Chapter 347 Worm Eats Grass, Grass Eats Worm

Han Fei didn’t feel very good.
These little vines were cut too easily.
This made no sense! Were the vines in the seagrass wall so weak? Would he become a decoration? Could it be to trap him?

Han Fei summoned Nine Tails and kicked him.
“Dig through the bottom.”

Han Fei turned to look at Yang Ruoyun.
“You’re not so weak, are you? I think the vines are just a piece of cake for you, right?”

Yang Ruoyun said angrily, “A piece of cake? Can’t you see how many spiritual weapons you have and how many I have? Why don’t you try not using those spiritual weapons…”

Han Fei smiled.
“Forget it.
Let’s continue to go down in the ground.
I feel a bit strange.
Those two guys should have made some noise when they ran away… But there was no sound at all.
Did they really run away?”

In fact, things like seaweed could never be cut out.
In the seagrass city-like wall, there were more than hundreds of millions of seagrasses! This couldn’t be dealt with by manpower at all.

Nine Tails dug hard, and in a short time, three or five holes were drilled down.

Han Fei instructed, “Continue to dig.”

Yang Ruoyun asked, “Aren’t we going down?”

Han Fei smiled disdainfully and said, “Those worms are afraid of grass.
I’d like to see whether the worms or seaweed are stronger.”

While Han Fei was cutting down the vines and waiting for Nine Tails to dig deeper holes, a figure suddenly appeared 100 meters away, which was one of the two who ran out just now.

However, before he spoke, he broke into a cold sweat.
That bastard now only had the upper half of his body left.
As for the lower half of the body, it had long since disappeared, replaced by a body made up of vines.

Han Fei muttered, “F*ck…”

Yang Ruoyun was terrified.

“Human, your strength has been recognized by me, and I will not give you a hard time.”

“Oh, who is speaking?” Han Fei was horrified, he pulled Yang Ruoyun up and fled into the hole.

Yang Ruoyun stopped him.
“Wait, someone is speaking.”

Han Fei said impatiently, “Are you stupid? Didn’t you hear it called you ‘human’ just now? There is an alien creature in this seaweed wall.”

Han Fei’s heart was pounding.
That thing made people into ornaments, which it even showed to him.
He couldn’t be a kind demon.

Han Fei had Nine Tails attach to him directly, he hit the ground with the nine-star chain, and at the same time, threw five or six masses of spiritual energy into those holes.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Spiritual energy exploded and dust was flying

It became muddy all around.

Feeling the countless vines rushing up behind him, Han Fei sighed.


The giant worm was furious, turned its head up to Han Fei, and roared.
As soon as it opened its mouth, swarms of small Dry Leaf Worms spewed forth like waves.

Han Fei’s face was black.
The nine-star chain kept stabbing into the worm nest, and he hurriedly moved away.

However, large patches of seaweed and vines also penetrated through the hole, covering a small half of the worm nest in almost a moment.

Han Fei’s eyes almost popped out.
Damn, why are these seaweeds so fierce?

“Human, I won’t hurt you.
I just want to have a chat with you.”

“Chat my ass! If you really want to chat, get rid of this Dry Leaf Worm to show your sincerity.”

“Well, this is not too difficult.”

Han Fei was ready to dig a hole to escape.
However, at this time, a large number of vines and seaweeds gathered up, rushing directly to the giant Dry Leaf Worm and sweeping it away.

Han Fei felt his blood freeze.
What kind of demon is this? Did it really get rid of the worm?

Almost in the blink of an eye, all the seaweed and vines that came in from the outside withered.
But the next moment, endless seaweeds and vines were still pouring in.

Han Fei said to Yang Ruoyin through a voice transmission, This thing is by no means good in nature.
Tell me how we can escape! Come


Yang Ruoyun hesitated.
I really don’t know.

Han Fei sneered.
Liar! If you really don’t know, how do you dare to run into the depths of the Seagrassland? When you saw this monster, you didn’t say a word.
Did you really not know of its existence? You know what, if this Dry Leaf Worm can’t resist this monster, I’ll run by myself.
I can still find other dangerous places.
But you won’t be able to get my help again… With that, Han Fei let go of Yang Ruoyun and joined Nine Tails to dig holes.

After a while, a large number of Dry Leaf Worms burst with excessive life energy and turned into sticky liquid.
Within half an hour, the huge Dry Leaf Worm had shrunk by nearly half its size.

The weird voice still echoed in Han Fei’s ear, “Human, I have no intention of hurting you.”

“Then go away and don’t get in the way.” “Human, I need something.
Can you find it for me?”

Han Fei responded, “Just tell me what it is! If I can, I will find it for you.
But if I can’t, don’t bother me…”

Then, the sound suddenly disappeared.
However, there were quite a few vines and seaweeds pouring towards Han Fei and Yang Ruoyun respectively.

Han Fei shouted angrily via voice transmission, Yang Ruoyun!

Yang Ruoyun glanced at Han Fei lightly, stretched out her hand, and two Flash Stones flew towards Han Fei.

As he expected, this woman was already ready.
One Flash Stone could take a person dozens of miles away.
This woman gave him two so easily.
There must be more in her.

Han Fei said, “It’s not enough.
Give me a few more!”

Yang Ruoyun took a deep look at Han Fei.
“Sorry, I only have a limited number of Flash Stones.
Thank you for helping me get here.
It has exceeded my own expectations… Good luck…”


Then Yang Ruoyun suddenly disappeared from his eyes.

“F*ck you, Yang Ruoyun.
Next time I see you, I’ll kill you.”

Han Fei was speechless.
He knew Yang Ruoyun was not trustworthy but he thought everything was under his control.
Yang Ruoyun borrowed his strength and he borrowed Yang Ruoyun’s knowledge of this place.
They were actually mutually benefited.

However, in the end, it was he who was fooled.
Han Fei wondered if his head was hit by an Iron-headed Fish.
However, this time it was just a coincidence and he asked to follow her.
He got himself into this trouble!

“Huh! Where is that girl?”

Han Fei said with a dark face “You… Hey, what should I call you? Did the Dry Leaf Worms offend you? Why do you have to kill them all?”

Han Fei’s eyelids twitched when he saw that only one-third of the Dry Leaf Worms were left.

“Oh! I occasionally need to release life energy.
These worms are strong and can just satisfy me.”

The corner of Han Fei’s mouth twitched.
“No… So, are you seaweed? Or vines?”

“I, am me.
I don’t have a name.
I can feel a familiar breath in you, so I ask you for help.”

Then Han Fei saw two vines sticking out, on which two people hung, who were those two cannon fodder hunters.
At this moment, they were both dead and a lot of seaweed grew out of their bodies.

This scene made Han Fei’s hair stand on end.
“What do you mean?”

“They are not dead.”

Han Fei’s eyes widened.
Half their bodies are gone and you tell me they are not dead?

However, the next moment, Han Fei saw the two men open their eyes at the same time.
Two strong life energies radiated from the bodies of these two people.

“Help… Help me…” “Kill… Me, kill me…”

Han Fei swallowed.
They didn’t speak clearly because they also had seaweed in their mouths.
However, Han Fei could feel that they were supported by powerful life energy, but it was better to die than to live like this.

Swish… Swish…

Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers shot through the skulls of the two people and Han Fei helped them get free.
Even if they were disposable to him, they didn’t deserve to be tortured like this.

Han Fei gritted his teeth.
“What the hell do you want? If you want to ask for help, stand upright in front of me.”

While talking, Han Fei held the Flash Stones in his hand.
If anything happened, he was going to escape with the help of the stones first, and then hide in Forge the Universe.
Then no matter how powerful this monster was, it wouldn’t be able to find him…

At this moment.

The Dry Leaf Worm had basically been wiped out.
A worm nest had turned countless seaweeds and vines into ashes, but it was still not enough.

Han Fei overestimated the Dry Leaf Worm and underestimated the monster in the seaweed wall.

At this moment, just below the place where the worms originally converged, a finger-long worm was floating.
Han Fei was slightly surprised… Dry Leaf Worm Leaf?

A string of data appeared in his eyes.

Dry Leaf Worm Leaf

Grows in the nest of Dry Leaf Worms.
It is extremely poisonous in the first nine years.
Any Dangling Fisher who touches it will die in five minutes and Hanging Fishers in three years.
Nine years later, it turns from poison into medicine and absorbs vitality from the outside world.
After another nine years, it ripens into a spiritual fruit that contains a lot of energy.

Spiritual level


8,862 points Eating the ripe fruit can greatly enhance one’s physique.

The seventh year

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