Chapter 437 Offer Up A Sacrifice

Han Fei cut open the fish happily.
However, there was nothing in it, so Han Fei slashed it in half in anger.
However, when the Treasure Hunting Fish was split into two pieces by Han Fei, it did not turn into water mist, but into a block, falling on the invisible ground.

Then to Han Fei’s surprise, this Treasure Hunting Fish disappeared without a trace on the smooth and invisible ground under his feet.


Han Fei immediately understood that this Treasure Hunting Fish must be a so-called sacrifice reward, so it was real.

When he discarded it, it would be swallowed by the Steps into the Sea.

Han Fei casually grabbed the black iron, crystals, and other materials floating in the water.
According to Cao Qiu, he only needed to communicate with the world in his mind to offer up sacrifices.

Then he found that the stuff in his hand… Disappeared.
Immediately, the water rippled not far in front of him and then an Iron Hook Squid popped up out of nowhere.

As soon as this Iron Hook Squid appeared, Han Fei smashed at it with a stone.
The tremendous power made the ink sac in its stomach shoot out.

If someone else watched this scene, they would be shocked.
This squid had just come out and hadn’t even aimed at a target before being squashed by Han Fei.

One or two minutes after he killed the squid, a gleaming mass of water appeared.
The return this time was a shrimp spur, no more than half a meter long.
Han Fei took it in his hand, fiddled with it, and tried to break it with 50% of his strength, but it didn’t break, so he exerted a greater strength to crack it.


It finally broke when he used 60% of his strength.
Han Fei immediately threw the thing to the ground.
After about five minutes, it was slowly swallowed by the ground.

“Shit! Trash!”

However, Han Fei did not stop immediately, but he gathered a group of spiritual energy at his fingertips, about 500 points and tried to use the spiritual energy as a sacrifice.

But it didn’t work, so Han Fei added 500 points more, which was still not enough.
Then, he added another 500 points and found that only 200 points would do and there were about 300 points left… “So much?

Han Fei frowned.
This was only the first floor of the Steps into the Sea! Besides, in terms of the rewards he just got, it wasn’t that worthwhile.

But why did it require as many as 1,200 points of spiritual energy as a sacrifice? This was quite a lot.
Even the spiritual energy of a peak-level Dangling Fisher could only be consumed 4 times.

This time, what appeared was a Black Moon Sickle Fish.
After being hacked to death by Han Fei, only an ordinary transparent plaster was left behind, which was worthless.

After getting familiar with the rules here, Han Fei recited in his heart, trying to communicate with this world, only to feel that the hard invisible barriers under his feet seemed to have disappeared.


Han Fei felt as if he had penetrated a cloud of soft, cotton-like mist, before appearing about 100 meters higher on the second floor.

“Oh! The Black and White Ghosts are here.

Some people didn’t take it seriously as they stood up and glanced at Han Fei.
Someone next to him immediately scolded, “What are you looking at? Quickly run! Fan Datong is here.
Do you want to be eaten?” “Run! Come on!”

In the blink of an eye, these people ran away, leaving more than a dozen creatures summoned by sacrifice.

There was almost no difference from the first floor, even in the summoned creatures.
With Han Fei’s current physique, even if he stood still, these marine creatures had no chance of killing him…

After a moment.

Han Fei looked at the various materials wrapped in more than a dozen water balls and sighed helplessly.
Aren’t the stones, shells, and various spiritual plants the least valuable in the ocean? Aren’t there any better returns?

Among the dozen water balls, only one water ball contained a Flash Stone.
Han Fei didn’t even want to pick up the other things.
Han Fei couldn’t help but wonder, Did I only get these garbage objects after paying so much?

In fact, these things couldn’t even be used to make low-quality spiritual weapons.
The further he went down, the higher the quality of materials, but the price he had to pay was also greater.
This was a problem!

Han Fei used spiritual energy to offer up a sacrifice again.
It took nearly 1,300 points of spiritual energy, but only summoned an Anti-Heaven Blade.

“Continue down.”

Han Fei smashed the Anti-Heaven Blade with a brick, took the things presented, and then appeared above on the third floor.

According to Cao Qiu, only after defeating the creatures he summoned and getting the return of the Steps into the Sea could he enter the next floor.

Han Fei wondered, After the 200th floor, what kind of creatures will be summoned?

The situation on the third floor was almost the same as the first and second floors.
As soon as Han Fei appeared, someone screamed and then told his origin in horror.

This time, Han Fei sacrificed nearly 1,400 points of spiritual energy.


Han Fei clicked his tongue.
There seemed to be a pattern! Every time he went to the next floor, he needed to consume nearly a hundred points more spiritual energy…

In order to verify his discovery, Han Fei went all the way down.
The time spent on each floor did not even exceed ten minutes.
Not only did he not spend money, but he also made a small profit.
After all, so many people ran away, leaving him a lot of sacrificed items.

The large number of people who knew about the Black and White Ghosts ran off as soon as they saw Han Fei without any hesitation! So the creatures left naturally belonged to Han Fei.

This situation lasted until the 31st floor before it ended.

After entering the 31st floor, Han Fei saw a dozen or so people, far less than the hundreds of people on the upper floors.
The creatures here were obviously a level stronger.
There were no longer the most common Black Moon Fish, Anti-Heaven Blade, etc., but rather Black-Moon Sickle Fish, Mess Swallowing Worms, and crayfish.

Besides, in terms of level, the creatures here were one to two levels higher on average than those on the upper floors.

On the 31st floor, none of these people knew Han Fei, so no one tried escaping.
However, the strange costume Han Fei wore still forced them to stay away from him.

Han Fei hadn’t planned to rob these people.
In his opinion, even after the 30th floor, the creatures here were still too weak.

Different from the upper floors, the number of fish like the Black Moon Fish and Anti-Heaven Blade had decreased, while the relatively advanced fish such as the Black Moon Sickle Fish had increased.
That was all.

Han Fei offered up a sacrifice.
This time, he used 3,300 points of spiritual energy… He didn’t estimate very accurately, but the error should not exceed 200 points of spiritual energy.

When he saw that a Red-Browed Prawn was summoned, he was a little disappointed.
He fired a stone at it, causing its internal organs to burst out.


Seeing this scene, everyone around him ran away, looking horrified.

Sure enough, no strangely dressed fishers were simple.

The 51st floor was another watershed.

After smashing a Sapphire Lobster on the 50th floor, Han Fei was rewarded with a palm-sized jade slip, which turned out to be a spirit-level high-quality combat skill.

In terms of the return he got on this floor, he definitely made a profit.

But then he thought of the rubbish items he got on the first 49 floors, so all together, he found that he seemed to only break even.

After he spent a lot of spiritual energy and got a pile of garbage in return, something good finally appeared.

This must be the reason that so many people still wanted to come in after knowing that this place was not simple!

Then he went directly to the 51st floor without hesitation.

This time, he actually met as many as 30 people fighting here.
These people were all fighting one-on-one instead of in groups.

After Han Fei landed, he casually threw out 20 pieces of meaningless items.
According to the previous experience, these 20 materials should be enough for a sacrifice.
However, someone laughed and said, “Brother, this is not enough.
This is the 51st floor.” Seeing that those things hadn’t been accepted as a sacrifice, he looked at the man who was fighting with a Red-Haired Big-Mouthed Crab not far away, and then threw out another 20 pieces of rubbish.


34 items disappeared.


Han Fei’s eyes suddenly brightened.
The level of sacrifice on the 51st floor was higher than that of the 50th floor?

When a Purple Soldier Crab appeared, Han Fei confirmed that the level here had indeed been higher.

Han Fei smiled and then shook his head slightly.
“But, it’s still not enough.”

He swung a stone and smashed the Purple Soldier Crab to death, which stunned many people.

Someone’s face changed and then slowly moved away from Han Fei.
But these people did not flee as they seemed to have something or someone to rely on.

After receiving a Flash Stone, Han Fei offered another sacrifice of spiritual energy and 10,000 points of spiritual energy disappeared instantly.
“Shit… So much?”

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