Chapter 369 A Shocking Secret about the Fish Avatar Technique

In Forge the Universe.

Han Fei’s body was surrounded with spiritual energy.
His forehead was full of sweat and his face was a little pale.

At this moment, Han Fei was repairing his damaged spiritual heritage.
So far, 2 million points of spiritual energy had been consumed, but he only felt that half of his spiritual heritage was repaired.

Han Fei was startled.
It seems that he should protect his spiritual heritage well.
Otherwise, once his spiritual heritage was damaged, he would have to spend a lot of spiritual energy to repair it.

Half a day later, Han Fei opened his eyes and a series of data showed.

Han Fei

36 (Intermediate Dangling Fisher) 128,526 (4,582) Level-Four, High-Quality

Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fish (Level 29)

Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers

Water Vein Technique, Volume Three of Void Fishing (Spirit-Level, Divine-Quality)

“Haha, I’m finally back to my peak!”

“Huh? My upper limit of spiritual energy increased a bit?”

“Huh? Little Black and Little White are both Level 29?”

Han Fei was not surprised by the increase in his upper limit of spiritual energy.
After several high-intensity battles, he certainly would level up!

However, Little Black and Little White reached level 29, which shocked him.
He knew how difficult it was for these two little guys to upgrade! If it hadn’t been for the luck that he had been to the Soul Ocean once, the two little guys might not have reached level 25 at the moment.

But after taking a few Red Balls, they were level 29 now?

Han Fei summoned them.

However, to his surprise, Little Black and Little White did not appear.

“Huh? What happened?”

“Little Black? Little White?”

Han Fei tried summoning them several times in a row, but it didn’t work.
This immediately made him anxious!

He immediately came out of Forge the Universe and tried to summon them again, but it still didn’t work.
Little Black and Little White seemed to have disappeared.

Is it because of those Red Balls?

Han Fei frowned.
This was definitely not a good thing.
People became fish after eating it.
Then what would happen if fish ate it?

Han Fei immediately went to find Hexagon Starfish.

Hexagon Starfish was lying in the middle of the spirit gathering formation, absorbing spiritual energy, and was surrounded with enriched spiritual energy.
There was a circle of dazzling gems placed around him.

Han Fei recognized at a glance that there were gold, purple gold, diamonds, lapis lazuli, blue corundum… And some other unnamed stones.
The quality of these gems looked so extraordinary that they could even be used to make a spiritual weapon.

Seeing Han Fei coming, Hexagon Starfish quickly put away all the dazzling stones around him and looked at Han Fei vigilantly with his six big eyes.
Human, aren’t you cultivating?

Han Fei didn’t have the time to talk with him about his treasures now, and he quickly asked, “Tell me what the exact effect of the Red Balls are? I mean those things that can make people turn into fish.
You’ve eaten one too, right?”

Hexagon Starfish’s eyes stopped rolling and he said with some doubt, Nothing special! It seems to have made me grow faster.

Han Fei’s eyes narrowed.
“Is that all? Are there any side effects?”

Hexagon Starfish thought for a while.
Seems not…

Han Fei asked anxiously, “Yes is yes and no is no.
What do you mean by ‘seems not’? You’ve eaten it haven’t you?”

Hexagon Starfish’s eyes rolled.
It seems that there is a little bit of side effect.
The last time I ate it, I slept for several days.
However, when I woke up, I felt very comfortable and my mind became clearer.
Han Fei was relieved to hear that.
So that explains it! It’s OK if Little Black and Little White sleep for a few days.

Now Han Fei had the mood to make a joke on the starfish.
“When did you starfish get a brain?”

Hexagon Starfish was very unhappy to hear his words.
Ordinary starfish may not have a brain, but I do.
I not only have a brain, but also have bones.

Han Fei scoffed.
“Then where is your brain?”

Hexagon Starfish’s six big eyes kept rolling.
In my eyes.

Han Fei was speechless.
No wonder this guy liked to roll his big eyes so much.
It turned out that every time he rolled his eyes, he was thinking!

Han Fei almost burst into laughter.
This guy is still stupid.
Now I know your brain is in your eyes.
Then next time you roll your eyes, I’ll know you are thinking… Han Fei waved his hand.
“Go ahead and do your thing.
I’m going to cultivate.” After entering Forge the Universe again, Han Fei was much more relaxed.
He guessed that Little Black and Little White must have eaten too many Red Balls and needed to sleep for a few days.

Han Fei, who had no burden, was so relaxed that he couldn’t help laughing.

He really wanted to see Yang Ruoyun’s expression when she found out what happened with the Big Red Trunk… You may not be able to take away the Big Red Trunk but I can!

Three days later.

Han Fei was sitting in Forge the Universe, panting hard.

So far, Forge the Universe had expanded to a radius of nearly 1,000 meters after consuming nearly 15 million points of spiritual energy.
However, Han Fei didn’t care.
This space was enough to contain the complete Big Red Trunk! He wouldn’t have to worry about a lack of space for a long time to come.

In the past seven days, Han Fei finally cut open the Big Red Trunk.

Sure enough, as he expected, most spiritual stones were concentrated in the lower part of the trunk, especially the roots.

After cutting the tree open, he had found 62 extra-quality spiritual stones, 192 high-quality stones, 1,026 mid-quality stones and 4,102 low-quality stones.

When Han Fei sorted out all the spiritual stones, he looked at the four piles of spiritual stones for a long time and could not speak for a long time.

Yang Ruoyun would vomit blood in regret if she knew that he had obtained so many spiritual stones.

It was more than 270 million points of spiritual energy! Even though he had expanded Forge the Universe to a radius of 1,000 meters, he still had 250 million points of spiritual energy left.

Han Fei didn’t even bother to calculate the fraction.
Anyway, he knew that for a long time to come, he wouldn’t have to worry about a lack of spiritual energy.

After doing this, the first thing he did was not deduce the True Spirit Fishing Art, nor build a ship, but he made knives.
Since the last time his long knife shattered, he couldn’t use the Drawing

The Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers could be used in the Million Knife Art.
With the Saber Manipulation Art, he could easily take the upper hand in the face of group attacks or when he was outnumbered.

However, when facing a small number of enemies, the effect of the Million Knife Art decreased greatly.
After all, manipulating so many daggers to attack simultaneously would be much less powerful.

At this moment, the two dark crystal axes were placed in front of him, which were Yang Deyu’s spiritual weapons.

Han Feike didn’t underestimate these two axes.
They seemed to be made of some kind of extremely hard dark crystal.

Besides, a large scorpion was sealed in the axes and the scorpion venom would break out in attack.

Therefore, this pair of axes was actually a rare pair of high-quality spiritual weapons.
At least, Han Fei had no weapon more powerful than this pair of axes except for the Water Dividing Seal and the Mirror of Icy Salt.

Han Fei remembered that Yang Deyu’s spiritual beast seemed to also be a scorpion.
That guy was not a good person, so Han Fei didn’t feel guilty at all for using his spiritual weapons.

The small calabash appeared in Han Fei’s hand.

The pair of axes were thrown in by him, followed by a large piece of Big Red Trunk core.
Han Fei pondered for a while to make the perfect combination.
Weapons were valued for their quality, not their number, so he gritted his teeth and threw in the swords of Mo Feiyan and Sun Mu.

Three high-quality spiritual weapons plus the core of the Big Red Trunk, and Han Fei even wanted to throw the two stones in Forge the Universe in.

Han Fei still dared not to touch the two stones.

If he refined a divine weapon that he couldn’t touch, it would be over! The materials would all be wasted.


But the knife that Han Fei conceived this time was not a long knife.

The Drawing needed something to nourish the knife, either with spiritual energy or with his essence and blood.
But now that he had no shortage of spiritual energy, he could always use the Drawing.

This kind of combat technique with great lethality could catch his enemy off guard and kill them.

A long knife was powerful but was too long and easy to break.
Moreover, a sudden change of weapon during a battle was very easy to notice.

So this time, what Han Fei conceived was a kitchen knife.

In fact, Han Fei had already had this idea early on.
Compared with a long knife, a kitchen knife is short and very easy to use, and its instantaneous explosive power was more than several times that of a long knife.

Of course, the shortcoming of a kitchen knife was also obvious… It was too short.

He once heard someone say that, “The shorter, the more dangerous; the longer, the stronger,” to which Han Fei disagreed.
For cultivators, if the opponent suddenly pulled out a kitchen knife in a fight, most cultivators would be caught off guard.

Of course, Han Fei would refine more than one knife.
The kitchen knife would be his last resort.
Besides that, he would also make a long knife.

After nearly half an hour, a kitchen knife floated in the air.
With the length of one foot and three inches, it was pitch black and had a barbed shiny blade.

A string of data appeared in his eyes.

None It is made from Demonic Dark Crystal, Silvery Gold, Taibai Leech Iron, Core of Aeon Big Red Trunk, Bark of Aeon Big Red Trunk, and Shining Pattern Shell… It can cut all the hardest things in the world.
Once a demonic spirit is sealed in it, it can become a divine weapon.

Extra-quality Spiritual Weapon


Note: It is made by smelting and recasting multiple high-grade spiritual weapons and a spirit shall be sealed in it to present its perfect form.


Han Fei laughed stupidly, reached out his hand to take the knife, and looked at it up and down.
The handle seemed to be smelted with a lot of things and the blade was mainly made of dark crystals.
There was no variegated color throughout the body and it looked simply perfect.

Han Fei gently put the blade on his arm, and then with a light stroke, his skin had been cut.

The blood seeped into the blade and the knife suddenly glowed red.
The knife absorbed many drops of his blood before acknowledging him as its master.

“Oh, so you like drinking blood? OK, then I will call you Blood Drinking.”

It was a pity that this knife hadn’t had a spirit sealed in it and had no spirituality yet.

Otherwise, he would definitely mock Han Fei.
What kind of lame name did you give to me? There are so many knives called Blood Drinking in this world! What a rustic name!

After a while, Han Fei suddenly chopped the knife at the Big Red Trunk hard and most of the blade went into the tree.

“Haha, great!”

Han Fei smirked while playing with the kitchen knife and suddenly remembered Xia Xiaochan.
He couldn’t help but imagine what if Xia Xiaochan held this kitchen knife and stabbed him.
Then he would surely be stabbed through easily!

“Alas, I’ve gotta find the treasure left by Ren Tianfei as quickly as possible.
Otherwise, when can I succeed in practicing the Indestructible Body Art?”

With this in mind, Han Fei thought that he should deduce the True Spirit Fishing Technique now.

Only by deducing the True Spirit Fishing Technique could lightning be attracted; only with lightning could his body be tempered well; only when his body was tempered could he break through the present barrier in practicing his Indestructible Body!

Of course, Han Fei was still at the bottom of the sea, so he wouldn’t deduct it now.
How was it possible for lightning to strike through kilometers of sea and reach the seabed? Besides, as Yang Ruoyun said, in the space inside the seaweed city wall, the seabed and the sea surface were actually not connected to each other…

“Forget it.
I’ll deduce it later.”

Now that the knife was made, Han Fei was not in a hurry to deduce the True Spirit Fishing Technique nor build a ship.
Although, in Forge the Universe, the Big Red Trunk occupied most of the space.

Han Fei turned his eyes to the Fish Avatar Technique.
Yang Ruoyun’s success in transforming into a fish really shocked him.

Han Fei never believed that in the towns under the Thousand Star City, there might be a person who really could turn a fish.
Even Old Bai was terrified when he heard of the Fish Avatar Technique, let alone Yang Ruoyun, who was only a few years older than


Seeing that the deduction would cost 1 million points of spiritual energy, Han Fei did not even blink.


After a moment, a string of data showed in his eyes.

Fish Avatar Technique (Mystic-Level Extra-Quality)

A semi-finished avatar-type combat skill, combined with thousands of years of previous research experience, only for reference.



The direction of the deduction is unknown, so is the result of the deduction.
Please be cautious.

Han Fei narrowed his eyes.
As he expected, even if he consumed one million points of spiritual energy to deduce it, it would only be upgraded from mystic level, mid-quality to mystic-level, extra-quality.
And even the content of the information had only changed a few words.

Unlike other combat techniques, the Fish Avatar Technique was a very profound subject with a lot of examples for reference.
Even if he kept deducing it all the way down, he didn’t know what he would get in the end.

Han Fei spent two days reading the deduced technique.

His expression was a little weird.
There were as many as 9 successful examples in the book.
In one of the most successful cases, the person actually began to practice the Fish Avatar Technique when he was still in his mother’s womb.

In the end, the mother died but the fetus was successfully born as a fish.
This was the only human being born as a rare creature that Han Fei had seen so far.
But Han Fei was not sure whether this child was still a human being.
If he was a human being, then why was he born as a fish? But if he was a fish, the book said that the kid eventually became a very intelligent fish, able to read human language and receive any instructions from humans.

But in the end, the child died in an adventure in the sea.
Since then, there has never been a second child like this.

Other experiments were largely identical but with minor differences.
All the sacrifices just made up for the shortcomings of this technique.

On the third day, Han Fei deduced the book again.

This time, Han Fei was overjoyed, and his predecessors seemed to have worked out a way.

Fish Avatar Technique (Spiritual-Level Mid-Quality)

A semi-finished avatar-type combat skill, successfully transforming people into fish, with a survival rate of up to 50%, which is a major advance in the history of avatar development.

0/10 million points.


The direction of the deduction is unknown, so is the result of the deduction.
Please be cautious.

Han Fei was overjoyed and immediately started to study it.

Three days later.

He finally finished reading the book.
This time, the conception of the Fish Avatar Technique was too wild.

Someone proposed now that fish also possessed meridians, flesh and blood, bones, and internal organs, to transform a human being into a fish, one just needed to mutate his meridians, flesh and blood, bones, and viscera.

Because of this conjecture, the focus of the Fish Avatar Technique had become the mutation of human beings.
The point was that this idea succeeded.
There was a time in history when many people took the initiative to conduct experiments.

Of course, this conjecture still had big flaws.
That was, there were tens of thousands of kinds of creatures in the ocean, not only fish, but also crabs, starfish, conch, lobster, octopus, squid… And so on, but humans could only become fish.

Besides, the fish that humans turned into was not exactly like fish, but a bit like monsters that were half-human and half-fish.
Therefore, some people call these human beings demons, sea demons.

Later, due to the ban on the research of the Fish Avatar Technique by the floating islands, the development of the technique plummeted.
At the same time, the major cities ordered the slaughter of all the demons, causing the sea demons to be almost extinct.

Han Fei was shocked when he saw this.

“Sea demons?”


Han Fei vaguely felt that he had discovered some shocking secret.
Yang Ruoyun became a sea demon! But she could not only become a fish, but also could change back into a human? Did it mean that this Fish Avatar Technique had actually been further developed?

Han Fei was shocked.
So, the first sea demon was actually a human? Therefore, in theory, the so-called demon was actually a human being.
The only difference was that under the conditions of the time, those sea demons had no ability to transform back into human beings.

All right.

After Han Fei saw that the next deduction would cost 10 million points of spiritual energy, he gritted his teeth.
He has already gotten this far… How could he give up?

Immediately, he chose to continue the deduction.
It seemed that there was a shocking secret hidden in the book.


Fish Avatar Technique (Demonic-level Low-Quality)

A semi-finished avatar-type combat skill, successfully transforming people into fish, with a survival rate of up to 80%.
Some humans have transformed into demons.

0/30 million points.


The current deduction limit of the Demon Purification Pot has been reached.
Deduction again will involve the ultimate myth of the world and damage the Demon Purification Pot.


When Han Fei read the part about some humans having success in transforming into demons, he knew that something terrifying must have happened.

And when he saw the notes, he was stunned.

“Deduction limit? Any further deduction will involve the ultimate myth of the world? Damn, isn’t the Demon Purification Pot omnipotent? How can it be damaged? It’s been deduced to this point, but you tell me that I can’t continue to deduce it?”

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