Chapter 341 Another Unexpected Encounter

Han Fei discovered Little White’s new ability.
Different from the monstrous octopus, Little White could ignore the irritating energy, and it did not mutate or change at all.

Little White finished the Angry Spirit Fruit very quickly.
Han Fei observed them for a while and found spiritual energy circulating in them.

However, they did not make a breakthrough, and their level was still 26.

But the good thing was that the negative influences of the Angry Spirit Fruit were not reflected in Little White.
As for Little Black, since it was bad-tempered in the first place, Han Fei definitely did not spot any difference.

“Bo… Bo… Bo…”.

A moment later, Little White began to spurt spiritual energy at Han Fei, and Han Fei absorbed 8,000 more points of spiritual energy very soon, the same amount that a regular spiritual fruit could provide.

Han Fei pet Little White, feeling lucky that he had a good fish who was very helpful in critical moments.

However, Han Fei felt bad that Little Black and Little White weren’t growing as fast as the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp and Little Gold, both of which were already above level 30.

Han Fei sensed that both of them were still essentially kids and had no new skills.
Little Black was only more aggressive and had tougher tusks, and Little White still stayed by his side all the time.

Han Fei couldn’t help but wonder how to enter the Soul Ocean.
Was it an accident that he entered the Soul Ocean, or had he triggered certain conditions he wasn’t aware of?

Of course, he didn’t have answers to those questions, so he stopped thinking about it.
But he didn’t leave in a rush either.
He simply established a Spirit Gathering Array and cultivated in the middle of the array.

300,000 points of spiritual energy was not enough in the dangerous Seaborne Prairie.
He had to garner more spiritual energy.

After only a moment of cultivation, Walkingsticks, Red Spirit Spiders, Black Moon Sickle Fish, big earthworms, and all kinds of crabs were already swarming him.
Yes, Han Fei had restored to the old trick.
Cultivation was only a disguise, and he was going to slaughter the sea creatures to absorb their spiritual energy.
When the first Walkingstick extended its limbs to him, Han Fei gritted his teeth and did not move, but when a Black Moon Sickle Fish attacked him, Han Fei took action.
After a torrent of blades, the Black Moon Sickle Fish was stabbed through before it realized what was going on.

But to Han Fei’s surprise, the moment he activated the Million Knife Art, all the creatures escaped in herds.
He had intended to go on a killing spree, but he caught nothing but a few Walkingsticks and some inferior fish and crabs.
Plus the Black Moon Sickle Fish that Little Black bit, he absorbed no more than 20,000 points of spiritual energy in total.

“Damn it.
Aren’t the creatures in the level-three fishery too smart? They’re already running?”

Han Fei was rather helpless.
Seeing that his plan didn’t work out, he could only leave a Spirit Explosion Array on the spot.

“Little White, can you feel any place with abundant spiritual energy?”.

Han Fei simply ignored the Big Red Trunk.
Even if he found the Big Red Trunk at this point, he wouldn’t have the spiritual energy or the time to refine it.

Little White looked around.
It wavered between left and right.
Then, it changed its mind and hesitated between up and ahead.
In the end, it could only look at Han Fei pitifully.
Han Fei didn’t know what to say.
He remembered that spiritual energy was everywhere in the jungle, and that there must be tremendous spiritual fruits and treasures here, except that he had to search for them.
“Forget it.
Let’s press forward.”

Since nobody was chasing him anymore, Han Fei didn’t rush as hastily as before or leave Spirit Explosion Arrays on his path.

Passing the purple bamboo wood, Han Fei found himself in a world of seaweed and algae.

Han Fei saw many bizarre-shaped sea urchins nibbling the seaweed.
Since Han Fei wasn’t close, those sea urchins did not attack him.

The sea algae, on the other hand, were much more annoying.
They floated towards Han Fei in clusters and would surround him and release paralyzing toxins if he was slow.

But of course, Han Fei didn’t give them any chance.
In fact, it was a chance for him to absorb the plants’ spiritual energy.
But for some reason, the speed of his absorption was much lower than when he absorbed the fish and crabs.
Han Fei gave up after a few attempts.
This seaweed only covered about two hundred square kilometers.
During his exploration, Han Fei was engaged in a few minor battles where he couldn’t be hurt at all.

Han Fei talked to Little White now and then, hoping that Little White could find a spiritual fruit, only to be disappointed every time.

One hour passed.

Suddenly, Little White moved and swam to a direction for several hundred meters, before it stopped in hesitation.

Han Fei’s eyes glittered.
He knew that something was out there since Little White moved on its own, and that Little White must’ve stopped because it might be dangerous.

But Han Fei didn’t mind.
There were too many dangerous creatures in the ocean, such as the monstrous octopus, which would’ve taken Han Fei tremendous time and spiritual energy if he wanted to kill it.

However, not all the sea creatures were like the octopus.
Many fish in the ocean were full of treasures.

A moment later, Han Fei swam there in excitement, but when a ripple spread out to him quickly, he was slightly surprised that someone was there.

An intense battle must be going on up ahead to have caused the ripples.

Han Fei immediately entered his half stealth state and drew nearer the scene.

A moment later, Han Fei saw that three people were fighting and that they were all wounded.

What surprised Han Fei was not the battle of three fishers, but that he recognized one of them.

“Yang Ruoyun?” At this point, Yang Ruoyun had two wounds on her body.
Her mouth, her nose, and one of her hands were bleeding.

The other two were actually twins.
Both of them were hunters, and Han Fei could see that they made an excellent team.
They seemed to have practised a two-person battle technique and had overpowered Yang Ruoyun.
Who’s there? Get out!

When Han Fei was about to enjoy the drama, he heard two voices in his head, not from Yang Ruoyun but from the other two fighters.

I knew that the Mist Stealth Grass was absolutely useless.
I’d been discovered before I even approached them…

Han Fei revealed himself, and he heard Yang Ruoyun’s voice in his head.

It’s you?

Han Fei replied casually, What a coincidence! How many times have we met by chance?

Han Fei was thinking whether or not it was a trap, but then he realized that it was unlikely to be one, because Yang Ruoyun couldn’t have known where he was after he left the dragon boat, and he wouldn’t have come to the Seaborne Prairie had it not been for the hunting of the Sun Family.

Struggling to resist, Yang Ruoyun said, Han Fei, don’t you always want to explore treasure troves? Help me kill them, and I’ll take you to a place that nobody has ever visited.

As if they figured out that Yang Ruoyun was talking to Han Fei, the twins couldn’t help but speak telepathically too, Brother, this woman has treasures with her.
Let’s kill her and split them evenly.

Han Fei sneered and replied to them, Do you think I’m an idiot? Wouldn’t you kill me too after you kill this woman?

The two brothers said, Rest assured.
We can tell that you are an intermediate Dangling Fisher, brother, and you must be extraordinary to explore the Seaborne Prairie on your own.
We won’t give you a hard time.

Yang Ruoyun shouted anxiously, “Don’t listen to them! They won’t spare you if I die!”

Han Fei looked at them and scratched his head.
“Actually, I was just passing by.
Why don’t you each give me two spiritual fruits? I’ll leave immediately if you do.”

In the meantime, Han Fei whispered to Yang Ruoyun, “I can save you, but for what? Don’t fool me with the treasure trove.
Let’s talk about something more tangible.
I’ll help you if you give me five spiritual fruits.”

Yang Ruoyun gritted her teeth and replied, “Han Fei, that’s robbery.”

Han Fei did not reply to Yang Ruoyun.
He took out two daggers and spoke to all of them, “I’m here in the Seaborne Prairie for treasures.
I’ll go if you give me your spiritual fruits, but if you don’t, hehe… I’ll help this woman.”

With an awful expression, the two brothers talked to each other, and one of them threw two spiritual fruits to Han Fei.

“We only have two spiritual fruits.
Brother, we hope that you can find your treasures soon.”

Han Fei picked up the two spiritual fruits, only to shout angrily, “Do you think I’m kidding? Only two? You think I’m a beggar?”

He raised his daggers and pointed at the two brothers.
“Give me another two, or I will kill you.”

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