Chapter 487 In the Mist

The best tactic Han Fei could think of was having two spirit gatherers standing face to face, transporting spiritual energy to one another.

In this way, both parties could use the spiritual energy between heaven and earth to keep their bodies covered with spiritual energy.

But even with this method, it still wouldn’t work.
Although theoretically speaking, a spirit gatherer was just a spiritual energy bridging device, using his own body as a conductor to control the flow of spiritual energy.
But this didn’t necessarily mean that the spiritual energy that passed through his body would become his own.

On the contrary, when a spirit gatherer kept gathering spiritual energy, in fact, he was constantly consuming the spiritual energy in his body.

Although it wouldn’t consume much, it would eventually add up.
All the spiritual energy in his body would definitely be consumed within 8 hours, or even within a shorter time.
Because when a spirit gatherer continuously gathered spiritual energy, he consumed not only the spiritual energy in his body, but also his spiritual power.
“Ha! No wonder!”

Han Fei curled up the corner of his mouth, showing a slight smile.

No wonder very few people could return from the Abyssal Chasm.
It would be strange if they could easily get out of here! The energy in their bodies disappeared inexplicably, so did they have another choice except to die after a few hours?

If he went out immediately after he entered the hurricane sea area, he might still have a chance to go back safely.
But he accidentally got stuck in this damn place! Now his fishing boat was not moving.
Would he have to starve to death here?

Even if he tried to swim back, who the hell had the ability to swim tens of thousands of kilometers in a few hours? Maybe, he would starve to death halfway.

When Han Fei removed the spiritual energy protective cover from his body, he was seized by hunger again.

However, Han Fei still did not eat but was waiting, waiting to see how long he could hold up.

As a result, only two hours later, Han Fei couldn’t hold out any longer.

He took out a bunch of dried fish and stuffed it into his mouth.

Han Fei wanted to cook, but when he took a look at the slimy seaweed on this small broken boat, he had no appetite and could only take out the dried fish to eat.

There was still a piece of Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumber in the cauldron in Forge the Universe! With a single bite of that thing, he could hold up for half a day.

Six hours.

Han Fei had calculated that with his physique, he could last about six hours, and then he would feel a little hungry.
By the eighth hour, hunger increased.
By the tenth hour, he would become very hungry.
And by the twelfth hour, he would probably be starved to death if he still didn’t eat.

Han Fei suspected that most of the people who came in before were starved to death.

However, he didn’t panic at all.
His food was piled like a mountain in Forge the Universe.
There were still hundreds of Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumbers.
He could get out of here even by swimming

Two days later.

Han Fei was no longer averse to this dirty fishing boat.
Floating in the sea for two full days, except for the small blue fish, he didn’t even see a f*cking ghost.

Han Fei couldn’t help shouting into the hole in the fish cabin.
“Hey! Ferryman, can you be faster? You know what, I can swim faster than this boat.
It has been almost three days.
Why are you getting slower and slower? What’s f*cking wrong with you?”

Han Fei was helpless.
In the beginning, the ferryman was quite fast.
Especially in the first five hours, it traveled almost 5000 kilometers.

But then the speed was halved, then halved, halved again… Damn, it was as slow as a f*cking tractor now! Just as Han Fei cursed and was about to go swimming in the sea, a faint mist drifted in front of him.


Han Fei looked around.
It was indeed mist, but not very heavy.
But immediately afterward, he saw a large cloud of gray mist ahead.

Han Fei immediately spirited up.
Finally, he was switched to a new scene.

Han Fei was very excited.
If he was still in that place, judging from the speed of the ferryman, he would have starved to death soon.

The new scene might be dangerous, but it might also be a chance.

Han Fei didn’t believe that he would die here.
He hadn’t reached the big crack of the Abyssal Chasm yet.
Who could say he would die here?

After almost half an hour, the abandoned fishing boat slowly entered the thick mist.

Han Fei found that he could see a distance of about 20 meters.


Not long after entering the mist, Han Fei heard flopping sounds.
He knew these were the sounds of the blue fish jumping on the surface of the sea.
However, in this mist, they jumped more frequently.

After traveling about hundreds of meters.

Han Fei suddenly pulled up his fishhook and sent it out with a swish.

When he withdrew the fishhook, he saw a pale yellow bug with wings hanging on the hook.

In his eyes, a string of data appeared.

Yellow-Winged Flying Insect

A kind of bug that lives on the surface of the sea.
It likes to eat energy and carrion.
It is non-aggressive, stings, and absorbs energy when it falls on people.
Very stupid, no sense of revenge.
It is one of the favorite baits for some fish in the sea.



92 points


“Oh, interesting! There is even bait.
Is this a reward for my holding up for three days?” Han Fei immediately hung the Yellow-Winged Flying Insect on the fishhook, threw it into the water, and started fishing.

There was no need for any fishing skills.
As soon as the bait fell for less than 2 seconds, Han Fei felt a violent bite.


In the blink of an eye, a palm-sized small blue fish was caught by Han Fei.
In order to prevent the small blue fish from exploding suddenly, Han Fei hurriedly turned on his spiritual energy protective cover.

However, to his surprise, this time the little blue fish didn’t explode.
It was just flapping its tail and moving its full round belly, looking cute.

Han Fei turned this palm-sized fish over and over again.
It seemed to be no different from ordinary fish.
Except that its whole body was blue, its fins were beautiful, and its mouth was pointed, it seemed to have no special features.

Han Fei was thinking, Is this little fish edible?

He didn’t dare to eat it though.
Although it was blue, it was not like a bunch of blueberries, right? What if his mouth and tongue turned blue after eating the fish? That wouldn’t be great!

Although Han Fei was not going to eat the fish, he still wrapped it with spiritual energy, and after dozens of seconds, the little fish was cooked through, exuding an attractive fragrance.
The Blood Drinking Knife became a kitchen knife, with which Han Fei cut open the little fish’s belly and took out a large mass of blue fish roe.

Han Fei threw the little blue fish away after taking out the roe.

Han Fei pinched the fish roe, then smelled it, and was very sure that the fragrance just now came from the fish roe.

“Um! Sure enough, the fish roe is the key.”

Han Fei threw away the roe.
From the beginning, he felt that something was wrong.
Coming along the way, he saw no creatures at all, but then why were there the blue fish here?

After all, when he was in the hurricane area, there were all kinds of creatures in the sea, but then they all disappeared.

Therefore, shortly after entering the sea, Han Fei began to suspect that the blue fish had a problem.
It was just that he couldn’t catch any little blue fish at that time, so he didn’t know where the problem was.

Now, looking at the Yellow-Winged Flying Insects flying around in the mist, he seemed to figure out something.
Only by using this insect as bait could the little blue fish be caught.

And most people couldn’t hold back their hunger during the three days of the ferry, so they’d dive into the sea to find food.
Or even if they could make it here, they had almost starved to death.

When people were on the verge of starving to death, they couldn’t resist the temptation of food.

Therefore, Han Fei was sure that this little blue fish was 100% problematic, and they were deliberately tempting him to eat them.

Unfortunately, Han Fei wasn’t tricked by them.
He laughed with his arms in the air.
“Umm, interesting.
Is this the characteristic of this sea area? If so, there should be other abandoned Specters nearby.”

Han Fei had a conjecture in his mind, and he needed to confirm it.
The first step was to wait for the next Specter.
At this moment, Han Fei was no longer anxious.
He already understood where the real danger in this sea area came from, so all he needed to do was to wait patiently.
After all, since it was called a ferry, there must be a destination.

Han Fei directly took out the cauldron and grabbed a Yellow-Blooded Sea Cucumber, sliced it, and put it into the cauldron with seasonings and spiritual fruits.

He prepared to eat while waiting.

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