Chapter 485 Something Underwater

Han Fei backed away immediately, almost peeing himself.
The stone disappeared in the blue luminous sheet, which was like… A teleportation array?

But Han Fei looked at the thousands of blue luminous sheets in all directions and was a little stunned… On the chart, there was no such water area! What was going on?

Han Fei ignored these blue luminous sheets.
God knew what the hell they were! What if people fell into them? Where would they go?

Han Fei swam fast on the seabed.
It took more than an hour before the blue luminous sheets disappeared, and then he felt that he had finally walked out of this sea area.

At this time, he encountered a stone platform, a big square stone platform.

Han Fei was very happy to see it.
This was one of the secret realms.
He remembered that it was marked on the fish skin map.

“Oh! Great, I finally found the first secret realm.”

Without the Hexagon Starfish, Han Fei had to find the seal himself.
However, after swimming on this platform for a long time, he didn’t even see a marine creature.

“Huh! Strange…”

Han Fei suddenly realized that the surrounding sea creatures seemed to have disappeared since he met those blue luminous sheets, except for some ordinary small fishes and shrimps swimming past occasionally.
But there were sea mussels everywhere, so he didn’t notice it.

But when he got on this huge stone platform, Han Fei felt strange: the stone platform was too empty.
He could see everything on it at a glance.
Except for some conches lying on it, there were no special creatures, not even fish or crabs.

That was really weird.

However, just as Han Fei was searching for the secret realm, another wave of weird vibrations appeared, which made Han Fei narrow his eyes and his mind go blank for several seconds again.

After the strange vibration disappeared, Han Fei opened his eyes immediately.
As a result, he was stupefied, completely stupefied.

“F*ck… Where is the stone platform? Where is the big stone platform?”

Han Fei was shocked.
A second ago, he stood in the middle of the stone platform and then was shocked by a weird vibration, and when he opened his eyes, he was in another place…

It was like lying on a bed at home and sleeping with a big bear.
But, after a yawn, you f*cking found yourself lying on another bed in another room, holding a pretty girl in your arms… Who the hell wouldn’t be shocked?

Han Fei pinched himself and felt the pain, but when he looked at the terrain, it had completely changed and he had no idea where he was.

Then what was he waiting for? So he hurried to the surface of the sea.

The seabed was too weird, so he’d better swim over from the sea surface.
It would be good if he could find these little secret realms, but it didn’t matter if he couldn’t.
Anyway, the fishery was so big and had countless secret realms.
It didn’t matter one more or one less.

Although Han Fei still didn’t know why he suddenly appeared in another place, this place seemed a little more reasonable than the one before.

There were very few living creatures here, or to be exact, there were no living creatures.
After swimming upward for a long time, Han Fei saw a large chrysanthemum-like conch floating past in the seawater.

A series of data was shown in his eyes.

Sea Chrysanthemum Conch A special migratory conch, likes to live in seagrass and eats roots of spiritual plants.
Because it eats so much seagrass, sea chrysanthemums grow on its shell.
After soaking, it can improve spiritual power.
It has a strong defense power and its sea chrysanthemum can spit out hallucinating mist.



1,620 points Long-term consumption is beneficial to broaden the meridians and enhance spiritual power.

Sea Chrysanthemum

Han Fei had just read the information and saw large specks of golden particles floating in the sea.
He stretched out one hand, and the surrounding seawater gathered in an attempt to push the golden particles away.

However, to Han Fei’s surprise, a golden particle ignored his Water Control Technique and fell directly beside him.

Then, Han Fei saw Xia Xiaochan pouting and saying, “You can kiss me, but only once!”

Han Fei immediately got excited and was about to kiss her, but the next second, he saw Xia Xiaochan turning into a big ferocious fish with a mouth full of fangs.


Han Fei regained consciousness and found that the sea chrysanthemum conch had run far away.

So this kind of short illusion was just the Chrysanthemum Conch’s way of saving its own life.

Han Fei shivered all over.
What the hell is this? Even ordinary conchs can cause hallucinations, and if you are slightly careless, you appear in another place? Ren Tianfei, you old b*stard… Don’t let me f*cking meet you.

After a moment.

A figure broke through the water.
It was Han Fei.
He stood on the water surface on his toes and looked around.

“Huh! Have I passed the hurricane area? How can it be?!”

Han Fei was a little confused.
There was no tornado around at all now! The entire sea was calm and a faint white light even appeared in the sky.

Han Fei was speechless.
Did I pass through the hurricane area? But that sea area seemed to stretch at least tens of thousands of kilometers!


Han Fei swallowed and took out the Wind God Boat.

Han Fei tried to control the Wind God Boat.
However, as before, it was still not working.

Immediately afterward, Han Fei tried to perceive whether there was any abnormality under the nearby seawater that he hadn’t noticed… However, he perceived nothing at all, and his spiritual perception couldn’t extend even half a meter.

“F*ck! What’s going on here?”

Han Fei was dumbfounded.
When he was in the hurricane area, he could still perceive 500 meters! Although his perception range had shrunk by 10 times, at least he could still perceive some things.

However, here, his spiritual perception was not working at all! How scary was this?

When Han Fei was panicking, his eyes suddenly turned ahead.
In his vision, there was a dark boat shadow coming towards him.

At that moment, Han Fei felt a chill down his spine.
How could there be a boat in this place when no one had been here for so long?

However, the boat bore down on him fair and square.
Han Fei squinted his eyes, the Blood Drinking Knife appeared on his waist, the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers were about to come out of his body, and the Embroidery Needle was held in his hand.

The boat came very slowly, and it took about ten minutes before it floated up to Han Fei.


At the first sight of the boat, Han Fei felt all his hair stand on end.

There was no one on this boat, it was covered with water weeds, and some parts of it had even decayed as if it had been abandoned here for hundreds of years.

But why did this boat float towards him? Why? Was it the ghost boat?

Han Fei didn’t believe it.
There must be a reason for this abandoned broken boat to float towards him! If it was not because of the boat, then the cause must be underwater…

The Embroidery Needle in Han Fei’s hand was immediately replaced with the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Pole, and he immediately threw the fishhook into the water.
However, to his dismay, he couldn’t perceive anything although he injected his spiritual power into the fishhook.

When he used spiritual perception directly, the fishhook had become his eyes.
But now, since his spiritual perception was not working, it was like he was blind.

However, Han Fei did not immediately put away the fishing rod.
Instead, he carried the fishing rod with his left hand and then poked the abandoned fishing boat covered with seaweed with the Embroidery Needle.

Creak, creak…

Han Fei curled his lips.
“Why do you still produce this creepy sound! You broken boat…”

As he was swearing, he still found something special.
How heavy was the Embroidery Needle? How powerful was his poke? However, being poked by him for a long time, the boat only creaked, indicating that the boat was actually very sturdy and tough!

Besides, although he pressed hard against the side of the fishing boat, he failed to push it away from him.
This was really weird!

Han Fei suddenly stood up.
The sea was too calm! The floating stone became completely useless, so the fishing boat couldn’t move at all.
Therefore, he needed to consider whether he should get on this abandoned fishing boat or leave…

Of course, he had another choice, which was to jump into the water and check out in person what exactly was underwater!

After thinking, Han Fei remembered that when he first came up from the seabed, he only met a Sea Chrysanthemum Conch, so there shouldn’t be anything special under the water, right?

He didn’t believe that with his current strength, there was something underwater that could kill him.

So, he took a deep breath.
“I’d like to see what tricks you are playing…”

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