Chapter 396 Traitor on the Team

The Hexagon Starfish had almost turned into Han Fei’s epaulet.
Few people paid attention to it because it never opened its eyes.

The Hexagon Starfish did not use any arrays but simply pushed a stone out.
The stone happened to fall upon a helmet that was almost rotten and then bounced to a ragged sword.

After that, the sword was broken.


Han Fei felt that the ground was shaking, and a green and white mist popped up from the mud.

“Not good.
Who the f*ck touched them? Do you want to get killed?”.

“Let’s continue and pass this area!”

Han Fei was almost of a mind to blow a whistle.
He thought that it was great that this area was spacious, and it would be even greater if the undead creatures could kill half of the group!

Same as Han Fei, Zhou Kai had never been here before.
He was clearly panicked, and he asked telepathically, What do we do?

Zhao Wu accelerated.
“What can we do? Run!”

Wu Liang said, “Hurry up and be prepared for battle.”

Seeing that the mist not far away had been condensed into a human shape, he simply smashed the Needle at the thing.

Then, the water deformed and imploded.
The mist had been blown up by Han Fei before it could take shape.

Han Fei said to everyone, “Don’t panic.
Let’s just fight our way there.”

Wang Qingyue said, “Don’t! Those are undead creatures, or essentially, lingering thoughts.
You can’t kill them.”

Han Fei roared, “Then what do you do? They will hit you if you don’t hit them!”

At this moment, Han Fei saw dozens of shadows ahead of him.
They simply used water as their weapons, and even more surprisingly, they could pass through the explorers’ weapons and keep charging at their enemy.
“Shoot! How are we going to fight them? Are there any simple solutions?” Wu Liang kept changing his position while he picked up spiritual energy with his fishing pole and smashed at the undead creatures, which would explode when they were hit but would not stop attacking their enemy.

Zhao Wu said, “Don’t panic! The undead creatures aren’t powerful.
Defend your soul.
Those things will attack your soul.”


Han Fei simply cast a spiritual energy protective cover on himself, and he waved the Needle unstoppably.
Every undead creature within his reach was shattered.

He was really using his strength.
Now that he learned that the undead creatures could hurt his soul, he needed to work harder to smash more of them.


While Han Fei was smashing hard, he saw that an armorist a hundred meters suddenly grabbed his shield and hit it into his head.


Han Fei trembled.
Had the man just killed himself?

Someone else suddenly fell on the ground, with nothing but feeble breath left.
Then, dozens of undead creatures would lunge at them.
They would stop struggling one moment later.

Instantly, the hundred-person team was a


Ahead, the peak-level Dangling Fishers roared, “Stop fighting and focus on running! The soul warriors will cover the rest!”

That was exactly what Han Fei wanted.
He immediately went to the edge of the team and smashed his rod on the ground so hard that it almost caused an earthquake.

“F*ck! Are you an idiot? Do you want to wake up all the undead creatures?”

Han Fei responded hurriedly, “I’m sorry.
I used too much strength just now.
I’ll pay more attention next time.”

He was delighted to see that he woke up almost a hundred undead creatures after a smash.
That was too easy.
If the team weren’t led by peak-level Dangling Fishers, he would be confident to kill all of them.

Han Fei only regretted that he couldn’t be too blatant.
One mistake was a mistake, but two mistakes would raise suspicion.
And if he made three mistakes, someone would probably take him down.

But Han Fei wasn’t hasty.
This was just the first obstacle in the outer city, and a dozen people were already down.
They were no intermediate Dangling Fishers but real advanced Dangling Fishers.

The dead people shared something in common, which was that they were mentally weak and could easily be traumatized.

Then, with the soul warriors protecting the team, nobody else died.
After a short while, everybody finally passed the haunted place.

Someone bellowed, “I told you not to move! We’ve only just gotten started, and fifteen people are already down.
Do you all want to die in the Undersea City?”

Han Fei bellowed with him, “Which son of a bi*ch did that? Get out and I’ll teach you a good lesson!”

When Han Fei spoke, the man stared at him aggressively, but he simply curled his lips and responded to the peak-level Dangling Fisher with a smile.

The peak-level Dangling Fisher snorted and didn’t say anything else.
He then said to everyone, “More freezing currents will show up.
Everybody, pay attention to your feet and keep a distance from each other, but not too far away.” Han Fei asked Zhao Wu, “Do we want to move ahead? That way, we can escape faster.
Just now, I had to cover up for you, and I’m just an intermediate Dangling Fisher.”

Zhao Wu was having a vine from his Sea Swallowing Seashell.
Biting it and taking a deep breath, he said, “That’s right.
We can’t stay long in the freezing currents, or we might really be frozen…”


After a brief silence, Wang Qingyue said, “No, let’s not move to the front.
Who knows what’s awaiting us? We can go to the front if everybody ahead of us is dead.”

Wu Liang agreed.
“That’s right! We’d better reserve our strength.
Particularly you, Brother Li, your attack was too powerful.
You’d better not take action again from now


Han Fei was rather frustrated.
He had planned to cause more trouble, but seeing that everybody was obedient, he could only drop the thought.

On the way, Han Fei saw a tremendous number of bizarre buildings and rotten weapons.
He wondered how many people had died here.

He asked curiously, “What happened in this place? Why is it still so dangerous when it’s already a wasteland?”

Wu Liang replied, “Nobody knows what happened.
We’re just passing the outer city without exploring it, or we would’ve been faced with graver dangers.
But like I said, if we don’t explore the outer city, the inner city… Be careful.”

Before Wu Liang finished, a deep blue chasm suddenly appeared in the seawater, and weird cold currents gushed out.
Han Fei saw that a person failed to dodge it and one of his hands was hit by the cold currents.
In the next second, the hand was shattered into ice pieces.


Han Fei felt that his blood was freezing.
Those cold currents seemed too dreadful.

Thankfully, most of the people in the team were advanced Dangling Fishers who managed to dodge the unexpected cold currents.
There were no casualties yet.

Intrigued, Han Fei asked, “Mr.
Hexagon Starfish, are the cold currents caused by an array?”

After a moment of consideration, the Hexagon Starfish said, “Maybe, I don’t know.”

Han Fei was lost for words.
“Don’t you have heritages in arrays? You don’t know?”

The Hexagon Starfish said, “I think they’re caused by arrays, but I’m not sure.
It’s not in my inherited knowledge!”

Han Fei was rather helpless.
He found that the cold currents emerged unexpectedly without any pattern.
He could only speculate that there were unknown arrays here.

He thought quickly and decided to wait until he got into the inner city.

Right when Han Fei thought that he would be fine after he avoided the freezing currents, a riot burst out ahead of him.
He found that a purple mass was spreading in the water ahead of him.

“Damn it.
There’s a traitor in the team!”

“Not good! It’s poison!”

“Get out!”

Almost instantly, everybody left their position.

Seeing that everybody dispersed, Han Fei immediately lunged into a dilapidated building nearby and “accidentally” stepped upon a decayed helmet.

The other people weren’t any more careful.
Tremendous waves of undead creatures emerged in the buildings and charged at the intruders.

But they were not the scariest part.
The scariest part was that whoever touched the purple seawater was melting.
After only one moment, the dozen people who accidentally touched it had been dissolved.

Some were spun into smithereens by the turbulent cold currents, some were hit by the undead creatures and died in silence, and some wailed while they watched their flesh disappear…

Han Fei smashed an undead creature and looked at the crowd.
Someone had released poison.
But why?

He was quite surprised.
Weren’t they here to hunt demons? Why were they fighting each other before they entered the inner city yet?

Wu Liang, Zhao Wu and the rest of them landed next to Han Fei, partly because Han Fei was strong and partly because they trusted their own squad better.

Wu Liang said, “Someone from this team released poison just now.
Let’s retreat first.”

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