Chapter 463 His Hands Were Trembling

When Yang Deyu brought two of his subordinates to rush towards Han Fei, Han Fei and his teammates were also rushing to them!

There weren’t many other people around, so both sides wanted to get in on the action.
Therefore, no one wanted to let the other party go.

After a moment.

When Yang Deyu saw Cao Qiu, he was so excited.
“Come on, it’s Cao Qiuqiu.
This guy is covered with treasures.
Let’s rob him.”

“Young Master, Young Master Wang is also here.”

Yang Deyu disdainfully said, “Two Swords is nothing.
I can make him cry like a girl with my big axes.
As for the guy from the Grand Void Academy and the man I don’t know, I will leave them to you two.”

“Yes, Boss.”

When Cao Qiu saw Yang Deyu, he hurriedly said, “Not good.
It’s Crazy Yang.
Let’s leave here.”

However, Han Fei grabbed his belt before he could run.
“Don’t be such a coward, okay? Yang Deyu is just a stupid brat.
Leave him to me.”

After that, Han Fei let the Hexagon Starfish hide in his clothes.
God knew if Yang Deyu had noticed Master Hexagon when he was in the Sea Grasslands… At such a critical moment, Han Fei didn’t want anything out of his control.

Wang Zitian shouted, “Huh! Are you going to fight Yang Deyu?” Han Fei shot him a weird look.
“Yes? Come on, solve his two men.”

Wang Zitian did not refute.
If Yang Deyu wasn’t included, he could easily solve the other people alone.

Therefore, Wang Zitian said, “Ten minutes will be enough.”

Upon hearing this, Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan didn’t react at all.
Wang Zitian frowned questioningly.
Isn’t this speed fast? Why are you not surprised? If Wang Zitian knew that Han Fei defeated Gong Yuehan with only three blows, he would be dumbfounded!

At this moment, with a swoosh, Yang Deyu rushed over.
Although his Black Crystal Axes were gone, he had two new axes that were not weaker than the previous ones.
The axes were shining with a cold glint.

On this side, Han Fei picked up the Embroidery Needle and sped up, facing Yang Deyu tit for tat.

“Idiot from the Grand Void Academy, f*ck


“Hey, Crazy Yang, they said your double axes are invincible… Is that true?” “Humph, do you want to die?”

Of these two people, one chopped with double axes and the other thrust with a long stick.

In Yang Deyu’s opinion, when it came to fighting, of course close-quarter melee combat was the most exciting! He liked the feeling of chopping and hacking with his axes.

However, when the stick collided with the axes, Yang Deyu felt a huge force pressing at him from the stick.

“Huh? Not bad! Come on!”

Clang! Clang… Yang Deyu chopped three times in a row, setting off ripples in every direction.


But Han Fei was different.
Being chopped at by Yang Deyu, he backed away, yelling, “Crazy Yang’s double axes are nothing more than this!”

How could Yang Deyu bear this? He immediately chopped at him again.

However, just at this time, six purple lights shot up into the sky and Han Fei suddenly slammed him directly into the six-gate formation.
“Spirit Forbidden Net.”

Cao Qiuqiu rushed over and cast the net into the six-gate formation.


“Asshole, shameless…”

In the six-gate formation, Yang Deyu suddenly howled angrily.
The double axes revolved, blasting the seawater upside down, making the Spirit Forbidden Net unable to cover him.

Han Fei shouted angrily, “Cao Qiu, what the f*ck are you doing? Can’t you cover him with the net?!”

Cao Qiu: “…”

Immediately afterward, Han Fei’s face changed slightly when he saw Yang Deyu’s momentum soar suddenly, breaking the Dangling Fisher realm almost instantly and reaching the Hanging Fisher realm in one fell swoop.

“Opening a Way with the First Strike…”



The Hexagon Starfish was horrified.
“Not good, he is so strong! The six-gate formation can’t stop him.”

Han Fei also widened his eyes.
Is this lunatic so fierce?

But just after the first strike, Yang Deyu shouted again.
“Pacifying the Universe with the Second Strike…”


In Han Fei’s stunned gaze, the six-gate formation suddenly shattered.

This was definitely the first time the six-gate formation was broken.
Was the Hexagon Starfish not strong enough? No, absolutely not.

This six-gate formation was the trump card of the Hexagon Starfish.
Even the six-gate formation was broken, which showed how strong Yang Deyu was! Cao Qiu cried, “Oh my god! You guys hold out.
I’m leaving.”

The Hexagon Starfish was shocked.
“Not good.
I’m injured and my six-gate formation is broken.
I wanna go home…”

Han Fei’s face turned dark.
“Shut up! Watch how I conquer him.”

Yang Deyu’s face was all red and he was staring at Han Fei fiercely.
“You little bastard of the Grand Void Academy! I didn’t want to kill you, but now you’ve really pissed me off.
Die! Judging Life and Death with the Third Strike.”

When the third strike came, Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan were both stunned.
A huge crab like a 50-meter tall phantom with two battle axe-like pincers appeared.
Frantic Axe Crab (Yang Deyu’s spiritual beast)

A rare deep-sea demonic crab.
It can be called the King Crab when it matures and can cut through mountains and cleave the sea at its peak state, with shocking defense power and terrifying destructive power.
Most of them are deep-sea demons.


Legendary 2,856 points


Seven Furious Axes


Variation period

Xia Xiaochan said, “It looks just like the crab that appeared in the big fish tide in the Heavenly Desolate City.” Han Fei’s face was dark.
He had always wondered how Yang Deyu could be in the same league with Mo Feiyan and Sun Mu.
It turned out that although this guy was an idiot, his combat power was superb.
Very few big-clan children could be his opponents.

“Majestic Mystic Spell.”

“Let me send you to hell.”

Han Fei didn’t understand why these people recited these fancy mantras in fighting! They sounded so stupid!

The Embroidery Needle in his hand became dozens of times thicker in the blink of an eye.
He held the Embroidery Needle in both hands as if he was holding a large pillar, and smashed it head-on against the big axes that seemed to be cutting the sky open.


On the other side, Wang Zitian’s eyelids jumped.
What is going on here?! How has this bastard suddenly become so powerful?!

It was not obvious when Han Fei was fighting Tang Ge.
While they fought, they set off surging waves, so the others didn’t see clearly how powerful they were!

However, the battle between Han Fei and Yang Deyu was a close-quarter melee.
When they collided, ripples erupted endlessly.
Where the two of them were, the seawater was emptied and filled up quickly, making two huge vortices spinning rapidly.


Yang Deyu was sent flying hundreds of meters away, so was Han Fei.

Yang Deyu was bleeding from seven orifices and his arms were drooping.
Han Fei’s hands were trembling and he poked the Embroidery Needle into the ground, unable to lift it.

Han Fei swore in his heart.
With five times his strength, he only fought to a tie with Yang Deyu?! That was simply incredible!

Yang Deyu was no longer excited.
Are you f*cking kidding me? Is this truly a disciple of the Grand Void Academy? If you told me that this was a disciple of the Mountain Sea Pavilion, I may believe it.
But, a disciple of the Grand Void Academy? Impossible!

Yang Deyu immediately shouted angrily, “Who are you? You are definitely not from the Grand Void Academy.”

Han Fei responded, “I am a disciple of the Dean.
How can you doubt my identity?”

The Dean of the Grand Void Academy doesn’t have any disciples! Bastard, how dare you pretend to be from the Grand Void Academy? Wait for their revenge!”

Han Fei yelled, “Nonsense.
Is it you or I who knows my master better? Does he have to report to you before he receives a disciple?”

Yang Deyu scoffed.
“I will ask him myself when I go back.”

“Go ahead!”

Unable to trick him into telling the truth, Yang Deyu shouted, “If it weren’t for the rush, I would be able to hack you in half.”

Han Fei sneered.
“If I were well prepared, I could poke you from the 200th floor to the 300th floor.”

Yang Deyu shouted, “Then do it now!”

“Then come closer.”

Everyone: “…”

Cao Qiu asked, “Why don’t you guys just fight?!” Han Fei shot back, “Shut up! Can’t I rest for a while?”

Yang Deyu added, “Ya, shut up.” Cao Qiu: “…”

Han Fei was thinking at the moment.
Not good! I underestimated Yang Deyu.
This guy is too fierce! He remembered that Yang Ruoyun made him lie down with a finger, but he drew a tie with him at fivefold his strength!

Han Fei secretly transmitted a voice to the Hexagon Starfish, Master Hexagon, set the six-gate formation again.
The Hexagon Starfish’s tentacles twitched.
I can’t! I’m hurt.

Han Fei was helpless.
It’s just a minor injury.
I’ll heal you.

Without waiting for the Hexagon Starfish to respond, Two Swords said, “I’ll solve these people soon.
Pin down Yang Deyu.”

Upon hearing this, Han Fei pulled out the Embroidery Needle and blasted at Yang Deyu again.

Yang Deyu was stunned and couldn’t believe it.
Did this guy recover so soon? That’s damn quick!

“Boss, run.”

Yang Deyu frowned.
“Run? So many people are watching and you tell me to run away?”

“Young Master, where there’s life, there’s hope! We can’t hold it anymore.”

Yang Deyu shook his head.
“No, I have never surrendered in combat… Hey! Seven Frenzy Axes…”

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