Chapter 474 The Altar That Appeared out of Nowhere

Han Fei knew that something big happened the moment the Demon Purification Pot showed up.

Unless he needed to do refining, the Demon Purification Pot never showed itself.

However, the Demon Purification Pot was floating above his wrist at this moment.
Then, the vine that was attached to the Demon Purification Pot, which Han Fei had always thought to be decorative, suddenly grew longer and stabbed into the Longevity Stone.

Han Fei: “???”

Han Fei exclaimed quickly, “Hey, hey, hey.
It’s mine.
What are you doing?”

Han Fei couldn’t stop it at all.
He saw that the bright blue Longevity Stone was turning white at a visible speed.
After no more than three seconds, the Longevity Stone ended up as a transparent stone.

Then, it cracked into pieces.

Han Fei was amused.
“Bro, I can see that you need that! But why are you so excited since I’ve never competed with you for anything?”

The Demon Purification Pot, having absorbed the Longevity Stone, looked exactly the same as before, except that its leaf was slightly larger than before.
Then, it disappeared into Han Fei’s wrist and turned into his tattoo again.
Han Fei: “…”

Right when Han Fei thought that it was the end of everything, Little Black and Little White suddenly flashed out.

Han Fei exclaimed in surprise, “Huh? You two can come out on your own?”

However, Little White and Little Black disappeared into Han Fei’s body the moment after Little White opened its mouth.

Instantly, black light flashed in Han Fei’s eyes.
Then, one of his eyes became black, and the other white.
The Yin-Yang Divine Eyes appeared.

Han Fei’s body was suddenly straightened.
His face that previously had vivid expressions became inscrutable.

But Han Fei was still struggling inside himself.
His consciousness wasn’t gone, except that he suddenly had a strong urge.
He felt that his body was extremely empty and hungry.
He wanted to eat the Longevity Stones, or more exactly, the vitality contained in the Longevity Stones.

Driven by this urge, Han Fei appeared on the 282nd floor.

He numbly took out his Sea Swallowing Seashells and made offerings.
Then, another mermaid showed up.
But Han Fei reacted fast enough this time.
He simply raised his finger slowly.

A drop of water appeared in Han Fei’s head.
Then, the drop of water turned into light and flashed through Han Fei’s eyes like a shooting star.

Almost at the same time, a flash glittered on Han Fei’s finger, leaving a long wave in the seawater.

Han Fei felt that he had merely attacked at random in his dizziness, but the mermaid had been killed before she made any moves.


Han Fei was rather terrified.
At this moment, his consciousness seemed to be divided into two parts.
Part of him was blank and unconscious.
It was that part of him which launched an attack with instincts just now.

The other part of him, where his rationality remained, made him shocked and panicked.
He wondered why he was teetering on the edge of loss of control after fusing with Little White and Little Black.

He was also astounded to see the new usage of the Infinity Water.
He never knew that it could kill an enemy instantly like a streak of light!

Unconsciously, his consciousness began to fade out at this moment.

In his dizziness, Han Fei felt that stimulants were injected into his body every once in a while, making him refreshed.

It happened nineteen times in total.
Han Fei counted in silence and inferred how many levels he had passed with the unexpected sense of excitement he sensed.

“Three hundred! I’m on the 300th floor!”

As if he was suddenly woken up, Han Fei claimed.

Then, his mouth was filled with seawater, and he was almost choked.

Han Fei hurriedly held his breath and took out a bag of air.
He took a few deep breaths before he finally felt better.

After his eyes gradually became clear, Han Fei suddenly saw a round altar before him, and he was standing before the stairs under the altar.

The altar was in bad condition.
Some of the stones on the stairs had already crumbled.
The two rows of white curled fish bones on the two sides of the altar, which should’ve been symmetrical, had been partly broken and fallen on the altar.

Han Fei, on the other hand, was looking at a table at the center of the altar.

A stunning crystal tray was placed on the table, along with another two plain trays.
If the Hexagon Starfish were here, it would’ve climbed the table crazily for the trays.

But Han Fei was certain that they weren’t normal trays.
He saw a red spiritual fruit on the crystal tray.

At this moment, Han Fei’s brains were almost shutting down.
He had forgotten exactly how he came to this place because he was too attracted to the offerings.


Han Fei swallowed again.
Did this mean that the 300th floor was the deepest level of the Steps into the Sea? He looked around and saw that the altar was all there was, and the area beyond was sealed by barriers.

Han Fei was about to step on the stairs, but he kicked something the moment he moved his feet.

Lowering his head, Han Fei discovered, to his shock, that he was standing on a pile of bones.


“What’s the meaning of this? I’m not the first person to come here? How many people have visited this place?” Looking at the ground that was almost exclusively made of bones, Han Fei was quite anxious.

He raised his hand and looked at the Demon Purification Pot that was absolutely still on his wrist.
“Show up! Why don’t you show up right now? I don’t know how exactly you got me to this place, but why are you gone now that I’m here? Do you want me to go up there and take the fruit?”

Han Fei was about to move forward, but then he suddenly had a bad feeling.

He stood straight again, and his body slightly trembled.

He looked at the stairs before his eyes, which were eight levels.
Counting the ground, there were nine levels in total.

“Do the Steps into the Sea mean the steps leading down to this place, or the nine levels of stairs going up from here?”

Although he was in the middle of seawater, Han Fei felt that sweat was popping up on his forehead and his back.
His eyes were cramping too.

He looked at the Demon Purification Pot on his wrist.
“So, you can’t go up any further after you bring me here, right? But you want me to continue?”

He raised his head and looked at the spiritual fruit on the altar.
He really wanted it!

Every day, tens of thousands of people came to the Steps into the Sea for treasures.
Who could possibly know that the real treasures were exactly at the bottom of the Steps into the Sea?

“Damn it! Master Calabash, you bring me to this place because you’re sure that I can take it, right? Why don’t you move yourself and give me your word? I’ll go ahead if you promise me that it’s safe!”

The Demon Purification Pot had no reaction at all, but Han Fei was so nervous that he was sweating all over his body.

Suddenly, he had an idea and got excited.
He took out a mirror in his hand.

It was the Mirror of Icy Salt, a low-quality divine weapon that could copy any creature below the level of Hidden Fisher.

However, the mirror could only be used three times.
Han Fei had never used it even when his life was at risk earlier, but he was going to use it now.

Yes, he was absolutely certain that he had to use it.

At this moment, the ultra-quality battle suit appeared on Han Fei, and the Majestic Mystic Spell was cast on himself.
He was in his strongest state.

Holding the Mirror of Icy Salt, he activated it, and an identical Han Fei emerged by his side.

It was rather a strange feeling.
He didn’t feel like this when he fought himself back in the White Mist Salt Marsh.

However, at this moment, Han Fei somehow felt that his clone seemed to be connected to his mind in ways he didn’t understand.

However, while his clone was connected to himself, he couldn’t control it exactly.

Han Fei gave a command in his heart tentatively.
“You squat down.”

His clone squatted expressionlessly without moving.
“Stand up.”

The clone rose and looked ahead.
He was still absolutely still.

Han Fei observed himself up and down, only to find that he was rather handsome when he was playing it cool.
It seemed that Zhang Xuanyu had a rival now.

Han Fei gave out an order, “Go up there and fetch the three trays for me.”

He was quite anxious when he gave out the order, and he prayed that his clone could make it.
Since his clone was equal to him, the same thing would happen to himself if something happened to his clone.

The clone raised his leg and stepped on the first level of stairs.

However, Han Fei was rendered speechless by what he saw next.
One of his clone’s feet was on the ground, and the other was on the stairs.
The clone’s body was shaking, as if an invisible power was stopping him.


When the clone moved the other foot to the stairs while trembling, a crack suddenly appeared on his leg.

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