Chapter 415 Desolate City Drenched in Blood

Han Fei frowned.
“Be careful.
That’s an Inferior Man-Fish, who is good at soul attacks.”

Xia Xiaochan was surprised.
“Inferior Man-Fish?”

Han Fei smashed a Mess Swallowing Worm with the Embroidery Needle and said without looking back.
“Yes, very powerful, a marine creature equivalent to a Hanging Fisher.”

As they talked, many thread-like worms gushed from under Han Fei’s feet.
Han Fei’s eyelids twitched and he replaced the Embroidery Needle with the Water Dividing Seal.
As he swung the seal at the worms, spiritual energy exploded, shaking all the worms within tens of meters into dust.

He looked back, only to see that Xia Xiaochan had turned into a shadow and jumped onto a big octopus, and hundreds of shadow blades rotating around and cutting the big octopus frantically.

Upon seeing this, Han Fei summoned dozens of Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers out of his body and drove them at the octopus.
In a blink of an eye, under the offensive attack of the two, the big octopus was cut into many sections.

At this time, the big phantom of a crab behind had already attacked them with its pincers.
Not only crabs, but at least five Mess Swallowing Worms also suddenly rushed over.
In the distance, nematodes also began to gather.

Not far away, someone wailed, “Yinyin!”

Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan froze and then looked back, only to find that the girl named Sun Yinyin had a scorpion tail pierced through her abdomen and the light blue venom had spread in her body.

And her young lover drove the weapons in the armor box to attack the sea scorpion frantically and controlled a large sickle to cut the scorpion into two pieces.


With Xia Xiaochan as the center, thousands of shadow-less knives flashed in the air and instantly cut a few Mess Swallowing Worms that dashed at them into dozens of segments.

Han Fei instructed, “Calm down.”

Xia Xiaochan appeared beside Sun Yinyin with a dark look and pulled out the scorpion tail.
After Han Fei killed the surrounding marine creatures, he rushed over and immediately used the Divine Healing Technique on Sun Yinyin.

However, he found with regret that the girl was not only pierced in her lower abdomen, but also in her heart.

The boy was crying bitterly.
Xia Xiaochan frowned, clenching the dagger in her hands hard.

Han Fei gritted his teeth and stomped.
Amidst the shock of spiritual energy, all the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers rushed out of his body and rotated crazily ten meters away from him, and the blade light turned into a circle of cold light, shattering all the creatures in this range.

Han Fei raised his eyes and looked around.
There were sea beasts everywhere.
The water was full of creatures like Mess Swallowing Worms, sea scorpions, and crabs.

Compared to marine creatures, humans were much smaller in size but also much more flexible, so they could jump around in the water.
Every blow was an extremely dangerous challenge.

Han Fei suddenly successfully repelled so many sea creatures, which cheered many people around him up.

A spirit gatherer took the initiative to lead spiritual energy into Han Fei’s body and shouted, “Brother, take it easy.
Don’t use too much force at the beginning.”

Someone acclaimed, “Well done.”

It was just because of Han Fei’s outburst that when a sharp howling sounded, the creatures around Han Fei all retreated and in the water, a black shadow swam over quickly.

Han Fei shouted.
“Xia Xiaochan, watch out.”


Xia Xiaochan flashed and appeared dozens of meters away.
The two daggers in her hands were burning with flames, setting off two blazing lights in the water.

The shadow in the water jumped up and a harpoon shot out of the water, setting off waves and blocking Xia Xiaochan’s attack head-on.

A string of data appeared in Han Fei’s eyes.

Inferior Man-Fish (Low-level Sea Demon)

A sea demon with immature intelligence, cruel and murderous.
Because the species is inferior, it is impossible to judge which creature it evolved from.


4216/4998 Level three, mid-quality


Blue-Tailed Scorpion

Han Fei’s face changed slightly and he immediately said, “Let’s go up together! Cooperate with me!”

Xia Xiaochan turned into a shadow again, and Han Fei followed closely behind her, pushing the Embroidery Needle at the harpoon with his palm.


The impact shook the surrounding seawater nearly 100 meters away.
Han Fei was shaken several tens of meters away by the harpoon and then slid for several tens of meters on the sand but he felt a sense of comfort.

“What great strength!”

The Inferior Man-Fish seemed to be stunned by Han Fei, and he rolled dozens of times under the water because of the blow from Han Fei.

It had never thought that a Dangling Fisher could actually resist its blow head-on.

Han Fei shook his hand, stomped a pit on the ground, and attacked again.
This time, the Embroidery Needle flashed with spiritual energy and nine tails appeared instantly behind Han Fei.

But the Inferior Man-Fish didn’t move and suddenly a big blue scorpion appeared, stabbing its tail at a shadow.

The shadow was naturally Xia Xiaochan.
She flashed and appeared behind the Inferior Man-Fish, thrusting her daggers into the Inferior Man-Fish’s shoulders with Supreme Stab.


The Inferior Man-Fish stumbled.
Its back was laid open to the bone with two huge knife marks and blue sticky blood flowed out of his body.

When the scorpion tail whipped at her again, Xia Xiaochan dodged the scorpion tail and appeared on its head like a shadow.
Then, she slashed and thrust daggers into the scorpion shell.

Xia Xiaochan’s offensive created a favorable opportunity for Han Fei.
While the Inferior Man-Fish leaned back, Han Fei flashed in the air and hit the Inferior Man-Fish’s chest with the Embroidery Needle.


A large amount of blue blood spewed from the mouth of the Inferior Man-Fish.
Its chest was sunken, and the bones on its back were exposed by the blow from Han Fei.

Before Han Fei attacked again, a cold light pierced the Inferior Man-Fish’s back neck.
With the flick of the cold light, an ugly fish head fell into the water.

“Hiss…” With the death of the Inferior Man-Fish, the big blue scorpion lost its strength and reeled right and left.
After three minutes, it lay down in the sea and stopped moving.

“Great! Good job!” “Good! Amazing!”

“Awesome, these two are really strong.”

When the people around applauded, a figure arrived quickly.
Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan immediately recognized that this was a Hanging Fisher whose strength overawed them.

However, the man took a deep look at Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan.
“Two intermediate Dangling Fishers can kill a low-level sea demon? Great! You guys just support us in this sea area.
Don’t come to the central battlefield…”

With that, this person immediately disappeared.

He saw an Inferior Man-Fish here, so he quickly came over to help.
However, although he came extremely fast, when he rushed here, the Inferior Man-Fish’s head had been cut off.

If at ordinary times, he would definitely bring Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan into the inner city, train them well, and help them develop.

But now it was a critical moment of the battle, and he couldn’t be distracted.
He thought if the two of them survived this battle, he would take them back to train them.

Killing the Inferior Man-Fish, Han Fei grinned and immediately sent some spiritual energy into Xia Xiaochan’s body.
“It seems that we can kill a Hanging Fisher now!”

Xia Xiaochan tilted her head.
“That big scorpion seems to be its contractual spiritual beast.”

Han Fei didn’t speak.
He was not clear what exactly an associated spirit was.
However, he thought it should be something like humans’ spiritual beasts.

At this moment, he couldn’t help being curious about what Yang Ruoyun’s associated spirit was.
He didn’t see it back then.

While the people were still cheering for them slaying an Inferior Man-Fish, suddenly there was a loud shout in the sky.
“Big Blade Slaying Dragon.”

Under the shocked stare of many people, in the distant sky, a middle-aged man was surrounded by three creatures.

A spherical creature, an octopus monster, and a gigantic crab.

The knife in the middle-aged man’s hand broke inch by inch.
In the next second, a sky-shaking sword light cut through the sky and the three creatures that were at least the Hidden Fisher level were killed by this slash and their bodies fell from the sky.

And the man was not dead yet, his whole body was burning with blood and qi, and his arms had turned into ashes.
But he was still standing proudly and shouted again, “Man and knife in one!”

Then he was like a meteorite falling from the sky, smashing into the deep ocean far away.


A wave hundreds of meters high was set off and a strong ripple spread across the sea.

Han Fei’s eyelids trembled as he saw this scene.
A Hidden Fisher died so easily? Before he died, he turned into a sword and plunged into the sea, trying to take away one more marine creature with his life!

Han Fei felt that under his clothes, Hexagon Starfish was clinging tightly to his shoulders.
He was probably frightened.

The battle continued and Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan had been fighting for nearly two hours.

Strong as Xia Xiaochan, her combat power was getting exhausted at this moment.
What was getting exhausted was not her spiritual energy, but power.

After all, Xia Xiaochan was only a Dangling Fisher, and after two hours of killing, what she lacked was not merely spiritual energy.

Han Fei immediately threw her a spiritual fruit.
“Eat it.
Take a break!”

Xia Xiaochan flashed with the spiritual fruit in her mouth and landed next to a girl in the next second, helping her kill the man-eating fish around her.

Han Fei’s clothes were torn to pieces.
He looked around, only to find the rhythm of the battlefield seemed to never change.
The battlefield looked exactly like what it was when they came out…

The only difference was that the seawater under his feet had already been dyed red.
Along the coast, as far as he could see, there were corpses everywhere, piled like mountains.


“Let’s go, come on! Danger!”

At this moment, Hexagon Starfish who hadn’t spoken for a long time suddenly shouted, giving Han Fei a startle.

He looked up and saw that in the sky, a sword shadow traversed dozens of miles in an instant and was nailed into the deep sea.

Han Fei gasped and grabbed Xia Xiaochan’s hand with a jerk.

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