Chapter 310 White Mist Salt Marsh

One day later.

As led by Han Fei, they came to the White Mist Salt Marsh.


About 500 meters deep, Han Fei saw the salt marsh.

At this moment, he understood why this place was called White Mist Salt Marsh.
Because in this very wide area, the salt condensed, causing this large area to show a foggy form.

There were not many creatures here.
Outside the White Mist Salt Marsh, there were a large number of white coral reefs, which seemed to have been dead for a long time.
In these coral reefs, the remains of creatures could be seen everywhere, such as Anti-Heaven Blade, dead octopus, dead crabs, dead shrimps, dead snails… Their bodies littered everywhere.

At the edge of the coral reef, there were some blue sea snakes that jumped into the White Mist Salt Marsh from time to time.

What surprised Han Fei was that once this blue sea snake jumped into the White Mist Salt Marsh, it would go crazy and twist its body as if falling into an illusion after taking a drug

After a long while, these sea snakes would run out of the White Mist Salt Marsh, vomiting circles of white mist from time to time.

Yang Ruoyun explained, “There seems to be a psychedelic power in this white mist that can make these sea snakes over-excited, but they will die staying in it for too long.
After all, the salinity inside is very high.”

Han Fei turned to the others and asked, “Are you going down?”

Yang Ruoyun shook her head.
“No, I won’t.”

Wang Ye and others also shook their heads.
Even if Han Fei was here, they would not go down not because they lacked spiritual energy but they feared the psychedelic effects of the mist.

Han Fei snorted.
“OK, then I’ll be going down alone.
If you think I can’t get out, you can go.
But you’d better pray not to be caught by me


Han Fei itched to try.
In his opinion, this was not a secret realm but there must be a treasure in it.

Therefore, in his mind, the value of Wang Ye and the other people was much less than that of the White Mist Salt Marsh.
However, he wanted to take this chance to test them.
Anyway, they would be his henchmen for a period of time.

The water around Han Fei was rolling and an invisible water ball immediately enveloped him.

Yang Ruoyun and the others retreated quickly because they could feel the water ball was squeezing the space crazily.
Once it exploded, they would be severely hurt.

Han Fei used the water control technique, and this water ball was to prevent the surrounding high-concentration saltwater from approaching him.

Han Fei jumped into the White Mist Salt Marsh.
At the same time, he took out a long knife.
If there was any danger, this knife might save him.

As soon as Han Fei entered, the people outside began to discuss.

Chen Yuan mumbled, “Wang Ye, I don’t think this guy is credible.
He is so young and tricky.
He must be a heavenly talent from a certain town.
We are just running a ghost boat.
Do you really think we can follow him?”

Wang Ye frowned.
“Whether it is possible or not, at least one thing he said is true.
He just arrived here and doesn’t know much about the level-three fishery.
We’d better observe him for a few more days.
If he is not trustworthy, we can run away from him when we get on a dragon boat.” Zhao Haitao frowned.
“It’s easy for him to kill us.
Don’t forget, four of us once trapped him, but he easily beat us.
Now he has no reason to kill us…”

Han Fei was trying to perceive the area during his dive down.
Unfortunately, he didn’t feel anything but boundless white mist.

There were silky white threads in the white mist, which seemed to be trying to drill into the water ball where Han Fei was, like thin white worms.

If they were really a kind of worm, Han Fei would be disgusted, but fortunately, they were just a kind of smoke that resembled worms.

Han Fei controlled the seawater in the water ball, trying to push these threads out.
However, just as the threads were pushed out a little bit, they gradually got in again.

Han Fei was speechless.
No wonder they said that spiritual energy would not be enough down here, this did consume a lot of spiritual energy.
He had to control the water ball with spiritual energy to prevent the white mist from infiltrating.

After diving for about 500 meters, Han Fei found that the pressure from the surroundings began to increase, and the originally spherical water ball had been compressed into an oval shape.


Han Fei felt that in the white mist, there seemed to be a white unknown object flashing by.
Just when he wanted to chase after it, he found that the white figure had disappeared.

“Humph! Are you trying to scare me?”

Han Fei was calm.
If it dared to appear again, he would catch it.

Han Fei continued to dive, but when he continued to go deeper for 300 meters, he found that he had bottomed out and what was under his feet was hard white ground.

Han Fei threw out a Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger, slashed the ground a few times, and found that there was all solidified salt under his feet.
Unfortunately, the water here was too turbid, so he could only vaguely see the ground nearby and didn’t know if there would be any monsters under this salt layer.

Therefore, he immediately ascended about 30 meters, so as not to be almost dragged into the pit by a monster like when he just arrived in the level-three fishery.

Since he couldn’t continue to dive, he could only go back and forth.

Han Fei released Little Black and Little White and let them stay in the water ball instead of the White Mist Salt Marsh.
After all, whether one could survive here had nothing to do with strength but the salinity in the body.

“Little White, can you perceive where spiritual energy is most abundant?”

Little White swayed and swam to the left and then right.
After hesitating for a long time, he looked to the right of Han Fei with uncertainty.

Han Fei grinned immediately.
“Good boy, let me get you some treasures…”

He took Little Black and Little White back and went straight to the right.
Han Fei felt that the place that made Little White uncertain must at least have something special, and Han Fei fully believed in the intuition of his little baby.

Han Fei swam swiftly forward.
Suddenly, a hundred meters away, the white figure flashed again.
Han Fei immediately threw a dagger at it.
The Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger with a soul attached was so fast that the surrounding white mist was cut into a gap by it.

However, before the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger approached, the white figure disappeared again as if it had never appeared


Han Fei squinted slightly and felt a trace of threat.

But then, something suddenly occurred to Han Fei.
How did Yang Ruoyun get here? Since she couldn’t beat Wang Ye and the others, she wouldn’t be much stronger than them.
But none of the four of them felt the threat in the white mist.
Why did she feel it?

Even Han Fei himself felt there was something in the white mist only when he was approaching the bottom of the salt marsh.
If it hadn’t been for the fact that the range of his spiritual perception was as large as 250 meters, he would not even feel anything.

“Heck, there must be something wrong with Yang Ruoyun.”

Han Fei frowned.
There was definitely something wrong with this woman and she almost deceived her.
If the woman hadn’t left when he went out, he must make her pay a price.

At this moment, Han Fei already felt the danger, and he seemed to be targeted.


Suddenly, Han Fei moved his body aside and the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger in his hand cut through the white mist like lightning.
Unfortunately, he was still a step too slow.
Han Fei could see the white mist shaking, and something did flash past him just now.

In Han Fei’s spiritual perception, it was a humanoid creature who seemed to be expert in using knives.

Han Fei glanced at the torn water ball.
At the instant it was torn by a knife, a lot of white mist poured in.

Han Fei released spiritual energy to shake the white mist out of the water ball.
But just as he did this, the figure came again.

“Humph! I’ve been waiting for you! Reveal your true shape!”

Swish… Swish… Swish…

Dozens of Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger shot out instantly.
Han Fei was confident that in this mist-shrouded place, no matter how fast this figure was, he wouldn’t be able to avoid so many Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers…

However, an unexpected scene appeared.
In Han Fei’s spiritual perception, this figure flickered from left to right in the white mist.
Immediately, a huge wave of spiritual energy penetrated through the white mist.

At that moment, Han Fei felt like he bumped into a Rock-Holding Turtle and the water ball shield was shattered.
And Han Fei was shaken, flying hundreds of meters away.


With a loud noise, Han Fei felt that he had smashed something through, and the environment in front of him suddenly changed.
The hazy salt marsh suddenly became extremely pure.

Yes, pure, damn pure.
There was no obstruction as far as he could see.
Under his feet, there was a hard salt layer, which is as smooth as a mirror.


Was this really a salt marsh?

Han Fei was a little stunned.
It was so beautiful! This is a breathtakingly beautiful place.

Yes, Han Fei was blasted out of the mist and rammed into this beautiful place.

The surroundings reminded Han Fei of the Mirror of the Sky in the Salar de Uyuni.
The mirror-like salt marsh was boundless.
And the white mist above his head was dyed blue-green by the plants growing on the salt marsh not far away and looked like an azure sky.

The beauty was beyond description.
The water and the sky were integrated into one, looking so ethereal, dreamy, and refreshing…

The first idea coming to Han Fei’s mind was whether there was any way to take a picture of this scene and then he could show it off to Xia Xiaochan and the others.

While Han Fei was still marveling at the beauty here, a figure emerged from the white mist.

Seeing this person, Han Fei was stunned and his eyes almost popped out.
“What in the…”

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