3486 Test of the Time Temple (4)

“Phew! In that case, it’s not bad.”

That being said, Han Fei had a different guess.
For the people of the Time Temple, could a thousand days of planning accelerate time?

If this technique could be used through time acceleration, for example, on his Origin Star, it would only take one day to set up a trap and launch such a blow.

If Master of Time took the initiative to use this technique, how powerful would it be?

Obviously, this technique should have other restrictions.
Otherwise, it would be too heaven-defying.

Yuan Kong shook his head slightly.
“But that blow just now was only part of the power of the Time Splitting Technique.”

Han Fei said, “It seems that you’ve mastered the Six Divine Techniques of Time well.
I also want to see what the other two divine techniques are.”

“No rush.
You have plenty of time to feel it.”

“There’s no rush.
Come on! Let me see what else you have.”

Han Fei was not in a hurry to learn, nor was Yuan Kong in a hurry to teach him.
The current confrontation was just foreplay.

A huge humanoid skull appeared in front of Yuan Kong.

“Time Resurrection Technique?”

Han Fei was a little puzzled.
Yuan Kong should know that he had already mastered the Time Resurrection Technique, right? It was meaningless to use this technique to deal with him! Unless Yuan Kong could revive dominator-level creatures.

Otherwise, even if Yuan Kong really resurrected a Sea Quelling God-level creature, he might not be able to beat it, but he could definitely hold on until Yuan Kong couldn’t maintain the Time Resurrection Technique.

But in the next moment, Han Fei felt the law of time ripple, and a huge ball cage intertwined with time blocked the range of his perception.

Han Fei slashed back.
He was just puzzled.
With Yuan Kong’s strength, it was obviously impossible for him to trap him in this time cage.
But he still set it up, which meant that there must be something wrong with this cage.

However, after Han Fei slashed out again, the cage voluntarily turned incorporeal and disappeared without a trace, and this place was filled with a rich law of time.


At this moment, Yuan Kong had already resurrected the humanoid skull.
An ancient demon ape appeared under the interweaving of the law of time.

There was no need to feel it.
Just from the suppressing pressure emanating from the other party, Han Fei knew that this Demon Ape must be at the Sea Quelling God level.

“How many seconds can you last before this Sea Quelling God-level resurrected creature?”

The Ancient Demon Ape roared, grabbed a long stick made of the power of time from the law of time, and slashed at him.

Han Fei had some experience in dealing with giant apes.
Of course, he just needed to break all laws with strength.

Therefore, Han Fei immediately blasted out a golden fist light, preparing to break through the force with force.


The fists and rods collided, and the power shook the heavens and the earth.
After all, it was a power at the level of Sea Quelling God.
Just the power that dissipated was not something Yuan Kong could withstand, so Yuan Kong directly retreated.

As for Han Fei, he was sent flying by the rod.
But this place was only so big, and the entire cage was only a thousand kilometers long.
For the two Sea Quelling Gods, this space was too narrow.

Therefore, Han Fei was crushed on an invisible barrier by the rod.

Han Fei realized that this Demon Ape was much stronger than him.
In this narrow space, he didn’t even have many chances to escape.
When the Demon Ape tried to hit Han Fei with the Time Stick in its hand, with a bang, Han Fei dodged with the extraordinary speed of the Thousand Thunder Flash.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Boom, Boom, Boom.

After only ten seconds, Han Fei estimated that the other party’s strength was at least 50% higher than his.
Although he had mastered the Thousand Thunder Flash, the space was narrow after all, so he was still hit hundreds of times by this ancient Demon Ape.

After more than twenty seconds, the Ancient Demon Ape faded away.
This must be Yuan Kong’s limit.

Just as Han Fei was about to investigate why this space could withstand the power of the Sea Quelling God, he saw Yuan Kong appear out of nowhere.

“No rush.
You have plenty of time to feel it.”

Yuan Kong said this for no reason.

In the next moment, a huge humanoid skull appeared in front of Yuan Kong.

Han Fei suddenly realized something.

In order to confirm his guess, Han Fei fought the same battle again, which ended in more than twenty seconds.

In the next moment, Yuan Kong appeared out of nowhere and said again, “No rush.
You have plenty of time to feel it.”

In the next moment, another huge humanoid skull appeared in front of Yuan Kong.

“Time is repeating.”

Wasn’t this the time cycle technique he created?

Han Fei had once made a deal with Ximen Linglan’s disciple, Mo Qi.
Mo Qi taught him the Time Resurrection Technique, and he gave Mo Qi the Time Cycle Technique.

However, his time cycle was in the form of a circle, forming a time loop, so that the head and the tail were connected.

If this was one of the Six Divine Techniques of Time, how could Mo Qi not know it in the past?

“What’s the difference?”

Han Fei knew that once he fell into the time cycle, the result would be the same even if he fought this ancient Demon Ape a thousand times.

Therefore, the answer was the time cage that appeared at the beginning.

Although the cage was gone, the invisible time barrier was still there.
This time barrier could block his battle with the ancient Demon Ape, which meant that this time barrier was not set up by Yuan Kong at all.

The person who set up the cage should be at least at the God Slaying level, or even the Sea Quelling God level.

In other words, in addition to Yuan Kong, there was someone else here.
That person was powerful and helped Yuan Kong set up this killing trap.

If this was the time cycle he created, it didn’t seem difficult to crack it.

Since the time cycle was a cycle, there must be a cycle direction.
As long as he reversed this direction, he could break this technique.

After all, this place was only so big, so it wasn’t difficult to find the law of circulation.
However, when Han Fei felt the flow of the law of time, he discovered that the person who set up this trap didn’t use a timeline as a cycle, but a section of the Time River as a cycle.

This was a strengthened version of the time cycle he created.

However, with his current strength as a Sea Quelling God, it wasn’t difficult for him to break it.
When Han Fei forcibly controlled the reversal of the Time River, the ancient Demon Ape disappeared with a bang.

Yuan Kong reappeared after this time cycle.
This time, it was clearly his true body.

Han Fei asked, “The technique I created?”

Yuan Kong shook his head.
“The Time Temple has existed for a long time.
We’ve all created the techniques you can create.
This is just a kind of time manipulation technique.
The Time Temple’s time manipulation technique contains the time cycle.
Although this technique is not weak, it’s not comparable to the six divine techniques.
I used this technique on you because I wanted you to realize the power of the technique you comprehended.
After all, you are actually very talented, but you don’t seem to care.
If you hadn’t had the strength of the Sea Quelling God, I’m afraid you might not even have been able to break the technique you created.”

Han Fei frowned.
What Yuan Kong said did make sense.
He had indeed broken it with his strength.
But if he was still in the Great Monarch realm, it would probably be difficult.

Han Fei asked, “So, are you showing me the power of the Time Temple?”

Yuan Kong chuckled.
“I want to tell you that don’t underestimate the divine techniques of our Time Temple just because you can unleash the strength of a Sea Quelling God.
If you can’t even pass me… not only will you not be able to save Ximen Linglan, but you will even cut off her path to becoming a peerless cultivator.
This is not an alarmist.”

Han Fei nodded slightly.
“Please ~”

Yuan Kong also said solemnly, “What I’m going to show next is the Six Divine Techniques of Time, Time Infinity…”

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