Chapter 501 Big Fish Phantom

“Huh! You actually survived my attack?”

The big fish was slightly surprised and turned to whip her tail at Han Fei.


Once again, Han Fei was thrown heavily into another coral bush, leaving a gully hundreds of meters long on the seabed.


Han Fei spurted blood and he was stunned.
This is only a phantom but it is so powerful! If the real fish were here, wouldn’t I be blown to death by a single breath from her?

And Han Fei could feel that the big fish seemed to have defeated him without spending a little effort.

Beside her, the little Time Dragon Carp was crying.
“Mom, take me away! Take me out, Mom… Mom, I don’t want to be here… Mom, I want to eat delicious food… Mom…”

The big fish tilted her head helplessly.
“Baby, you can’t go out for the time being.
Wait some a little longer! Didn’t this man give you delicious food? You can eat his food!”

Then the big fish phantom looked at Han Fei.
“Human, take out your food.”

Han Fei: “???”

Han Fei suddenly lunged to his feet, used the Divine Healing Technique on himself, stepped on the Spirit Gathering Formation under his feet, and took a deep breath.
With a flash between his eyebrows, Little Black and Little White appeared.


“Humph, are you bullying me?! Yes, I can’t beat you, but I promise that if you kill me, someone will definitely kill your daughter.”

However, the big fish gave a surprised exclamation again.
Suddenly, Han Fei felt the surrounding seawater twist.
In the blink of an eye, his fusion state was forcibly interrupted.

“Mom, take me away! Take me out, Mom… Mom, I don’t want to be here… Mom, I want to eat delicious food… Mom…”

The big fish tilted her head helplessly again.
“Baby, you can’t go out for the time being.
Wait a little longer! Didn’t this man give you delicious food? You can eat his food!”

Han Fei heard that the little Time Dragon Carp was crying and asking the big fish phantom to take her out, but then the big fish phantom said exactly the same words as before? What was going on here?

“That’s not right!”

Han Fei quickly looked at his feet, then at Xiao Se and the little Time Dragon Carp, and was shocked.

“Ba… Back in time?”


Han Fei was completely stupefied! There was a storm in his heart.
Can this fish reverse time? Can it control time?


The big fish phantom looked at Han Fei.
“Summon your spiritual beasts.”

Han Fei asked nervously, “Wh… Why?”

The big fish phantom said lightly, “Don’t worry.
I’m not going to kill you.
Let me see those two little fishes.” Han Fei gritted his teeth, thought for a moment, and then with a flash between his brows, Little Black and Little White appeared again.

He had no choice! The phantom on the opposite side was much stronger than he, so he dared not to defy her order.
However, this thing was really shockingly strong! She could even reverse time? Who can resist her? If he didn’t call out Little Black and Little White, he might have been killed by her immediately.

But Han Fei wasn’t that scared.
Anyway, he still had the Sky Dissecting Finger, which was his trump card.

Xiao Se was dumbfounded.
Two little fishes? Isn’t there only one fish?

However, in the face of these strong masters, he dare not speak, let alone ask.

The big fish phantom looked at Little Black and Little White for a long time, and then looked at Han Fei with a complicated expression.
“You, how can you deserve… Forget it, you can be called a peerless genius in such a small place.
That’s it.
Are you willing to be my daughter’s guardian?” Han Fei narrowed his eyes and immediately put away Little Black and Little White, and then said, “No, I can’t be anyone’s servant.” Han Fei was counting time.
He had decided to enter Forge the Universe.
Although I can’t beat you, I can hide from you! Don’t even think about making me call a fish ‘Master’ like Xiao Se!

Just as Han Fei was about to enter Forge the Universe, he heard the big fish phantom saying, “Forget it.
After all, you are barely on the road of invincibility, and I should show some respect to the pride of a genius.
Otherwise, the road of invincibility will be broken and you’ll have no value.”

A golden light flashed on the head of the big fish phantom and Han Fei found a quaint ring fell on his hand.

Han Fei’s face changed drastically.
“What is this?”

“Don’t worry.
I’ve just left a mark on you.
Although you can’t be the guardian of my daughter, you have to promise me one thing, or I will kill you now.
As for your threat, humph, that’s just a joke.
Your vision is still too small…”

Han Fei swallowed.
“Ahem… Senior, what is it?”

Han Fei was just making a bluff! His trump card was just the Sky Dissecting Finger, and he certainly didn’t want to use it.

As far as the strength of this big fish phantom, even Old Bai wouldn’t be able to resist a single whipping of her tail.
Could Old Bai reverse time?

As for Ren Tianfei, he knew nothing about that guy.
Would he be willing to fight such a super fierce beast for him?

Han Fei felt it was impossible.
After all, he had never seen Ren Tianfei.
Even if he died, Ren Tianfei wouldn’t even know it.

The big fish phantom said lightly, “In the future, when the time is right, I will send my daughter to you for a while.”

Han Fei blinked.
“When will the time be right?”

The big fish phantom said indifferently, “Wait until you can solve your own disaster.
If you can’t even hide from your own disaster, then forget what I just said and you won’t see my daughter again.” Han Fei frowned.
This big fish seemed to know something, so he couldn’t help asking, “Senior, what disaster will I have? Is it about women?”


Han Fei was thrown into a coral bush again, even more miserable than before, leaving nothing but pieces.

Han Fei was speechless.
Why did you beat me again? Why keep beating me? The faceless man in the ghost ship said that I have a disaster arising from romance! So I thought my disaster would be about a woman.

The big fish phantom said, “Every man has his own destiny.
You will find out when you encounter it in the future.
If I tell you about it now, it won’t be your disaster.”

Han Fei coughed and got up.
“Senior, can you give me a hint?”

The big fish cast a sideways glance at Han Fei.
“The secret must not be revealed.
Besides, even if I tell you, it won’t help.”


At this time, the big fish phantom’s body began to fade and she said softly to the little carp, “Baby, remember this little brother.
In the future, if you have a chance to meet him again, call him Little Brother.
If he asks you to call him father, tell me and I’ll kill him.”

Han Fei: “…”

Xiao Se was trembling in horror.
Han Fei was not killed? And Han Fei might take care of Little Master for some time in the future? What the hell was going on here?

Why could I only become a guardian, while Han Fei could take care of’ Little Master for some time?

Han Fei was disappointed not to get a hint from the phantom.
However, he still said seriously, “Senior, I will solve my disaster by myself.
But, is it possible… For Little Time not to eat people? Actually, there are still a lot of energy-containing creatures in the ocean! How much energy can the human body contain?” The big fish phantom suddenly looked at Han Fei.
“What did you call my baby?”

Han Fei paused for a moment.
“Little… Little Time!”

“Why did you call her ‘time’?” Han Fei felt his heart skip a beat.
Oh yes! I am not supposed to know this fish.

Little Black and Little White had been exposed, but the Demon Purification Pot must not be exposed.
Therefore, Han Fei quickly said, “Well, didn’t you just reverse time? So I think… This name is suitable!”

The big fish phantom nodded slightly.
“My daughter never eats people.
This chasm is a place to swallow energy.
With or without my daughter, it will devour energy.
Those who are completely lost are already dying and their energy will return to the world in the end.
My daughter just sucks the energy that returns to the world! Even if my daughter really eats them, she just abides by the natural law.
Men and fish eat each other, which is fair.
Do you think humans are masters of all things?”

Han Fei smiled awkwardly.
He certainly wouldn’t answer this tricky question! Anyway, he survived.
I’m not going to discuss this with you… What if you get pissed off? What if you pat me to death with your tail?

Then the big fish phantom turned her eyes to Xiao Se.
“Humph, your talent is not bad but you’re so weak.
You tried to lure my daughter into teaching you the Time Reversing Art with energy, which is intolerable! Now I’ll take back this technique from you as a punishment!”

With that, a mystic light rose from Xiao Se’s body and was swallowed by the big fish.
Xiao Se hurriedly responded respectfully, “Thank you for sparing my life, Master!”

Feeling the atmosphere was a little weird, Little Time looked left and right, then rubbed her head intimately against the big fish phantom.

“Mom, I want to eat.
I want to go out to play.
Let me out! Mom…”

Little Time pouted and cried, and the big fish phantom tuned her eyes to Han Fei.

Han Fei shivered and quickly said, “Little Time, come here, I have a lot of delicious foods for you…”

Then he took out a lot of things, including 100 Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumbers, all the crisps, other kinds of octopus, big fish, and crabs, which were piled high like a mountain.

Han Fei grinned and said, “Little Time, these are all yours.”

Little Time immediately jumped into the food pile with a swoosh and said sweetly, “Thank you, Little Brother!”

Xiao Se was dumbfounded when he saw Han Fei took out a seemingly endless pile of food.
How much f*cking food do you have? Are you really a normal cultivator? Who the hell would bring so much food coming to the level-three fishery?

The big fish phantom nodded in satisfaction, and then said to Xiao Se, “In the future, feed my daughter according to this standard.” After that, the big fish phantom said to Han Fei, “You shouldn’t be here now.

“Wait a minute!”

The big fish phantom looked at Han Fei, seemingly dissatisfied.
Han Fei hurriedly said, “Well, Senior, can you tell me where this is? Maybe I can bring more delicious food to Little Time in the future.
I am a good cook and I can make much delicious food.”

The big fish phantom said indifferently, “This is Time River, and what it reflects is the past.
If it weren’t for my daughter summoning you, you wouldn’t be able to come in at all, and you wouldn’t need to come in.
When you survive your disaster, you may meet her again.” As the water rippled, the beautiful scene in front of his eyes disappeared with a swish.
When he appeared again, he had already appeared on the dragon boat.

“Damn it! That… Was scary!”

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