Chapter 438 Start Looting

Continuing down, Han Fei stayed longer and longer on each floor.

According to his own experience, the 50th floor of the Steps into the Sea could be regarded as a watershed.
Starting from the 51st floor, if sacrificing spiritual energy, it would consume at least 10,000 points of spiritual energy each time.
Every floor down, the spiritual energy would be consumed by about 1,000 points more.
This amount of spiritual energy to be consumed was something that many people couldn’t afford, although the spiritual energy contained in a single spiritual fruit was enough for anyone to go down seven or eight floors.

However, correspondingly, the creatures summoned on each floor were getting stronger and stronger.
Besides, if you took a spiritual fruit, unless you could quickly pass the coming floors within a few hours, the spiritual energy contained in the spiritual fruit was dissipating and you also needed to use spiritual energy in the fights with the summoned creatures.

Therefore, in theory, if a person had 100,000 points of spiritual energy, considering the spiritual energy used for fighting that dissipated and that was used as the sacrifice, they could probably only pass 5 floors.

As calculated by Han Fei, the price of buying an ordinary spiritual fruit on a dragon boat was about 800 to 1,000 mid-quality pearls, which could be used by ordinary people to pass 5 floors after the 50th floor.
Of course, as the difficulty increased, the number of floors a person could pass would gradually decrease.

At this moment.

On the 100th floor, Han Fei sacrificed about 65,000 points of spiritual energy, which was equivalent to 6 low-quality spiritual stones and 1 ordinary spiritual fruit.

He took out the Embroidery Needle, and now his opponent was a Red Flame Python.
At this moment, the Red Flame Python’s head had been smashed by Han Fei’s powerful blow.

Han Fei was overjoyed to see the reward, which turned out to be a Soul Crystal.
Although it was only a first-level Soul Crystal, Han Fei had earned back all his previous investments with it alone.

It could be said that this time he didn’t suffer a loss!

The Hexagon Starfish pleaded, “Give me this one.
You’ve already got two.”

Han Fei didn’t enter the 101st floor in a hurry, but asked, “Master Hexagon, how shall I use this stuff? Eat it?”

“Yes, just eat it! But it’s not delicious.
Give it to me please!”

Han Fei smiled without saying a word and directly threw the Soul Crystal into his mouth.
However, with a chomp, he almost broke his teeth.

“F*ck, it’s so hard? Are you sure this stuff is eaten directly?”

Han Fei spat out the Soul Crystal and found that the small crystal had not changed at all.

The Hexagon Starfish rolled its many eyes.
“Don’t chew it! Just swallow it into your stomach directly.”

Han Fei questioned, “Did you eat one?”

The Hexagon Starfish’s eyes rolled.
“I haven’t eaten it, but I feel I can swallow it directly.”

“Shut up.”

Han Fei’s face blackened.
You feel? F*ck… I’m not a damn starfish.
Just because you can swallow it doesn’t mean I can do it too!

Han Fei thought that he needed to ask someone how to absorb the Soul Crystal.
He had only two Soul Crystals, so he couldn’t give one to the Hexagon Starfish.

With this in mind, Han Fei stopped for the first time on the Steps into the Sea.

Before, he stayed for ten minutes or so on each floor to test the amount of spiritual energy required to sacrifice on each floor.
Therefore, he hadn’t strolled on every floor.

Now Han Fei could guess that the 101st floor below would be another watershed.
The amount of spiritual energy required to sacrifice on the 101st floor wouldn’t be small.
The garbage items accumulated on the upper floors wouldn’t even be enough to support him to pass two more floors.

Should he use his stored spiritual energy?

Han Fei didn’t think it necessary.
He only needed to test the spiritual energy to be consumed on the first two floors after each watershed.

If he kept using spiritual energy, his spiritual energy would run out!

Unable to get what he wanted, the Hexagon Starfish could only hang onto Han Fei’s calf, his tentacles gently scratching his leg.
The Hexagon Starfish secretly complained in his heart, Didn’t you say you would share treasures with me? But look what I’ve gotten now!

Each floor of the Steps into the Sea was like a square chessboard.
No matter from which angle you looked at it, it looked like you were in the ocean.
However, the feeling of your feet on the ground told you that you were standing on a flat plane.

Han Fei jumped out and ran for about 5 kilometers.
Then he saw an armorist who was an advanced Dangling Fisher fighting with a Machete Crab.
That Machete Crab was a mutant creature and could even be regarded as an exotic one.

Seeing Han Fei swimming over, with something glowing silver in his hand, the man couldn’t help but frown.

Han Fei swam over happily, took out the Soul Crystal, and asked via voice transmission, Hey! Brother, do you know how to use a Soul Crystal?

The advanced Dangling Fisher, looking at Han Fei as if looking at a fool said in surprise, “Huh? Is this thing called a Soul Crystal?”

Han Fei: “???”

Han Fei was speechless and suddenly remembered that Cao Qiu said that most people didn’t know much about these.
It seemed that what he said was true.

The man suddenly drew a long knife from his armor box, which issued a dazzling light, and hacked the Machete Crab to death.

Then, without blinking, the man grabbed a small sword in the water ball and stuffed it into his Sea Swallowing Seashell.

Although the person’s speed was very fast, Han Fei found out that what he got was only a high-quality magic weapon, which was not a good return.
However, on the dragon boats, a high-quality magic weapon was not cheap.
It could be said that this person had also made a profit.

This person quickly swallowed a pill, filled his body with spiritual energy, and then put the armor box in front of him.
“Give me that stone.”

Han Fei wondered, “Why?”

The man smiled grimly.
“Because you are only an intermediate Dangling Fisher.” This person certainly saw Han Fei’s bizarre outfit and the word “Die” written on Han Fei’s hat.

However, he was only an intermediate Dangling Fisher.
Would there really be so many geniuses in this world who could challenge people of higher levels? He was very confident that he could win against this weird boy.

Han Fei couldn’t believe what he heard.
“So, you want to rob me?”

The armorist smiled coldly.
“You can say so.” Han Fei immediately sneered.
“Don’t my clothes make you wonder about me? Do you know who I am? Now, give me your Sea Swallowing Shell…”


Han Fei knew that if he wanted to return to the sea surface, he needed to communicate with the Steps into the Sea.
Just like entering the next floor, it would take several minutes.

When the armorist saw Han Fei’s brilliant smile, he suddenly felt his heart skip a beat and immediately took out a Flash Stone.

However, something shocking happened.
The seawater beside him was completely out of his control, and he didn’t even have the time to crush the Flash Stone before he suddenly couldn’t sense his hand.


This person hurriedly called out a three-sided turtle shield.
However, when a blade flashed across, the shield shattered, and a circle of invisible blades was madly cutting his body.

“No! Please spare me…”

Han Fei slowly hung the Blood Drinking Knife at his waist, and as his fingers slid gently in the water, the seawater turned into many looming sharp blades, cutting the armorist frantically.

Han Fei grinned and smiled.
The Infinity Water that could kill imperceptibly was simply amazing, even better than the Blood Drinking Knife!

Han Fei said lightly, “Thank you for reminding me.
Otherwise, I almost forgot that starting from the 100th floor, I can start looting.”

Before the armorist finished his words, his body was pierced by a strange water-shaped blade.
At the last moment of his life, he seemed to understand a truth, that was, never ever think others aren’t as smart as you.

Han Fei took this man’s Sea Swallowing Shell, glanced at it, and shook his head helplessly.
This person’s belongings were much poorer than he expected.

There were less than 30 kinds of refining materials in the Sea Swallowing Shell, of which a piece of fish bone was the best.
Judging by its quality, it could be used for making high-quality spiritual weapons.
Unfortunately, there was only one piece! To make a complete high-quality spiritual weapon, Han Fei would have to find at least 10 fish bones of the same size.

In addition to these materials, there were 5 spiritual fruits, less than 30 catties of spiritual spring, and five or six bottles of pills in this man’s Sea Swallowing Shell.

But it was better than nothing.
In this place, everything could be sacrificed.
Although there were not many things in this man’s Sea Swallowing Shell, they might be enough for him to continue down ten floors.

Putting away the Sea Swallowing Shells, Han Fei didn’t feel pity for this guy at all.
Everyone who came to the level-three fishery was prepared for their death.
After you were used to death, you wouldn’t easily pity anyone.
This guy wanted to kill him first.
Why should he sympathize with him?

Of course, it didn’t mean that Han Fei was bloodthirsty.
It completely depended on a person’s attitude towards him if Han Fei decided to be hostile or friendly to a person.

Han Fei continued to swim in the water, without direction or goal, as long as he could meet people.
Han Fei still didn’t find a single person after swimming seven or eight kilometers.
However, he didn’t give up.
He noticed that there were ripples underwater.
If he guessed right, there must be some people fighting within swimming distance.

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