aochen were well-acknowledged to be the best.

Most people did not know them, because they weren’t on the Wanted List.
Also, as the Heavenly Talents from the Thousand Star City, nobody dared to hunt them.

However, Since Han Fei beat Hanging Fishers with his fists out of the Steps into the Sea, his skills at boxing had been well-known.

On the Wanted List, there were no more than five people who were good with fists, and Han Fei was the best one.
Remembering that Han Fei had a disguise technique, Tu Fang was shocked.

“Brother Han, wait a second!”

Tu Fang broke the fist auras with his high-quality spiritual weapon in frustration.
What frightened him was that each fist aura was as powerful as the other.
He stepped hundreds of meters back while resisting them.


When the last fist aura smashed him, Tu Fang suddenly had an outburst.
He unleashed a watery blast with his rod and injected one third of his spiritual energy into it.


Tu Fang was flung away, leaving a trail of dozens of meters long on the ground.
All the seaweed and coral on the way were crumbled.

In the next second, Han Fei had already stuck the long saber he was holding to Tu Fang’s neck.

Han Fei said with a smile, “I didn’t know until this day that the experts on the Wanted List are actually rather weak even though they’re troublemakers.
I’ll give you a chance.
Tell me where Luo Xiaobai and her partners are!”

Tu Fang swallowed hard.
He had been seriously struck.

I am weak? How can you say that I’m weak?

I couldn’t have resisted dozens of punches from you if I were weak, could I? If I were weak, I would’ve been killed after you punched me for the first time, alright?

But of course, Tu Fang dare not complain at all.
He simply said carefully, “Brother Han, we finally meet.
These ten Sea Swallowing Seashells will be my reparation.
I can help you find Luo Xiaobai and your other friends.”

As he talked, Tu Fang waved his hand, and ten Sea Swallowing Seashells floated in the water.

Han Fei also waved his hand and collected the ten Sea Swallowing Seashells matter-of-factly.

Without examining the Sea Swallowing Seashells, Han Fei asked with a smile, “You know where they are?”

Tu Fang spoke telepathically and awkwardly, I know the place where they’ll have a big fight, but I don’t know exactly where they are at this present moment.
Han Fei grew impatient.
“Go on!”

Looking at the knife in Han Fei’s hand, Tu Fang said, “Brother Han, would you please sheathe your weapon first? This is completely a misunderstanding.
You’re the last person that I would ever rob in the world!”

Han Fei slightly tilted his head.
“Do I know you? Stop calling me Brother Han.
You talk first.
I’ll consider if I’ll let go of you when you’re done, provided that you don’t lie to me.”

Tu Fang slightly moved his neck and his body back, fearing that Han Fei would accidentally cut his head off.
After all, he could sense that Han Fei was holding an ultra-quality spiritual weapon.
Han Fei didn’t care too much about that.
The man couldn’t go anywhere with his hands raised anyway.
“You’ve come at a perfect time.
Earlier today, Luo Xiaobai and the others appeared in the seaweed wall five thousand kilometers from here…”

Han Fei immediately roared, “Think carefully before you say anything.
You were ambushing the passers-by here, but you know what happened five thousand kilometers away? Do you take me for a fool?”

Tu Fang said quickly, “Of course not! I wasn’t ambushing in this place at the beginning.
Back then, I was closer to the seaweed wall.
But you know that the people on the Wanted List like me can’t reveal ourselves too often, and there were people everywhere near the seaweed wall.
I was afraid that I would be discovered and attacked together, so I came here.

“Besides what?”

Tu Fang said with a smile, “Luo Xiaobai isn’t fighting Mo Qianshang’s team, but another group.
You know that Zhang Liang, the 26th place, died, right? Many of his teammates were wounded too.
I followed them here, but I had to quit pursuing them after I was found.”

Han Fei was quite chilled.
He realized that Tu Fang didn’t care who would win the battle, and that the man would only take advantage of the team that lost it.

Han Fei thought for a moment and knew that he would probably make the same choice if he were in Tu Fang’s shoes.

What good stuff could be there in an ordinary person’s Sea Swallowing Seashell? Could they generously offer ten Sea Swallowing Seashells like Tu Fang did?

But this was definitely not a good man.
If Luo Xiaobai had failed the battle, he probably would’ve tailed her.

Han Fei couldn’t help but ask, “Where are they?”

Tu Fang pointed at Han Fei’s back.
“Over there.
You’ll reach the sponge area if you go on three thousand kilometers in that direction.
Today, they fought from the sponge area to the seaweed wall.”

Han Fei subconsciously looked at that direction, but the moment he was distracted, Tu Fang suddenly exerted strength on his feet and leaped back while he squeezed a Flash Stone.

Han Fei reacted fast enough.
He didn’t intend to let go of Tu Fang at all, who was shrewd, strong, and definitely had more than ten Sea Swallowing Seashells.

Han Fei’s Blood Drinking Knife was instantly launched.
It was so intimidating that even the seawater was cut open.

It was too fast.

Tu Fang was greatly appalled, as Han Fei was simply too strong and reacted too fast.
He only sought a chance to squeeze his Flash Stone, but Han Fei caught that chance.


When the brilliance of the knife burst out, Tu Fang protected himself with a turtle contractual spiritual beast even though it was very valuable.

Han Fei hadn’t used the Drawing Technique for a long time, and his saber will had accumulated for a long time.
Back then, even Gong Yuehan couldn’t possibly resist three attacks from Han Fei, who was much weaker than right now.

After one crack, the contractual spiritual beast was chopped apart by Han Fei.

Almost at the same time, the Flash Stone was squeezed, and Tu Fang disappeared, leaving a broken arm behind.

In Han Fei’s perception, Tu Fang appeared eight kilometers away and was running to the edge of the Sea Grassland at a high speed.

Han Fei slightly frowned, as the man was surprisingly smart.

He knew that Han Fei was going into the Sea Grassland to look for someone, so he ran out of the place the moment he fled.

Han Fei couldn’t help but smile.
“Today is your lucky day.”

Han Fei wasn’t sure if Tu Fang was speaking the truth, but he didn’t really care.

This was just the Sea Grassland, which was the first major treasure trove he explored after he came to the level-three fishery.
He had the best survival abilities in this place.
Also, he didn’t think that anyone could stop him except the squads whose members were all on the Wanted List.

Thinking about that, Han Fei swam to the direction where Tu Fang pointed earlier.

What Han Fei didn’t know was that the news of his arrival was spread out no more than an hour after Tu Fang escaped.

Knowing that it was impossible for him to avenge himself in his current state even though he hated Han Fei’s guts, Tu Fang held his broken arm and declared brutally, “It’s true that I can’t kill you, but there are plenty of people on the dragon boats.
If you linger on in the Sea Grassland, there’s no way you can get away.”

While Tu Fang crazily disseminated the news of Han Fei’s arrival, Han Fei ran into a hundred-person team.

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