Chapter 495 Rescue

After dragging the five people back, Han Fei learned the reason for their betrayal from Xiao Se.

Earlier, Han Fei had given Xiao Se a pot of Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumber.
Xiao Se had thought to split it up evenly for everybody to lower the negative effects of the blue fish.

But there were still more than five hundred people who were still conscious, and the food couldn’t last three days if they all shared it.
So, someone argued that the food should be given to selected candidates first, who would then go out and collect more food for others.

However, they had all stayed here for too long and seen too many treacheries to believe that anyone who went out would come back again.

Besides, even if they were willing to come back, it remained unknown whether or not they could escape in the first place.
Therefore, the five people simply ambushed Xiao Se, stole his Sea Swallowing Seashell, and tried to escape.
They didn’t expect Han Fei to return so quickly.
They even thought that Han Fei couldn’t make it back.
After all, some of them had seen the ghost babies at the bottom level and knew that other terrible creatures besides the blue humanoids existed there.

Among the people that Han Fei caught, the man in the lead sneered.
“How many days can a Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumber last? Xiao Se, you know that I made the right decision!”

Xiao Se looked awful.
“You shouldn’t have killed so many people.”

“They were in my way.”

The man in the lead roared crazily, “They were almost going crazy! They would do anything for something to eat.
You and I are different.
We know how to take advantage of the unexpected energy…”

Han Fei felt that his head was swelling when he listened to them.
To some extent, those two seemed both justified, and he seemed to have done something bad even though he meant it well as an outsider.

The men who were almost lost were about to charge forward again, but Xiao Se simply stopped them.
“Exile them.”

The five people had lost their hope since Han Fei caught them.
The man in the lead simply laughed and cursed.
“Xiao Se, I am at least open and forthright, you are just a hypocrite.
Have you forgotten how you survived in the beginning?” After that, the man looked at Han Fei and Zhang Xuanyu.
“You’re simply tricked by him.
He’s a liar, a liar…”

Xiao Se was gloomy.
“Get lost! Have a safe journey!”

Xiao Se didn’t execute them, but simply threw them into the fog, not caring what would happen to them.

But Han Fei thought of something.
For some reason, he felt that something was weird.

He knew too little about Xiao Se, and he couldn’t tell who was right and who was wrong.
It was impossible for him to reason with the lunatics who saw nothing but food in their eyes.

Xiao Se, on the other hand, left Han Fei the impression that he was uncannily calm and steady.

Han Fei had no doubt that Xiao Se was a good guy, but he didn’t know the definition of “good”.
For example, if there was one kid on a train track and three kids on the other one, and a train was coming, should one choose to let one kid or three kids die? In fact, either of the choices was as good as the other one.

Han Fei stepped back in the mist and threw a Sea Swallowing Seashell to the five people who were just exiled.

He was thinking that he should have a backup plan.
Whether or not the five people could escape, it wouldn’t hurt to give them some help.

If Xiao Se was indeed a good guy, the five people couldn’t do anything to him even if they escaped.
But if Xiao Se was a hypocrite, the five people would be an obstacle for him.

Han Fei’s move escaped everyone’s attention except Zhang Xuanyu’s.
The others didn’t notice Han Fei’s subtle movement, but Zhang Xuanyu knew Han Fei very well and paid attention to his barely noticeable action.
Zhang Xuanyu asked telepathically, What did you give them?

Han Fei replied, A Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumber.
With any luck, they might be able to make it out alive.
Zhang Xuanyu immediately had a guess.
You think there’s something wrong with Xiao Se?

Han Fei replied casually, I’m not sure, but Xiao Se has spent several months on this dragon boat, right? If he has been helping those people all the time, why has he never gone out?

Briefly stunned, Zhang Xuanyu replied expressionlessly, Got it.
I’ll keep an eye on him.

After their communication, Han Fei said with a smile, “Xiao Se, can you count the number of the people who are still conscious?”

Xiao Se heaved a long sigh.
“Yes, please wait a moment.”

Xiao Se shouted at the other people, “Bring the people who are still tied up here! Everybody, gather!”

After that, Xiao Se said with a bitter face, “I didn’t have a choice.
Nobody knew what would happen after you ate the blue fish.
Today, it was a mess after those people robbed me of my Sea Swallowing Seashell.
Many other people broke free and jumped into the sea.”

Han Fei frowned and asked, “Has anyone that jumped into the sea been rescued?”

Xiao Se shook his head.
Their jump was too quick and unpredictable.
Unless someone was right by their side, it was impossible to find them again in the mist once they disappeared from your sight.” There was another person who was bound to Han Fei’s fishing pole.
He simply walked to him and stuffed a handful of crisps into his mouth.

The man was woken up by the smell of food.
Then, he quickly swallowed almost twenty cucumber crisps.
With redundant energy flowing out his body, his flesh was recovered, and his eyes seemed to be struggling.

This man was a lot less insane than the woman Han Fei encountered after he just got on board.
Therefore, he soon regained his consciousness.

Han Fei asked, “Can you talk?”

The man tried several times, before he finally said slowly, “Yes… I can.”

Delighted, Han Fei asked, “What did you see when you jumped into the sea? Why would you jump off?”

The man seemed frightened as he searched his memories.
While everybody looked at him anxiously, he waited a hundred seconds before he finally said, “I think someone called out to me.
I looked back and saw a coral sea with colorful coral and sea urchins.
The seaweeds were floating in the warm currents, the fish were swimming, and the lobsters and crabs were hunting…”

The picture that the man described was almost dreamy, but come to think of it, the place he described was something similar to the coral reefs.

Leaving dangerousness aside, the coral reefs could definitely be called a paradise in terms of their splendor.

However, in the Abyssal Chasm, the wonderfulness was infinitely magnified by people’s imagination.
Han Fei knew very well that the man wanted to go to that place probably only because he wanted to have fish.

Sun Ruoruo stuck out of her tongue.
“It’s so weird.”


Wang Baiwan and Liu Fenfang looked at each other.
“Good thing that we have Brother Yu’s food, or we would’ve jumped into the sea a long time ago.”

At this moment, the men who were still conscious drew close to Han Fei in crowds.
Some of them were still in the mist and couldn’t be seen until they were close.

“Help me!”

Han Fei was going to ask something, but his ears suddenly pricked.
He instantly drew out his Blood Drinking Knife and slashed back.

Han Fei’s face became awful as his knife did not hit anything, but he did hear someone whispering and crying for help.
The voice was childish and didn’t sound like that of an adult.

Everybody looked at Han Fei in shock, and Zhang Xuanyu approached him and asked, “Han Fei, what’s up? Why did you suddenly attack?”

Han Fei asked with an awful look on his face, “Did you hear a cry for help?”.

It was the second time Han Fei had asked the question.
Zhang Xuanyu immediately asked seriously, “No, did you really hear it?”

As he asked the question, Zhang Xuanyu looked at Xiao Se, wondering if he knew something after staying here for so long.

Xiao Se was surprised by Han Fei’s sudden attack too.
He came back to himself and said, “Cry for help? I didn’t hear anything.


But Xiao Se had asked the wrong people.
All the newcomers were unwilling to talk unless it was for food, because talking was exhausting too.
Besides, they were already numb after a long time of yelling.
Hearing Xiao Se’s question, they all shook their heads.

Not thinking that it was a big deal, Han Fei asked, “How many people are out there?”

Xiao Se heaved a sigh.
“Many people died just now.
At present, only 453 people are still fully conscious.”

Without further ado, Han Fei simply threw out ten Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumbers and said, “Replenish them first.” “Hoo0000!”



Those people almost went on a rampage, and Xiao Se roared aloud, “Don’t be hasty, don’t be hasty.
One person at a time.” Han Fei slightly frowned and then suddenly smiled.
“Let me do this.
I’m faster.”

Feeling that it took too much time for Xiao Se to get them organized, Han Fei simply unleashed his Blood Drinking Knife and cut the ten Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumbers into almost five hundred pieces with the sword Qi.
He said casually, “You can split them up now!”

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