Chapter 509 The So-Called Treasures

Han Fei’s attention was immediately attracted by the Candle Dragon Blood.
It was like a luminous pearl in the dark night, so dazzling.


Han Fei’s eyelids jumped.
It’s crazy! Did Ren Tianfei slaughter a dragon before? This is too crazy! A whole pool of Candle Dragon Blood?

Before, in the door of the Hexagon Starfish, a drop of Candle Dragon Blood turned him into a fatty.
But here, there was a damn pool of it! Han Fei felt that he would be blown up if he sucked it all up.
There was no second possibility.

Han Fei exhaled deeply, filled with puzzlement.
The energy of the entire Abyssal Chasm had been sucked away.
Why did the pool of Candle Dragon Blood remain untouched? The only explanation Han Fei could think of was that Ren Tianfei was too strong and the seal he placed was too strong.
Even the mysterious sucking power of the Abyssal Chasm couldn’t suck any energy from here.

Han Fei looked away from the pool with difficulty and began to look around the room.

Obviously, this room was forcibly broken open from the outside.
There were huge fist marks on the rock wall, which was in line with Ren Tianfei’s style.

In the corner of the room, there was a large stone bed with some crushed and dried seaweed on it.
Next to the bed was a stone table with some fish skin on it.

Except for these two things, Han Fei didn’t see anything else.

On the rock wall opposite the bed, there was a sunken five-meter large fist mark in the rock wall.

Han Fei sneered.
“I can’t believe Ren Tianfei left a big punch mark on the wall of his own room.
Did he take it as a decoration?”

Han Fei didn’t pay any attention to the fist mark anymore.
His first goal was neither the fish skin nor the fist mark, but the treasures Ren Tianfei left him.

But there was nothing else here! The only thing left was the stone table, which looked no different from the one in the Mantis Shrimp cave.
Did this guy leave him a combat skill or something? Han Fei hurried forward and found that there were only three pieces of fish skin on the table.

There was a drawing on one piece of fish skin, which seemed to be a floating island.

On another piece of fish skin were written notes, which seemed to be left for him.

And a big fist was drawn on the third piece of fish skin.

Han Fei’s face turned green.
He felt outraged.
F*ck, I tried so hard to get to this place and you just left me these?

Han Fei tried to suppress his anger and picked up the fish skin with the words on it.

“Huh! Haven’t you died yet…”

When Han Fei saw this, he didn’t know what to say.
Are you f*cking looking forward to my death?

Skipping the first line, Han Fei continued to read.

“Being able to enter the Abyssal Chasm and get here means that you should have broken through to be a Hanging Fisher.
Otherwise, you would definitely not have been able to pass the first two tests.
However, since you have entered, it shows that you are quite talented.
Now I will tell you a few things…”

“First of all, I don’t have any messy divine weapons or combat skills for you here.
Now that you have come here, you must have broken the second barrier.
Regarding the Indestructible Body Art, my first clone should have already explained to you, so I won’t talk about it anymore.
Why did I let the first clone tell you? That’s because if you didn’t meet my standards, you would never have the opportunity to see my second clone.
Now that you have made it here, you are already my disciple…”

“F*ck you.
Your second clone kept battering me for two months! Is there anyone who teaches disciples like this? If I see you in person, I will beat the hell out of you…”

Next, Ren Tianfei finally got to the point.

He said, “You will need a lot of energy after breaking the second barrier of the Indestructible Body Art.
The longer you practice the Indestructible Body, the more energy is required.
The 30 drops of Candle Dragon Blood in the pool are for you! After you absorbed it the first time, you must have become very fat, I guess you know this.
At that time, you were still too weak to absorb much.
But with your current physique, you should be able to completely absorb a drop of Candle Dragon Blood.
Remember do not use the blood unless necessary.
You’d better leave about 10 drops to break through the third barrier of the Indestructible Body Art…”

Han Fei was taken aback.
“Are you kidding me? Are there only 30 drops of Candle Dragon Blood in such a big pool? Does a drop of blood weigh dozens of catties?”

Han Fei was helpless.
He had thought that a so-called drop of Candle Dragon Blood was the size of a small drop of water! Now how should he use this stuff? Would he have to say, “Wait a minute, let me take a mouthful of blood,” in battle?

Han Fei shivered all over when he imagined that scene.
That would make him a joke!

Ren Tianfei continued, “You don’t have to be in a hurry to break the third barrier of the Indestructible Body Art.
You just need to cultivate normally.
After you finish refining your flesh and blood, continue to temper your bones! When one day, you find that your bones become bright white and shiny without any impurities, It means that the third barrier has come.”

Han Fei bore this in mind.
He had become quite strong after breaking the second barrier of the Indestructible Body! Then how strong would he be if he broke the third barrier?

Next, Ren Tianfei said solemnly, “Although I didn’t leave you any divine weapons, I left a punch for you.
With it, I bet you’ll be invincible in the Unknown place.”

Han Fei’s eyes immediately lit up.
This is too crazy! I dare not say that I’m Invincible even with the Art of Invincibility… And the big fist mark and a map you left me can make me invincible in the Unknown Place?

In the end, Ren Tianfei wrote, “When you break the third barrier of the Indestructible Body Art, you and I will meet.
By the way, good luck…”

He had told him all that should be said.
The so-called treasures of the old b*stard were 30 drops of Candle Dragon Blood and a big fist mark.

But Han Fei was somewhat puzzled.
What did the floating island on another fish-skin map mean?

Han Fei didn’t immediately study the big fist mark, but picked up the picture with the floating island.

In the picture, a floating island was hanging in the sky.
Below it was a vast ocean, and above it were clouds.

“Wait a minute…”

Suddenly, Han Fei frowned.
He saw that among the clouds, there was an inconspicuous pair of eyes.

When Han Fei’s eyes met the pair of eyes in the clouds, he suddenly froze and a sense of horror emerged spontaneously.
“There is a secret above the clouds!”

Han Fei took a breath and didn’t look at those eyes again.
With just a glance at them, he felt a chill down his spine and his whole body was frozen.

“This old b*stard left me a picture but didn’t make it clear why he left me this picture! What are the eyes in the clouds?”.

Han Fei returned to his senses slightly.
The feeling just now was more like a warning.

But what did Ren Tianfei want to warn him about?

Han Fei couldn’t figure it out, so he could only keep the picture first.
He guessed that the city must be the Thousand Star City! But he was still far from the Thousand Star City now.

He would stay in the Unknown Place for a few years.

After spending a year in the level-three fishery, Han Fei already felt that there were too many things for him to explore.
The Unknowable Place was much more dangerous than the level-three fishery and had naturally much more to explore.
So he wouldn’t go to the Thousand Star City for a while!

Then Han Fei began to look at the big fist mark left by Ren Tianfei.

Han Fei held up the fish skin map, comparing it with the fist mark on the rock wall but didn’t find anything special!

Staring at the fish skin map for a long time, Han Fei felt that this seemed like a combat skill, but not like a combat skill.
The Demon Purification Pot had no information about it.

Putting the fish skin map away, Han Fei ran up to the rock wall and tried hitting the fist mark left by Ren Tianfei with his fist.

To his shock, the next second, he felt that all the energy in his body was almost drained in the blink of an eye.
The Qi and blood in his body, from head to toe, gushed into his fist in a strange way.


A fist shadow over five meters in size erupted from Han Fei’s fist and crashed into the fist mark on the rock wall.


Han Fei immediately spouted blood and then exclaimed, “A secret method!”

But at this moment, Han Fei couldn’t take much care of it, so he sat directly on the ground, took out the cauldron, and started to stuff food into his mouth.

Now, Han Fei would always cook a pot of Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumber and put it in Forge the Universe.
Whenever he needed it, he would just take it out and eat.
It wouldn’t go bad in Forge the Universe anyway.

Han Fei slowly recovered after half an hour, staring at his fist blankly.

Just now, Han Fei’s energy was drawn away.
Besides, it was not transmitted to the fist through the meridians, but from the flesh and bones, which then appeared on the fist.
Han Fei’s first feeling was that his speed became very fast and then he became very strong.
However, this blow almost exhausted all his energy.
If in battle…

Suddenly, when Han Fei glimpsed at the Candle Dragon Blood, he seemed to figure out something

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