Chapter 305 Intelligence

The atmosphere was getting weird in the cave.
Those two people were supposed to be hunting treasures, but instead, they were chit-chatting.

Yang Ruoyun thought quickly about who the unconventional young man was.
She could tell that the guy was strong, but he showed no intention of killing her.
He was quite strange too, to ask about the Abyssal Chasm.

Yang Ruoyun replied palely, “Let’s make a deal.
You fetch the sword for me, and I’ll tell you everything I know.”

Han Fei sneered.
“It’s easy for me to grab the sword, but why would I? You don’t have any bargaining chips, girl.
You’re not suitable for my business!”

After a long silence, Yang Ruoyun said, “The Abyssal Chasm is hundreds of thousands of kilometers from here.
If my guess is correct, you just came to the level-three fishery, didn’t you? If you want to go to the Abyssal Chasm, you might as well find a dragon boat that’s going to that place first…”

Han Fei was slightly surprised.
His background had been exposed so easily? It seemed that he knew too little about the level-three fishery.

He shook his head.
“I’m more concerned about the Abyssal Chasm, or the places around it, than the dragon boat.
You can tell me everything you know, in exchange for your life.”

Yang Ruoyun’s pupils constricted.
“What do you mean?”

Han Fei said casually, “I’m going to be blunt.
It was you who ambushed me when I passed the statues, wasn’t it? Then, you pretended to be unconscious here… But you are too lousy an actress.
You think I’m a fool and can’t see through your fake blood? Also, the sword up there is a trap, isn’t it?”

Then, Han Fei sent a thought and activated the chains of the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp.


The chains pierced into the ground around Yang Ruoyun and caged her.

Han Fei rose and said, “Rest assured.
Nothing on you interests me.
You have no treasures or a beautiful look.
Let me tell you, I don’t like old women.”


Yang Ruoyun almost felt like beating him up.
Old woman? She was not twenty yet.
Was that old?

Of course, Yang Ruoyun did not really dare to do anything.
She had planned to kill Han Fei earlier, but she didn’t know that Han Fei was so strong.
She could barely resist Han Fei’s attack, and she would’ve been killed if Han Fei weren’t still under the influence of the illusions.

Now, this guy’s Mantis Shrimp was very powerful too.
Was he a Heavenly Talent from one of the towns?

Yang Ruoyun finally gave in.
“Actually, I don’t know much about the Abyssal Chasm.
First of all, it’s true that the Abyssal Chasm is far away from here.
When I first arrived, I was only fifty thousand kilometers away from the Abyssal Chasm.
But that was half a year ago.”

“Half a year ago?” Han Fei was lost for words.
How far away had the girl traveled to end up in this place?

Han Fei asked, “Did you float on the ocean for half a year?”

Yang Ruoyun shook her head.
“Of course not.
I came here on a dragon boat.
I couldn’t afford the accommodation on the dragon boat anymore a month ago, so I went into the ocean to look for treasures.” “Huh?”

Seeing that Han Fei was suspicious, Yang Ruoyun spoke straightly, “You think it’s free to stay on the dragon boat? Fishers have to pay at least a hundred mid-quality pearls for a day on the dragon boat.
Some of the noble Heavenly Talents might spend ten thousand mid-quality pearls a day for their stay, not counting their food.”

Han Fei raised his eyebrow.
“The dragon boat is so profitable?”

He took a deep breath.
It was hard for him to imagine how many people lived on the enormous dragon boats, but there must be hundreds of thousands of them.
If anyone paid a hundred mid-quality pearls a day, the daily revenue of one boat would be almost a million mid-quality pearls.
Since there were a hundred dragon boats in the level-three fishery, whoever ran this business would be earning billions of mid-quality pearls a day, wouldn’t they?


Han Fei swallowed hard.
He was greatly shocked by the profit.
One day’s income here was enough to buy countless Fish Dragon Restaurants.

Yang Ruoyun was not nearly as shocked as Han Fei was.
“Of course, the dragon boat does not only charge mid-quality pearls.
They also charge fish, spiritual fruits, magic weapons, and spiritual plants of the same value.
So, if you have materials that are no longer useful to you, you can sell them to the dragon boat for mid-quality pearls of the same value.”

Han Fei tried to calm himself down.
That was just money, which was only valuable in circulation.
So, he managed to put it aside.

Han Fei asked, “So, does it have anything to do with the Abyssal Chasm?”.

Yang Ruoyun looked at Han Fei thoughtfully and asked, “Is this really your first trip to the level-three fishery?”

Han Fei nodded.
“What about it? If I had known more about the level-three fishery, I would’ve killed you directly.”

Seeing that Han Fei showed no intention of killing her, Yang Ruoyun was secretly relieved.
“There are a few places you should know in the level-three fishery: the vast Seaborne Prairie, the mysterious Undersea City, the unpopulated Thousand Smoke Valley, the Sea Entrance Stairs where the Heavenly Talents are gathered, and the most perilous Abyssal Chasm…”

Seeing no reaction from the Heavenly Talent, Yang Ruoyun went on.
“Those places are all life-blighting except for the Sea Entrance Stairs.
But Heavenly Talents perish all the time even in the Sea Entrance Stairs that are famous for its fortunes.
As for the Abyssal Chasm, it’s murky as the Seaborne Prairie in the level-three fishery.
Too many experts have explored it, including peak Dangling Fishers, but do you know what became of them?”

Han Fei raised his eyebrow.

Yang Ruoyun replied in fear, “They disappeared.
So far, no more than ten people have ever escaped from the Abyssal Chasm, and half of them went crazy after they did.”

Han Fei narrowed his eyes.
Was the place so dangerous?

Han Fei asked, “What about the survivors?”

Yang Ruoyun shook her head.
“I don’t know.
I’ve never met them.
Maybe the big shots on the dragon boats know more.
What secrets do you think a Mr.
Nobody like me would know?”

Han Fei did not suspect her.
He believed that if someone survived the Abyssal Chasm and didn’t go crazy, they would definitely be controlled by the powerful guys, and a common Dangling Fisher might be unaware of the details…

However, Han Fei was not going to the Abyssal Chasm just yet.
He was only getting to know it.

Han Fei asked, “Then what do you know about other treasure troves around the Abyssal Chasm?”

Yang Ruoyun chuckled.
“Treasure troves? There are too many treasure troves in the level-three fishery, like where we’re standing right now.
If you look carefully, there are definitely similar treasure troves around the Abyssal Chasm, except that they will be much more dangerous and harder to find.”

Han Fei nodded.
He knew that Ren Tianfei wouldn’t let him find the treasure so easily.
Besides, he did not intend to go there at this point yet, although he could make preparations first.

Earlier, Ren Tianfei had left a message warning him not to go there even if he became a Dangling Fisher, or he would die for sure.
But that message was ambiguous.
Should he not go there when he just became a Dangling Fisher, or should he simply not go there even when he reached the peak of it?

Han Fei was not sure.
He preferred to believe that the former was true.

After all, Han Fei felt that he was very strong as a Dangling Fisher.
If he became a peak Dangling Fisher, he would probably be able to fight a Hanging Fisher.
Could he still not go there by then?

If not, Ren Tianfei could’ve hidden his treasure in the unknown world instead of the level-three fishery, right?

Of course, that being said, Han Fei wouldn’t go to explore the Abyssal Chasm right away, not after everything he learned from Yang Ruoyun.

Han Fei asked, “Anything else? Are there secondary treasure troves that are less dangerous?”


Yang Ruoyun shook her head.
“Secondary treasure troves? Any treasure trove can be dangerous.
Many treasure troves seem unremarkable, but too many bones might have been buried in them, which you can’t tell from the outside.
If you’re absolutely confident, you wouldn’t ask that question.”

Han Fei was rendered speechless.
Had he just been despised by a girl? Han Fei snorted.
“Don’t presume that you can be arrogant just because I don’t want to kill you… Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp, keep her under watch.”

Then, Han Fei retrieved his fishing pole and cast the hook to the sword that had been plunged into the wall.

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