Chapter 313 Mirror of Icy Salt

Behind him, the shadow was still chasing, but Han Fei just ignored it.
As he scuttled quickly, Little White suddenly stopped and looked to Han Fei’s left side.

“Little Gold, Attach.”

Han Fei’s speed soared, and the shadow, not attached to by a contractual spiritual beast, could not catch up.

After a while, Han Fei sensed that a six-sided stone was suspended in the air 100 meters away.

Data appeared in his eyes.

Mirror of Icy Salt

A divine weapon created by heaven and earth, condensed with the essence of thousand-year-old icy salt.
It can replicate any creatures under Hidden Fisher.

Low-Quality Divine Weapon (current state)

Three times

Note: Once taken away from the White Mist Salt Marsh, the Mirror of Icy Salt will become a consumable divine weapon.
Please use it carefully.

“A low-quality divine weapon?”

Han Fei got excited.
He grabbed the Mirror of Icy Salt and dropped his blood on it to refine it.

Just as he refined the Mirror of Icy Salt, the shadow behind him suddenly shattered into salt crystals and scattered into the white mist.

After Han Fei took the Mirror of Icy Salt, he saw a large amount of white mist gradually sinking into the mirror-like seabed of the mirror of the sky.

Han Fei swallowed.
A consumable divine weapon? Only three chances to use it?

This was definitely a treasure, an incomparable treasure.
Unlike Luo Little White’s Death Replacement Art, this Mirror of Icy Salt could replicate himself at his peak-state.

And this meant that he would get three opportunities to use clones, which was simply amazing! There was really such a special treasure in the world!

Thank God that no one took this thing away.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to get it.

To be precise, all the people who came in had fallen into a trap.
They might have been to the Mirror of the Sky, but the shadow avatars one after another would have definitely driven them crazy.

If Han Fei hadn’t mastered the Water Control Technique… If he hadn’t had the reserve of spiritual energy… If he hadn’t made it to the end…

Han Fei wouldn’t have thought that the real treasure was hidden in this white mist!

Even in the white mist, if it weren’t for Little White and his 250-meter spiritual perception, he might still not have been able to get this low-quality divine weapon.

Too many coincidences helped Han Fei get this opportunity.
This was really a huge win for Han Fei! If there had ever been a Hidden Fisher here, he could get the Mirror of Icy Salt directly without a fight.

As the white mist poured into the mirror of the sky, his field of view broadened out a little, so the way out was no longer difficult to find.

It had been nearly two days since Han Fei entered this place.
He didn’t know if the henchmen he had just got were still there…

As for Yang Ruoyun, Han Fei always felt that there was something wrong with this woman.
How could she, a hunter, get in here? Was the threat she said the shadow? But in this white mist, nothing could be seen.
How could she perceive a threat and manage to escape?

Han Fei was thrown straight into the mirror of the sky.

Han Fei jumped out of the White Mist Salt Marsh, only to find that there was no one around.
He was speechless.
As he expected, these bastards all ran away and no one was left! Shit…


Suddenly, Han Fei looked to the white coral reef not far away and his face suddenly darkened.

Wang Ye, Chen Yuan, Liu Han, and Zhao Haitao were all lying there, dead, and their bodies were lined up in a row.

A piece of fish skin was left beside their bodies.
Han Fei picked up the fish skin, which read, “No matter whether you can come out alive or not, I’ll remember you… Idiot, do you think that there is only one wind sword in that secret realm? If I hadn’t been seriously injured, how would I have surrendered to you? But forget it, everyone has his opportunities.
However, since these four people run a ghost boat business, they deserve to die.
Anybody in the level-three fishery has the right to punish them.
I hope that I don’t encounter you on a ghost boat one day.

Han Fei was speechless.
Was he scammed again? Yes, he was very sure that he had been scammed again.

He was scammed by Chen Yuan first, and then by Yang Ruoyun.

Being stunned for a while, Han Fei recalled that when he met Yang Ruoyun in that secret realm, the girl was seriously injured indeed.
At the time, he just thought that she was injured by the Drawing.

But now he didn’t think so.
If she was hurt by Drawing a knife, she wouldn’t be just vomiting blood.
At least there should have been a wound on her body, right? But even her clothes were untorn…

Besides, was it really just a coincidence that Yang Ruoyun ran into him while being hunted down by Wang Ye and the other three? Not really.

What if Yang Ruoyun’s real intention was to trick Wang Ye and the other three into killing him?

If that were the case, he would have been used by her like a pawn, as he took the four of them as his subordinates and thought he’d be a wise guy! Now the four of them were killed by her…

In fact, when he first heard about ghost boats, Han Fei didn’t feel very angry.
In addition to being scammed by Chen Yuan, which annoyed him a little, Han Fei felt that running a ghost boat was a normal business.

There were bandits in the mountains and pirates in the sea.
That was normal.

Of course, it was a different story if they slaughtered innocent people.
Now, Han Fei felt bothered.
Four henchmen were killed! They also knew of a secret realm…

Now they all died before they told him where the secret realm was.

On the sea.

Han Fei was sitting on the fishing boat alone.

However, it didn’t take long for him to meet a large school of Humming Fish.
In a short while, the bow of the ship was surrounded by humming sounds.

Han Fei’s face immediately darkened.
So… Whenever I get a treasure, I have to suffer losses several times in a row?

Controlling the fishing boat to take off, Han Fei chose a random direction and flew out for thousands of miles.

Without meeting anyone, Han Fei landed on a random place in the sea and let the boat drift.

Being idle, Han Fei took out the large pot, reached out his hand to grab a mass of water, threw it into the pot, and poured various flavors into it.
Han Fei patted the bottom of the pot with one hand and waved the fishing rod with the other as he began to fish.

After a moment.

Han Fei cast several times by using the Water Vein Technique and caught an Anti-Heaven Blade.

After throwing it onto the boat, Han Fei found that there were many hard spines on the fish… After handling the fish, he found the flesh of the fish was crystal clear and tender.
It was a very firm kind of meat, a bit like tuna.

Because there was no fire here, Han Fei could only use spiritual energy to heat up.
Although spiritual energy could also generate heat, different from a flame, it couldn’t bring him a warming feeling.

But above the vast ocean, Han Fei didn’t have so many choices.
It was better to have something to eat than nothing.

An hour later, half the pot of fish went into his stomach.

Behind him, Nine Tails’ nine-star chain kept attacking.
Yes, sure enough, the level-three fishery was different from other places.
When a boat drifted on the sea, the creatures in the sea would attack people on the boat.

At first, it was just a Crescent-Moon Fish, then some Red-Browed Prawns appeared, and occasionally some large snails and squid clung to the hull, which was very annoying.

On the third day, Han Fei met some people.

Three people in one fishing boat drove past Han Fei.

Han Fei wanted to go up and say hello.
After all, it was not easy to meet people in such a large fishery.
But before Han Fei went up, they ran away and didn’t feel like talking to him.

On the fourth day, he met someone again.

However, when the man saw Han Fei eating on the fishing boat alone, he ran away too.
Han Fei didn’t know why… Why do these people run away when they see me? Do I look so scary?

On the sixth day.

Han Fei encountered a ghost boat again, which appeared more frequently than dragon boats…

However, different from the last time, Han Fei took the initiative this time.

The other party was a ghost boat team with all five professions.

At first, they were locked in the fight.
Han Fei fought the five of them alone, which really shocked them.
In the end, Han Fei failed to take them down, and the battle ended hastily, and everyone continued to go their separate ways.

It was not that Han Fei didn’t want to keep these people, but that they were all Dangling Fishers, which made it difficult to beat them.
If Han Fei didn’t use his trump card, he really couldn’t kill them.

On the eighth day.

Han Fei was practicing his fishing skills in boredom, wondering how he could trick the Black-Moon Sickle Fish into biting the bait… Then, from a distance, he saw a huge black shadow floating over from the sea.
“Damn… A Dragon Boat!”

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