Chapter 448 Meeting Tang Ge Again (1)

The armorist and the manipulator both frowned, respectively took out a piece of jade pendant, and held it in their hands.
The armorist spat, “Do you really think you can kill us?”

Han Fei clicked his tongue.
“Amulet jade? Good, good, you have more cards in your hands, but I can last longer! When my people come, we’ll be able to kill you.”

“Huh? How come you know about the amulet jade? Which sect are you from?”

Han Fei grinned.
“No, I’m from the countryside.
It’s okay.
Continue to hold the jade.
I’m not in a hurry.”

With that, Han Fei took out a bag of air that he had stored in advance, and took a big breath.
Then, he took out a fish skin bag, which contained dried fish.
In front of these two people, he started to chew the dried fish.

Han Fei asked, “By the way, is your teacher so stingy as to only give each of you one amulet? I don’t think that’s enough… Have you got an Immortal Seal? Dying Strike?”

The two of them turned green.
They wondered where Han Fei got to know the secrets of these big families.

Even in the big families of the Thousand Star City, ordinary members dared not expect to obtain life-saving methods like an Immortal Seal.
Only the outstanding geniuses within the families are eligible to enjoy these things.
After all, the relationships in these families are so complicated that it is impossible for every member to enjoy the same treatment.

They had never heard of this person in front of them, but he could defeat the two of them as an intermediate Dangling Fisher? It was impossible for him to go unheard of this whole time!

The girl manipulator was a little nervous as she looked at Han Fei.
“If you kill us, our life monument will break.
I don’t think you can stand the consequences.”

Han Fei shrugged.
“I’m not going to kill you! I’m waiting for the people who can kill you.
I’m not in a hurry.”

After half an hour, the two seemed to have been communicating via voice transmission the whole time.
When they saw someone appear in the distance, their faces changed.

The armorist quickly said, “We’ll give you our Sea Swallowing Seashells.
Remove the seal.”

Han Fei took the Sea Swallowing Seashells that they had thrown over, and then smiled and said, “You should have done that long ago!” Then he got up and shouted at the person who flew over, “Come down… And hand over your Sea Swallowing Seashell.”

The armorist and the manipulator, thinking that this person was Han Fei’s companion, were completely shocked.

However, the two communicated for a while and didn’t seem to intend to join forces with the person who had arrived in the distance.
Based on the strength that Han Fei showed just now, his terrifyingly strong physique, and elusive footwork that was even more flexible than an octopus, they didn’t think they could beat him!

The most important thing was not Han Fei’s strength, but his realm.

As an intermediate Dangling Fisher, he already had such terrible strength.
They had seen people like him, who were all leaders of major sects now!

They thought Han Fei must be one of those people and he was hiding his identity just to commit the robbery.

Seeing these two people gradually fade out of sight, Han Fei turned to the next person.
Half a day later.

After robbing 12 people in a row, Han Fei unexpectedly met Wang Zitian, and the two had nothing to say.

Han Fei said, “I’m going to continue to rob.”

Wang Zitian shrugged.
“I’m going to find Cao Qiuqiu.”

The two of them met for less than three minutes and then left separately.

When Han Fei saw Cao Qiu, he was being chased and beaten by five people.
As soon as he saw Han Fei, Cao Qiu wailed, “Datong, I’ve finally found you! Come on, help


When Han Fei saw these five people, he was a bit surprised.
Gosh, all of them are wearing the same uniform.
Obviously, they are from the same big sect.
Otherwise, why would they wear the same uniform?

Han Fei was confident with his own strength, but to be honest, these people were not weak either.
Although some of them were only advanced Dangling Fishers, in this place, your title didn’t represent strength.

As for the soul warrior and manipulator that he encountered just now, Cao Qiu might be able to resist them with his super strong defensive power, Xia Xiaochan could escape from them by flashing away, but Wang Zitian would need a lot of effort to survive them.

Han Fei sighed.
“Hey, Little Fatty, just turn around and beat them!”

Cao Qiu said to him via voice transmission, I can’t beat them! These people are too fierce! They want my Sea Swallowing Seashell.

Then Cao Qiu turned his head back to shout at these people, “Don’t chase me! We’re classmates, aren’t we? Don’t do this to me!”

However, the five people didn’t care about Han Fei at all.
Although they knew that Han Fei couldn’t be simple since he could make it to this floor as an intermediate Dangling Fisher, the other side only had two people even with Han Fei.

They know Cao Qiu too well.
Although this guy was armed from head to toe, his actual combat power was lame.
So how could they let go of such a defenseless gold mine?

Han Fei sighed.
“You coward, I know I can’t count on you in combat.”

Having said that, Han Fei pointed his kitchen knife at the five people.
“I want money, not life.
Now give me your Sea Swallowing Seashells.”

“Where is the idiot from?”

“Is he out of his mind?” “Is he infected with Cao Qiuqiu’s stupidity?”

“Go away!”

However, Han Fei’s momentum suddenly soared and he activated the Majestic Mystic Spell, and terrifying power circulated throughout Han Fei’s body.

At that moment, Han Fei stood in front of Cao Qiu and did not dare to use the Draw Art for fear of hacking these people to death.

The Embroidery Needle swept across, and the speed was so fast that it left a shadow.

“Not good, shield!”

An armorist summoned his shield and the five of them immediately fused with their spiritual beasts.

However, they underestimated Han Fei.
As soon as Han Fei activated the Majestic Mystic Spell, his strength increased by five times! It was safe to say that Han Fei could blow Cao Qiu up easily despite his shining equipment and his Cloud Dolphin, let alone these unguarded people in front of him!


The ripples shook, a tornado rolled up underwater, and the shield was shattered by Han Fei with a single blow.
The five people flew out at the same time.

“Master Hexagon!”

When the six-gate formation rose up, the Hexagon Starfish complained, “The six-gate formation requires a lot of spiritual energy, and I can’t use it frequently.
I feel my spiritual energy is draining up.”

With five meat buns in front of him, Han Fei had no heart for such trifles.
So, he took out five or six low-quality spiritual stones and threw them to the Hexagon Starfish.

The Hexagon Starfish really wanted to vomit blood.
“These are too few!” “Shut up.
Didn’t I give all the shiny things to you while snatching treasure? But you just complain of being hard up every day! Every day…”

The Hexagon Starfish’s big eyes kept rolling and he couldn’t help shutting up when he remembered that he did have a lot more beautiful stones in his doors.
He’d better not talk back to Han Fei.
Otherwise, Han Fei wouldn’t even give him low-quality spiritual stones!

The five men were dumbfounded.
The five of them were all at least advanced Dangling Fishers.
They hadn’t used their combat skills yet! How could they be defeated so easily?

Therefore, lights and shadows burst out in the six-gate formation as all kinds of shining skills were launched which knocked against the six-gate formation.

Han Fei was about to solve them one by one, only to see a large net suddenly thrown down.

Someone exclaimed, “Not good! It’s a Spirit Forbidden Net.”

“Damn! Help!”


A weird voice spread across the bottom of the sea.
Immediately afterward, these five people all quieted down and took back their spiritual beasts and contractual spiritual beasts as their spiritual energy was completely suppressed.

Han Fei looked back at Cao Qiu.
“Spirit Forbidden Net?”

Han Fei’s eyes narrowed slightly.
How could he forget about it? Since Sun Mu could have a Spirit Forbidden Net, Cao Qiu certainly could have one too.
If Cao Qiu suddenly threw a Spirit Forbidden Net at him, wouldn’t he be defenseless?

Han Fei’s heart shuddered.
In the future, no matter what, he could never turn his defenseless back to anyone, not even Cao Qiu, no matter how harmless he looked!

Of course, Cao Qiu didn’t think so much at this moment.
He swaggered to the six-gate formation and scolded those people angrily, “How dare you rob me? How dare you beat me? See, just as I said, you’re getting what you deserve now.”

Han Fei glanced at Cao Qiu.
“Don’t talk nonsense.
What was that voice just now?”

Cao Qiu answered, “That was a summoning order.
We’ve got to rob them quickly, throw them out of the Steps into the Sea, and then run quickly.”

Han Fei said with a black face, “Run, my ass! Wait a minute.”

Then he walked into the six-gate formation and said harshly, “I want money, not life.
Hand over your Sea Swallowing Seashells and you can go.”

Someone scoffed.
“You dare not kill us.”

Han Fei sneered.
“I dare not kill you, but I dare to rob you!”

With that said, Han Fei did it himself, pulling them over one by one.
For a moment, cries, screams, and curses filled his ears.

“Hey! My shoes.
Why are you taking off my shoes?”

“Hey, give my weapon back! You can’t use my weapon.”

“Oh! I’m a girl, you can’t touch me! Be a gentleman.”

“Ah, don’t pull my necklace! My earrings, you thief! I will find you and then kill you.”

Han Fei was taken aback.
“Really? This suit is good.
Let me take it off.” The little girl screamed, “Hey, hello… I have given you everything else.
What else do you want… Hey, pervert, don’t pull my clothes…” Gulp… Watching the scene out of the formation, Cao Qiu burst into a cold sweat.
He regretted showing Han Fei his extra-quality suit and weapons.
What if Han Fei coveted them and snatched them from him one day?

Han Fei was happily grabbing others’ Sea Swallowing Seashells and treasures.

Suddenly, he smelled a familiar smell coming closer, but didn’t pay it any attention.

However, the next moment, he felt a pain in his ears.
“Ouch! Xia Xiaochan, let go, let go…”

Xia Xiaochan’s face was dark.
“You! Why are you taking off this woman’s battle suit?”

“Well, I just wanted to get you a battle suit!”

Xia Xiaochan said angrily, “I’ve already got one.
You just want to see her body.”

“I didn’t.
I was wronged…”

However, the woman in the Spirit Forbidden Net said angrily, “He is sexually harassing me.”

Han Fei turned his head.
“Hey, what are you talking about? You liar!”

Xia Xiaochan said coldly, “Get out.
Let me search…”

Suddenly, Xia Xiaochan felt Han Fei’s body suddenly stiffen and she wondered if she was too harsh to him.

However, she looked back and found that Han Fei was staring at two people not far away.

Xia Xiaochan was puzzled.
“What’s wrong?”

Han Fei slowly spat out a mouthful of bubbles, narrowed his eyes, and smiled.
Old Tang! We’ve finally met up.

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