Chapter 317 Men Like Shopping Too

Han Fei was dumbfounded.
What are you doing here? How can I continue to “try my luck” with so many people here?

The Treasure Hunting Fish on the little old man’s booth were immediately sold out, and Han Fei hurriedly grabbed 3 fish that his little calabash was responsive to.

This scene attracted many people to watch.
For a while, the little old man’s booth was overcrowded.

However, after only half an hour, someone exclaimed in chagrin, “Oh, why is it Soft Plaster again?”

“Oh my God, I have dug out three topazes already.

“Damn! There is nothing in the treasure bag!” Some people were complaining, while some were overjoyed.
“Haha, I got a spiritual fruit.”

“Oh… A Water Drop Crystal.
That’s great!”

In the crowd, Han Fei secretly took three spiritual fruits out of the fish heads, which no one noticed.

After half an hour, Han Fei squeezed out of the crowd and said to Lin Miaomiao, “That’s crazy! These people are crazy.
The old man’s fish are sold out.”

Lin Miaomiao was speechless.
Don’t you know why they rushed to buy the fish?

Lin Miaomiao was really envious.
Han Fei spent 4,000 mid-quality pearls but earned his money back with the Flash Stone alone.
And she also noticed that Han Fei got three spiritual fruits just now.
He had earned a lot this time…

Han Fei casually put the things he got into a fish-skin bag.
To him, these things, including the Water Drop Crystal, were all useless, so he just put them into a fish-skin bag.
However, the total value of this fish-skin bag would be at least 5,000 mid-quality pearls.
Han Fei said in distress, “Can I sell these things?”

Lin Miaomiao’s eyes lit up.
“You want to sell them?”

They’re all useless things that take up space! I’d rather trade them for mid-quality


“You can sell them to the dragon boat but the price will be lower.
If you trust me, I can get you a 30% higher price.
Of course, I want a 10% commission.”

Han Fei threw the bag to Lin Miaomiao.

Lin Miaomiao was taken aback.
Brother, why do you trust me so much? This is five or six thousand mid-quality pearls! Lin Miaomiao asked, “Aren’t you afraid of me running away with the bag?”

Han Fei smiled and said, “You can have a


Lin Miaomiao: “…”

They strolled about for about two or three miles.
Han Fei watched everything with interest, stopping to watch from time to time and even reaching out to touch the fish on sale.

Lin Miaomiao followed him and kept introducing things they passed.

In her eyes, Han Fei was a shopaholic.

At this moment.

Han Fei asked, “Excuse me, how much is this Yellow Blood Sea Cucumber?”

The vendor replied “Little brother, it sells for only 1,000 mid-quality pearls.
The price is very low.”

Han Fei scoffed..
“That shop only charges 600.
Why do you want 1,000?” “What? 600? Well… My sea cucumber is fatter than his.
OK, I’ll only charge 600.”

Han Fei shook his head.
“You are not honest.
I’ll only pay 500 now.”

The vendor: “…”

“Is that unacceptable to you? OK, I’m leaving.” Seeing Han Fei was about to leave, the vendor hurriedly shouted, “Don’t go, little brother… OK, 500.
We’re friends now!”

Lin Miaomiao watched Han Fei skillfully paying and couldn’t help but wonder, Is this guy really from a rich family? Why are his bargaining skills even better than hers?

Han Fei put away the Yellow Blood Sea Cucumber and secretly smiled.
Idiot! You only sold it at 500 mid-quality pearls? This is a great tonic, which can greatly enhance the body’s Qi and energy.
It will be sold at least a thousand mid-quality pearls in the Blue Sea Town.

Suddenly, Han Fei pointed to a group of shops.
“Are those specialty stores?” Lin Miaomiao said, “Yes, the shops here have to pay rent that is very high.
However, the quality of the products in the shops are better than those outside.”

From afar, Han Fei saw a spiritual fruit store and quickly walked over.
This shop is great! In order to activate the soul-attaching ability, he had been searching for spiritual fruits on the seabed for many days.

If he had boarded the dragon boat earlier, it would have saved him a lot of trouble!

Lin Miaomiao was surprised.
Do you still want to buy something? You have already spent all the money you just made!

Inside the shop.

As soon as Han Fei walked in, a girl walked up and said, “Brother, may I help you? We have a complete set of spiritual fruits here.
You won’t be disappointed.”

Han Fei looked around and many strings of data appeared.
He didn’t bother to read them one by one but directly aimed at those with the most spiritual energy.

Lin Miaomiao quickly followed up.
“Han Fei, you’d better buy spiritual fruits according to your own needs.”

Han Fei grunted.
“Yes, I know.”

Han Fei pointed.
“I want this, this, and this… Huh? Can this be poison-resistant? OK, I’ll take it.
And this, this, this…”

Lin Miaomiao was dumbfounded.

So was the shop owner.

Since she opened the store, she hadn’t seen a person with such a fast purchase speed.
He didn’t even need to browse but he just pointed to the spiritual fruits and demanded them.
He must be very rich!

Lin Miaomiao was stunned.
This guy is so rich! She hadn’t even seen the names of those spiritual fruits clearly, and he had bought so many.

After a moment.

When the 20 spiritual fruits were placed on the counter, Han Fei suddenly asked, “Will you give me a discount?”

The shop owner’s eyes narrowed with smiles.
“Sure, I’ll give you 5% off.”

Han Fei frowned.
“Only 5%? Give me a better discount and I’ll buy 30 pieces…”


Lin Miaomiao was about to vomit blood.
30 pieces! Oh my god!

The shop owner’s eyes lit up.
“10% off.” Han Fei began to point again and soon, picked 30 pieces.
When the mid-quality pearls were poured into the basket, the shop owner grinned from ear to ear.

The shop owner asked, “Little friend, where do you live? In a few days, my store will have new spiritual fruit delivered, which will be the best.
May I deliver them to you so you can pick some then?”

Han Fei shook his head.
“Huh? No.
I may leave in a few days.
I will come back if I’ve got time.”

The shop owner secretly sighed.
What a pity! It’s not so easy to have a customer like this guy who has money to burn…

Han Fei put the 30 fruit in a fish-skin bag, randomly grabbed one spiritual fruit, and took a bite.


In the blink of an eye, he ate this spiritual fruit, and a burst of fragrance spread out, attracting many people to stop and watch.

Lin Miaomiao swallowed and asked, “Aren’t you supposed to cultivate while eating a spiritual fruit? If you eat like this, a lot of spiritual energy will escape.”

Han Fei didn’t respond.
You don’t understand.
I can store the spiritual energy, OK?

Han Fei said leisurely, “Eating fruit is a pleasure.
Spiritual energy… Is not my first concern.”

Lin Miaomiao was speechless.
If I could beat you, I really would slap you to death.
That is a spiritual fruit! It’s worth at least 800 mid-quality pearls! How can you just waste it like this… Are you stupid?

Han Fei took out another anti-poison spiritual fruit, and under Lin Miaomiao’s gaze, he bit most of it and swallowed.

Lin Miaomiao felt helpless.
Why? Why did she pick up such a client? He was simply a spendthrift! When she watched him swallowing the spiritual fruit, her heart was aching! As they walked, Han Fei suddenly stopped.
“Oh! Do you know where the dragon boat is sailing to now? Is there any special secret realm in this direction? Just like the Steps into the Sea, the kind of place where everyone can go…”

That was Lin Miaomiao’s professional field, so she immediately answered, “The dragon boat will pass through the Sea Grassland and then pass through the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes.
After that, I don’t know… The dragon boat will change its route from time to time.
The reason I am sure that it won’t change route in the short term is that it did so five days ago.”

Han Fei muttered, “Sea Grassland… Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes…”

Han Fei suddenly said, “Isn’t the Sea Grassland 100 thousand miles away?

Lin Miaomiao nodded.
“Yes! The speed of the dragon boat is not very fast, and it will reach the Sea Grassland in about 20 days.”

Han Fei nodded.
“Then I’ll stay on the dragon boat for half a month… And I’ll leave when it reaches the Sea Grassland.”

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