3485 Test of the Time Temple (3)

Even though half of Ximen Linglan’s face was rotten, one could still see the anxiety and fear on her face.

The beautiful woman turned around and looked at Ximen Linglan.
“The barrier contains the Time Killing Technique set up by our lord, but you still want to let him leave, without even mind sacrificing our relationship as master and disciple, right?”

Ximen Linglan roared, “After all, he is from the Void Temple.
If you attack him, the Void Temple won’t let it go.


The beautiful woman sighed slightly.
“Look, as long as you see him, you can’t calm down.
Look down.”

Outside the barrier.

Han Fei was frowning.
If it were an ordinary Great Monarch, he would believe that the other party had no chance to fight back.

However, this person was the Third Temple Master of the Time Temple.
If the Time Temple calculated strength according to ranking, this person definitely shouldn’t be so weak that he couldn’t even withstand a single slash from him.

Sure enough, in the next moment, time intertwined, and a piece of time formed Yuan Kong’s body.

“As I expect.”

Seeing Yuan Kong appear again, Han Fei felt that it was normal.
However, he felt that something was wrong.
The power that the other party burst out just now was definitely Yuan Kong’s original body.

And with the strength of a peak-level Great Monarch, it was impossible for him to withstand the slash he launched, so how did he revive?

Han Fei’s heart skipped a beat.
“This is one of the Six Divine Techniques of Time.”

Yuan Kong smiled.
“That’s right.
This is the Indestructible Time of the Six Divine Time Techniques.”

A time wave appeared behind Yuan Kong again, but this time was different from before.
Just now, Yuan Kong knew that he was no match for Han Fei, but he still deliberately fought Han Fei to show the Time Indestructibility Technique.

Now, around Han Fei, the laws of time were intertwined in all directions.
One Yuan Kong after another and one time wave after another surrounded Han Fei.

Swish… Swish… Swish…

It was still the Time Sword Tide.
This time, nearly a thousand Yuan Kong attacked at the same time.
This technique was almost completely a super upgraded version of the Time Arcane Technique.
It could launch a thousand attacks in an instant.
If they were in the same realm, who could resist it?

Even if Han Fei could kill Yuan Kong with one slash without activating his original Great Dao, could he kill a thousand Yuan Kongs?

When the thousand sword tides of time rushed at Han Fei, in the barrier, Ximen Linglan looked at the beautiful woman in despair and said anxiously, “Master ~”

This was because Ximen Linglan knew the power of this technique.
This was a cross-realm God Slaying Technique.
She had only been suppressed for less than a thousand years.
Although Han Fei was talented and had already entered the Great Monarch realm, how could he block such an attack?

The beautiful woman didn’t respond to Ximen Linglan, and just when Ximen Linglan felt that it was impossible for Han Fei to resist this blow, Han Fei’s strength soared, and the Blood Sky Blade appeared in front of him.

“Immortal Slaying.”

The Immortal Slaying Knife instantly extracted the power of the Heavenly Dao here and slashed out at a speed so fast that even Great Monarchs couldn’t see it clearly.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

With a single slash, he cut off the thousand sword tides.
The thousand Yuan Kongs were shattered at the same time.

At this moment, Ximen Linglan was already struggling to stand up as if she had made an important decision.
Suddenly, she froze.
She almost couldn’t believe her eyes.

“The Time Splitting Technique failed?”

The beautiful woman said indifferently, “Sit down! It’s not that the Time Splitting Technique has failed, but that Yuan Kong’s strength is limited.
With his strength, he can kill gods, but he won’t be able to deal with a God Slaying-level powerhouse.
And if he faces a Sea Quelling God, of course he will lose.”

“Sea Quelling God?”

Ximen Linglan’s heart skipped a beat.
“Master, what’s going on?”

The beautiful woman said leisurely, “Although I don’t know how Han Fei did it, he can indeed unleash the combat power of a Sea Quelling God in a short period of time.
Oh, maybe this time is not short, but for us, no matter how long it takes, it’s short.”

“How did he…”

The beautiful woman smiled.
“You want to know? Then wait for him to tell you himself!”

Ximen Linglan’s heart skipped a beat.
How could she meet him in such a state?

When she resolutely broke into the Time River, she didn’t panic.
She would rather be suppressed in the River of Eternal Darkness than panic.
But at this moment, she finally panicked.

Outside the barrier.

Yuan Kong’s body reappeared.

Han Fei said, “All of you are your original bodies.
No wonder the Time Temple can bear the responsibility of resisting the ominous army.
What’s the name of this technique?”

Yuan Kong smiled and said, “Time Splitting Technique.”

Splitting himself from different times and simultaneously stacking these times into the current time?

Han Fei nodded slightly.
He knew how terrifying this technique was.
If he mastered such a power, he would probably be invincible in the Sea Quelling Divine Realm.

It didn’t even need to be him.
If the Time Temple had a Sea Quelling God, he suspected that even Lei Heng and Senior Brother Six God couldn’t resist such a terrifying power.
Of course, the premise was that they didn’t have any trump cards.

Han Fei thought for a moment.
“It’s impossible for you to unleash such a powerful force at any time.
It’s impossible for there to be no limit to trigger different times at the same time.”

Yuan Kong didn’t hide it.
“This blow does need to be prepared.
In a battle, with my strength, I can only unleash three bodies, not a thousand.
This blow just now will take at least a thousand days for me to prepare.”

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