Chapter 451 Brotherhood

The two sat on the ground and Han Fei talked about his experiences over the past two years.
There were twists and turns, as well as great opportunities.
Tang Ge alternated between smiling and frowning as he listened.

After hearing that Li Jue had recovered quickly after he left, he frowned in worry.

Of course, Han Fei didn’t tell him the whole truth.

He said that the Venerable who taught him the Incomplete Monograph on 108 Ways of Body Conditioning appeared again and taught him the 108 Spirit-Absorbing War Bodies after seeing that he was doing well in his cultivation.

And Old Jiang in the plantation was a hidden master, which was true.

Then, with the help of Old Jiang, he became a student of the Fourth Academy of the Blue Sea Town.
Tang Ge could tell that the next two years might be the happiest time in Han Fei’s life.
The teachers of the school were so good, the classmates were so amazing, and the training was so rigorous.
As for his strength, Han Fei’s spiritual heritage was found useless in the test, but in fact, it was an extremely rare growth-type spiritual heritage.

Hearing this, Tang Ge was stunned.
A growth-type spiritual heritage? This was definitely a rare spiritual heritage.

Tang Ge was very excited to hear that.
“Good, good! When I go back this time, I will ask my master to recruit you into the Heavenly Sword Sect.
With your talent, there would be absolutely no problem.”

Han Fei interrupted directly, “Come on! I won’t join your sect.
My Thug Academy is no worse than your Heavenly Sword Sect.”

Tang Ge wondered, “The Thug Academy, is it really that strong?”

Han Fei nodded proudly.
“Of course, I’m not bragging.
Last time, I killed a descendant of the Sun Family from the Thousand Star City.
Then, his father came to kill me from the Thousand Star City to the level-two fishery…”.
Tang Ge was furious.
“Really? The Sun Family are all bastards! OK, I’ll avenge you one day…”

Han Fei laughed.
“I don’t need you to avenge me! That guy is too strong, even stronger than a Hidden Fisher.
But guess what happened next? Our principal just slapped him away.”

Tang Ge widened his eyes.
“Really? Stronger than a Hidden Fisher? Then he must be a Law Enforcer.
A Law Enforcer is usually a ruler of a certain area, maintaining the law and order of that place, so is your principal actually a hidden Law Enforcer? There are not many such strong masters even in the Thousand Star City!”

Han Fei was taken back for a moment.
In this case, Old Bai was actually a very powerful person.

However, Han Fei said casually, “Don’t worry, I’m doing very well at the Thug Academy.
See, it’s no worse than your Heavenly Sword Sect, right? I will go to the Thousand Star City when I get a chance.
By the way, how are you? What have you experienced since you were taken away by Fang Ze?”

Tang Ge chuckled.
“Nothing unusual.
Fang Ze is actually a student of the Heavenly Sword Sect and he is also one of my senior brothers.
After I went to the Thousand Star City, he took me to the Heavenly Sword Sect, and then I have been exploring various secret realms and fighting and wasn’t released until I became an advanced Dangling Fisher.
My master didn’t want to let me out before I became a peak-level Dangling Fisher.
Fortunately, my junior sister interceded for me and persuaded my master to release me in advance.”

Han Fei smiled and nudged Tang Ge, saying naughtily, “Is it the girl from before? Are you in love?”

“Ahem… No… No…”

Han Fei laughed.
“What are you afraid of? That girl looks nice! She is a spirit gatherer and good at formation skills, and even Cao Qiu is afraid of her! She must be from a powerful family.
It wouldn’t be bad to marry her!” Tang Ge was flush.
“Well, no… Ling’er, she is just… My, my junior sister…”

Han Fei patted Tang Ge’s shoulder with one hand.
“Gee… Ling’er, how sweet! It seems that you’re already quite intimate.
Don’t be shy.
You’re a man.
You need a wife anyway…”

Tang Ge shrugged awkwardly.
“By the way, the girl in white just now…”

Han Fei grinned.
“She is my little wife.
You know what, she is very tame in front of me.”

Tang Ge: “???”

“But I saw her pull you by the ear earlier…”

Han Fei blushed slightly.
“Cough, cough… You don’t understand.
We just injected a little fun into our relationship.
You’ll understand it when you and Ling’er are as intimate as us! Well… Would you like me to pass on some experience? Blah blah…”

More than half an hour later, Han Fei and Tang Ge felt the same as they were in the Heavenly Water Village, without the slightest feeling of alienation!

The two had been bragging for a long while and Tang Ge smiled in surprise.
“Han Fei, you seem to have changed a lot and become more cheerful.”

Han Fei smiled.
“Of course, since knowing that my spiritual heritage is capable of advancing, I have no pressure anymore! By the way, are there many people from your sect on the 199th floor?”

Tang Ge paused.
“Not too many.
This time, there are not many people here from the Heavenly Sword Sect.
There are also some on the next floor, but fighting and killing in the fishery are common.
However, you’d better not kill people.
Otherwise, it will bring many unknown consequences.”

Han Fei nodded lightly.
“I see.
Don’t worry.
I’ll be careful.”

Tang Ge suddenly changed the topic, “So, the Sun Family has been hunting you this whole time?”

Han Fei nodded.
“Yes! They caused a lot of trouble before.
However, after I explored the Sea Grassland, they can no longer do anything to me!”

Tang Ge nodded slightly.
“Some time ago, I saw Sun Mu and the others go to the lower floors.
Now they should be on the 200th or 201st floor.
Go, let’s teach them a good lesson! How dare they touch my brother!”

Han Fei stopped Tang Ge.
“Wait a minute.
It’s none of your business.
They can’t do anything to me now and I’ll avenge myself one day.”

Tang Ge immediately shook his head.
“How can you say it’s none of my business? There are at least dozens of times more people on the 200th floor than on the 198th floor.
Most of the people who can go to the lower floors are there.
No matter how strong you are, even if you use the secret method you used just now, how many of them can you resist?”

Han Fei shook his head too.
“They are not in the same gang.
Don’t worry.
I will make a move according to the situation.
Don’t expose your relationship with me.”

Tang Ge said sternly, “Do you think I will watch you fight alone and stay out of it?”

Han Fei smiled bitterly.
“I am not alone.
I have Xia Xiaochan on my side.
Besides, isn’t Wang Zitian also my teammate?”

Tang Ge still shook his head.
“Wang Zitian is not weak, but no one on the other side is weak either.
Wang Zitian may be able to stop one of them, but probably no more than two.
As for Cao Qiuqiu, he has no combat experience at all.
He may be able to invent some gadgets but his combat power is zero.”

Han Fei bared his teeth.
He had already noticed this.
Although Cao Qiuqiu’s equipment was super, his strength was almost nothing.

Han Fei pondered, and after thinking for a moment, he asked, “Is Mu Ling trustworthy?”

Tang Ge was taken back for a moment and then nodded very surely.
“Yes.” Han Fei nodded.
“That’s good! If you really want to join me in the fight, you can’t show your real face.”

With that, Han Fei threw a jade slip to Tang Ge.
“This Thousand Faces Technique is a demon-level divine-quality disguise art, which I accidentally obtained in a secret realm.
Don’t expose our real relationship, but if you have to make a move in the future, you must learn it first.
If Mu Ling is absolutely trustworthy, you can give this to her too.”

“Demon-level divine-quality?”

Tang Ge was shocked.
Even demon-level high-quality combat skills were very rare.
In the town where Han Fei stayed, there were very few demon-level high-quality combat skills no matter how hard you looked for them, let alone demon-level divine-quality ones…

There were many demon-level high-quality combat skills in the Thousand Star City, but demon-level divine-quality ones were very few!

les were

However, Tang Ge shook his head slightly and said, “Even if I use the disguise technique, it will be useless.
My fighting style will be easily recognized.”

What he said made sense.
Not everyone had so many extra-quality combat skills as him.

“Oh, by the way…”

Han Fei took out another jade slip.
“This is the 108 Spirit-Absorbing War Bodies, which is an upgraded version of the Incomplete Monograph on 108 Ways of Body Conditioning.
Take it.”

Tang Ge’s face changed slightly and he hurriedly refused.
“No, I can’t take it.
This is what the Venerable gave you.
I can learn the Incomplete Monograph, but if I learn the whole art, I might annoy the Venerable.
At that time, he is very likely to punish you.”

Han Fei pushed Tang Ge’s hand away.
“Just take it.
The Venerable never said to accept me as a disciple.
He doesn’t care much about this combat skill.
In fact, it’s not much different from the Incomplete Monograph only with some improvement in the body tempering method, and with it, you can absorb spiritual energy during battle.
So, it’s nothing special.
Just take it!”


“It’s OK! You are my brother.
I don’t mind sharing it with you.
Don’t you remember that you gave all your Spirit Swallowing Fish soup to me back then?”

“That’s different.
It was just Spirit Swallowing Fish Soup.”

Han Fei shook his head.
“No, that’s very important.
Without that Spirit Swallowing Fish soup, who knows if I would have become what I am now!”

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