Chapter 466 The 200th Floor of the Desolate World (3 in 1)

At this moment, Han Fei too realized that the Immortals Slaying Formation must be dreadful.
However, he knew that his sturdiness had been increased more than five times because the Majestic Mystic Spell was still working.

Therefore, unless those descendants of major families were capable of certain extra powerful battle techniques, it would be impossible for them to hurt him.

When four red glittering aura swords emerged

Fei knew that the show was on.


The swords were even faster than Xia Xiaochan’s Thousand Strike Technique.
Greatly surprised, Han Fei subconsciously lowered his body and dodged it, but he failed to jump away.

Two red aura swords almost landed a strike in the blink of an eye.

Han Fei raised his arm, only to see that his arm had been pierced through, and that there was a cut on his thigh.



While everybody watched him looking forward to his performance, Han Fei drew his sword.
As a matter of fact, since the sword formation came out, many people had acknowledged Han Fei’s capabilities, because not everybody could have resisted that sword Qi.
They couldn’t even stand one second if they were to block such swords with their spiritual energy protective covers.

Therefore, after the red aura swords came out, someone said, “This is the second move! Fan Datong is taking action!”

The Blood Drinking Knife was drawn, but the swords had been shattered before the knife

were destroyed almost in the blink of an eye.
Seeing that, Sun Mu frowned even harder.
“He’s that good?” Outside, Cao Qiu exclaimed, “We must take action! Kill him!”

Ji Wenxuan and Tian Yishan, who were from the Grand Void Academy, subconsciously swallowed.

Tian Yishan asked, “Was Gong Yuehan defeated by this knife?”

Ji Wenyuan nodded, not recovering from his shock yet.
However, Gong Yuehan took three attacks before he was defeated, and Senior Brother Fan seems even stronger than he was back then.”

To everyone’s amazement, Han Fei almost fully carried out his Shadow Swimming Art.
While holding his waist with one hand, he dashed towards Sun Mu.

Han Fei would love to draw his weapon immediately, but his Drawing Technique was most powerful when he was closer to the enemy.

It wouldn’t matter if he was slightly at a distance from his opponent when the opponent was mediocre.

However, his opponent in this case was Sun Mu, who was no weaker than him at all in terms of strength and speed.
If he wanted to win while concealing his real identity, he would have to get close to the guy.

Clang, Clang, Clang..
Sun Mu didn’t move, but the sword formation moved.
The floating spiritual swords all fell, and they weren’t spiritual swords anymore after they fell, but instead turned into red aura swords.

“Red Light Everywhere!”

Mo Feiyan, Li Heiye, Li Baizhou, Wang Erjian, Cao Qiu and the others all exclaimed.

Tang Ge had never fought Sun Mu before, so he frowned and asked, “What does that mean?”

Cao Qiu explained, “There are four moves in

move is Deity Guiding the way, the third move is Red Light Everywhere, and the fourth move is Intimidating Water and Fire! Normal people can’t even make it to the third move, but Sun Mu has already cast the third move? Isn’t it too soon?”

Li Heiye and Li Baizhou were planning to kill the two disciples of the Grand Void Academy first, but they stopped after they saw the scene.
They were more interested in finding out if this Fan Datong could survive the formation, and if he could, it would be best that they showed enough respect for the Grand Void Academy.


The seawater trembled when the Blood Drinking Knife was drawn, and a high-quality battle suit appeared on the surface of Han Fei’s

anymore, because the red aura swords were really powerful.

Now, rows of red aura swords were pushing at him from all directions threateningly.
He couldn’t possibly deal with them without setting up a defense for himself.

Han Fei said telepathically, Mr.
Hexagon Starfish, get us a defense array.

The Hexagon Starfish was trembling at this moment.
While covering Han Fei with a defense array, it replied, Let’s run! I think we’re dead! We’ll be dead in no time!

Han Fei replied, Shut up and see how I kill him!

The Blood Drinking Knife had been completely unleashed.
Dozens of balls of energy appeared on Han Fei’s side at the same time and exploded one after another.

Han Fei attempted to block the torrents of red swords with an outburst of spiritual energy, but it didn’t work at all.

The defense array that the Hexagon Starfish set up had been broken after resisting the red swords for only one second.

The distance between Han Fei and his enemy was only several hundred meters.
He would’ve already swum to the enemy at his usual speed, but here, he had only covered half of the journey.
Clank, Clank, Clank…

His battle suit, which was a piece of high-quality spiritual equipment, rustled and was riddled with sword cuts.
Some parts on the suit had even been penetrated through.
Han Fei’s eyes trembled.
Considering the intensity of the attack, this high-quality spiritual battle suit would be destroyed after another two waves of attack.

“Damn it.
Not enough.
I’m not close enough to him.”

It had been a long time since Han Fei had the

this moment, he was even somewhat excited.

Tang Ge immediately moved and grabbed his spear, ready to take action.
He had seen how terrifying the Immortals Slaying Formation was.
The high-quality spiritual battle suit was almost impaled in the blink of an eye.
What would happen if the attack had directly landed on the body?

He admitted that Han Fei was very sturdy.
However, no matter how sturdy Han Fei was, could he possibly resist the ultimate spiritual weapons of an enemy who was on the same level as himself?

Tang Ge didn’t think that he was capable of

had practiced multiple heaven-level battle techniques.

However, right before Tang Ge was going to

stopped him.
“Don’t worry.”

Tang Ge frowned.
He grew less fond of Xia

man’s attack is so powerful, and you’re doing nothing except standing by and watching?” Xia Xiaochan replied casually, “You underestimate Han Fei.”

Tang Ge was stunned, as he thought that he had given Han Fei enough credit.
Even he might not have been able to weather through the terrifying attack made by the third move of this formation.

As for the other people, they were already dumbfounded.

“Dear Sea God, is that guy crazy? He’s still charging forward just in order to carry out his attack?”

“He’s truly ferocious and unstoppable! He is the second guy I’ve seen who charged forward against the Immortals Slaying Formation!” Someone turned aside and remembered that the first guy who charged forward against the formation was Cao Tian, an unusual genius who established his name as the top expert in his generation after that battle.
It was certainly worth it.

The reason why Cao Tian was quickly acknowledged as the top expert by his peers was that he was a lunatic who fought and pressed forward even though the Immortals Slaying Formation was lying before him.
Cao Qiu was remarking his complicated feelings too, “He is crazy! He is crazy! Fan Datong is definitely worthy enough to be on

Thousand Star City.”

However, nobody asked Cao Qiu more about the list of the top ten Heavenly Talents.

That was because the water currents around Han Fei began to flow unusually inside the formation.
The turbulence surged in the shape of blades as if they were weapons.

When the second torrent of red swords crashed against Han Fei, the high-quality spiritual battle suit that he looted was shattered.

But when the third torrent of red swords came

that the red swords couldn’t press on at all.
They were blocked by the turbulence in the seawater.

Han Fei grinned and said, “You’re forcing me to do this!”

Ten meters…

Twenty meters…

A hundred meters…

The seawater fell into utter chaos.

dense that it was impossible to count how many of them were out there.

If one had to describe it, they could only say that there were as many blades as there was seawater.

Xia Xiaochan’s eyes glittered and narrowed.
She curled her lips and said, “Hehe.
He’s finally using it.”

Everybody who was watching the battle swallowed.

Tang Ge’s eyes glittered, and his body was trembling.
Powerful! This is too powerful! Are those swords really launched by my brother that was mocked by countless people in the beginning? He had never thought that Han Fei, who had never been to the Thousand Star City, could’ve made it this far entirely based on his own strength.

Han Fei was faster and faster, and the Blood Drinking Knife in his hand was fully laden with his determination.
The audience could sense the stunning brilliance on the knife that was no less intimidating than the red sword torrents from the Immortals Slaying Formation


Sun Mu’s face finally changed at this moment.
He began to retreat.
Sun Mu couldn’t think it through at all.
What kind of battle technique can possibly turn seawater into such terrifying water blades? A heaven-level high-quality battle technique? But even a heaven-level high-quality battle technique couldn’t be so powerful! Sun Mu declared, “The fourth move of Immortals Slaying: Intimidating Water and


Hiu! Hiu! Hiu!

As Sun Mu retreated, the red aura swords

returned to Sun Mu.

Altogether, there were 107 streaks of light.
All of them were gathered on the ultimate spiritual sword before Sun Mu.

When Han Fei was only a dozen meters from Sun Mu, the fourth move of the formation was launched.
Instantly, all the water was pushed out.

It was as if a nuclear bomb had just exploded at the bottom of the ocean.
Han Fei and Sun Mu were enshrouded by a round ball.
They couldn’t see anything except the continuous

explosion was radiating too.
At this moment, Xia Xiaochan’s face changed, and she was the first one to charge out.

Tang Ge, Wang Erjian and Cao Qiu followed

Baizhou and the others.

The last strike was so powerful that they could sense the ferocious and rampant sword Qi when they were three hundred meters from the center of the explosion.

However, before they saw clearly what was going on inside the white water ball, someone suddenly held his stomach and exclaimed, “Ouch! Was I accidentally poisoned?”

Han Fei didn’t know how long it would take for Cao Qiu’s drug to kick in even though it was known as the Poison King.
Therefore, he secretly poured out a bowl of the poison during the attack

When he collided with the fourth move of the Immortals Slaying Formation, Han Fei simply enveloped himself with the Infinity Water.
However, the Metamorphosis Water was different from the Infinity Water.
While Xia Xiaochan could turn the Metamorphosis Water into anything, Han Fei could only protect himself by transforming the Infinity Water into weapons.
It wasn’t very handy.

But of course, Han Fei wasn’t scared, as Cao Qiu had said that all the herbs were collected from the level-three fishery.
Since Han Fei had taken the Venomous Tulip, he should be better than everybody here in terms of resistance to poison, unless they had taken a Venomous Tulip too.

After the round ball collapsed into dense bubbles and gradually disappeared, everybody finally saw what was inside.

Han Fei’s clothes had been entirely shattered.
He was wearing nothing more than a pair of ragged short pants.
The perfect and explosive muscles on his body were fully revealed.
Han Fei was half lying on the ground, with dense wounds on the upper half of his body.
The seawater before him had been dyed red.

But Sun Mu was much more miserable than Han Fei.
Before him, a piece of amulet jade had been cut into halves and fallen on the soil.
Only half of his high-quality battle suit was left.
An enormous wound had been cut from his shoulder all the way to his waist.

At this moment, Sun Mu was covered by a layer of dim light.
Clearly, it was another protective measure, and it was one of the better ones.

Even so, Sun Mu was half lying on the ground.
The seawater around him was obviously much bloodier than that on Han Fei’s side.

Han Fei secretly cursed.
It is really tricky to fight these people! Was this jerk really so powerful? In terms of attack power, Sun Mu is even stronger than Yang Deyu.
Instead of casting the Divine Healing Technique on himself, Han Fei exerted strength to his feet and stood up.
At the same time, he put on another high-quality spiritual battle suit.

Han Fei turned his neck and pointed at Sun Mu.
“You would’ve been killed without your amulet.”

Sun Mu’s subordinates swam to him in a hurry, and two spirit gatherers healed Sun Mu in a hurry.

Sun Mu struggled back to his feet and managed to say, “Who are you exactly? If the Grand Void Academy had the battle techniques you performed just now, would it have been suppressed by the other major sects to this day?”

Han Fei ignored him and said to Cao Qiu telepathically, Why is there no reaction at all after such a long time? Should I have put more poison? I only dispersed a bowl of it.
Is it not enough?

Cao Qiu’s eyes bulged.
You released a bowl of it?

Cao Qiu quickly dragged Wang Zitian and said, “Let’s go to the next floor.
Quickly, quickly, quickly…” As he talked, Cao Qiu gradually disappeared.

Wang Zitian paused for a moment and stared at Han Fei.
Then, he gradually disappeared too.


Mo Feiyan was briefly stunned.
“What are they running for? I’m going to the next floor to find it out.”

Mo Feiyan felt that something was off.
This guy who appeared out of nowhere turned out to be on Cao Qiu’s side, and everybody knew what Cao Qiu wanted.
He had wanted to kill them for a long time.
Something must be wrong with this stranger.

After Mo Feiyan’s body faded out, Han Fei noticed that the two guys from the Grand Void Academy still hadn’t left.
He thought to himself, Don’t blame me, I warned you a long time ago, I would’ve finished you off if I didn’t want to better disguise myself.

Mu Ling’s face slightly changed.
“How powerful is this poison exactly? Why has Cao Qiu run off so quickly?” Xia Xiaochan said, “Don’t cancel the Water Dungeon Technique.
This is the Poison King poison.”

Mu Ling was greatly alarmed after hearing that, and she secretly added another barrier

Poison King was, but since Xia Xiaochan was on Han Fei’s side, her warning must be well-grounded.

While Sun Mu was still waiting for Han Fei to reply, Han Fei glanced at the crowd.
Seeing that some people were holding their stomach with pale and awful looks on their faces, he looked back at Sun Mu.
“It’s exactly because my sect is dwarfed by other major sects that I cannot reveal myself easily.
You’ve lost.
Are you not giving me your Sea Swallowing Seashells?”

Sun Mu gnashed his teeth.
“When did I ever promise that I would give you my Sea Swallowing Seashells if I lost?” Han Fei chuckled and said, “What a gutless man.
It’s just a Sea Swallowing Seashell.
You think I can’t find them if you hide it well?”

Suddenly, Sun Mu realized something was wrong and instantly backed away dozens of meters.

failed to tell what was wrong exactly.

“Pu! Pu! Pu… Pu…”


“Ah! Something is wrong with my stomach!” “Not good! There’s something in the water!” “Pu! Pu! Pu… Pu…”

“Gudu… Gudu…”

Almost like a chain reaction, farts echoed in the seawater for a long time without any stop.

Xiaochan, Mu Ling and Tang were holding their bellies, including Sun Mu.

Sun Mu’s eyes were cold.
“You used poison…” Han Fei didn’t deny it.
He simply spoke to Tang Ge, Xia Xiaochan and Mu Ling telepathically, You go to the next floor first.

Seeing that the situation here was already under control, Tang Ge entered the next floor without hesitation.
But his face was weird when he left.
He wondered why the poison would make people fart.

Xia Xiaochan already felt strongly uncomfortable.
She ran off immediately because she was disgusted.

Han Fei, on the other hand, cackled creepily.

Do you think I would fight each and every one of you to get through? Let me tell you the truth.
This poison is made by a thousand spiritual herbs that I collected when I traveled the level-three fishery.
Its toxicity is unprecedented.
Dreadful and mind-blowing, it will make you vomit and give you diarrhea for seven days.
If you don’t have the antidote, you might as well start looking for a toilet!” Han Fei shamelessly claimed that he was the inventor of the poison, because it could make him even more intimidating.
Li Heiye’s voice rang in Han Fei’s head, Damn it! It’s gross! You’ve pissed us off!

Li Baizhou added, Fan Datong, come and duel with me if you think you’re good! Why do you demean yourself by using such a lowly technique?

Someone cursed angrily, S*it! Give me the antidote.

Senior Brother! Senior Brother Fan! Antidote… Oh…

Han Fei blinked his eyes.
“Stop speaking to me telepathically! My head is a mess when your voices are all in my head at the same time! I’ll give the antidote to whoever voluntarily gives their Sea Swallowing Seashell to me.
There are only a hundred doses of the antidote, but there are clearly more than a hundred people here.
So, let’s see which of you are faster!” Someone cursed angrily, “Lunatic, you will make yourself a public enemy of all the major sects!”

Han Fei turned his head, only to see a young man who was glaring at him.
Therefore, Han Fei smiled and said, “Okay, no antidote for you.
But I won’t give you a hard time.
You can get the hell out of here!”

The man immediately turned grim.
He was

wanted the antidote!

“Senior Brother Fan! Senior Brother Fan! Hurry! Antidote! I can’t hold it anymore.”

Ji Wenxuan swam close.
While he was on his way, obscure substances drifted out his pants.

Han Fei’s face instantly changed.
He pointed at him and scolded, “Don’t come closer! Didn’t I ask you to leave? Why are you still here?”

Han Fei hesitated.
Damn it.
He really didn’t want to give them the antidote.
His identity as the last disciple of the dean of the Grand Void Academy would be found out to be a lie the moment he got out of the Steps into the Sea…


Han Fei suddenly thought of something.
He snapped his fingers and gave Ji Wenxuan and Tian Yishan two drops of the antidote.
Han Fei simply said, “Junior Brother, finish it already.”

Tian Yishan couldn’t hold it any longer either.
He was lying on the ground when the antidote was thrown to him.
Immediately, he jumped with his last strength and swallowed the antidote.

Seeing the filthy seawater behind him, Han Fei almost threw up.
Han Fei suddenly took out a black cloak and put it on.
Then, he placed the high hat of the threatening ghost above his head too.

Han Fei had transformed back into one of the Black and White Ghosts.
Everybody was stunned after seeing that.

Sun Mu remarked, “You are indeed not a disciple of the Grand Void Academy.” Han Fei’s lips curled.
Xie Xiao’an and I laid low for three years in order to reclaim the glory of the Grand Void Academy in the fast before today.
We, the Black and White Ghosts, are the ultimate weapons that the Grand Void Academy have developed.
After today’s battle, the Grand Void Academy will return to the peak again…”

Han Fei thought that, since nobody knew the Black and White Ghosts’ background, and he was already impersonating the last disciple of the dean of the Grand Void Academy, he might as well attach the Black and White Ghosts to the Grand Void Academy too.
It was just another lie anyway.

Immediately, Ji Wenxuan and Tian Yishan couldn’t have looked more awful.
They wondered if Han Fei was even their senior brother.

Although they had been given the antidote, they both foresaw what would happen later.
They would probably be beaten to death by everybody after they left the Steps into the Sea.
We’re doomed.
They looked at each other and instantly faded away.

Han Fei was rather unhappy that two Sea Swallowing Seashells ran away with them, but it didn’t matter, because he had blamed everything on the Grand Void Academy.
By the time those people figured out that he wasn’t with the Grand Void Academy, he and Xia Xiaochan would probably already be out of the Steps into the Sea.

After they returned to the boundless and free level-three fishery, who could possibly catch him?

“Pu… Pu… Pu…” “Gu… Gu…”


Han Fei kept a distance from them and protected himself well.
Then he asked, “Nobody is willing to give their Sea Swallowing Seashells to me? That’s fine.
I don’t want them anymore.
I’m leaving.
Bye, guys.”

“Wait a moment.”

It was none other than Sun Mu, who was closest to Han Fei, and Li Heiye and Li Baizhou, who called out to him first.

They could barely hold themselves back anymore.
As the disciples of major families, their pride forbade them from being humiliating in front of other people in such a way.

They had even foreseen that everybody in the Thousand Star City would know what

in the city.

Immediately, Sun Mu and the Li twins threw their Sea Swallowing Seashells to Han Fei.

The moment he accepted the Sea Swallowing Seashells, Han Fei smiled and tossed out doses of the antidote which were mixed with impurities.
However, it shouldn’t be a problem for the antidote to suppress the poison for a while.

With Sun Mu and the Li twins setting an example for them, hundreds of other people threw their Sea Swallowing Seashells to Han Fei.
Han Fei almost failed to catch them all.

Then, Han Fei tossed out a tremendous number of doses to the crowd.

Then, Han Fei said to everybody telepathically, I’m a man of my word.
When I say I’ll rob you, I won’t kill you.
Don’t worry about your life.
Everything was fine before Han Fei said that, but after he did, everyone wanted to cut him into pieces.

Sun Mu and the Li twins seemed to be communicating telepathically, but Han Fei

ability be restored so fast?

However, in case those people got back to themselves, Han Fei continued, “I’ll wait another five seconds.
Those who don’t give your Sea Swallowing Seashells to me won’t need to!”

“Pu… Pu…”

Amongst more farting noises, Han Fei received another batch of Sea Swallowing Seashells.

After he collected the last Sea Swallowing Seashell, spiritual energy was already surging

he quickly faded out and entered the next level.

“Damn it!”

Li Heiye shouted, “I’ll definitely kill him!”

Li Baizhou swore, “He can’t get away! I’ll kill him the moment he returns to the Thousand Star City!”

Sun Mu had a cold gaze.
“Let’s get out of here first.”

Many people were lost for words, as the filthy seawater couldn’t be more disgusting.

for a few Sea Swallowing Seashells after

necessities and threw them into his Sea Swallowing Seashell.
He was about to leave, when he heard exclamations bursting out behind him.

Yang Deyu was rather stunned.
“Huh? What’s this fuss about? Have any extraordinary treasures been found?”

“Young Master, I think someone just came out of the Steps into the Sea.”

Yang Deyu was dazed for a moment.
“People come out of the Steps into the Sea all the time.
Why are they so loud?” “Ho! Hooooo00o!”

“Tell me where the people from the Grand Void Academy are! I’m going to kill them!”

Yang Deyu was surprised to hear the roar that came from a distance.
“Huh! I think it’s Li Heiye’s voice.
Let’s go and see if it’s that son of a bi*ch.”

By the time Yang Deyu arrived, he found that a lot of people from the major sects, including Sun Mu, had been gathered.
Yang Deyu was instantly amused.
“Hey, Sun Mu, why have you left too?” “Pu… Pu… Pu…”

A disciple of the Mountain Sea Pavilion suddenly began to fart in the crowd.


Following him, someone else began to vomit.


The crowd instantly dispersed.
How could they still be farting so loudly when they were already peak-level Dangling Fishers? Someone said in despair, “Huh! What’s that smell?”

Yang Deyu was lost for words.
“Are you done yet? What pills have you taken?”

Right when Yang Deyu mocked them, Li Baizhou farted too.

Sun Mu quickly flashed above the steps into the Sea and vanished.

“Damn it! We were tricked!”

“Ahhhhhhhhh! Son of a bi*ch! This isn’t over yet! I’ll get back to you!”

“Get me a toilet already.
I can’t hold back anymore.”

Yang Deyu and the other passers-by were all dumbfounded, wondering what could’ve possibly happened.

After hearing how Fan Datong released poison on the 200th level of the Steps into the Sea, Yang Deyu felt dizzy and chilled.
He remarked in complicated feelings, “Thank god I got out earlier, otherwise…” He trembled and laughed out aloud.
“Let’s go! I feel really happy! Let’s visit another treasure trove in a few days.
But for now, let’s find out which toilet Sun Mu is using.”

While Yang Deyu was having fun with the show, other people weren’t.
They were rather

Ghosts made it to the 200th level and drove out the Heavenly Talents of the Thousand Star City.
For a moment, the Black and White Ghosts became the most famous celebrities.
Scholars even began to investigate the Black and White Ghosts’ background.

On the 201st level of the Steps into the Sea, Han Fei patted his chest and grinned.
“A bumper harvest! A bumper harvest it is!”

The Hexagon Starfish remarked, “Human being, I have a feeling that you will be beaten to death if you leave this place.” Han Fei chuckled.
“Don’t worry.
I have the Thousand Faces Technique.”

At this moment, Han Fei was even envious of the little fatty Cao Qiu, who was truly adept at invention and creation even though he was bad at fighting

When hundreds of people farted at the same time a moment earlier, even he almost failed to control himself and stop himself from throwing up.

At this moment, Han Fei scanned the Sea Swallowing Seashells he just obtained.
The more carefully he examined them, the more brilliant his smile became.

“Tsk, tsk.
As expected of the disciples of the major sects.
They really have lots of good stuff! If I sell all these Sea Swallowing Seashells to the Specter, how much money can I get? A hundred million?”

Grinning, Han Fei picked out all the Soul Crystals inside those Sea Swallowing Seashells.

After he examined all the Sea Swallowing Seashells, Han Fei discovered, to his surprise, that he had acquired almost three hundred Soul Crystals.
So, those people each had a Soul Crystal on average.

“Hiss! Not bad! Not bad at all! It’s true that robbing is much easier than collecting!”

Han Fei looked around and didn’t sense any shock in the water, so he simply sat down on the ground.



After two Soul Crystals were absorbed, Han Fei was suddenly refreshed.
He had the epiphany that it was possible to remember the God Scaring Painting now.

At this moment, ten Soul Crystals had already been absorbed, but the Soul Crystals had no reaction at all.
However, after he absorbed the eleventh Soul Crystal, the God Scaring Painting trembled in his head.

Immediately, Han Fei’s eyes glittered, and he kept having the Soul Crystals.




Absorbing another ten Soul Crystals, Han Fei suddenly opened his eyes and released his mental perception.

In the next second, Han Fei was dumbfounded.


Han Fei rose quickly.
“This isn’t right! Didn’t they say that it’s fifty meters? Why has the range of my perception been increased by five hundred meters?”

The Hexagon Starfish asked, “Can I have a few Soul Crystals for all the contributions I made?”

Han Fei thought of something and immediately took out ten Soul Crystals.
“Here, Mr.
Hexagon Starfish.
What’s the range of your perception right now?”

The Hexagon Starfish found it hard to believe that Han Fei tossed ten Soul Crystals in front of him.
It laid its tentacles on the Soul Crystals, and the ten Soul Crystals disappeared in the blink of an eye.

The Hexagon Starfish said, “The range of my perception is very large.
It’s even bigger than the Big Red Trunk.”

Han Fei was rather intrigued.
“It’s that huge?”

However, Han Fei had strong doubts about the Hexagon Starfish’s math abilities.
So, he took out his fishing pole and said, “You sense the landing point of my fishing pole and tell me if you can feel it.”

A thousand meters away.

Han Fei asked, “Is it okay from here?” The Hexagon Starfish replied, “Not a problem at all.”

One thousand-five hundred meters away.

Han Fei asked, “What about here?”

The Hexagon Starfish replied, “Not a problem at all.”

As it turned out, Han Fei’s estimation wasn’t wrong at all.
The range of the Hexagon Starfish’s perception was as far as 2,400 meters.

Having just been increased by five hundred meters, Han Fei only had a perception range of a thousand meters in total.
He wondered if it could be further increased if he kept absorbing the Soul Crystals.

Han Fei said, “Mr.
Hexagon Starfish, digest them right now, don’t keep any of the ten Soul Crystals.”

The Hexagon Starfish found it rather unbelievable that Han Fei could be so generous giving away ten Soul Crystals at one time when he was usually mean and petty.

Han Fei sat down and continued absorbing the Soul Crystals excitedly.



At this moment, Han Fei felt that every single Soul Crystal had some effect.
However, since he didn’t remember more pieces of the God Scaring Painting, Han Fei’s range of perception wasn’t really increased.

However, after he absorbed another ten Soul Crystals, and another piece of the God Scaring Painting was remembered, Han Fei realized that his range of perception had been expanded by another five hundred meters.


Dumbfounded, Han Fei immediately looked at the Hexagon Starfish.
Hexagon Starfish, how is it going? How much has your perception range been expanded?” The Hexagon Starfish: “???” “I haven’t even begun to absorb them yet.”

Han Fei’s heart was beating fast.

Cao Qiu had mentioned that even Cao Tian’s perception range was only 3,300 meters back then.
Even if Cao Tian had grown stronger, he couldn’t possibly sense things four thousand meters away.

If Han Fei’s guess was correct, the expansion of his perception range had little to do with the Soul Crystals, which were merely keys to the God Scaring Painting.

The God Scaring Painting was the real key to the expansion of his perception range.

The Hexagon Starfish’s six big eyes were rolling quickly like wheels, because it found that Han Fei was taking out ten Soul Crystals every few hundred seconds, and he had repeated it almost ten times.

It was rather panicked as a starfish, and it didn’t know where to place its tentacles.

How can you be so fast? I haven’t even digested the first Soul Crystal yet, but how many Soul Crystals have you taken in? Eighty? A hundred?

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