Chapter 392 Undersea City

Han Fei said that his contractual spiritual beasts were killed in battle, which didn’t arouse these people’s suspicion.
From their perspective, it seemed that this was a very normal thing.

After all, Han Fei was a soul warrior.
For these close-combat professionals, it was normal for their contractual spiritual beasts to die in battle.

But they were puzzled at his spiritual beast, which they had never heard of!

Although Hexagon Starfish was a mysterious creature, they were relatively timid by nature and regarded treasures as their livelihood.
So generally, they wouldn’t appear in ordinary places, so few people had seen them in the sea.

Besides, due to their poor fighting power, Hexagon Starfish would not come out normally.
What if someone caught them as a contractual spiritual beast?

When Han Fei exposed Master Hexagon on his shoulders, the three people were dumbfounded.
What could this tiny starfish be used for?

Han Fei snorted coldly.
“Although we are making up a group on a temporary basis, you’d better not trick me.
I may not be able to kill the three of you, but killing two should be fine.”

The three of them were a bit frightened by his words and then the armorist Zhao Wu smiled and said, “Brother Li, you can trust us.
We are now teammates.
How could we trick you? Relax.”

Wang Qingyue added, “OK, now we only need a spirit gatherer.
Should we wait here or take the initiative to find one?”

Zhou Kai said lightly, “Take the initiative to find one! Waiting here is a waste of time.”

Han Fei was puzzled.
“Wait a minute.
Take the initiative to find one? Where would we find one?”

Zhao Wu smiled.
“Brother Li, you just came here, so you don’t know the situation.
Actually, the Undersea City is very dangerous now and a large number of peak-level Dangling Fishers have come over.
At this moment, they have probably all gathered outside the Undersea City.
As long as we go there, there should be a lot of advanced Dangling Fishers who are alone.”

Han Fei frowned.
“How come?”

Zhou Kai grunted.
“What else could it be for? Just because the peak-level Dangling Fishers mock our advanced Dangling Fishers for being weak, they will form teams with other peak-level Dangling Fishers without considering us.”

Han Fei nodded and thought, So that’s why these people were abandoned.

However, this was not bad.
Their strength was neither strong nor weak and barely made do.
Han Fei was only an intermediate Dangling Fisher now, he’d probably be unable to get into a circle of peak-level Dangling Fishers.

The Undersea City was nearly 6,000 miles long and 4,000 miles wide.
It was a veritable giant city.

There had always been rumors about this place, and there were many versions.

First of all, it was a huge square city with surrounding walls.
There were four gates respectively in the north, south, east and west, which were also called passes.
After entering these four passes, you could enter the city.
It was said that there was also an inner pass in the city, guarding the inner city.
Only entering the inner city could be regarded as truly entering the Undersea City.

But as for what was in the outer city and inner city of the Undersea City? There were many versions of it.
Some people said that there were a large number of dark creatures in the city.
What was a dark creature? It was a creature that walked in the darkness like the Dark Water Rat.
These creatures were usually brutal and bloodthirsty.

Some people said that there were a lot of small secret realms in the city.
While exploring the city, you would be sucked into a secret realm without knowing it.
Many people never come out because of this and no one has even seen their bodies.

And some people say that there were a large number of spirits in the Undersea City, which were the souls of dead living beings.
They howl day and night and will actively attack invading humans.

There were too many rumors about the Undersea City.
But the official version meant that the jumble of rumors was actually all correct.
This Undersea City was a city under the sea left over from prehistoric times.
Anything might appear in it.
Otherwise, there wouldn’t be these so-called rumors.

Han Fei didn’t talk much along the way and didn’t ask the other three anything.
That was because he didn’t know anything about this place.
If he accidentally said something wrong, he might spill the beans.

Zhao Wu seemed to be a very talkative guy and he kept speaking.
Han Fei didn’t know that much about the Undersea City, but after traveling with Zhao Wu for some time, he had known a lot of information about it.

At this moment, Zhao Wu was speaking, “Actually! Even if we meet Han Fei or Xia Xiaochan, we’re going to fight neither of them.
How dangerous is it to fight them by ourselves? These two are very strong.
I think we might as well explore the Undersea City.
Many people have got chances from the city and then make a fortune.”

Wang Qingyue scoffed.
“Shut up.
How many people go into the Undersea City every day? But how many people can come out with an opportunity?”

Zhou Kai shrugged.
“Hey! Actually, it’s not bad to hunt down those who are alone.
As long as we have money, we can buy opportunities on dragon boats.”

Han Fei looked at these two men with contempt.
“Come on, will the chance you got from a dragon boat allow you to fight dozens of people alone? Can the chance you get from the Undersea City make you beat opponents of higher levels than you? My goal is clear.
I can’t beat Han Fei, so I’m here for Xia Xiaochan.
If you don’t go, I will regroup with others.”

Zhao Wu hurriedly said, “Oh, don’t, Brother Li.
I’m just kidding.
We all have a clear target, which is Xia Xiaochan… But what if Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan rendezvous?”

Han Fei wondered for a moment.
“Could they, you think?”

Wang Qingyue smiled and said, “The chance is slim.
After all, these two people were not in the same place in the first place.
It would be extremely difficult for the two of them to meet in this huge Undersea City! But who knows? If these two people meet, I will quit anyway.”

Zhou Kai shrugged.
“Yes! In that case, we’ll leave them to those peak-level Dangling Fishers.”

Han Fei nodded secretly.
It seemed that it wasn’t without merit to be on the Wanted List.
At least, people would be afraid of you.

There were only 100 people on the Wanted List of the level-three fishery.
And he and Xia Xiaochan occupied two seats.
Even he wouldn’t be willing to fight two strong masters on the Wanted List at the same time.

Outside the Undersea City.

When they were about 10,000 miles away from the Undersea City, Han Fei and the others had already encountered other teams frequently.
Among them, the teams with a perfect combination actually accounted for less than half.

During the period, there was no shortage of teams trying to get closer to Han Fei’s team.
However, after seeing there were three advanced Dangling Fishers in this team, they did not do anything in the end.

Had it not been for the two big targets, Xia Xiaochan and Han Fei, Han Fei’s current team would have been wiped off before getting close to the Undersea City.

Zhou Kai frowned.
“There are more people here than we thought.”

Wang Qingyue nodded.
However, these people may not necessarily come for Xia Xiaochan.
I saw many peak-level Dangling Fishers in their teams.
They must have come for Han Fei.”

Han Fei asked, “How do they know that Han Fei will definitely come?”

Hearing his question, all three looked at Han Fei.
“You don’t know why he will definitely come?”

Han Fei was stunned.
Should I f*cking know that?

Han Fei shrugged.
“I don’t know! I’m here for Xia Xiaochan.
I can’t beat Han Fei, so I don’t pay much attention to him.”

Zhao Wu breathed a sigh of relief.
“Brother Li, you are too unprofessional.
These two have a big connection! It is said that they’re having a relationship.
They are actually lovers! Therefore, if one of them is in trouble, the other will definitely come to help!”


Han Fei stumbled and almost fell off the fishing boat.
Seeing the three people looking at him puzzled, Han Fei pretended to be surprised and widened his eyes.
“F*ck, I didn’t know that! Then if I kill Xia Xiaochan, will Han Fei chase me down?”

Everyone: “…”

Wang Qingyue rolled her eyes and said, “Hey, wake up.
Stop dreaming.
We admit that you are not weak, but you want to kill Xia Xiaochan? Are you serious? Do you think it’s so easy to kill anyone on the Wanted List?”

Han Fei smiled but was helpless in his heart.
Lovers? Where did these people get the news?

When they were thousands of miles near the Undersea City, there were obviously more fishing boats.
Every few dozen miles, there would be one or even many.

Han Fei even saw a dozen fishing boats fighting in a melee from a distance.
Peak-level Dangling Fishers were fighting each other, and a group of advanced and intermediate Dangling Fishers was also fighting fiercely.

Zhou Kai looked for a clearing.
“Let’s go.
We’re not going to participate in this kind of battle.”

Wang Qingyue controlled the fishing boat to leave quickly.
Seeing that Han Fei seemed quite interested, she couldn’t help saying, “Only you soul warriors like fighting.
In a place like the Undersea City, the more you gain, the more dangerous you are.”

Han Fei licked the corner of his mouth and said, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained!”

Zhao Wu laughed.
“A lot of people think the same way as you! But we have a bigger goal.
What if we get injured here?” Han Fei said sullenly, “Forget it, let’s go! Quickly find the spirit gatherer.
Otherwise, we may be taken by other teams.”

Everyone nodded.
In this place where many teams gathered, the teams with a perfect combination were very dangerous.

One hour passed.

Wang Qingyue declared, “The south gate of the Undersea City is in front of us… Be careful.”

After a moment.

Han Fei and the others finally rushed to the sea area above the south gate of the Undersea City.
Han Fei looked around.
When he found there were no fewer than a thousand fishing boats scattered here, he gasped.

He underestimated this place.
If he had come in rashly, he might have been killed in a minute! After all, no matter how powerful he was, he couldn’t eliminate so many fishing boats alone!

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