Chapter 473 Legends of the Mermen (2 in 1)

Han Fei had always thought that Cao Tian already left.
After all, the man only made it to the 208th level last time.
He never expected that Cao Tian had already arrived at the 251st floor.

Back in the 208th, Han Fei thought that Cao Tian couldn’t have been too impressive, but now that Han Fei came to the 251st floor, Han Fei naturally had changed his opinion.
He knew very well how powerful the Lobster Demon was just now.

The one Lobster Demon had rendered his sharp Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers into nothing more than decorations.
He couldn’t kill the demon with the Drawing Technique.
That creature could’ve killed a whole bunch of experts if it had appeared on the 200th floor.

“Do you know me?”

Cao Tian swam closer, and Han Fei was quite surprised.

Because of what Cao Tian said, he had the preconception that Cao Tian was one of the proud, cruel, and condescending geniuses.

However, now that they met each other, Han Fei found that this Cao Tian was tall and brawny with a casual smile on his broad and innocent face.
He was wearing a battle suit, which Han Fei mistook for a regular long robe when he saw it in the beginning.

“Huh? What an unremarkable look.”

Han Fei frowned and asked, “Are you really Cao Tian?”

Cao Tian nodded with an innocent smile.
“That’s right! I’ve never seen you before.
You can’t be from the town.”

Han Fei was briefly stunned.
“That’s right.
I’m not from the town; I’m a bumpkin.”

Cao Tian scratched his head in embarrassment.
“That’s not what I meant…”

Han Fei was even more confused when he saw Cao Tian’s stance and behavior, as the man was the opposite of the image of the best Heavenly Talent of the Thousand Star City that he had always been picturing in his head!

Tang Ge, in comparison, was exactly what people expected him to look like.
He was unapproachable, intimidating and looked awesome when he held his giant spear.

This Cao Tian had nothing in his hands, and his arms were just dangling their idly.
He seemed to have put on a silly smile now and he did not look like a top expert at all!

After a brief silence, Han Fei asked, “Have you finished the battle?”

Cao Tian nodded with a smile.
“I finished it a long time ago.”

Han Fei asked in confusion, “Then why did you not go to the next level?”

Cao Tian replied straightforwardly, “I’m trying to improve the speed of my fists.”


Han Fei was briefly stunned.
“You’re trying to improve the speed of your fists? How long have you been here?”

Cao Tian said with a smile, “It’s been three days.”

Han Fei couldn’t help but ask, “Do you not want to know what else the Steps into the Sea has to offer? You simply regard it as a training ground?”

Cao Tian spoke straightly, “What you deserve will come to you sooner or later.
However, you’re carrying Qiuqiu’s smell.” When he mentioned Cao Qiu, intimidating brilliance glittered in Cao Tian’s eyes.
He looked at Han Fei, as if he were waiting for an answer.

Han Fei grinned and said, “Cao Qiu said that you two were in bad standings with one another.
Is that not true?”.

Cao Tian said with a bitter smile, “He doesn’t like me, but he’s still my brother.
Nobody can touch him, nobody at all.
How are you related to Qiuqiu?”

Han Fei said, “I promised Cao Qiu that I would kill Sun Mu, Yang Deyu, Li Heiye, Li Baizhou, Ye Baiyu and the rest of them.
How do you think I am related to him?”

The intimidating light in Cao Tian’s eyes was gone when he heard that, and he became innocent-looking again.
“Sounds about right.
That’s exactly something that Qiuqiu would do.
You can go now.

Han Fei: “???”

Han Fei was lost for words.
He couldn’t keep up with Cao Tian’s line of thinking at all.

“Hey! Do you not know that you’re the person that Cao Qiu wants to kill most badly?”

Cao Tian grinned and replied, “I certainly do!”

Han Fei asked, “Why? I’m actually quite curious about the answer.”

Cao Tian’s smile was even brighter.
“He’s more of a talker than a doer.
He has never killed anyone.
As for his reason, you don’t need to know it if he never told it to you.”

Han Fei snorted and said, “I’m not interested in that at all! At this moment, he should be at the 201st floor with Wang Erjian.”

Cao Tian turned around and hummed in response.
“Then he’s probably already left.”

Han Fei was stunned about how fast Cao Tian made the conclusion.
He then immediately put on a smile, as Cao Tian really understood his junior brother very well.
In fact, not just Cao Tian, Han Fei himself felt that Cao Qiu must’ve left too.

Cao Qiu was so weak that he had to count on his spiritual beast and contractual spiritual beasts ever since the 151st floor, not to mention the 201st.

Han Fei was not sure whether Cao Tian was merely pretending to be silly, or he was genuinely innocent and honest.
All of a sudden, Han Fei wanted to have some fun, so he called out, “Hey, Cao Tian!”

Cao Tian turned his head back and asked, “What’s up?”

Han Fei said with a smile, “Cao Qiu asked me to kill you, and I accepted his payment.
I need to carry out this job now that I’ve been paid.
Regardless of whether or not I can beat you, I have to try beating you, right?”

Cao Tian smiled and replied, “Okay!”

Han Fei also said with a smile, “Okay then, I’ll launch one attack with my sword.
After the attack, you can keep practicing your fists, and I’ll continue searching for my treasures.
How does that sound?”

Cao Tian nodded.
“Okay! It sounds fair enough.”

Han Fei wasn’t exactly crazy about fighting.
He merely wanted to find out how strong this Cao Tian was, whom everybody praised and admired.

This time, Han Fei simply used the Majestic Mystic Spell.
The seawater around him was shaking, and appalling energy was circulating on the surface of Han Fei’s body.

Cao Tian wasn’t careless either.
However, Cao Tian didn’t use any weapon but simply stood on the ground with his back slightly lowered.
Hardly had he clenched his fists when the seawater on one side of his body exploded.



As the brilliance of the Drawing Technique was launched, Cao Tian punched his fists as if they were dragons.
Deafening noises were echoing in the seawater.

After only one collision, all the seawater within a hundred meters was boiling.

Han Fei backed hundreds of meters off, with a bit of blood flowing off his lips.

Cao Tian actually took the hit better than Han Fei did.
He only backed away a dozen meters.
However, there was one sword wound on his fist that was deep to the bone.
A long time later, Cao Tian retreated his fists and said with a smile, “I’ve lost.
I used thirteen punches just now.”

Han Fei’s lips trembled.
Thirteen punches? Were his fists really so fast just now? Why did I only see seven punches?

“See you.”

Han Fei recalled the Blood Drinking Knife and said goodbye, before he went down to the next level.

He already confirmed that Cao Tian was strong.
Very strong.

It was without question that neither Yang Deyu, Sun Mu or Ye Baiyu, could possibly defeat Cao Tian.
His attack just now could’ve destroyed Sun Mu’s Immortals Slaying Formation.

However, Cao Tian had broken it with only thirteen punches.

The number of his punches didn’t really matter.
He had reached the level of advanced Dangling Fisher, but he could only come to a tie with Cao Tian in a battle.

Wait, that was not entirely accurate.
While Cao Tian admitted that he failed, Han Fei wouldn’t really consider himself a winner.

Furthermore, Han Fei was very certain that the guy had trump cards that were even more powerful.
That was really a bad feeling.

After roughly learning of Cao Tian’s capabilities, Han Fei realized that he hadn’t become invincible yet, and it was unnecessary for him to continue the battle with him.

The moment after he entered the 252nd floor, Han Fei went straight into Forge the Universe instead of making offerings.

The battle against the Lobster Demon had informed Han Fei that the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers had no more advantage.
Besides, he had lost dozens of Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers during the travel in the level-three fishery, which clearly indicated that the mid-quality spiritual weapons could no longer satisfy Han Fei’s needs! Han Fei needed a new set of weapons.

Han Fei had planned to craft a set of blades for the Million Knife Art with the remaining materials after his adventure in the Steps into the Sea.
However, it seemed that he had to craft those weapons in advance now.

Altogether, Han Fei had 386 ultra-quality materials and more than 2,900 high-quality materials, not to mention the 142 high-quality spiritual weapons and the 68 high-quality battle suits.

They added up to a dreadful number, so dreadful that his two hundred million spiritual energy would probably be completely used up if he were to craft all of those items into ultra-quality weapons.

Naturally, Han Fei was unwilling to spend so much spiritual energy at one time.
The most he could tolerate was to use up one third of his spiritual energy.

After all, what Han Fei needed wasn’t just weapons.
In the future, after he surpassed the level of Dangling Fisher, he would need a hundred million points of spiritual energy for nothing more than to deduce the fifth level of Void Fishing! Therefore, he had to use his spiritual energy judiciously.

In Forge the Universe…

Han Fei threw materials into the Demon Purification Pot numbly.

A day later, 24 ultra-quality spiritual blades were crafted at the cost of twelve million points of spiritual energy.

Three days passed.

Another 72 ultra-quality spiritual blades were forged, costing thirty-six million points of spiritual energy.

By the time Han Fei crafted the 99th ultra-quality spiritual blade, he only had eight of the 386 ultra-quality materials and 1798 high-quality materials, left.

After another day, Han Fei walked out of Forge the Universe.

Wearing a green ultra-quality battle suit, with 99 ultra-quality spiritual blades floating around him, Han Fei held the ultra-quality whet stone in his left hand and hung the Blood Drinking Knife on his waist.
An ultra-quality fishing pole was carried on his back, and the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Bow in his right hand had been upgraded to ultra-quality too.

Their names all remained the same.
Han Fei was too lazy to come up with new names for them.

Han Fei grinned, wondering if his equipment could be compared to Cao Qiu’s at this moment.
Or rather, Han Fei even felt that his equipment was probably more valuable than Cao Qiu’s.

His gear had been completely upgraded.

Of course, Han Fei had paid a high price too This time, the massive manufacturing of weapons cost him 52 million points of spiritual energy in total.

Han Fei had considered whether or not he should melt the high-quality spiritual weapons and reforge them into ultra-quality spiritual weapons.

But then he realized that he would have to spend tremendous amounts of spiritual energy, and that he didn’t have so much equipment to squander.
This was completely not a bargain.
Therefore, Han Fei didn’t do it.

At this moment, Han Fei held a Sea Swallowing Seashell in his hand and grinned, ready to make offerings.

Before Han Fei was a level-46 Inferior Man-Fish.

At this moment, the brilliant sword Qi was everywhere, and the magnificence of the Million Knife Art couldn’t be better demonstrated.
The Inferior Man-Fish, which equaled a Dangling Fisher, was unable to approach Han Fei at all.

After only one moment, the Inferior Man-Fish had more than a hundred cuts all over its body.
No matter how strong it was, Han Fei simply bashed it back with his brick every time the Inferior Man-Fish got closer to him.
Han Fei wasn’t sure whether or not the appearance of the Lobster Demon was an accident.
He had met a Lobster Demon on the 251st floor, and at this moment, he was on the 278th.
He had only run into the Lobster Demon once, the Demon Shattering Vine three times, no enemies once, and the Inferior Man-Fish in all the other levels.

They only gave two kinds of yields: Soul Crystals and Demon Spiritual Fruits.
The proportion of the Soul Crystals was rather low, and the Demon Spiritual Fruit’s percentage was higher.
The Demon Spiritual Fruits were given seven out of ten times after Han Fei made offerings.

Han Fei already had almost thirty Demon Spiritual Fruits.
He felt that his head was clearer and clearer, but since he didn’t have Soul Crystals, he didn’t know how much bigger his perception range could be expanded.
However, he vaguely had a feeling that his perception range could be further expanded now.

On the 281st floor, Han Fei sacrificed almost two Sea Swallowing Seashells before he finally summoned one creature.

Han Fei’s eyes cramped when he laid his eyes on the creature.

“A mermaid?”

Han Fei felt that his eyes were deceiving him, because he saw a hideous woman right in front of his eyes who was grinning.
But it wasn’t teeth in the mermaid’s mouth at all but more like saws.
All the fangs were frighteningly sharp.

However, different from the Inferior Man-Fish, the creature before Han Fei had much clearer facial organs.
She had a nose, human eyes, and vertical pupils.
Her forehead was slightly wrinkled, but her long hair reached all the way to her waist.
But her body was the main problem.
Her upper half body was mostly covered in fish scales, and only a tiny part of it had human skin.
As for her lower half body, it was a real fish tail that was blue and had shiny scales.
“Shoot… A real mermaid!”

Data popped up in Han Fei’s eyes.

Half Mermaid (Regular Sea Demon)

This is a sea demon that has just acquired intelligence.
They’re a species that are against human beings.
They are good at the Mermaid Battle Technique.
Their performance in a battle is different based on the different tricks they practice.
It’s impossible to understand them.



Level-Four, Low-Quality


Ice Stripe Lobster

Han Fei was dumbfounded, as this creature was much more advanced than the Inferior Man-Fish, which could be seen from her Demon Heritage.
So far, the strongest Inferior Man-Fish he had seen only had a level-three, high-quality Demon Heritage, but this half mermaid had reached level-four.

Also, why was this creature called a half mermaid? Were there complete mermaids?

If there were complete mermaids, would they have beautiful faces, long hair, thin arms and perfect bodies as they were described in the legends?


Han Fei couldn’t even imagine how gorgeous they would look.

Back in the Undersea City, Han Fei saw the Inferior Man-Fish for the first time.

In the Steps into the Sea, he saw the legendary mermaids.
Whether they were beautiful or not, he could call her by that for now.
He felt that she might belong to a species that lived beyond the level-three fishery.

At that moment, Han Fei wondered what the unknown worlds were exactly, and if there were plenty of similar species in those places.

Han Fei realized that, while he never had a clear understanding of this back when he was in the level-one and level-two fishery, he seemed to be approaching the real ocean step by step after he came to the level-three fishery.
If the fisheries of the three levels were human beings’ own territory, could the unknown worlds beyond be places that were beyond human beings’ control?

Suddenly, Han Fei’s attention was caught by an unexpected voice.

“Human… Being…”

The mermaid was panicked at first when she saw Han Fei.
Then she looked around at the environment, before she uttered the two words to Han Fei with an extremely hoarse voice.
Her voice was very strange, mixed with odd waves, as if it was extremely difficult for the mermaid to say “human being” out loud.

Han Fei was shocked.
“You can talk?”


The mermaid stopped talking, which seemed to be too hard for her.
Therefore, she opened her mouth and roared at Han Fei baring all her sharp fangs.

As the mermaid roared, her hair, hair tail and the scales on her arms were all trembling.


Suddenly, a series of weird sound waves burst out of the mermaid’s mouth one circle after another.
Han Fei, caught unprepared, was blown hundreds of meters away by the terrifying sound waves.
He felt that his ears were wet and warm.
They must be bleeding under the shock of the weird sound waves.

“Damn it.
What was that?”

Han Fei dare not underestimate the enemy, because the mermaid was charging at him at a high speed.
The weird swimming posture of the mermaid reminded Han Fei of the Snake Demon in Calabash Brothers.

However, the Snake Demon in Calabash Brothers was beautiful and charming.
While this mermaid might be sexy if one ignored her face and simply focused on her bodily curves, she wasn’t attractive at all when one noticed her face and the scales on her body.

During the brief daze, Han Fei saw that hundreds of scales were darted to him in streaks of brilliance.

Seeing that the enemy was so aggressive as if she were activating her ultimate move at the beginning of this battle determined to kill him, Han Fei certainly did not dare to be careless.

Instantly, all the hundred blades were unleashed, and a torrent launched by the Million Knife Art collided with the scales.

Clank, Clank, Clank…

Lots of scales were knocked away, but Han Fei saw that the mermaid did not stop at all.
Instead, she swam even faster than before.


Han Fei saw a tide that was in a different color than the seawater surging at his blades.
While the ultra-quality spiritual weapons should be powerful enough, they were disrupted by the surging tide, and their speed was lowered to one third their normal rate.

“Huh! What kind of weird abilities are these?”

Han Fei drew out the Blood Drinking Knife and cast the Majestic Mystic Spell on himself, before he slashed at the enemy.

The blue tide was cut into halves by his knife, and the mermaid was enveloped by the frightening Qi of the sword.

Han Fei hurried to dodge the second wave of terrible screaming.
Then, he saw that the attack he performed with his full strength landed on the mermaid without causing any actual damage as if it were just a regular attack.

“Damn it! You’re so strong?”

It all happened too fast.
Seeing that the Blood Drinking Knife didn’t work, Han Fei simply turned to his last resort, and the seawater around him was directly turned into swords.
He didn’t know what level the Infinity Water was at, or if it counted as a weapon, but Han Fei did know that it was the most powerful trump card he had at this moment.

If he couldn’t finish off the opponent with the Infinity Water, Han Fei would have to exhaust the enemy to death with his unparalleled storage of spiritual energy.

After the mermaid was covered by the Infinity Water, Han Fei could hear her screaming and roaring.

Then, a giant lobster showed up.

Unfortunately, the lobster was suppressed by the Infinity Water soon after it showed up.

Han Fei did not recall the Infinity Water until blood was spreading out in the seawater.

Both the mermaid and the giant lobster whose shell was broken were lying in the water, dying.

Han Fei walked to her and said, “Seriously, I have complicated feelings right now.
Usually, I have mercy for intelligent creatures, but why are you so determined to kill a human being?”


The mermaid lay on the ground.
Her scale armor had been completely shattered, and there were cuts all over her body.

But even at this moment, she was still trying to bare her fangs at Han Fei.
The mermaid didn’t have the last breath until almost a hundred seconds later.

Han Fei was standing next to her for the whole time.

Just now, Han Fei sensed intense hate from her, especially from her eyes.
Although her eyes weren’t exactly the same as human eyes, the unmistakable hate in her eyes could be sensed by anyone, even if they were idiots.

After the mermaid disappeared, a water ball popped up.
Han Fei saw that it was no longer a Demon Spiritual Fruit but a translucent, bright blue crystal.

In his eyes, data popped up.

Longevity Stone This is an amazing stone that may be born when a sea creature perishes.
It contains abundant vitality.
When taken, it can extend the life of an ordinary person by a hundred years, a Dangling Fishers’ life by ten years, and a Hanging Fishers or a Hidden Fishers’ life by one year.

“Sweet mother of god…”

Han Fei was dumbfounded.
He had never met anything like this! It could extend the longevity of ordinary people by a hundred years and make a Dangling Fisher live ten more years? It must be a priceless treasure!

Han Fei wasn’t sure how valuable the creature who yielded this item was.
That was longevity! If this stone was in someone else’s control, they would definitely consider it as their most valuable treasure and would never sell it.

Han Fei reached for the Longevity Stone.
But his wrist suddenly hurt when he grabbed the stone.


Han Fei lowered his head, only to see that the Demon Purification Pot was out.

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