Chapter 497 The Gone Men

As a matter of fact, Han Fei didn’t rescue everybody.

Some people were completely crazy and lost.
They didn’t regain their sanity even after having the Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumbers.

Zhang Xuanyu attracted the survivors to him easily without using any tricks.
Here, anyone with energy would be the boss.

Han Fei had given Zhang Xuanyu three hundred Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumbers, which contained abundant spiritual energy.
Those people could subsist on the food for one day even if they were all peak-level Dangling Fishers.
Besides, neither Han Fei nor Zhang Xuanyu would make them full.
Zhang Xuanyu was distributing the food individually and telling them that they should not eat it if they wanted to live because it was the only chance for them to escape alive.
It was at this moment that Han Fei realized he couldn’t save everyone.

There were three hundred people here who went crazy after they had the Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumbers and digested them.

In their craziness, they charged back into the crowd, resulting in the deaths of dozens of people.

Eventually, Han Fei took action and kicked all of them out.

Based on the final statistics, the people who were sane in the end weren’t as many as anticipated.
There were only 1,001 of them.

But in fact, the number wasn’t really small.
Han Fei couldn’t even imagine how he could’ve survived in this place for so long without any energy if he were in their shoes.

A lot of brutal and heartbreaking stories must’ve happened, but nobody was willing to talk about them.

The group of people under Xiao Se’s lead lined up and received food from Zhang Xuanyu.

At this moment, it was Han Fei’s turn to observe Xiao Se in secret.

The people who were receiving the food in lines were weeping with tears of joy and expressing their gratitude.

“Bro, I can’t thank you enough.
My life will be yours from today on.”

“You’re a lifesaver.
If we make it out alive, I will never hesitate whenever you ask me to do anything.”

“Brother Zhang, Brother Han, thank you very much.”

Han Fei simply smiled but didn’t say anything, but Zhang Xuanyu talked to them now and then.

Xiao Se came to Han Fei.
“Brother Han, it’s so great that you’re here! Had it not been for you, I really don’t know how we could’ve survived this… It’s really devastating.” Han Fei said with a smile, “You’re flattering me.
This is just a regular good thing that I do.”

“You are a great man, Brother Han.
I know you’re here only to save Brother Zhang, but you’ve also given a second life to so many other people.”

Han Fei chuckled.
“Brother Xiao, you’re really exaggerating my contribution.”

Xiao Se said uneasily, “I have yet another favor to ask of you.
I wonder, can you lead us out of this area, Brother Han?” Han Fei was intrigued.
He knew that the show was on.

He thought to himself, That’s what you really want to know, isn’t it?

Han Fei’s face was slightly grim.
“I’m afraid I can’t go out with you.”

Many people were shocked to hear that.
“Brother Han, why don’t you leave with us? The Abyssal Chasm is too dangerous to be explored!”

“Brother Han, we’ve consumed so much of your food.
If you must continue your exploration, you’d better prepare enough food!”

“Brother Han…”

Xiao Se also said, “Brother Han, you are the strongest man here.
If you don’t come with us, we’re afraid…”

Han Fei said with a smile, “Zhang Xuanyu, Wang Baiwan, and the others are still in their peak state without being weakened at all.
Also, I can tell that Brother Xiao is an advanced Dangling Fisher, just like me.
I’m certainly not the strongest man here.”

Xiao Se added, “Well… Sigh! Brother Han, it will be a dangerous trip.
You should return immediately if you find it too hard.”

Han Fei said with a smile, “Thank you for your kindness, Brother Xiao.”

Zhang Xuanyu was distributing food with his back against them.
He rolled his eyes at those two hypocrites non-stop as he listened.

After Xiao Se asked the questions, Han Fei seized the chance and said to Zhang Xuanyu, “Xuanyu, it will be your responsibility to take them out of here.”

Zhang Xuanyu was stunned.
“You’re leaving now?”

Han Fei said, “I’ll explain everything to you when everything is over.” Zhang Xuanyu pondered for a moment and said, “Okay, I’ll wait for you outside.”

Han Fei left very quickly.
He simply jumped off from the top of the dragon boat and disappeared.

Sun Ruoruo asked, “Zhang Xuanyu, why is Han Fei gone? It’s really dangerous out there? We haven’t really entered the Abyssal Chasm yet, but it’s already so hard.
How much harder will it be inside?”

Liu Fenfang said, “That’s right! Are you not worried at all that Brother Han is doing this on his own?”

Considering for a moment, Wang Baiwan said, “Why don’t we go with him? We can at least take care of each other.”

Zhang Xuanyu said with a smile, “That’s alright.
You will only be a burden for him even if you three are combined.”

After that, Zhang Xuanyu roared, “Everybody, leave the boat with me and try your luck.
We only have one chance… Let’s go!”

Leadership was a stranger thing.
Whether it was a big crowd or a small one, there would always be followers as long as they had a leader, especially on such an occasion where everybody had been given a chance for survival.

Nobody knew where the Spectral Ferrymen were from.

At this moment, Zhang Xuanyu was following a Spectral Ferryman with thousands of people.
The Spectral Ferryman was slowly moving to the periphery with a boat on his shoulder.

They knew that the Spectral Ferryman was moving to the periphery because there was another Spectral Ferryman that was going in the same direction.
Also, they encountered a third Spectral Ferryman that was sailing to the dragon boat.

At this moment, Xiao Se was swimming next to Zhang Xuanyu.
“Brother Zhang, that thing is too slow.
Now that we’ve already found out the direction, why don’t we simply swim there? It would be much faster!”

Zhang Xuanyu grinned at Xiao Se.
“That’s different.
We all have sailed boats before.
The tiniest deviation on a boat may lead to a completely different direction in the vast sea.
So, we must follow the Spectral Fisherman even though it’s slow.” Sun Ruoruo said, “That’s right! When we came, everybody followed the ferryman, so we have to follow them to go back too.
We would all be killed here if we lose our way.”

Xiao Se smiled but didn’t say anything.

Half a day passed.

The Spectral Ferryman moved faster.
But at this moment, someone said telepathically, Brother Zhang, someone disappeared.

Zhang Xuanyu had a bad feeling after hearing that.
He subconsciously looked at Xiao Se, but the man hadn’t done anything unusual.
Why did someone go missing? Zhang Xuanyu pointed.
“You come, here.”

After the reporter came close, Zhang Xuanyu asked, “How did you find this out?”

The man replied nervously, “I was behind him and chatted with him several times, but after I turned my head around just now, I found that he disappeared.
I looked around but didn’t see him anywhere.”

Xiao Se turned grave.
“Everybody, see if anyone around you is missing.”

A moment later…

“One person is missing on my side.”

“The guy who was with me just now has vanished.”

“Not good.
The guy behind me is gone.”

For a moment, the crowd was in turmoil.

Zhang Xuanyu announced telepathically, Don’t panic.
Everybody, move forward in lines and keep an eye on your surroundings.
Report to me whenever anyone disappears again.
Don’t slow down.
Keep up with the ferryman.

Because only ten people had gone missing, and everybody else thought that Zhang Xuanyu’s proposal was good, they weren’t too worried.

After another half a day, the ferryman was a lot faster.
Many people had eaten half of the Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumbers they carried after a day of swimming.

Zhang Xuanyu said telepathically, Liu Fenfang, distribute the food.

While Zhang Xuanyu talked to Liu Fenfang, someone suddenly exclaimed, “Not good! The lines behind us are gone!”

Immediately, the crowd was in a mess.

They could accept that one or two people went missing, but certainly not a whole line! Zhang Xuanyu looked around, only to see that there were dozens of people in each line! Dozens of people had disappeared for no good reason.
Who could not be panicked? Everybody swam forward crazily.
All the lines were messed up.
It was utter havoc.
Zhang Xuanyu roared, “Don’t panic! Everybody, maintain your lines and ask ten people to swim around your line.
Report to me if you find anything unusual.”

At this moment, someone suddenly roared, “I’ll cover your back! Everybody ahead of me, line up! I’ll cover you!” Xiao Se said, “I’ll go there too.
Everybody, don’t panic.
I’ll cover you too!”

Zhang Xuanyu nodded, “I’ll remember you, the brother who covers our back.
What’s your name? We can take care of your family if anything happens to you.”

The man announced telepathically, My name is Fan Datong.
I live in Blue Sea Town.
I’m quite famous.
There’s nobody except a few old jerks and some younger jerks in my family.

Zhang Xuanyu was almost infuriated and thought, When did I become a jerk?

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