Chapter 351 A Sealing Formation

This deep canyon was about 600 to 800 kilometers deep.
Han Fei sat on the lotus seat and watched the Worm Fish retreat from him, none of which dared to step forward.
Seeing this scene, he couldn’t help but be surprised.

“Hey! Little cute lotus, can you understand my words?”

The Lotus Fish was swimming around Han Fei.
It looked a little weak at the moment, just occasionally sprinkling its colored mist.

Han Fei had a guess in his heart, it seemed that it was not as easy as he imagined to cross the Worm Sea.
This Lotus Fish seemed to have paid some sort of price…

But Han Fei didn’t understand why the Lotus Fish behaved like this.

Since he entered the Sea Grassland, he had been through many dangers.
Especially in the seaweed city wall, he was almost killed in that damn place.
He couldn’t imagine what would have happened to him if he hadn’t prepared in advance!

After that, he met the Lotus Fishes.
But after that, he entered this Worm Fish abyss.
It happened to be that the Lotus Fish could help him get through this abyss.
Was this a coincidence or deliberately designed? Why were the two completely mutually exclusive species living next to one another? Han Fei could only attribute it to the magic of nature.
Thousands of species could live in an ocean area, so it was a natural thing that they reinforced and restricted each other.

Just like submarine volcanic craters, geothermal springs, coral bushes, deep-sea jungles… These places actually had their own complete ecological chain.

Maybe the fish here were too strange, so he felt strange.
After all, the Lotus Fishes were really cute!

After crossing the Worm Fish abyss, Han Fei saw a seashell beach similar to the Lotus Fish sea area.
On the ground, there were also many Color Crystal Mussels.
The seaweed and rocks were also covered with various shells and snails.
Occasionally, crabs crawled past and then got into the soil.

To Han Fei’s surprise, there were Lotus Fish here too!

When the Lotus Fishes here saw Han Fei coming over on a lotus seat, large swarms of the fish surrounded him.

For a time, the sea waters were filled with colorful stardust, which made this sea area like a fairyland under the sea.

Han Fei was very surprised.
Huh? Why are there Lotus Fish on both sides? It seems as though the Worm Fish were sealed in this abyss.
But how was the Worm Fish abyss formed?

Han Fei smiled and shook his head.
What does this have to do with me? With my current strength, I might be swallowed by the fish within a second if I go down to the abyss…

Han Fei teased the Lotus Fishes for a while, then stroked the head of the Lotus Fish that had just sent him over and said, “Thank you for sending me here.
I’m leaving!”

This time, the Lotus Fish seemed to know that the danger had passed and didn’t stop him but sprinkled a colorful mist on Han Fei.

Han Fei swam forward.
He guessed that Yang Ruoyun must have been here.
That woman was very foxy but still dared to come here alone.
She must have a big secret.

He swam more than five hundred kilometers and the scenery at his feet kept changing.
After passing the Lotus Fish area, everything was no longer so peaceful and harmonious… Along the way, he encountered crabs, piranhas, Mess Swallowing Worms, and creepy seaweed forests…

“Huh? This place is full of spiritual energy.”

Han Fei stopped here.
The spiritual energy levels here were more than twice as high as other places.

He couldn’t remember how many different scenes he had seen.
Anyway, within this huge Sea Grassland, there were hundreds or even thousands of ecological systems.

Right now, this was a colorful space.
The place where the Lotus Fish lived was elegant and tranquil, while this place was brightly-colored and magnificent.

On the water plants, dozens of sea urchins of different colors were gnawing on plants.

On the ground, he saw four or five snails digging at a single glance.

In cracks in the stones, claws stuck out from time to time.
Seeing the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers floating beside Han Fei, however, those sharp claws retracted.

There were also some Pearl Fishes that swam past, above Han Fei’s head in groups, but they did not attack him.

Of course, these creatures were of no threat to Han Fei at all.
Besides, what dominated this area was not sea urchins, snails, or crabs… But starfish…

There were a lot of starfish here.

On the sand, starfish were everywhere.

Some starfish were as big as a palm, but their tentacles could be several meters long.
Some starfish had carapace on their backs, and their tentacles were like sharp blades or darts.
Of course, more starfish were common species, but they were very large and of various colors.

It appeared that this was simply a gathering place of starfish as it was full of them.

The only thing that made Han Fei thankful was that there was no Dead Leaf Starfish here.
That thing was literally a cancer of the level-three fishery.
Like Dead Leaf Worms, they could also absorb the vitality of others.

Among these starfishes right now, not only were there no cancer-like starfish like Dead Leaf Starfish, but this place was even full of tonic starfish.

For example, Han Fei saw a furry starfish named Star Sunflower.
Eating it could make the blood boil, so as to promote physical tempering and get twice the result with half the effort.

If it were before, Han Fei would have caught all these Star Sunflower starfish right away.
But now, he was more cautious and didn’t act rashly.

Since he came here, he had not found any particularly powerful creatures in this place.
But was this possible? No! In places like the Sea Grassland, there could be dangers everywhere.
Without the protection of powerful creatures, a place couldn’t develop so safely to this day…

The Lotus Fishes were different because their color mist seemed to be able to purify the soul and even Worm Fishes would retreat when they met them.
That was their talent! But if there was no creature that could protect this starfish gathering place, it was really strange!

With this in mind, Han Fei did not touch any starfish here.
Of course, when a tentacle starfish crawled over and strangled his ankle, he still cut off its claw mercilessly.


The starfish whose paw was cut off ran away swiftly with a speed that common starfish wouldn’t have at all.

Han Fei snorted.
He really hated creatures with tentacles.
The soft and sticky tentacles were so gross.
But Of course, the squid was different, whose tentacles were so delicious after being grilled.

After Han Fei chopped off the starfish’s claw, many creatures here began to flee, including the dumb snails.

In the ordinary fishery, those snails wouldn’t be so smart as to know to run for their lives.

Han Fei couldn’t help exclaiming.
The level-three fishery was indeed a place where wisdom was born.
Even though most of the creatures were not yet truly conscious, they still could perceive danger and knew the preciousness of life…

Han Fei gradually sped up.
This place was beautiful, but not safe.
He was not going to stay here long

However, Han Fei had only swum for less than a few minutes when the place he just passed by suddenly gave off a dazzling light.

Han Fei was vigilant and hurriedly evaded.
However, before running 100 meters away, he hit an invisible shield with a “boom”.

“F*ck… I knew it wouldn’t be that simple.”

Han Fei grabbed the Water Dividing Seal and hit the invisible energy shield.



The force of the blow, weighing more than ten thousand catties, directly blasted the invisible energy shield to pieces.

“Huh! Is this sealing power so weak?”

Han Fei was a little surprised.
According to his experiences, this land of starfish couldn’t be so simple!

As he was thinking, Han Fei swam a hundred meters away, but with another”boom”, he bumped into another invisible seal.

“Ooff… Another one? Let me hit it again.”


In this way, Han Fei swam less than 2 kilometers, but had broken five seals.

“Who the hell is so crazy as to set so many seals in this damn place?”

Han Fei was speechless.
Shit! This kind of seal was neither strong nor weak.
Why did that guy bother to set so many of these seals here…

With Han Fei’s current strength, even the seals that could trap peak-level Dangling Fishers couldn’t necessarily trap him.

“No, it is impossible for anyone to set so many seals here… Is this a formation?” Han Fei landed.
This must be a certain formation.
Whenever an enemy invaded, it would automatically set a seal.

Han Fei couldn’t help swallowing.
This was amazing! If what he guessed was right, it meant that he had to break through thousands of seals if he wanted to cross this land of starfish…

If there were only three or five seals, it was all right.
But if there were really thousands of seals, he might not be able to get through this formation even if he consumed all his spiritual energy.

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